Argentina legend Javier ZANETTI: “I liked Lautaro’s Copa America”


Argentina legend Javier ZANETTI was interviewed by Estudio Futbol and the former right back only had positive things to say about Lautaro MARTINEZ.

While still young, Lautaro established himself as a starter for Argentina during the Copa America with his strong performances. Here’s what ZANETTI had to say:

“I liked the Copa America that Lautaro had. Let’s not forget that he’s still only 21 years old and we are talking about an Argentina future which involves Lautaro and other kids who did really well. We get the feeling that we have a positive future.”


  1. hes been a good find for the n.t and the word is barca would like to add him to their roster and hes be great their ahead of some one like the chickenhead who is also on the rumor list to go back

  2. I love his style, reminds me of young Tevez. The problem in this Copa though, Scolani always gives playing time for undeserving players like Di Maria and Suarez. The likes of Dybala and Lautaro deserve full minutes of every game just like Messi.

  3. Lautaro was my favourite player for this copa. He is a very good player, fast, strong and has great quality and potential as a striker! But i was also impressed by the grit shown, not only for him but from the rest of the team as well. I think that it is clear to everyone now that the talent is there, we only need to build on this character now as the young lads have shown that they have it! I have high hopes for this team because they are not only good players but they prooved that they are warriors as well like the old school Argentina. We only need an addition of fast wingers such as Pavon and Ocampos and in my opinion, an experienced manager with Scalloni as an assistant would be ideal.

    • “Lautaro was my favourite player for this copa”
      Likewise Grieco ! he is the best prize out of this COPA
      great to read your posts, like always, fílos mou !

  4. I think the team is on the ascending scale, it’s the right direction. Another Copa is just around the corner, and partially in Argentina at that, I think it is time to now concentrate on winning that title. The young players are capable, they have experience. DePaul, Paredes, Lautataro and Dybala, just to name those, are already a very good, and again, core. The future looks bright. I think Scaloni should be extended to Qatar 22. Some stability here is needed.

  5. Lautaros inclusion in NT is a success for Scalonis brave attempt. SO he can experiment with barco and alemendra to NT.Arg. need to improve in defenc when team isin a counter attacking strategy.we need to find a technicly hot prospect in mid.

  6. Changing coaches year by yr not good for Arg’s future. I think scaloni done it exactly wht Arg.required. Now its time to regroup couple of youngsters to fill the gap left by our seniors like dmaria otamndi perrera etc..

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