Lionel Messi scores free kick for FC Barcelona in win vs. Sevilla


Lionel Messi scored a great free kick for FC Barcelona in their 4-0 win vs. Sevilla.

It was Messi’s first of the season, the fourth goal of the game. Back from injury, Messi’s goal now means he has scored 100 goals from outside the penalty area.

Messi is also the first player to score in 16 consecutive La Liga seasons in the twenty first century.

Lucas Ocampos and Ever Banega also started the match for Sevilla.


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  2. What a week of football Lautaro is having. Coming up against the likes of Barca and Juve in the space of four days and terrorizing Pique, Lenglet, Bonucci and De Ligt! Wow! That’s something and he’s only 22!

    The only problem I’ve with him is, he’s falling down way too easily for no reason(do not confuse it with diving, it’s not). For instance, the Brasil game in the last Copa. He should have had the ball instead of falling down against Dani Alves which resulted in a chain reaction of defensive errors ultimately resulting in Brasil’s opening goal. In each game he’s having problems like that.

    Finally, is it me or anyone else see any uncanny resemblance in style of play of Lautaro and Tammy Abraham? They look exactly the same(style of play)!

    And Scaloni have a conundrum of whether or not to play Lautaro against Germany on Wednesday. The kid played 2 intense matches in the space of four days and it’s not worth risking him over a meaningless friendly. The 3 match suspension for De Paul in serie A is a blessing in Argentina’s case as well as De Paul’s. I wonder he did that on purpose(not!).

  3. No Benedetto, Buendia and Abraham(and I may have missed some other names too). If you’re not going to try them in these friendlies, when are you going to? It was the perfect time to give these a chance with the River- Boca core given a deserved rest. And the likes of Medina and Licha Martinez should be in the senior squad, not in the U23. I’d like Gaich too, but he’s an important part of the u23 setup and he’s the main goalscorer and not an easy position for others to fill in. But Medina and Licha Martinez’s positions ,they have enough replacements. So they should be in the senior squad not the other way around. Tired of this BS of giving u23/Olympics given a priority over the senior squad. Imbecile Tata Martino tried to do it or failed or whatever. Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, Rulli(and maybe some others too) were the victims that time. Instead of making the senior side stronger and better, that imbecile opted to leave them for Olympics glory(and we all know how that story ended and I apologize to everyone for repeating this story for the766664th time).

    Kannemann back is good news. He should never have been left out in the first place.

    And the usual suspects ofcourse in selection, which baffles any football fan:
    1. Rojo – ???
    2. Otamendi – ???

    Then we have Lamela who some of here like very much but for me he’s way way overrated(for the umpteenth time). Infact he’s the most overrated Argentine player of this decade. Comparing him to the likes of Lanzini is absurd to say the least. Injured or not, Lanzini is in whole another league, Lamela is not remotely close to those standards.

    • “Comparing him to the likes of Lanzini is absurd to say the least. Injured or not, Lanzini is in whole another league, Lamela is not remotely close to those standards.” What? Lanzini in WHU 8724 minutes 21 goials 19 assists Lamela in Spurs 11371 minutes 31 goals 42 assists and regulary performing in big matches if he has playing time (Juventus, Mancity, Arsenal, Barcelona etc etc etc) unlike Lanzini look at him against Mancity old Silva and De Bruyne made him look like a fool, another dimension yes…Lamela compared to Lanzini or Erik vs Germany when we destroyed them in 14, world class goal, he has the ability and mentality to perform against the strongest opponents, Lanzini has not, and injuries ruined much more Lamela’s career than Lanzini’s.

    • Lamela is certainly talented and loved by many at club but he’s made of glass. His injuries have largely held him back, not skill. I love his tenacious drive to defend and attack. We miss his grit right now in the middle.

  4. Otamendi is joke really is
    Raul jimanez flooring him twice
    I never been critic to otamendi
    The man is brainless why he go
    On the floor so easy it was embarrassing
    What happened to him yesterday
    Scaloni must drop him.
    I swear pezzella is much better than him
    1on1 situation.

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