River Plate vs. Boca Juniors Superclasico Copa Libertadores first leg thread


River Plate host Boca Juniors in the semi finals of the Copa Libertadores on Tuesday night.

It’s a repeat of last year’s continental cup final where River Plate lifted the trophy in Madrid. Boca will be looking to get a positive result at el monumental ahead of the second leg.

Both teams have played each other 26 times in total with Boca Juniors edging it with 10 wins as opposed to River’s 8 victories. Boca also lead with 31 goals vs. River’s 24 goals. There have been 8 draws between them.


    • As per some of our expert here…. Lautaro can’t perform against good defense, or good team, or good goal keeper. That’s why he will be benched in Inter.
      Can you please cross check this is our Lautaro or any other guy…?

      • I think still he can do more……he always gets in good position time after time but he needs to improve his decision making in the final third….

  1. what a nice day today he he he 🙂

    i really enjoy those days after such wins against Boca 🙂

    from last year those that make fun to us about B
    have answer “what you mean about B? you mean Bernabeu?” 🙂 🙂

    if we succeed in second game to qualify this year then Bosteros will be hiding for long long time 🙂

      • yes i see. things is like this true.

        just my friend i am sure you know that all this we see in present days and all last years River plate success is result of VERY HARD WORK OF MANY YEARS from
        people inside River that know about football and they are very good profesionals.

        River building is one building that came not in one day or one year work.
        Gallardo era is not only because Marcelo is good coach.

        he is one of the best sure but this is not only because of him.
        many hard working people behind scene giving their best years now from academy and going higher in coaching staff etc till the president

        to bring River plate in the place we are now.

        Do you know what is the secret of River plate my friend?
        i am sure you know but i will say for all those that they don t know.

        River plate is one BIG FAMILY that everybody working hard for what they love.
        they are good profesionals in their job BUT MORE they LOVE the club and they are see it more than just a job.

        this is our secret from 2011 till our days.

      • ??? This is what he can, and must to do….higher and higher every game…to be world class…now we see every critic went to the correct place…for world class talent only world class performance is acceptable… nothing less

        • You change your mind too often to be credible man. You’ve said just days ago: “he is far far from a world class forward atm its clear”

          “Lautaro, a good defense will easily neutralize him as Serie A defenders did last season”

  2. Di Maria is having one of his best start of season with PSG. Tuchel used him as half playmaker half winger(either left or right) with lot of freedom. The key was having hardworking midfielders and a very technical fullback behind him so that he doesn’t need to defend much and doesn’t need to do the full time winger. Such a shame that we didn’t have those kinds of players before and once we have them, Di Maria is a bit old and not sure if he can still be at the top in 2022.

    Even at 26, I believe that Icardi still has room to progress a lot. He shouldn’t stay too much in the box and should participate more as he has great control and skill. I think that’s what Tuchel wants as well.

    The situation of Paredes has become complicated since the beginning of this season, they prefer to use a CB to play the DM role. Whenever he has some playing time, he’s always been very disappointing. I think this 433 with midfielders like Gueye and Verratti next to him, it’s the best setup for him, I don’t know many regista can have this kind of partners.

    • Agreed on all point.

      Doubt ADM will be good for 2022 but he can make an incredible Copa super sub at RM/RW.

      Icardi needs to sort out his form and politics. Really talented. I can see him making it back to the NT if his form improves.

      Insane that a CB benched Paredes.

  3. Di maria’s form at PSG is forcing me to change my mind.He was really good vs Galatasary.He wasted chances but otherwise he was very good.He is showing sign of maturity just like Neymar.I think we should include Di maria at squad as Left winger if not starter then a substitute.Whoever is in form should be called.

    • Quarta sure going to inter because they need defenders, Miranda and Godin are aged and currently skriner is lone best CB might have been the season in Inter.

  4. 3 or 4 times Di Maria should have passed the ball to Icardi. He didn’t pass him once. I think tuchel may not like this sort of behaviour from him. He was BS last night.

          • Honestly Gonzzalo I’m not so sure about that, he was just ok last year if I remember correctly and the year before that also.
            Nacho is a good player but certainly not one for the future but he’s been on fire this year and if he keeps it up it wouldn’t be a bad thing to call him up for some of the WCQ games because those games are gonna be tough and any player in form should be called up and be ready to help the team.

  5. capaldo playing with lion heart with injured ankle.

    feel bad for the kids miss. he should not even have been that advanced position. the half nine soldano or alexis or reynoso should have been in support but they were too busy defending in this stupid set up.

  6. these libertadores games i am surprised how there are not at least five broken legs every game.

    boca in a hard place. no one to pass to for them. that’s what happens when four of your players are stationed 5 meters from each other so defensively. no width, no release option. and then on the rare occasion you can play over the middle the only player running in support of your hold up striker is a deep inexperienced central midfielder who puts the ball 1 mile above the frame. only andrada keeping this tie alive for now.

    • Yes, this effective anti-football of Boca that brings results during season might take revenge now in most important game for lack of ability to adapt to new situation when you need to play positioning attack.

      • little more space now (65 minute). not sure why he bring in scocco instead of alvarez to take advantage of it. 1-0 at the bombonera may not be enough.

        edit: nvm 2-0

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