Juventus confirm interest for Paulo DYBALA, potential move to Manchester United


Paulo DYBALA is being linked with a move to Manchester United for Romero LUKAKU plus money.

In what would be one of the biggest transfers of the summer window, reports in Italy suggest that Paulo DYBALA could be going to Old Trafford. Per a report by Sky Sport Italia and Sportitalia, Juventus are looking to prepare an offer to Manchester United.

Juventus value the Argentina man at 100 million and Manchester United value LUKAKU at 85 million which means if the transfer were to happen, it would mean LUKAKU plus money for DYBALA.

Per the report by Sportitalia, Juventus coach Maurizio SARRI has given the green light for the transfer to happen while vice-president Pavel NEDVED has confirmed that DYBALA has gathered interest from other clubs.

“Some proposals, there is some interest but we wait for concrete action so we can then decide calmly.”

As we reported last week, Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly also interested in signing DYBALA. Per the same report by Sportitalia, DYBALA is unhappy and would not want to leave the club and would like to meet with SARRI regarding the situation. If DYBALA is told he would not be a regular starter, DYBALA would likely ask for a transfer.


  1. Lamela played brilliantly against real Madrid..Tottenham lead 1-0 through the lamela’s setup..and Harry kane shot was saved by navas which was assisted by Lamela..

  2. Well, Manchester united is the club that i dislike the most and i will agree with Choripan, Dfox and Sandy that it is not the best place for Argentines and not only for Argentines. Remember Diego Forlan? An extraordinary striker in my opinion but still Fergie used to play Solskayer instead (i am sure that i spelled his name incorrect but nevermind), a very good player but nowhere near Forlan’s abilities.

    Anyway, if this is the best for Dybala i am ok with it.

  3. I have always said Manchester is the best place for him, he has fast and powerful strikers/wingers like Rashford and Martial next to him, he can fully use his potential of half 9 in a 4312. He can also have all the freekicks and corners. He will be the star of this team especially if Pogba leaves. Most importantly, Manchester seems to be the only top club ready to pay this price for him. If he miss this opportunity, will be hard for him to find another top club.

  4. I have faith in dybala I believe
    He will succeed any club
    Weather is man utd spurs or
    Any other top European clubs
    Likes fcbayern PSG Atletico Madrid.
    Dybala has natural talent under
    Right manager will be unstoppable.

  5. Man Utd has never been a good place for argentines. But i feel it would be better in the present scenario. Spurs have Kane, Son, Ali, Moura and they may be having one of Ericson and Lo Celso. Dybala would not be guaranteed a starting spot then. It would be more difficult for Dybala if Pochettino opts for 4-3-3 as they have Sissoko and Ndombele in the midfield who would be playing on right and left of the midfield with one DM in the centre. Pochettino always likes Ali even when he is out of form. Playing second fiddle to Ali, Son and the likes will not do any good for him. His condition will in no way be better than his present status at Juventus. Also if he can shine in Man Utd and take them to the top four, it would be better.
    I also want a selfish striker to go to Juventus who would refuse to play under the shadow of Ronaldo and likes to be the top scorer.

    • Club history wise Spurs is no where near Man Utd plus very few player in the world are Dybala caliber in supurs didn’t have either, once Dybala called messi successor so Dybala will be the main man for any club with out a doubt. Under Ronaldo no player can shine or outscore look what happened with Dybala after 23 goals in season.

  6. Dybala playing as main man in MUFC is 100times better than playing under selfish ronaldo under whom Dybala will never get any credit also faced his career worst season, Pogba+Dybala combo again rock for sure

  7. I always had a soft spot for Juve until that idiot got bought by them and its ruined for ever. I saw this story last week and Man U was never kind to Argentines…….. maybe this is different.
    I knew Kun was going to be successful at Man City but NOTHING like its been, so who knows? Dybala in Red?

  8. If this happens good move, under cr7 no player can sign, if MUFC can able to sign Maguire, Dybala, Bruno Fernandez and keep De Gea Pogba then surely going to be the top contender to win EPL, man city probably lost energy this season if sane departs then squad weakened where Liverpool is famous for choking, Manchester will be the red this season if Dybala goes.

  9. I want Paulo to get out of Juventus but I also don’t want him going to Manchester. They can’t even do well in UCL. I prefer Tottenham or Barca. At least he can start and will have a chance to win UCL.

    • Since 2014 spurs are always in top4 and just two season ago Liverpool playing on Europa League, Man Utd always is the title contender be it UCL or EPL but they’re facing tough times maybe two year after can be considered best team in Europe again.

      • madness. United have stunk for many years now. They are living in their past as the powerhouse. they fucking suck and the only thing going for them is reputation and kids buying their popular kits. United is crap right now and i wouldn’t want Dybala anywhere near. Tottenham or Barca any day over united.

        • Same theory was applied for liverpool 2 season ago when they finished on 8th in the table and played on Europa league, Man Utd can win EPL in upcoming years but not spurs never

      • No way. Man United are possibly not even in the top 5 anymore. No matter how good they look, they just can’t compete against other European teams.

  10. This is something I really do not want. I don’t like Argentine players going to Manchester United. Plus no champions league is bad.

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