Lautaro Martinez scores in Inter loss vs. FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi assist


Lautaro Martiez scored for Inter in their 2-1 loss vs. FC Barcelona in the Champions League.

It took the Argentine striker just two minutes to give Inter the 1-0 lead. Lautaro was first to the ball as he beat Gerard Pique and got his shot through on goal.

With the score at 1-1, it was Lionel Messi who made the difference. The Barcelona captain with a memorable run played the ball in for Luis Suarez who scored the game winner.



  1. My dream future team world cup 2026



    De la vega……………lautaro…….

    • Played in his natural position for a change, because he’s been played as a support striker several times in the last few weeks and it’s not where his strength lies.
      Vargas is an interesting one, he’s got the talent to do some serious damage on that left flank but at the same time he can very inconsistent, I mean his first season with Velez was a revelation but the following season he was bang average.
      I really hope the Espaneol coach took note from today’s match and will play him more in his natural position out on the left flank because right now Matias is doing solid work but he can be a serious contender if he continues to grow.

  2. Mamma mia Lautaro Martínez what a lad !! Gave Barca all evening all kind fo trouble!! He was almost buried barca at home!!! On the other hand imbilice low energy Valverde and Pique..Lenglet..Busi..Grizman cost Barca a huge defeat ..But the GOAT save their ass and again

  3. How did Lisandro Martinez play yesterday against Valencia? I think Ajax is literally a top 10 club in Europe so I don’t mind Tagliafico and L.Martinez stay in there.

    • played decent. they used him in a 4231 type double pivot. Decently circulated ball and pressed opponents in transition and entered attacking zones. Rodrigo moreno was playing like second striker and Lisandro was able to mark him ok when the spain dropped back. however lost one or two races against him when moreno stretched his legs on the wings. also played well destroying against danny parejo whenever he stepped up into attack. Seems to be developing good understanding with tagliafico which is good for us. In the defensive blocks still has a tendency to drop into back line too much rather than staying in the mid lines, probably from his cb background. Still a bit hard for me to judge how he would do in the base of a 433 without support. Lets see against Chelsea.

  4. If playing consistently for the Club and if is in Form Aguero, Icardi and Lautaro are the 3 Strikers to be chosen for the NT, All of them comes with different profile. All r lethal too.

    • I agree. maybe we don’t need him this year or even 2020 but icardi is going to be important 2021+. who knows what shape aguero will be in then and if lautaro gets injured or something are we really going to depend on lucas alario? Its crucial icardi comes back to his top level in the next 12 months.

      • Giach is also waiting in the wings.

        Alario is not bad at all and has some potential to grow into, but I agree, Icardi should be a focal point for us past 2020. He has done very well so far in his short time at PSG. That shows what kind of level he is on.

  5. Lauturo is much better than icardi. We don’t need any other strikers, we are set in that category…. icardi can Enjoy the couch along with us fans during national team matches.

  6. Yes, Lautaro will have a so nice career with both club & NT in shaa Allah! Morning shows the day that he is going to be the main striking man for Argentina!

  7. Lautaro Martinez’s biggest strength is that he is equally good with his both feets unlike other CF. But Icardi is more useful for us right now.Lautaro needs to be more clinical in front of goal.He is like Higuain.Against Barca he lost 2 or 3 chances. some were very clear.

    • Lost chances ?
      Seriously ? That header was perfect it was saved. I didn’t see him any more chances. Though he missed lot of chances in previous few matches in serie A. But he didn’t got that much clear cut chances to scored.

    • Lautaro > Icradi.
      I think Icardi’s chances to come back to the NT are slim.

      At club level, Higuain is still better than both( for now). But, IMO Lautaro is going to be more crucial for the NT in the future. he has the talent.

  8. Great to watch Lautaro score at Camp Nou. It will build his confidence. And the G.O.A.T did it again and save the valvarde’s job. Football is not the same without Messi

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