Lionel Messi discusses Argentina national team, Copa America, Diego Maradona, FC Barcelona, more


Lionel Messi recently gave an interview to where he discussed the Argentina national team, the Copa America and much more.

The best player in the world has stated that his priority this season is to win the league and the Champions League with Barcelona and the Copa America with Argentina. Speaking with, here’s what he had to say:

The Argentinian national team are undergoing a major transformation too. Have any of your team-mates surprised you in particular?

“I wouldn’t say they’ve surprised me because I knew them already and I know what they’re capable of. I see them with their clubs and I knew about the new breed coming through. Where they have surprised me, though, is as people. There were a lot of them that I didn’t know personally, and it was a lovely surprise to be able to share a Copa America with them and see that aside from being great players they’re very normal and down-to-earth people too.”

Lionel Scaloni has just been given the Argentina job on a permanent basis. How would you describe him?

“He’s a coach who has things clear in his head, who knows how to watch football and is very good at getting things across. He’s easy to understand, he’s good at his job and he knows how to handle the players. I think they got it right in giving him the job permanently and the space and time he needs to work with the national team.”

La Liga, the Champions League and the Copa America: what is Lionel Messi’s main objective this season?

“All of them. It’s been four years since we’ve won the Champions League and we really want to win it again. We know, though, that if we don’t do the job day in day out, then we won’t make it. And as for the Copa America, I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to go for it yet again. I’m really excited about this year’s Copa.”

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  1. These individual awards in football, as usual doesn’t make much of a sense. Lionel Messi doesn’t need these popularity awards to show the world that he’s the best right now and arguably the best ever. No one in their right mind would say otherwise, except maybe 10 year old kids and trolls/wind-up merchants/egomaniacs.

    Fifa the best/World Player of the Year has got to be the worst of all individual awards out there right now. The epitome of popularity contests and politics. Yeah it’s the players and coaches who cast the votes along with selected media personnel and fans, but it’s still a popularity contest and politics and maybe it’s because of that. Just take a look at some of the votes of players and coaches, shocking to say the least. On some occasions, some players or player I should say would give the captain’s armband or the voting responsibility to other teammate so that they could vote for him! Madness! And some times the governing body will make arrangements to change the last date of voting or more specifically the casted vote itself after one individual’s brilliant performance in a one-off match or so. The list is endless.

    The Fifa World Eleven is another joke. Absolute rubbish. Has been for years. Puskas Award being the same, particularly the previous editions where fans get to decide everything.

    With that being said, I don’t know if anyone here would agree with me, The Player of the Year should have been Virgil Van Dijk. Not saying Messi didn’t deserve it, but Van Dijk deserved more. He’s been simply outstanding for the last couple of years.

    It should have been (imo):
    1. Virgil Van Dijk
    2. Lionel Messi
    3. Sadio Mane
    4. Bernardo Silva
    5. Alisson Becker

    But no out of nowhere Cristiano Ronaldo has to come in, and the likes of Sadio Mane, Bernardo Silva and Alisson Becker loses out to the popularity contests and politics!

    Since the Ballondor voting system is much better( not flawless ofcourse), I guess Van Dijk will win it and the others mentioned will get recognition. But still I don’t give much into these awards.

    • Lukaku is the worst striker ever if Lautaro not able to bench Lukaku then he will not become big like higuain, Aguero or icardi

    • It’s not called benching, it’s called rotation, all managers do it! And while Lautaro hasn’t been banging in goals (no has at inter thus far) he’s been playing great and if he keeps it up the flood gates will open sooner or later but for now Inter are still finding their footing .
      Also, Lautaro didn’t cost 80 million euros so Conte’s not obligated to play him every game.

  2. To be honest, I am worried about Messi. He has been getting minor injuries alot in this year of 2019. All his career players have been tackling him, tripping him, and being very abusive with him . I hope all the knocks haven’t taken their toll.

    • And this Messi-dependence of Barca since Neymar left made things just worse. After all, he is a human and can get old. With all that pressure on his shoulders can make him less efficient in the next couple of years. He definitely need to play in a deeper position as 10 and now use more his intelligence and vision to control the game. He’s no more the young dribbler who can sprint anytime.

    • He isn’t going to be that young speedy dribbler like he was 4-5 years ago. He is in need of a deeper role. These injuries are a result of him being okayed in the wrong position. He is sadly getting old but he is still Messi is he us played correctly.

  3. Congratulation to Messi for winning sixth Ballon’dr.He is the best.I think he can still win two more Balon.dr.
    We need a new goalkeeper,Scaloni when you are going to get rid of shitty Armani.Right now only Sergio Romero,Juan Musso and Emiliano Martinez look good for spot in NT.Juan Musso needs to be groomed,Emiliano Martinez is good shot stopper and recently held two clean sheet.He should be no1 for Arsenal.
    Lisandro Martinez is good substitute for Paredes who is little slow and Lisandro Martinez will provide fludity in holding midfield because of his speed or work rate.Joaquin Correa is just average player we need a good winger.Matias Vargas looks good but not a kind of special.His height is small,dribbling is good,passing average so i think our fullback needs to come forward here as we lack class wingers.But foremost WE NEED A SOLID GOALKEEPER.

  4. Seems to me that will be very hard for Barca to win Liga or Champions League this year, it’s been several years that this club relied soley on Messi and no matter what, he is still a human, so he can get old. I don’t see any change tactically in this team, the new players except Arthur cannot really make the impact. I may be wrong, but I start to believe that he has more opportunity to win a title with the national team than with Barca. First, there is more competition at club level. Secondly, the new national team is much more balanced with good quality of players. Especially on the midfield. We still need a fast winger in attack that can make the difference(Joaquin Correa is just ok, Angel Correa quite disappointing recently, Vargas, De La Vega full of potential but still young). But for the rest, I think we are comfortable enough.

    • Barca gonna easily win or runner up in La Liga.Their midfield is very creative.Attack is good.Just need to offload Suarez.Their defence is average.Gerad Pique is weakest link since years and nobody realized it.He has a skill of ball playing inspite of being a CB.That is hurting Barca

      • The quality is here, but very strange tactical choices with the new players, 1st of all, De Jong has been used as box to box but he’s much more a holding, like Busquets. 2nd, Griezmann as left winger is quite non-sense. He’s much more a half 9.

        To me, the best Barca was Xavi-Iniesta-Messi. After it’s impossible to go back to this level and the coach should change playing style. Luis Enrique was able to inject something new. I believe that Messi should definitely turn into a real 10, a more central position, in a 3412 system behind 2 strikers. Maybe with Busquets as libero until Lenglet’s comeback, De Jong with Arthur in the middle.

  5. @gonzalo
    The only thread in Mundo where you have no comments. Guess….
    The one which is about Messi winning the best in the world award 🙂

    Just a very predictable observation my friend 😉

    • Like Messi and other argentina fans Gonzalo also don’t care about individual awards.trophy for nation matters.individually Messi have alot there is nothing new

    • I got lost of Messi’s individual awards. I don’t care much about this one. Sorry the only one individual award for Messi that could make difference for me now is just 6th Ballon d’Or and not because this is something that much important for me but just to Messi differentiate himself from Ronaldo. I think Ronaldo deserved for every single Ballon d’Or of his five and he is great player but Messi does not deserve to be remebered by posterity as that another great footballer who was on par with Ronaldo. Messi is something more than Ronaldo and for the reason I want 6th Ballon d’Or for him. The rest of individual awards does not matter for me. Messi may give me pleasure only winning something with NT.

        • Looking at France young players celebrating their Championship after WC final game I got that sad impression that the joy of thesedays for winning WC title is not the one I saw in my early years. I feel now winning with NT is unfortunately becoming less splendorous cause players mentality is more cosmopolitan and they does not feel that much bonded to one country as it was once.

          • you guys are complicating it too much. It is a proud moment for Argentine football. That one of our player is recognized as the best in the world. I don’t know about you but I feel proud and see it as a moment to celebrate.

            I will take Argentina winning one Copa or World cup any day over any our player winning 10 balon dors or any other individual trophy. Anyone will. I never said it is more important than winning a team trophy.

          • > I feel now winning with NT is unfortunately becoming less splendorous cause players mentality is more cosmopolitan and they does not feel that much bonded to one country as it was once.

            True to an extent but I’d be willing to bet that 95 out 100 footballers would say they would like to win the WC over any league trophy. In fact, WC trophy is in the ONLY criteria holding back some from declaring Messi as the #1 of all time.

            (good point btw)

        • > footballer’s dream is no more the world cup but the Ballon d’or.

          money and stardom is certainly in league but WC is still #1 dream for most footballers. Id best most would take WC trophy over league. Plus 99.9% of self aware footballers know the Ballon d’OR is unreachable lol.

  6. Messi confident after copa in Brazil, getting 3rd spot isn’t huge achievement but only lost against brazil in knockout round who ultimately become winner i think if the rematch happen in 2020 on the soil of Argentina then easily beat brazil

    • I prefer this one, more balanced than the previous ones, we need a fast striker like Lautaro even though I love Aguero. Di maria is currently the best playmaker of Argentina since the beginning of this season but we should move on. Otherwise in this position Lamela is doing very well, vs Lo Celso and Dybala who have so far 0 playing time. In the midfield, I also like Palacios and I prefer Lisandro Martinez to Ascacibar. De Paul has already secured his place with Scaloni.

      Here’s my 1st choice:
      De Paul(Buendia)—-Palacios(Paredes)—-Lisandro Martinez
      ——-Messi(Lamela/Lo Celso/Dybala)———

  7. …………….Armani……………..


    De paul………..lo celso………..lanzini….


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