Argentina, Tottenham defender Juan Foyth: “I’m completely recovered”


Argentina and Tottenham Hotspur defender Juan Foyth has arrived in Germany and has spoken to the media ahead of the team’s match on Friday.

One of the first Argentina players to arrive to Dortmund, Foyth is back in the squad after missing out on September’s friendly matches due to injury. Speaking to TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“I’m happy to be back following my injury, I’m completely recovered. I rejoined the group two weeks ago. We all want to enjoy these friendly matches and to continue being taken into consideration. If I play as a central defender, that’s good but I can also play as a full back.”


    • Who will play against Germany? Imo Scaloni tactic will be the same than last year vs Brazil, defending defending defending not give spaces for german attackers plus some counter attacks…imo hard-workers will play Acuna and De Paul with Paredes, Dybala and Lautaro, the sixth is a misery maybe another hard-worker winger Ocampos or Pereyra.

      • Defending? Against Brazil? You’re kidding right? Apart from the first 25 min, Argentina was the one winning midfield battles and attacking with Brazil mostly on the back foot, hence the 2 shots hitting the post and brazil resorting to reckless fouls (2 that should’ve been penalties) but the match was sadly sealed before it even began.

        If Argentina play like they did against Brazil they would win by a margin, but this is a friendly so what matters to me is the boys forming an even more cohesive unit than they have already.

        • Why dont you try to read correctly? “Last year?” In 2018…in Asia…same friendly..stronger opponent on Messi, no Aguero…and scaloni the same too…

          • Ah I c………sorry dude, my bad.
            Yeah that was quite a defensive game but you gotta admit the team did a great job defending, more organized defending than ‘park the bus, negative football’ defending.
            I doubt Scaloni is gonna go that route, considering this is the weakest Germany’s ever been and his job is not on the line, I think he will go something like this:






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