Adolfo GAICH on Argentina call-up: “It’s a beautiful opportunity”


Adolfo GAICH has received his first call-up to the senior Argentina national team and he wants to take advantage of it.

One of the star players recently for Fernando BATISTA’s Argentina U23 team, GAICH was scoring goals for fun at the FIFA U20 World Cup and the Pan American Games where Argentina won gold. The San Lorenzo man spoke with ESPN where he talked about his call-up and how coach Lionel SCALONI phoned him to tell him.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I was watching television and I got a message: It was him who wanted to tell me… He called me and we spoke a bit. It was to tell me that the list of players was going to be released and I would be included.

“I didn’t have him in my contacts and when I realized it was him, it was a very nice surprise and there was lots of joy. I was quick to put his name in my contacts.

“It’s a beautiful opportunity, a nice reward for the form I’ve had. Now I have to take advantage of this great chance and to enjoy it also.”


  1. Boca is more than with one leg in semifinals of CL. Wheter it will be superclassico there depend more on River now.

  2. With Reynoso taking the egoist Zarate position since 20 minute I must to say for the first time from years I even like the Boca. MacAllister, Reynoso, Weigandt, Capaldo, Andrada.
    Golazo by Reynoso. He also should be on Scaloni’s list.

    MacAllister, Reynoso – I love the two.

  3. MacAllister looks promising as 8
    Again I have to mention Mamoun:
    He is the one used talk about him
    Highly a long side nico Dominguez and
    Lich Martinez..

  4. From this squad: Armani—Tagliafico-Pezzella-Otamendi-Montiel—De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso-Lanzini—Lautaro-Dybala at least take one game bit seriously and build some chemistry with the best players atm.

    • Just shut up Csabalala. I know you are again so much unhappy with call up for Gaich, MacAllister and some other players but you are simply annoying.

      “When will you go in bed with him?”

      Did you noticed this Roy’s news is about Gaich? So it’s adequate do talk about him.

  5. “Asians must stop commenting on the game of football, only Europeans shall. ”

    – Sir Csabalala
    (Father of Football)

  6. Scaloni continues his idiot experimenting with new players, this Copa will be a disaster again, why doesnt build this mofo some chemistry between the same players? Only his midfield selection is defensible, the others are joke.

    • A fair comment from other forum: “He’s a very very young Palermo. He’ll be great if he develops well, he’s a scorer per nature. I don’t think he’s a great player, either he’s good, but he fucking scores at NT. And he’s not even in first squad at his club, a rare case. ”
      “I don’t think he’s a great player, either he’s good” Thats the essence, hard to see without expert football eyes or for asians wannabe football professors. Atm he is the new Giovanni Simeone, and i dont think he will be much better, nowhere near of our last centr forwards.

        • Vickingo from pesstatsdatabase, a former argentine youtube compmaker:
          Big Independiente fan from Buenos Aires, with a lot of useful and not biased opinions for argentine league players. From Figal:
          “I don’t know, he has no middle point, I’ve already said it millions of times. He has the talent, the ability and the defensive notion but he’s so damn stupid.

          He lost two easy balls and gave River dangerous counter-attacks just because unnecessary risky passes or being selfish and dribbling more than he should. Idk, I think he has a great potential but you know, I watch him like a mini Ramos…and Figal said Ramos is his hero. It seems he copies how idiotic his behaviour at his defensive play is.

          Going to his technical abilities, yeah, his dribbling is just not normal for a CB and his speed is madness by moments, probably even better than current. But I feel playing LCB is unconfortable for him. “

      • No need for other’s comments. I know your opinion:

        “period: bad dribbler, bad passer, no real killer instict (Icardi) or elite shooting or anything”

  7. People were waiting to see Almendra or Pavon getting starts in Boca. While giving to Boca etiquette of most anti-youngsters and anti-Argentine team in league on Almendra’s CM position emerged almost unnoticed Nicolas Capaldo (called up to Batista’s U-23 team), Marcelo Weigandt on RB (also on Olimpic list) and Alexis MacAllister coming from Agrentinos Juniors took starting position instantly. As for Boca it’s not that bad (that miss only Reynoso to me). Those three plus Andrada, Marcone or Salvio start today in first CL quarterfinal on hard high altitude in Quito. Every result without goal conceeded is welcomed.

  8. The upcoming friday Gaich finally should have got minutes in San Lorenzo. They play away against current leader Arsenal de Sarandi. It’s going to be really good game.

    All the situation with Gaich being senior NT player already and about 3rd choice on striker position in San Lorenzo might be a little embarassing and kind of consternation for San Lorenzo’s coach. Let’s see what happens.

  9. I remember the 1st time I saw him playing, I discussed here with some fans here and concluded that he’ll be the striker of the national team in the next WC. We need his profile in attack, tall and powerful, can work for the team and can score, good protection of the ball. I see his profile fits actually better in an attack with 2 strikers. I think the best formation is Messi behind a fast dribbler and Gaich.

    • One of the things that say a lot about Gaich versatility is the fact on the wings he looks so much good as in normal striker’s central position. If he was slow, lazy or had problems with ball control he would never look so good when drawing aside.

    • Too early to call, Gaich is still not 1st choice striker in local league, leave aside 1st choice striker in top European club. Lautaro is the best talent Argentina have after icardi and dybala. I am excluding Argentina golden generation 2005-07 players because expect messi and Aguero all are done.

  10. Against brz in copa19 Arg played almost all.Only problm felt in Dm role. IF Asaicabar/bataglia in Dm surely it would be difficult for brz. plyd with2 D.midflrds.but Arg.not picked any propr Dm.
    Arg.lacks an alrounder like Sorin.but we have players like j.correa and ocampus could do tht level.Giving more opportunities makes them valuable players for Arg.

  11. Waiting for icardi transfer, Icardi is the best Argentina striker at moment as well as leadership quality

  12. So finally , my words came true , I predicted for a gaich call-up for the September friendlies . The guy was beast during the sudamerican , u -20 and pan American championships .
    He was scoring goals for fun .
    Thank God scaloni subconsciously interpreted my comments on mundo to call him up , maybe he , also a mundo follower 😂😂😂😂.
    The only thing that I wish to the lady of Mercy and pity – let’s not any our players get injured in these two or three weeks , coz if it happens , i am dead again.

    • Add to the tournaments also COTIF with which all NT career of Gaich started. He was initially coming of the bench (Colidio was starter).

        • In fact, Scaloni called up Gaich yet before and it was for COTIF tournament. He is Scaloni’s discovery. So the call up is not that surprising, rather expected,

        • I’m sorry but gaich is not an upgraded version of higuain yet.

          As good as we hope he’ll become, dude still needs to prove himself. No comparison to higuains right now who was one of the best strikers in Europe for as long time.

  13. Conclusion: if you happen to be at home, watching television you have some chances some Scaloni will call you to give you some caps.

        • That’s been the problem now for decades. Players have never been a problem. Even if this gen isn’t as talented as last, the coach and afa are always a significant reason for success.

          I just hope scaloni starts soon to focus on chemistry, organization, and style while maintaining a healthy balance of integrating new faces. Maybe not next few games but we need to start seeing line up and tactical consistency.

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