Angel Correa of Atletico Madrid to make Argentina team for October


Angel Correa will reportedly make the Argentina national team squad for the month of October.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the Atletico Madrid forward will make Lionel Scaloni’s team for the games against Germany and Ecuador. Correa last played for Argentina prior to the 2019 Copa America, where he scored the match winner in a 1-0 win vs. Morocco.

Lionel Scaloni will announce his squad on Friday.


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    As for the list, more than anything, I want to see the midfield continue to function. It is of utmost importance that the midfield is the engine that runs this team.

  3. Ocampos plays good, a more hardworker Joaquin Correa, he and Angel Correa are better options for LWF than Vargas and Joaquin Correa, first of all better defensively and mentality.

  4. 3 attacking worth-following players that show eye-catching form in Superliga are: Nicolas Gimenez (Arsenal), Alvarez Suarez (Arsenal), Marcelino Moreno (Lanus), David Barbona (Racing) and whole Talleres team for same reason as Velez.

  5. I welcome Angel’s call-up. He’s fast, athletic, technical player who can hustle and defend. Dribbles too much and loses the ball a la Di Maria sometimes though, so certainly need to improve on that

  6. I believe Angel correa is a player who still we havent seen his full potential . Whenever he enter into penalty box he creates a havoc among defender due to his quick movement but i think at athletico lots of defensive responsiblities is keeping him off to play him at his full potential.

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  8. I really like A Correa( and no, not because I am an Atletico fan 🙂 ), hopefully his full potential will be unlocked soon. Atletico will not let him go unless he really dips in form. he seems to be an asset to resort to when needed, even when on the bench. He sees playing time on regular basis, an average of 20 – 25 matches a season, not full matches but acceptable in my opinion.

    • Yeah me too. Great talent just not very consistent and occasionally he’s a bit selfish in the final play. But he is electric, can beat defenders dribbling. would like to see him in the NT as well

    • We can’t blame simeone much…….to be fair last year he gave plentiful chances to angel Correa and he failed to take it.
      He needs to be more clinical in the final third eventhough his work rate and skills are good.

      • To be fair Angel is a support striker by trade (was often compared to kun during his san lorenzo days) , yet he spent his last few years playing as a right midfielder, so talk about playing off position! Still he’s done well and earned a starting position.
        But you are right Shubham, he needs to take his chances when he gets them (like in the previous match when he played up top yet couldn’t conjure up anything) because it was made very clear that he wanted to leave Atletico over the summer yet things did work out that way and he stayed and now Simeone can’t start a player who wanted to leave the club over other players who wanted to stay unless said player performs.

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