Paulo DYBALA scored lovely trick and chip goal in Juventus win


Paulo DYBALA scored the only goal for Juventus in their 1-0 friendly match win against Triestina.

The Argentine played and scored like a man on a mission, someone with a point to prove to his club. After being heavily linked with a move away from Turin as his club made it clear that they were not interested in keeping him, DYBALA scored a goal worthy of winning any award.

DYBALA received the ball inside the penalty area and with a clever move, beat his defender before chipping it over the goalkeeper. It’s clear that DYBALA is or possibly was not in the coach’s plans but it looks like he is determined to prove everyone wrong.


  1. squad list from:

    Selección Argentina 🇦🇷

    + Rojo, Dominguez, Zaracho, Palacious, Ocampos, Mac Allister, Gaich

  2. After ascension Arsenal Sarandi conquering Superliga while Nicolas Gimenez creates himself for a star of the league..

    • He just needs more confidence to dribble more as it was in Velez and takes shoots when it’s opportunity. Pure talent.

  3. Looking at San Lorenzo squad they should be competitor to River with all the players + Pizzi as coach. Just one example: they have Salazar (was close to play on last Olimpic Games), Gino Peruzzi and Herrera (the one from Panamerican Games) on RB and many positions where may use 3 solid, known players. Youth teams Argentina players like Gaich, Gattoni, Insaurralde, Pereyra, Matias Palacios still can’t get many minutes but for Gaich everything should change soon.

    Still Pizzi can’t do anything sensible with this team however the potentiall is clear. Besides Nahuel Barrios is outstanding.

    Important players still to introduce: Gaich, Oscar Romero (some minutes yesterday) or Juan Ramirez. San Lorenzo has the depth they could use playing on several fronts but it’s left to them only SUperliga.

  4. One of the most exasperating things in this group is to argue a point with someone who has not researched and studied the point and has already formed a violently strong opinion. Not only that such people also do not respect the opinion of others which is quite a shame. I find Gaich to be a massive potential. He is not only a classic 9 he is more. He has much more vision and creativity. His ability to shield the ball with his physicality is second to none. And also the uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time, a very important instinct for a striker. More than that he has good vision and passing range. Tracks back, switches play sometimes you find him on the right wing sometimes in the inside left channel sliding through balls, turning provider. Such movement is a nightmare for defenders which is why he often finds himself unmarked in the box which some people say lead to simple tap in goals. Great attitude too. God Bless you boy. Go for it!

    • is like I see it too . I don’t understand how people can’t see versatility of the player and how he can be someone groundbreaking for our future in the position. We can benefit so much from rare combination of physical overwhelming dominance (he is not only tall but muscular), good pace and ball control, intelligence above average, and pretty good vision. In him we have real chance for something more in attack than mere choice between short, technical, pacy strikers and tall, static, pokers. In fact this is more easy to talk about Gaich’s minuses than his advantages because he has almost only the second. What he needs to improve Batista had said in one of last interviews: his head shoots first of all. He has not the killer instinct of Lautaro but as Prakash has said he compensate that with intelligence to know what place in penalty box to stay.

      However Batista added that this guy is so much diligent on working upon what he may improve. He knows his weaknesses and want to work on it. In fact the constant improvement is so clear on his playing. For example I didn’t saw him wasting opportunities on the last tournament as it was previously (maybe 1-2 really good chances during whole Panamerican Games). His idol is Ibrahimović and with this I expect to see still better and better version of Gaich.

  5. I saw people praising lamela for what.
    Yesterday he may score goal and
    Assistant one but the goal was weak shoot
    Man city goalie should have saved.
    lamela Was consistently losing the ball
    I have been following since he moved
    To spurs he is nearly man .please guys
    Don’t waste your time for lamela.

    If Vertonghen and Alderweire better then

    Lapotre and Stones than they better than
    Otamendi too even though yesterday
    Otamendi played really real well but
    Still he is suspect .

    Racing vs river plate I said before
    I fell in love River plate i love
    The way they play.. possessions
    Short pass long passes high pressing
    Can defend as unit they also play high
    Line defence. Palacios case he had
    Fantastic game last night he made
    few good passes but the problem
    Palacios is he can’t hold the ball
    He plays one touch in too many
    Sometimes he needs the hold the ball
    And show his composure… even though
    Racing lost the game I liked a lot
    Matias zaracho he played as 8
    He realy realy looked good. to me as starter
    For the nt he is so comfortable with
    The ball and can hold the ball tie places. He can ran with the ball forward
    He is proper box to box midfielder
    Eve the he can play as right winger
    I prefer him as central midfield.
    He always looks the ball that is a sign
    Of good player…

    Gaich deserves a chance in the nt
    No matter what people may say
    About him I saw him enough he is
    Complete strike he has everything
    To be a leading center forward for the nt
    A long side with lion heart l Martinez.

    • I have been a big supporter of Lamela in this blog , Poch has turned Lamela into a complete midfielder, he can score and assist and track back and defend. However, I agree with Godin here, Lamela needs to maintain his consistency and fitness. He should have left Tottenham this year . Why some of our good players are happy in a subordinate role is very concerning!!

    • I suppose Gallardo instruct Palacios to play the one touch football. At least so was with Ferreira’s case who got such indication from coach.

  6. “Spurs has as good a squad as Liverpool and Man City “??? That is IMO an extremely inaccurate statement. The pedigree, depth and versatility of teams like Man City and Liverpool is order of magnitude above that of Spurs. Mourinho was not joking when he said that Man City B team can also win the EPL. Poch’s strength as a coach is also, amongst other things, to get results with “lesser” players and resources against better teams. That is what his team did yesterday AND Results Matter. Outgunned, outclassed but they got the point playing in the home of what is arguably the best footballing side in the world today. Only Barça,, PSG and Juve can come close to Man City and Liverpools squads. Not even Real or Bayern leave alone humble Spurs

    • Vertonghen and Alderweired are one the best CB in the PL IMO better than Lapotre and Stones. Rose very talanted LB better than Zinchinko. Eriksen, Dele alli,Kane , Son, Ndombele, Lorris,Trippier…. all of them are World class player now it can only be excuse not to compete against them.

      • Then you no nothing about EPL mrinal how hard it is win or draw an away match. Verto and Ali didn’t Played he was injured. rose and Eriksen wants to leave the Club…..Son was suspended…. And looks like you don’t even know that Trippier went to Atletico Madrid.
        This man City team is Far superior than any other team in EPL.

        • The people who has minimum amount of brain would have understand that i was not talking about yesterday’s match only , i was talking about the whole season or you are another stairmaster like Gonzalo.
          “Then you no nothing about EPL” may be ,i have been watching atleast 2-3 PL matches every weekend since i was 11, used to watch all matches when i was kid BTW i am 27. Trippier has been sold this season but he was a regular starter till last season . And Injuries it happens with every club last season Man city’s best player Kevin Debryune was injured almost whole last season still they performed consistently well throughout the whole season.

    • “slow and fat ass”

      You are complete ignorant. Now I know you never saw Gaich. Slow and fat ass? I knew before you are ignorant and arrogant being able to speak about players you never watched or things you don’t know (as it was 2 days agow on Mascherano case) but this one is final proof you are totally arrogant with all your cheek of spreading desinformation.

      • “Now I know you never saw Gaich.” you can see who is arrogant i have watched Gaich may be not not as much as you beacuse he never impresses me unlike you.3 goals at club level and all of those were tap ins , let him perform at primera division first players like Gaich flops miserably at big clubs. Some of people comparing Gaich with Higuian 20 year old Higuian was a regular starter at Real Madrid and 18 year old higuian was best Striker at River Plate.
        “Mascharenos case” it was you who compared 20 year old Gaich with Maschareno i said maschareno best young midfielder in Argentina at that time and one of the hottest talent in europe but it is not the case with Gaich.

        • Gaich goals in San Lorenzo were not just tap ins. ANother time you say ignorantly whatsoever. Look at 1:50 of the video:

          THese are your words:
          “Maschareno’s situation was different at that time maschareno was arguably best midfielder of River plate then”

          The fact is Mascherano had not even debuted for A team of River before was called up. Gaich debuted for SL and scored some goals.

        • Gaich goals in San Lorenzo were not just tap ins. ANother time you say ignorantly whatsoever. Look at 1:50 of the video:

          THese are your words:
          “Maschareno’s situation was different at that time maschareno was arguably best midfielder of River plate then”

          The fact is Mascherano had not even debuted for A team of River before was called up. Gaich debuted for SL and scored some goals.

  7. Gaich needs to come in right now. He has done enough since the last 1.5 years to deserve the call up. Aguero may be important for us in the qualifiers, but there must be a back up plan in case he does not last till the World Cup. We must plan for Lautaros back up. Gaich’s technique and physical development are both good enough for a chance to be given to him. The exposure will also help him to develop. He may find himself not up to the standards. It is possible. But I suspect that there could also be a possibility that he upstaged Lautaro. Only if he is given a chance we would know

    • Yes, we have 2 similar short strikers – Aguero, Lautaro- while Gaich is completely different type we need. More hardworking than the two If current Scaloni’s formation is the one with 2 strikers you need at least one back up on the bench.

  8. As I respect Dybala and Pity, same with Lamela. Upstaged by Dele Alli, Son, Eriksen, not wanted by the fans, majority of them ridicule him and want him to leave – Lamela is trying his best like a man possessed. When he leaves the field you can see that he has given it all. If he can restore his reputation, we will have a champion. Such players who can conquer adversity will be a great addition to the NT. Watching the 3 closely to see how they deal with their ghosts.

    • Mate did you watch the watch Lamela may have scored and assisted from a corner he didnt play good , he was always loosing the ball and was dispossed easily . He unable to hold the ball for more than 5 seconds . Lanzini is better than lamela waiting to see Lo celso.
      With Pochettino Spurs with never win big trophy , to win big trophies Manager should have winning mentality yesterday Spurs was fighting for 1 point , look at Man city and Liverpool they play for all 3 points whether thay playing in home or away game. Looks like Pochettino only aims to qualify Champions league every season. He cants excuse about players Spurs has as good squad as Liverpool and Man city.

  9. I think our fullbacks problem ,gonna get solved eventually , the process may be slow but it’s gradually there.
    Lots of new upcoming youngsters in Argentina , specially l.martinez , foyth, Claudio bravo of banfield and more importantly f.medina .
    Another thing I notice is that , we can actually play lisandro Martinez as an inverted CB , the guy is really flexible and can also be relied on fullback positions.
    Foyth will come as a handy , coz scaloni will mainly operate him as a hybrid RB plus he is a natural CB , so obviously he can act as a 3rd CB. We can try that with mammana too , but he needs to move to Europe , Russia is too much of a comfort for a player of his Calibre.

    The only problems remains in GK.

  10. Both Dybala and Pity are going through a difficult phase in their careers. Yet I love the way they are using this opportunity to become better and more rounded players. Working hard on their weaknesses. Developing a stronger mentality, showing greater fight and resilience, Increasing their appetite for excellence. In contrast Icardi is self destructing. He needs to learn from his compatriots. It’s a tragedy for both him and the NT. If he can get a hold over himself he can be a great asset for us.

  11. No Icardi please. Unless he can get a hold over his own career and not leave it for someone else. His fall from grace at Inter raises serious questions about his mentality. Mentality comes first – talent and competence later.

  12. Aguero, icardi, lautaro, dybala, Messi … no more room for forwards for World Cup 2022 unless aguero loses his quality… then one space opens up …
    we can have angel correa on wing or even J correa on wing but #9 positions are full… maybe by ‘22 aguero will be gone and Gaich would have developed in Europe by then hence being national team qualified!

    • ” #9 positions are full… maybe by ‘22 aguero will be gone and Gaich would have developed in Europe by then hence being national team qualified!”

      Nah, Lautaro is player for years but Aguero will be 32 next year. He scored 2 goals on WC and 2 goals on CA. Was really solid on CA but nothing more. We need more goals from our No.9 while it’s hard to expect he will develop being 32 and more. For me he is starter now, but don’t be surprised if the declining will begin suddenly. Having players over 30 you need to be prepared for that if not you will have the unwelcome surprise as it was with several our players on last WC or with Di Maria on Copa. Absolutely we need prepare 3rd striker. Waiting for Gaich till he will develope in EUrope is misunderstanding. He has big potentiall and deserves for early call up for the same reason some old players get such call up when succeded with youth teams.

      I wouldn’t be even surprised if currently Gaich was able to score same number of goals as Aguero on Copa because that’s just 2. AGuero and Lautaro needs challenger. CHimy Avila is also interesting option but not that we should call up 4 strikers together. Just 3.

      • “He has big potentiall and deserves for early call up for the same reason some old players get such call up when succeded with youth teams.’
        Rather this is the misunderstanding, they were called up cause their adult club performances, not due to youth success. This will be the case for Gaich.

        • If you look at the players since Bielsa times to 2007 U-20 winners there’s at least few that were called up early mostly thank’s to their performances at youth level.

          “they were called up cause their adult club performances, not due to youth success”

          Still I suppose if Gaich would do well in Superliga you could say: that means nothing to shine in local league. All this seems to be stacking up of another unnecesarry obstacles for player who scoreing 15 goals within a year already deserved for test in NT.

    • Di Maria seemed to be still one of oue best players on club level before Copa but the tournament showed he is simply burned out. Both Aguero and Lautaro must do more to win CA. Lautaro will develope – Aguero at this age rather will not.

      • Honestly even an aging player that can actually perform will be fine. Aguero is doing well but its like he leaves his legs at home when he plays for us. Messi, Higuain, Aguero, and Di Maria were awesome at 2014 World Cup Qualifiers and those were the days. Now something is missing, that clinical finishing and drive isn’t there anymore. Lautaro is showing that and is the main reason he can score.

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