Marcos ROJO, Adolfo GAICH, Lucas OCAMPOS make Argentina team


Marcos ROJO, Adolfo GAICH, Lucas OCAMPOS and several others make a return or even their call-up debut for Argentina.

Coach Lionel SCALONI announced his list of players for his team’s friendly matches against Chile and Mexico next month. Among them include Marcos ROJO, who’s last match played was against France at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Adolfo GAICH also makes the team for the first time after impressing at the U20 World Cup and winning gold at the Pan American games. Here’s the full list.

Esteban ANDRADA (Boca Juniors)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate)
Agustin MARCHESIN (FC Porto)

Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City)
German PEZZELLA (Fiorentina)
Leonardo BALERDI (Borussia Dortmund)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United)
Lucas Martinez QUARTA (River Plate)
Gonzalo MONTIEL (River Plate)
Nicolas FIGAL (Independiente)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax)

Marcos ACUNA (Sporting Lisbon)
Leandro PAREDES (Paris Saint-Germain)
Guido RODRIGUEZ (Club America)
Giovani LO CELSO (Tottenham Hotspur)
Nicolas DOMINGUEZ (Velez Sarsfield)
Rodrigo DE PAUL (Velez Sarsfield)
Exequiel PALACIOS (River Plate)
Matias ZARACHO (Racing Club)
Roberto PEREYRA (Watford)
Lucas OCAMPOS (Sevilla)
Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United)
Joaquin Correa (Lazio)
Alexis MAC ALLISTER (Boca Juniors)

Paulo DYBALA (Juventus)
Adolfo GAICH (San Lorenzo)

Argentina team for the games against Chile and Mexico.


  1. One name Forgot to mention is LUCAS OCAMPOS, If i m not wrong we have been discussing him to be included for ages may be for last 3 or 4 years, The guy was supposedly called the next Cr7, He is a speedy winger who we need(Our Right wing side is weak), But he looks rather inconsistent looking at his club record. I hope he put on a good show, Also another key name is Joaquin Correa who also had been highly requested name, Hope those can put on a consistent performance in our NT Colors.

    Where on earth is Angel Correa by the way? And looks like Guido Rodriguez is the only Defencive Midfielder we have, Scaloni should have selected Ascacibar too or Ivan Marcone. Anyway lets see.

  2. It’s way to early to right off for player
    Who plays only 60 minutes for copa
    Guido Rodriguez is not bad player
    The team was disaster vs Colombia
    Everyone had bad game adm was
    Worst even messi had sh..t game
    But no one can’t say anything about
    Messi and I understand that we all
    Can forgive messi to have few bad games.

    I don’t surprise scaloni chose Guido Rodriguez
    Over Santiago Ascacibar because Argentina
    Aren’t blessed with height… scaloni
    Is looking a balance team in term everything.
    Guido Rodriguez height 1.85 m
    Santiago Ascacibar height 1.70 m
    Leo balerdi height 1.87 m
    Lich Martinez height 1.78 m
    Even though I believe lich height is decent.
    For cb but one thing for sure we can’t play
    To many midget guys … that for sure
    We must be a balance..

    • Ascasicbar is a good player….he certainly has energy and also love to press but he is not a good passer…..he just can’t start a play like paredes from the back and defensively wise he isn’t solid either…..I followed Stuttgart last season and he didn’t impress me.
      But i think if he somehow can work on his passes and positioning then he is the thing we need bcoz just like kante he can cover a distance for Messi.

      Haven’t seen much of Rodriguez so can’t comment on him.

    • Problem is that I don’t see Guido making big difference on passing in comparioson to Ascacibar (slightly better) while the second is better on amost every other thing, especially defensively.

      We might have other players for passing while Ascacibar to destroy opponents attempts.

      • May be you are right ……..In his first season of the Stuttgart he showed some good defending skills specially winning the ball from the opponents regularly and breaking the tempo of the opposition’s attack…….
        But this year he was not himself he was throwing tackle after tackle for no reason and was always missing defensively.( Tbh Stuttgart didn’t defended well as a team but it also can’t change the fact that ascasicbar was poor this season.)

  3. I always considered 2017 U-20 team as exceptionally talented. Even if they lost U-20 WC in group stages they had better players even against WC winner England. And now let’s see how many of them is still here on the 2 lists. How many talented defenders was in that U-20 (WC and Sudamericano) team of 2017: Montiel, Foyth, Mosevich (PanAmerican Games winner), Senesi (big prospect, even Barcelona follows him), Cristian Romero, Lisandro Martinez. Plus Ascacibar, Colombatto, Palacios, Lautaro Martinez, Zaracho, Ponce.

    Plus other players of same 97-98 category: Vargas, MacAllister, Dominguez, Bravo, Nico Gonzalez, Capaldo, Robertone, Valenzuela.

    Yes, generation 97-98 is gifted vintage.

  4. Have to mention that for once, there are players of very diversified profiles. What I really appreciate is to see many players able to run, to press, to dribble, to keep the ball and always have eyes on his team mates. It’s a bit the symbol of the new generation who brings back the Argentina football that we love. Basically Lisandro Martinez, Vargas, Lanzini, Lo Celso, Zaracho, De Paul, Joaquin Correa, Palacios, Lautaro, Mac Allister and Nico Dominguez are all this type of players. If Lamela continues his performance, he will probably come back soon to the team.

  5. No Novillo,Mosevich and Medina on the U-23 list? That’s almost whole defence of golden PanAmerican team.

  6. The Hammers offered Manu Lanzini a long-term deal after his excellent performances in pre-season and his sensational display vs Brighton in the EPL.

    On the other hand, some reports from Germany point out that Leonardo Balerdi will get good amount of playing time this season after Omer Toprok departed Borussia. He is now the fourth choice and the team will definetly need him this time around since they are fighting on various fronts.

    • That is great news lanzini is wonderful
      Play as long he stays fit he will be
      Starter a club and country….
      Leo balerdi is raising Argentina are
      Longer short of good CBs but I hope
      Scaloni keep maintain calling those
      Youngsters like Leo balerdi Martinez Quarta
      Gaich Dominguez zaracho MacAllister
      lich Martinez and C Romero.

    • I think lanzini should not sign contract extension with west ham ,rather he should move to Valencia or sevilla which are perfect for him (I don’t want him to get injured every now and then in physical league like pl)

  7. Scaloni is great in player selection, I have always said this, Players like Nico Domeniguez and Exequel Palacios in the midfield will give so much variance in our midfield along with Lo Celso and Paredes, Glad to see Lanzini is still in the plan just hope he will stay fit for a year. Where as Ascacibar should have been there in the absence of Battaglia. Apart from hiccups like Otamendi and Rojo in defense the list looks good with so many good young players.

    Icardi will eventually be coming back once he starts to play regularly (Once he starts playing he will score goals, Make no mistake about it, he is too good player to be ignored, He will return)

    My only real concern with the list is the GK position, Why Armani and Marchesin?? I am a great supporter of Armani, But his time should have been over with the NT after the Copa 2019. Marchesin i will keep because he only 30. At least one of Gazzaniga, Musso, Benitez should have been included. Only GKing positive is Andrada returns immediately after his recovery, He should be the starter for sometime now. He is better with ball on his feet too.

    • Milito probably really enjoyed beating his ex club. I was laughing this game. his players seemed extra motivated and completely destroyed fresh new young independiente midfield with old man kalinski running the show everywhere tackling, creating, and scoring overhead scissor kick golazos for fun.

      seriously beccacecce needs to send his players on a 5 mile extra run in the morning for punishment. too poor concentration.

      • I liked how millito team plays
        He plays very attractive football
        Even thought the quality of the players
        Of Estudiantes doesn’t much his stlye
        But still he maintains his way of play.
        He and heinze plays same style.
        That is another great news of sl
        Now we have managers try to
        Same style as European leagues
        The youth will benefit a lot

      • Emiliano isn’t starter ,gazzaniga is not even a starter + not a good shot stopper + rulli is decent but error prone ,andrada and Armani are below average,Walter benitaz plays in farmer league and is yet to prove him in big stages

  8. I have one more name to follow – that could be good addition for both the lists (no need however to poke into the first with available names like Lautaro, Aguero, Gaich – that’s enough of strikers) – and is missing seriously on the second list: Maxi Salas from Necaxa (category ’97). With Gaich maybe leaving U-23 category IMO there’s no striker on the Salas’ level among the names of Batista’s. Neither Carranza nor Ponce. Alvarez is more like second striker. Following him for some time I think Maxi Salas is a beast with his physicality like Aguero on steroids and incredible eager to shoot from every position. If not Gaich, the guy should make Olimpic Team that will play qualifiers next year.

    • Absolutely. Was great in Chile and is continuing his form in Mexico. But he happened to miss one of the penalties of late. But he bounced back with goals in the following matches, I can recall.

      • Yes, missed penalty but shines every game, even if Necaxa losing. With this form that would be his first and last season in Mexico.

        I love like this guy is frenzily looking to score from every position

        • True. Likewise Chimy Avila is also one among those who should not be overlooked.

          Waiting to see Pellegrino starting all the four of Silva, Garcia, Varela and Szymanowski. Ramon Mierez has been sent to some segunda division club in Spain on loan from Alaves. I was hoping to see some of his action in the too flight this season itself. May be he comes out super good and starts rocking La Liga from next season onwards.

          • Of course. Behind the strikers that are already called up to NT Chimy Avila and Salas are my favourites and I keep an eye on them every game.

            Leganes is in fact interesting team with the young Argentinos Pellegrini brought

        • Superb. Unpredictable guy he is. I think players like these with their rhythm can fit into any team regardless of the collective playing style.

          • Brian Fernandez is also explosive enough with variety of goals he can score. But good thing Salas can hold as an advantage when compared to Fernandez is that he’s just 21yo. Avila is at least playing in Spain unlike Fernandez.

          • Yes, I was hoping so much for Fernandez when he was going to France after his doping suspension. IMO always was one of best strikers in local league. Unfortunately Europe was not for him.


            This Federico Varela seems to be really gifted.

  9. FYI Rojo enthusiasts, he didn’t even make it to the bench for MU game vs Woves in Premier League today.

    Why do we need such a player in the NT?

    • I can’t really work out why rojo
      Get call up for the nt.
      But that is Argentina managers
      Always make odd decisions
      Scaloni over zanatti in 2006
      Jones gutieraz over zanatti in 2010
      Bolatti for cambiasso in 2010
      Veron over riquelme in 2010
      Redondo and caniggia has been
      Left out in 1998 for not cutting thier hair
      Absolutely joke …

  10. Argentina somewhat experimental senior XI vs U-23




    • Both good ones. Besides:Just think a half of the “senior” team still could have make the Olimpic team with their age: Montiel, Balerdi, Zaracho, DOminguez, MacAllister, Gaich.
      One the other sides: a half of the Olimpic team could make also the senior one: Vargas, Ascacibar, Romero, Lautaro, Herrera, Barco

  11. On paper this team can beat anyone but practice and patience is key. And who said Argentina doesn’t produce talent after messi generation?can’t they see through their eyes👀 bundle of talent!!

  12. experimental one



    Lo Celso………..MacAllister…………Lanzini


    can swap MacAllister with Lanzini or Lanzini. Zaracho for Lo Celso, Palacios for Dominguez, Correa for Lanzini.

  13. Dear Scaloni, try Rojo at CDM.

    I know he’s never played there but seems like the perfect profile. Pace, physicality, height, passing, and dribbling.

  14. It’s a formidable compilation of players. There could be another 40 odd names who could aspire to be on one of those lists very soon In the future. Those who would have missed by a whisker. Pity, Angel Correa, Lamela, Alan Franco, Menossi, Druissi, Lovera, Pavon, Reynoso, Romero etc. etc. Argentina football is alive and kicking. Exciting.

    • Really? You would bench Tagliafico for Rojo who is not even a proper left-back, let alone the fact that Rojo has barely played last season. Watch more football mate 😀

  15. I like this list, even though I would have directly got Lisandro Martinez in the 23. I wish to see Lanzini as left CM, Zaracho as right CM more box to box, Lo Celso as 10, Dybala and Joaquin Correa half winger half striker on each side. I believe that if Lanzini, Palacios and Zaracho were the players that were missed during the Copa. Lanzini has this ability to keep the ball, can break the lines by his dribbles or vista, can attack from the left, can go deep and build the link between defense and attack. The pair Lo Celso-De Paul did that well too but Lanzini can combine both. Zaracho is a true box to box but can play also as winger, same as Milner, Sissoko and Matuidi, very useful in modern football, can allow the team to play in 433 and 4231 with no difference. Palacios is another style of CM that I like a lot, half 8 half creator, similar to Pogba and Alli. With Lanzini, Paredes and Zaracho behind him, Lo Celso can play in his best position, that behind 2 strikers with a lot of freedom. I hope we can build our future with those midfielders.

  16. I like the entire list except for Rojo and Marchesin. This was the time for players like Mammana and Ascacibar to shine but he picks this guy. Andrada isn’t too bad but we have way better options. Hmmm… 🤔 maybe…. Benitez? I mean he had probably one of the highest clean sheet records last season. But no! We don’t want a good goalkeeper! That’s too much.(Sarcasm obviously. Is scaloni high? What the fuck is he on for constantly calling Marchesin?!)

  17. Very good list. About 27 players which is a lot already!!

    Performance from guys like Balerdi, Lucas martinez quarta, montiel, Figal will the most crucial as we’re lacking is those department.

    In Midfield: if Nicolas DOMINGUEZ do well then Guido rodriguez might have to fight for a spot.
    Matias ZARACHO, Lucas OCAMPOS, Manuel LANZINI, Joaquin Correa, Alexis MAC ALLISTER will be very interesting to watch.

    Attack: Adolfo GAICH (All eyes will be on Gaich!!)

    Unpopular opinion: I agree with Scaloni not bringing the Lisandro and Co to the 1st team yet, for them to ONLY play 20-25 mins over 2 games. Let them get a considerable amount of mins with the U-23 and prove themselves there (For now).

    The good thing about this list is that there are a lot of Talented new names.
    The bad part is not all of them will get adequate time to prove themselves, and will probably miss the next call ups. I hope Scaloni keep this list consistent at least by the end of the year.

    Honorable absentees: Emi Buendía, Kanneman and my 2 personal favorites Pavon, and Guido Herrera.

  18. Compare this list with the last WC squad and you can safely say that the transition has taken place. Many new names that were mentioned by regular Mundo posters. It is an interesting list with several surprises like Balerdi (no even on the bench at Borussia), Rojo (bench wamer at ManU). Some notable absentees too like Aguero (who probably is rested) and Kanneman. The next two games will be an experiment to see who fits the bill for the WC qualifiers and who does not.

  19. Overall, I really like both lists but there are some head-scratchers in there as others have noted.

    Rojo should not have been called, a waste of spot. Balerdi should have been in U-23 team, whereas Licha Martinez, C. Romero, Ascacibar for the senior team.

    I also would have preferred Lamela over Pereyra, or at least Angel Correa over him. Happy to see McAllister, Nico Dominguez and even Gaich called up.

  20. After a brilliant Copa why is Aguero not in team? After being hailed as a defensive superstar why Lisandro Martinez not in team? The Copa team should be given more hours together to emerge as a formidable force before the qualifiers begin and before the Copa 2020. Hopefully Le Celso, Foyth and Lamela would be playing together in several games this year and this trio can be leveraged next year by the national side.

  21. I like the list. I would say he has persisted with some players who we have already decided doomed for failure. Rojo ? Yeah thats a bit dicey. But I am not too unhappy with that too. Of course we will always some faces missing whom we want to see. But this is good.

      • SOrry, I even didn’t noticed Lisandro is not on Scaloni’s list. Absolutely he should be there instead of Rojo while Cristian Romero instead one of Pezzella, Otamendi, MArtinez Quarta.

  22. Here is my XI for two match.
    I suppose Scaloni will follow the same XI he Followed in Copa.

    1st Match –

    Gk- Andrada
    Rb- Montiel
    Cb- Quarta and Otamendi
    Lb- Tagliafico ( Captain )
    CDM- Dominguez
    CM- De paul and Paredes
    CAM- Lo Celso
    ST- Lautaro and Dybala

    2nd Match –

    Gk- Armani
    Rb- Montiel/Figal
    Cb- Balerdi and Otamendi
    Lb- Tagliafico ( Captain )
    CDM- Paredes
    CM- Palacios and Zaracho
    CAM- Allister/Lanzini
    ST- Lautaro and Gaich

    So many Mid….
    Its really hard to Pick….

  23. @gonzalo u-23 players😜

    • That’s absolutely great with this players

      Just not sure Batista should call up all the famous U-23 players if they will not released by their clubs. It’s better to work with same players that won Panamerican Games.

  24. Very good experiment . Only disappointmnt exclusion of a.correa and lamela. Especially Lamela, he is in grt touch now.I think he is the best centrl playmkr in arg right now.
    I think this time selection is not based on plyrs foam.bcz rojo and lanzini not fully fit and not in grt foam.Scaloni must look thr club foam and fitness.
    Scaloni should try young Gks more.Thy need required expernc befr big tournmnt.

  25. I saw a lot of morons complaining in here about ROJO’s inclusion, but he is still miles times better than some of players that were recently called from the farmer league. Argentina will continue to remain trash with this coach. He has no clue about what he is doing.

    • Ocampos why not? He is average technically but great fighter. He can bring that grinta on the pitch. Both Gaich and him are the only attacking players who can intercept and press. Joaquin Correa is a true dribbler

  26. I like the list, I think it says more about the 6 players that aren’t there from the copa America roster (other than foyth, injury;Messi, red card and aguero, for rest)
    funes Mori

    •Still looking for that right back position with Montiel and Figel
    • with icardi’s drama and aguero resting, good to see J. Correa and good to have gaich get some experience and see what “the tank” can do at senior level.
    • exciting to see all the competition in midfield! Palacios, zaracho, lanzini and mac allister to compete against the first team of locelso, parcedes, acuña and DePaul
    • honestly I wish I could watch both these team scrimmage against each other! Love the u23 roster

  27. My thoughts about starting XI :

    De Paul-Paredes-Celso-Zaracho


    Happy to see Asci and Senesi on u23.

  28. Guys, I really don’t understand why most of you are furious about Guido’s selection. I watched the game against Colombia, I believe he was our best player until substituted. If you look at LOcelso, Paredes, and Guido, they are all slow players. Playing all together won’t give results but he is the only 5 that we have currently. Paredes is not a 5. Unless we have great players in the midfield we need Guido.

  29. Its a friendly match so Scaloni will try to look for more alternative. Good selection with the youngster domination. Rojo was given another chance so do Guido. Battaglia deserved the call

  30. GK:ok

    Defence : Few central defenders are selected and thats a good sign but C.Romero should be selected. Why only one right back? Montiel. Should test more players in right back. Rojos selection is not bad as left back. Good replacement for Tagliafico.

    MF : Ok selectio. But why Guido Rodriguez again. Thats a strange selection.Battaglia is any day better than Guido.Can any one tell me the situation of his right now? Is he fit?

    FW : Ok. No complain from my side

    • “Why only one right back? Montiel”
      Figal plays CB and RB depending on game plan. they will probably try him there.

      “Battaglia is any day better than Guido.Can any one tell me the situation of his right now? Is he fit?”
      He is not ready for Sporting CP yet.

  31. Just few days ago I said, “if somebody is to call Gaish it would be this coach”.
    Dont get too worked up about Rojo, it’s a friendly! I would have liked to see untested GKs though.

  32. Isnt the U23 Olympics qualifiers only in Jan20. So Lisandro, CRomero could have been still tried in NT for immediate friendlies . Could have been a good time to look beyond Otamendi-Pezella in these friendlies. Maybe the club commitments. Glad to see Gaich in & Aguero rested keeping future in mind
    Overall positive selection on both squads. Rojo is unexplainable ( there is always one that stands out for wrong reasons – like MSuarez in Copa !) . Misses are Benitez , Musso , Kannemann & A Correa in NT .

  33. Marchesin has been really good for porto so far and portugese league is better than mexican league. Hopefully he does well in europa league against some top teams

  34. That is a lot of talent for a country that is supposed to tank after the Messi era. If we were this balanced in Messi’s prime we would have won more. Remember Demichelis having to roll out of retirement because we were short handed. SMH
    The only 2 guys I wonder were not included are Barco and Ferreira

  35. Damn 🔥
    I m more into Batista’s team….
    Lisandro Martinez, Cristian Romero, Marcos Senesi, Nehuen Perez. But really disappointed not see medina. Overall Balanced team….

    The main team is good too especially the mid…. Some good options in the mid… And Gaich i hope he proves all the haters wrong….

    And Nicolas Figal never heard about this player …..i think he is not that good or else would have heard his name from my brother Gonzalo….

    • Just 3 days ago I said Independiente has Franco, Barboza and Figal in central defence and all they are close to NT level. FIgal can play RB as well

    • Actually I was talking about him as possible Independiente call up before Bustos, Tagliafico and Franco of Indpendiente got the call ups.

  36. Woow what f…king list I like it
    Obviously accept rojo but who
    Cares a lot of young talents is there
    The surprise one is leo balerdi….
    Scaloni big time going right direction..

      • i don’t know what marchesin is doing there..?? em confused about rojo n funes mori..
        guido rodriguez is a pure shit where we have ascacibar n Battaglia in our bank..
        overall not a bad squad though..
        chances for guys like j. correa, ocampos, lanzini, giach, zaracho, balerdi, montiel, McAllister is worth deserving especially in those friendlies..
        feel that lamela, ascacibar n one or two promising goalkeeper like musso, rulli or gazzaniga is missing there..

        • I don’t know nothing about Ocampos
          But pereyer only play one half
          and I don’t think he will start any
          Game .for Guido R played
          First games when the team
          Was really struggling based
          Of that the jury still out for him.
          Have said that. we get some damn
          Midfielders watch out lo celso
          Alexis MacAllister matias zaracho
          And nico Dominguez Leo parades
          Lanzini…. this is so sweet …

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