Mauro ICARDI rumored to leave Inter for Juventus


Inter striker Mauro ICARDI is being rumored to leave the club for Juventus.

It’s been rumored for several weeks and even months but after what can only be called a disastrous season for ICARDI at the club, both on and off the pitch, ICARDI is linked with a move to Juventus. There have been several rumors going around, one which would include some sort of deal that would see ICARDI going to Juventus and Gonzalo HIGUAIN to Inter.

At the moment, all the rumors have ICARDI leaving Inter.


  1. envious of the French. Greiz, Dembelee, and Umtiti all starting for barca. Great for NT chem.

    Perhaps we can see that with Dybala and Martinez

    • Barcelona will be the most unstable team in Europe after Griezmanns arrival >D

      Messi, Suarez, Griezman, Dembele, Coutinho, etc

      Barcelona have the same issue we have.
      Great attack, but weak midfield.
      Busquets, Rakitic, Arturo Vidal are not getting any younger.

      And De Jong is being looked on as the saviour of Barcelona.
      He’ll just be another one hit wonder. Mark my words!
      Great Attack + Weak midfield + even weaker defense + Amazing Goalkeeper = unbalance.

      • I thought I must have to agree with you for the first time ever. But then again, you have to make your textbook “rash” prediction/judgement of a player at the end. I don’t know, if he’ll click at Barca instantly but even if he fails, it’s not the end of the road for him. He’s what 21, 22?
        You need to find “a brand new crystal ball” dontbethatguy, the last time you said a player was a one season wonder and failure after 4-5 games into the new season. Then what happened?!

        It’s true Barca looks like an unstable team with Griezmann’s addition. Where’s he gonna play? Not on the wings, I guess, that was over at his Sociedad days. Then where? Both he and Messi likes to play in the same areas. Some what of a Dybala-Messi conundrum. Barca on the market of late(of the past two years) seems to have no clear plan. Buying players just for the sake of it.

  2. Over expectation from matias suarez by scaloni is one of the worst decision . Bcz he already tried A.correa gio siminoi icardi.etc. No need to include suarez and dmaria into already built young squad. Especilly a.correa and gio simioni doing pretty gud before copa..
    One of the brave attempt of scaloni is the inclusion of foyth lautaro & locelso.

  3. Our coaches never well used messi i think. One of the main reason messi always struggling in Arg.n duty i saw is tht he is always trying to play in deep. Actually he is not a player who needs to play in mid. It is the duty of a coach to instruct messi to stay besides the penlty box and wait for free balls from midfld and try to use his brain for leaving his marker ..
    only pekerman and sabella just tried this. Look at GAb jesus doing. He is exactly doing the same tactics. Always trying to get free balls and trying to leave his marker easily…

  4. I reckon what’s happening with Pity Martinez is much down to the tactical glitch rather than his inability to adapt to the league. Many here out of their haste to brand him an all time flop are mocking at his below par performances for Atlanta Utd. They are itching to prove Scaloni was wrong picking him for NT from domestic league. Even 2nd divn. reserve players from Argentina make it big at MLS. 20yo Valentin Castellanos from Rivadavia playing for NYCFC is a prime example. Just an example…

    • Frank de Boer is Sh..t
      He horribly fail both inter and palace
      Pity was tata martino signing
      I’m sure if he plays under tata
      He would have been hit

      • Yeah..Similarly Barco was nowhere near his best under Tata. Now Barco is almost the real version of the self. One High One Low stuff..

  5. Icardi, Dybala, Angel Correa was suppose to be our Golden trio, Ironically Icardi and Correa wasn’t even selected for the Copa And Dybala had to settle for a mere cameo. Where as players like Suarez and Di Maria got chances. What did they do, nothing. Di Maria should never be selected again no matter what. Acuna and De Paul will be the ones to take us over for some years. Add to that Joaquin Correa, Angel Correa etc.

      • Let’s face it. Angel Di Maria’s time is done with the NT. He was a great player, but he shouldn’t be selected anymore. His golden days for the NT is way over. Whether we play him right or left. Players like De Paul, Acuna, J. Correa, Lamela and Lanzini should be the ones to be played more from now on.

        • My point is that no one bats an eye when Scaloni fucks up by playing him on the left.

          when he played poor on left first game and Scaloni played him again and again on left, folks say same shit “ahhhhhh you see he’s shite”

  6. Still waiting on the Messi’s punishment verdict!! its been a week already.
    I’m guessing FIFA is directly involved in the final decision as they should have because somebody with such massive authority should have their say-so.

    As far as Icardi goes: show us something.

  7. Still Arg lacks pure No.9 strikrr infront. Sad to see Icardi not in tht position.In this copa Arg.strikers missed several crosses from wide.our strikrs couldnt reach in time. I desired in tht moment if icardi is thr. Surely he can do tht kind of crosses..we missed tht Quality No.9 .

  8. Happy if the swap is for Dybala. Year after year of Dybala playing with Lautaro will only help us. Zanetti would be building the AFA without even being asked to if this happens

    • Yes, dybala would be ideal with lautaro at inter as Zanetti would be gift from god to Shake and kick the shit out of AFA ! I think if i had to choose from one those 2 above then i would deffinetly like to see Zanetti with AFA, but i think i must be just dreaming of better future for AFA ? btw how good is zaracho and in which team he is currently playing and what position ? Would really preciate to hear more of things about Argentina’s primera division than moneyspoiled european transfer market.
      As allways a topic of year in world football at theese times before all the big european leagues get started, just getting bored with all theese enourmous transfer fees paid in europe and china too !
      Can’t really find somehow clubfootball of europe anymore that intresting after the money took completly over and now it has gone completly crazy allready for several year’s ! I think uefa should act on this matter and do something about it ! There are allready so many teams in europe basicly only having foreign players etc. Specially in england ! At least in spain or italy and france and germany they Still stick to their own like in netherlands too ! I have to admit that even i prefer Barca because of messi i Still have huge admiration for Team’s like Atletico Bilbao for example ! Though i know there is some players from another southamerican nations playing in the primera division Still i think it is more better and fair for local arg players to have chance to play in their own country and in their own primera maybe one day when they are up to the task at least this way we can see more potential future talents who might end up one day in europe or at least to have chance to play with NT of arg. barca used to be great with la masia but now is just past historiy allready ! As in england westham were once like English version of la masia and now basicly spurs is the only one left bringing up their own youth’s, offcourse other English team’s allways has one or 2 of their so called own players like man u or liverpool or everton have recently had, but wished that there would be a rule in europe that every team should at least field 5 of their own youth’s in that way club football would become more intresting at least to myself and all those crazy sum’s of money could be use for other things as forexample helping the true poor’s of world population who are constantly just suffering from blody wars and dictatorship’s and hunger and sickness around the world !

  9. I feel like Icardi would be a good match for us up front, but his putside life is guaranteed to affect his play. I wish he hadn’t married that dumb milf. He deserves better!

  10. Back to the old boring club football again. Looks like this year is now a waste for our NT, only some meaningless friendlies are there. Which we will win handsomely.its going to be a boring period till Dec 31st.waiting for AFAs plan.

    I just wish AFA don’t fell in the trap again. By holding on to Scaloni again. At least remove him by December. Oh gosh had we hired Gareca it could have been better. Irony is AFA didn’t find him qualified and instead they took an Interim called Scaloni.

    What on earth.. Only WWE is where we can see such illogical storylines.

    If things r not enough Tata Martino has won with Mexico to put salt on our wounds. To be honest I don’t like him. But he is defenitly better than any coach we had.,since he left.

  11. Icardi would be a great addition to our already powerful attack. A different type of striker, can add a vafiety to our attack, such a clinical scorer! Although i don’t like his off the pitch antics either, he is a warrior inside the pitch, and as long as he doesn’t disturb the harmony of our team it would have been nice having him included. Once again, what a ridiculous wealth of talent Argentina possesses up front! The only thing that is needed is afa get things straight in order to get advantage of our potential. We have to start winning titles again, reaching to finals and semifinals has to stop, we need one more step beyond.

    Lautaro has become a hot name already, but i also agree with Avi that he has to remain to Inter at least for the moment.

  12. So icardi dybala and ronaldo will all play..? That seems terrible defensively. I hope dybala plays as he is more important for NT. Sarri had said he trusted dybala and wanted him to play more (allegri wanted chiesa to replace him, but sarri refused) sarri plays a 4-3-3 so im not sure if dybala will play as a right winger because that isn’t his preferred position. I guess they could play ronaldo-icardi-dybala. Amazing offensively but terrible defensively

  13. Barcelona interested in Lautaro Martinez..but in my opinion he will stay at inter because this season he will be starter probably..

  14. Go to juventus, stay to Inter, go to Barcelona or Real Madrid.
    Go wherever you want.

    just stay far from the national team.
    stay far you and your wife.

    ESPECIALLY your wife.

  15. Boca Juniors got to offers from European clubs:

    20 mln for Almendra from Roma

    12 mln for Benedetto from Olympique Marseille

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