Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez: My goal is to reach Argentina team for Copa America


Arsenal goalkeeper is eyeing a spot in the Argentina team for the 2020 Copa America.

Despite never representing Argentina at senior level, Martinez is looking to be in the Argentina national team. Speaking with the Daily Star in the United Kingdom, here’s what the Arsenal man had to say:

“My goal is to reach the Argentine national team, I have the qualities. I need only a little more playing time.

“I want to add minutes, make a great season, be Arsenal’s number one and have chances of being in the team that plays the Copa America 2020.

“I know that the national team’s goalkeepers coach has followed me last season at Reading and wants me to play. That’s why having good games at Arsenal, which is one of the best clubs in the world, I will have the possibility.

“Our coach tells everyone that we are one more player and told us that we are among the beset goalkeepers who play with our feet, which is something very important for his game system.

“He (Arsenal goalkeeper Leno) has more professional matches than me, but in qualities I am equal to or better than him.”


  1. Guys, I am very happy with the defensive display of the team. We score 4 goals which is an event when we consider Mexico and its performance. However, I watched the game again and I got very scared. Martinez was alone with 4 Mexican defenders each time that he scored. We did not show any build-ups in Mexico surface area. Against big opponents, this tactic will not be enough.

  2. if somebody want to see the pure Argentine spirit
    the true Argentine soul and the classic Argentine fighters mentality
    then that person should see the ARGENTINA NATIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM.

    against the odds this 12 ARGENTINE HEROES bring our country in the place that NOBODY back home and all around the world was expecting two weeks before.

    PROUD PROUD PROUD PROUD just only one word.
    i had so many years to cry from happy and those lions make us cry today with showing what means ARGENTINA.
    they make us go out to streets to celebrate from happy today one team that never had the attention they deserve.

    GRACIAS !!!


  3. Indeed a good win, hope Scaloni and co can capitalize on this and move forward. Whatever the tactic keep winning. Let’s see how we r gonna build on this.

        • But Pavon is not a man for Argentina he will cost us more in future. There are some players who confuses the coaches if we have better why to settle for good or average.
          When you have given bigger responsibility it is your duty to outperform yourself but Pavon let Argentina down. If Aguero was starters vs France we could have seen different result. And in this list we can add some more player like Armani TAGLIAFICO Acuna and Perereya.They looks good on pitch but they not gonna help us winning any competition

    • I think it’s for different usage, Acuna is selected as left CM(for similar profile as De Paul who plays more on the right). Scaloni wants to have a CM able to defend and able to play on 1 side which allows to switch from 433 to 4231. Pavon’s more a winger/forward, in this role, there is no player really above others.

  4. The U17 World Cup is on the horizon and maybe one more time for” Brasil decime que se siente” renditions until who knows for a long time maybe. This time Pablo Aimar and his boys.
    Has the squad list been announced yet?

  5. I think Emiliano Martinez is like Lord Benteder who thought he was gonna be best striker in the Premiere league because he believed it. He was also in the Arsenal at that time. Same shit is going on. But it is true our goalkeeper spot is very open yet we have not found anyone who could anchor it. We should search more. First we should get rid of Armani. I think Scaloni thinks to play in NT you have to play in your club too. But this should not be the whole criteria, Sergio Romero is better than our top 3 goalkeeper. Sergio Romero is the best sub in the world Scaloni should know this. Even Sergio Romero is teaching some junior man United players

  6. It’s good to know that coaching staff follows wide range of players. They’ve got broader horizons. Positive for everyone, particularly the players.

    Had high hopes for Emiliano Martinez (still there’s time), but has not hit the heights he was supposed to be. Every year, start of the season, it was going to Martinez’s breakthrough season at Arsenal stepping up as the no.1, but it never happened, years flew by. He’s still understudy. Under Wenger, it could have been possible, but now since Emery bought Leno, I can’t see him getting the chance( but in football anything can happen ofc). He should have left the club a long ago imo. If he aims for getting NT call up, atleast a remote chance of getting a call up to the Copa 2020( highly unlikey as Armani,Andrada and Marchesin are almost certain) he should move to a club that offers him regular first team football. But Copa 2020 is way too ambitious for me, in the middle of qualifiers and all that and getting a call-up.


    people praising this but this type of shit is toxic for the dressing room.

  8. Real interest in Palacios might be back soon:

    I feel like he and some local players are at the same point as one year ago after september friendlies against Guatemala and Colombia. Just like Palacios and Pity Martinez presented promising performances one year ago so was this time with Palacios, Quarta and some other local players. When we want to see them more they will out for the same reason as in previous year (River – Boca rivalry).

  9. Emiliano Martinez should be called up for next friendlies as Armani/Andreda won’t be available, i would like to have more arrogant players in the team like Ramos or Ronaldo.

  10. I just love the last line and attitude of Emiliano Martinez, many people don’t like who are arrogant but i like the who is arrogant because arrogant people handle pressure than the soft people. Messi is too soft reason macherano running the team if cristiano was Argentine higuain never played after 2014 world cup but after back to back 3 final misses Higuain still was part of 2018 team was surprising to me

  11. Mentioning players’ age is a common trend on the international football news sites. I hope Mundo occasionally follows that trend too. It helps to keep track of players with the passing of time.


    Haha, he’s got big balls.

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