Matias Zaracho out of Argentina team due to injury, will miss games vs. Germany, Ecuador


Matias Zaracho has suffered an injury and is out of the Argentina team.

The Racing Club midfielder will miss out on Argentina’s two friendly games vs. Germany and Ecuador due to a leg injury suffered during his team’s win vs. Aldosivi. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will not be calling up a replacement.


  1. Germany Lineup:
    Marchesin – Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliafico – De Paul Paredes Dominguez Acuna – Lautaro Dybala

  2. Otamendi has long passed his prime guys! He was one of the best defender in the world in his last season at Valencia , the season prior to moving to City! but he is no more the same player. He at best should be a backup to our young defenders.

    Additionally , folks criticizing Pezzella for the loss against Brasil, are you following him in the Seria A? Prior to the Brazil game he was easily our best CB, however his face injury did have some significant impact on his game. I would not drop such an experienced player and a leader at the back for one loss.Yes the loss was overwhelmingly painful but corrupt CONMEBOL wouldn’t have let us win no matter what!! Before bashing Pezzella we should go back and watch his previous performance for our team. An inform Pezzella is vital for our young defense!!

    • Absolutely we should prepare replacement for him for Copa not to be surprised in most important moments. Still he should be in the team but Quarta and maybe Kannemann seems like starters material. Let’s see against Germany.

        • It’s true kannemann looks terrible
          When comes technically and passing
          For that reason it didn’t like him
          All he does hoov the ball.
          I May wrong but best CB arg have
          Right now is Martinez Quarta
          I would say lich Martinez
          But I know scaloni doesn’t like
          Short players especially defenders

    • > Otamendi has long passed his prime guys! He was one of the best defender in the world in his last season at Valencia , the season prior to moving to City! but he is no more the same player. He at best should be a backup to our young defenders.

      You must not have followed Otamendi since he left Valencia but he was voted to the 2018 TEAM OF THE YEAR. He was easily one of their best players that year and he was really solid even under Pellegrini saving City countless times.

      This year he’s dipped in performance making worse decisions and he’s slowed down. His tantrum during WC and Copa was also really uncalled for and id be dishonest if i said i didnt lose some trust.

      Even still, he was our best defender last Copa. You can clearly see how critical he was for Scalonis tactics. I mean, EVERY freaking play started with him to the point where it drove me mad. i hated that tactic from scaloni btw. Even on counters, midfielders would pass it back for Otamendi to start the play. I’d even argue that a guy like Paredes looked only half as good because he had a guy like Otamendi helping distribute the ball behind him.

    • Otamendi is finished in 2018 when Laporte and stones benched him followed by Kompany, no doubt this is the last season for him in city and one of the main reason for man city horrible defending. Otamendi was in prime during man city first 3seasons after his excellent form at Valencia. Pazella is slow. Quata and Foyth should be the main CB pair.

  3. 36 years old Franck Ribery has been named Serie A player of the month , still very few Serie A defenders are able to stop him , classic player. He was robbed in 2013 ballon dor.

  4. I don’t know why people are underestimating otamendi……he was brilliant for us against Brazil in copa America……..
    Pezella was disappointment ….he should be crticise rather than ota.

    HV to agree though that ota is declining…..
    Quarta looks promising may be he will be able to replace declining ota.

  5. I think back four vs Germany should be Montiel, Foyth, Kannemann and Tagliafico. Paredes, De Paul, Acuna and Lamela midfield, Lautaro or Dybala (or both) up front. Not sure if Scaloni is going to stick with 4-1-4-1 or a different formation.

    • Has striker instinct. Good school of Argentine short strikers in Aguero’s mould.

      He and especially Maxi Salas of Necaxa are future Argtentina strikers.

        • What level? You said similar things not long ago about Lautaro: he needs to score like Icardi about 20 goals in league to be NT material. That didn’t happen so far and he is NT material.

          • Lautaro was always a wonderkid, who destroyed Primera, dont compare him to Salas,Avila or Gaich, they are not NT-materials, so if Lautaro is what the logic behind the others are? Absurd…yes he need to score a lot to be a world class striker, atm he is not yet, and why? Cause Aguero is and still over Lautaro any day.

          • Lautaro wasn’t first team player last season, how can he score 20 goals when icardi failed. This season Lukaku preferred more than lautaro still i think lautaro can score more goals than Lukaku and Sureshoot in big matches. Until lautaro starts scoring 20 goals always labeled behind icardi or Aguero but age and potential with lautaro which other farmers don’t have @Gonzalo

          • You see, your standards of being NT ready are total liquid. Now you want to deny you said Lautaro first needs to score 20 goals in Seria A to be NT ready. He didn’t not score and already is more prolific than Aguero. Trying to wriggle out of this you say something like “Lautaro was always a wonderkid, who destroyed Primera” which is not true. Lautaro had many great games in Primera but “destroyed”? LOL. Besides, if he was always wonderkid in your opinion so why you’ve said actually after he “destroyed Primera” he need to score yet 20 goals in Serie A? You are contradicting yourself.

  6. I would like to see this lineup against Germany. Acuna for Correa maybe and otamendi isn’t may favorite pick on the line, maybe Foyth in his place…

    Marchesin –
    Foyth, Otamendi , Rojo, Tagliafico
    – ———— Paredes,————-
    DePaul ——-lamela——-, A. Correa
    ———-Dybala———, La. Martinez

    • Pairing otamendi &rojo is insane
      Argentina never learn thier mistakes
      How can still playing likes otamendi
      Rojo when they can try young ones
      Those friendlies likes lich Martinez
      C Romero j foyth even leo balerdi
      Scaloni got a lot things right but
      He absolutely getting wrong still have
      On his squad likes otamendi and rojo
      Is beyond joke .

      • Yup, that is why I am saying someone in place for otamendi. But knowing our coach that will most likely be the back line. I don’t think otamendi should play national team anymore. I still like rojo tho, …
        So maybe montiel on rb with Foyth tucked in. But I like the middle with lamela and de Paul .

      • Beyond joke really? Balerdi and Foyth cant compete with average/good but not great Cb’s in their clubs, Lisandro Martinez had to step up to midfield (Foyth to RB), he was not enough good and calm in the centre, everybody agree Blind is still better there, Romero? Juventus dont need him…first be regular starter in CB pos!!! in club football then we’ll start to talk what is beyond joke, sorry but atm moment i dont think these players could sit on Manchester City’s bench.

        • And defending in Manchester City all attacking team is different story than in a more balanced or defensive minded small club, much harder. Opponents strikers attack with full speed on counters when the whole team is ahead.

        • Atm Otamendi, Pezzella, Musacchio, Abraham, Palomino, Fazio, Garay and Romero (in a small club) are able to play regularly…Foyth, Lisandro Martinez, Mammana, Funes Mori, Rojo not, but Rojo still has the class. Garay, Fazio and Abraham are older Pezzella, Musacchio and Palomino not better.

          • Disagree about Lisandro Martinez. Everybody agrees Blind is better there? Who is that everybody? Blind is not as good in midfield, hence why Lisandro plays there, not because Blind is significantly better as a centre-back.

          • Csabalala come on
            Dutch media was praising
            Lich Martinez when he was playing
            CB he was doing everything right.
            In arguement sake if he was bad
            Why ajax manager didn’t drop him at all
            Instead moving him midfielder
            That show he is more technically
            Better than blind
            Remember what happened lisandro
            Magallán because he wasn’t good fit
            For ajax and dropped him so if
            Lich Martinez was that bad wouldn’t
            They do same ?

          • “the whole dutch media” ? Such as? I don’t know what dutch media you’re talking about but the media outlets I know where full of praise for Licha Martinez. Blind may or may not be better than Licha as a CB but Licha is definitely better and more skilled in the midfield hence why he’s there so you arguing that Martinez got moved to the midfield because he wasn’t good enough as a CB tells me that you haven’t watched any of the first 5 matches he played there.
            Cristian Romero is a very capable CB who is doing well in a relegation threatened team in a strong league, hence why Juve shelled out 30 mill for him but you’re right Juve don’t need him right now, but Argentina could use him because I’d take him over Otamendi any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

            Neuhen Perez is another CB to watch, doing superb in portugal but the jury is still out because it’s early days.

            Quarta, for me atleast, is the best looking CB right now and I think he could be a keeper.

            Balerdi and Foyth are talents but right now they’re nothing more than “potential”, unless they start (or atleast play) for their clubs they have no business starting for the NT. I guess Foyth is lucky cos Montiel is out and there is literally no one else at the RB position so he’s there by default.

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