Rodrigo DE PAUL talks Argentina Copa America, Lionel MESSI’s comments


Rodrigo DE PAUL spoke to Fox Sports about Argentina’s match against Brazil along with Lionel MESSI’s comments.

One of Argentina’s best players at the Copa America commented on the referee’s decisions during the game against Brazil while also saying the entire team backs Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“The goal was so close to us and that’s why we created 10 chances. If the thing with the referee would not have happened, we would have made the final.”

In regards to Lionel MESSI’s comments:

“He went out there for us. He’s an example, he put the team on his shoulders.

“Everyone backed him. We are with him. like everyone. He is the captain. We saw what happened. Very strange things happened.”


  1. I have a very irritating family member, unfortunately many many years ago when my parents asked me whether I approve of him marrying my sister. I SAID NO and I’m proven right everyday that I was right to have said no.

    Anyway, he’s the worst band wagon fan, all of the sudden became a Bulls fan when they were winning, a Cowboys fan when they won the Super Bowl and yes you guessed it, a Brazil fan.
    I never bothered to sink to his level and rag on him when Germany fucked them up the ass 7-1, or where they were in the last few Copas and now he wont shut the fuck up about the bullshit win…..and if I asked him to name 5 of their players he wont be able to. In other words. He doesn’t know shit from shinola and that is the kind of horseshit we have to deal with now.

  2. Rulli is near to joining Porto..and de Paul also expressed his desire to participate in UEFA champions league and it means he wanted to move in any big 4 club… Ve y good news for argentina fans..and as well as scaloni and his entire coaching team would be stay till end of 2020 as per Menotti Tapia..

    • So, I respect Menotti and his contributions to Argentine Football. However I think he’s not up to the task of being the sporting director. He’s been anti-Scaloni from the jump. And while it was reasonable to be wary of Scaloni’s inexperience, there is concern that What Menotti did behind the scenes crossed the line from skepticism to actively undermining Scaloni.

      And I’m not entirely sure Scaloni is the guy to lead the Seleccion. But the current situation (wait six months and then decide) will only put us back at the drawing board with only three months to prepare before eliminatorias.

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