Argentina vs. Germany, starting eleven, thread


Argentina play vs. Germany in Dortmund in a few minutes in their first of two games this week.

Lionel Scaloni announced his starting eleven at a press conference on Tuesday and it’s Angel Correa, Paulo Dybala and Lautaro Martinez who start up front.

Marchesin; Foyth, Otamendi, Rojo, Tagliafico; Paredes, Pereyra, De Paul; Correa, Dybala and Lautaro Martinez


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    • This two are pretending argentina supporters but inside they hate us .I am sure . they wanted make us believe argentina is trash.bug never happens .you know these people hate Gonzalo why because he is the man who brings everything about argentina. So destroying him they can destroy whole argentina supporters and that way they want shut the link to Argentina soccer . thats why I stand with Gonzalo

  2. What’s wrong with you two Mrinal and Csabalala? Seriously?? Do you even watch football let alone love it?

    Same stuff again and again! Dogshit after dogshit! Deluded rat bastards with unrealistic high standards and hypocricy!

  3. Improved second half performance but still not enough to win tournaments, Especially against european side its very difficult. We are still defensively very weak . Paredes has to to more than side and back passing.

  4. Only three words to sum up this match:
    1. Team spirit, togetherness and character!

    Copa 2019 showed us a glimpse and now they’re carrying it on. That typical Argentine charactersitic! It’s great to see as a supporter. As a supporter it’s all we can ask from our players: give their 100% for the shirt! These group of players are certainly giving their everything and thereby earning the trust. Never can doubt those players.

    I know it’s a friendly and the results don’t matter and it’s a whole different ball game and intensity in competitve matches. But the character and spirit shown by these players should not be overlooked in any case. Atleast for me, “Team spirit and togetherness” is the most important thing that can win you international tournaments. It’s only 6-7 games and nothing is guaranteed for anyone and anything can happen; that’s where “team unity” matters and that can lead you to glory!

    I guess all those 10 year old playstation managers and fantasy football advocates will be happy with team’s performance. Possession , buildup play and creating plenty of chances! The stuff you all crying for! Was the “Tactics” good enough for you guys??!
    But I know, you’re the ” Damned if you, Damned if you not” type, so expect nothing positive from you other than load of rubbish and trolling.

    • People calling for the head of Lautaro has no shame at all. You better watch other sport. Football ain’t for you.

      Scaloni could’ve done two things in the case of Lautaro:
      1. Start him as he has been in sensational form over the last two matches and hoping him to continue that form.
      2. Rest him as he has played intense 160+mins football in the space of four days

      Scaloni opted for the first and the match showed Lautaro is “human”, not a machine! And he’s only 22!

      Where on earth are all these muppets coming from??!

  5. Next Game:

    Acuna…….Pe Paul…….Lamela…….OCampos

  6. It isn’t easy to score two goals and that too against a team like Germany with a definite style. I think as a fan I realised in the first half that Lautaro Martinez and Dybala were not up to challenge the quality of European teams. Their movement, position and passes were creating nothing. And the midfield I realised why Paredes is mostly on PSG bench. He really doesn’t seem to have another gear to up his game and Correa seems to struggle in the position given to him.

    With everything said, Argentina do have fantastic quality in the likes of Otamendi, Foyth, Saravia, Tagliafico, Acuna, Ocampos and Alario. De paul just need a bit more discipline but he was certainly the trouble maker against Germany. Still, he needs to just sharpen up the passes on to the final third and his finishing.

    Lautaro and Dybala doesn’t seem to be up to the task against European giants like Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands or even Portugal. We need more players from La Liga, Bundes Liga and Premier League. The likes of Monito Vargas, Bendetto, Alario, Ocampos should be considered more than Dybala and Lautaro who seem to struggle against quality teams. That is my observation as a fan. That is all.

    • “The likes of Monito Vargas, Bendetto, Alario, Ocampos should be considered more than Dybala and Lautaro who seem to struggle against quality teams.” Please man…total bullshit Lautaro was Inter only danger man against Barcelona and Juventus, against small european teams yes…Vargas? Lautaro only a bit lightweight, and need more free spaces. Another striker can give it to him, but Alario would have struggled in the first half alone too.

      • Lautaro finished a wonderful through ball to him against Ter Stegen. I did watch the game and almost similar finish by Dybala against Inter Milan in their last game. I am not doubting their finishing, what they can do one on one. All I see is that they struggle to create space, break up formation and push their attack forward. Sure, Lautaro and Dybala finish well if someone breaks up the formation and give them through passes and you have said it yourself, Lautaro need “more free spaces” which you won’t get against quality teams like Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands or Brazil.

        • “All I see is that they struggle to create space, break up formation and push their attack forward.”
          Man you dont follow european club football, they are much better than Alario in these, he is only a good poacher, who need service. Dybala and Lautaro can dribble, shoot from distance and create from passes Alario hardly, only dangerous inside the box. I dont say we dont need good poachers (Icardi or Alario), like today.

          • Dybala’s first touch is as good as Suarez’s first touch which I feel is always heavy in the last two La Liga seasons but to cover that he comes up with some great finishes. And with Dybala starting very rarely for Juventus, it is hard to see him on pitch. About Lautaro, he is 22 years old, give him time, and please don’t hype him like he is the next Batistuta. Give him time, rest and try out other players as well. That is all I have said. German team was filled with 19 and 20 year old boys, a very young team which with less caps than the ones playing for Argentina.

            There are so many options for Argentina, give everyone the chances. I don’t want to idolise Lautaro at this moment. Please let him grow to be an even better player.

  7. initial thoughts-
    1. Alario made me eat my words regarding him vs icardi I am happy. lets see a few more minutes from him.

    2. If as scaloni said this is last chance to see who makes the cut two lessons are clear – center back pair cannot be this and thanks for 2014-2018 but rojo is a necessary cut. And secondly while I understand scaloni’s desire to fill his team with ‘total midfielders’ like depaul; correa and pereyra cannot fill that specific role. If we cannot rely on paredes/locelso/depaul/palacios in the XI due to suspension, injury whatever, we still have to find their back ups.

    3. Its cute that you want to play with a higher line but until your CB pairs are settled, you need to get rid of that thought or mbappe, gnabry or some wide winger like that will cut you open.

    • we dont want to play with real high line, defenders hardly stepped up the half-line…in real high line they are close to opponents box a la Guardiola (with a bit exaggeration)

  8. Without the stupid defense mistakes we could be the winner. The remontada from 0:2 to 2:2 (and even close to win that) is something to emphasize. Shows character of some players and Scaloni as well.

  9. First time I have seen us come back from trailing 2-0 in a decade maybe. Great match. Great way to evolve throughout the match by scaloni.
    Things to take from match:

    1. You cannot play rojo and otamendi together. scaloni also realised this at halftime.
    2. Pareyra is useless on the right side today and in the past in the middle. Please don’t play him anymore.
    3. Acuna is a work horse. I like him on the left, and continue to believe he may be the man for the job depending on formation.
    4. Alario is needed up front in our starting lineup. The reason is simple, he is hungry, he is calm on the ball, and he is TALL. He is our tallest player, and he is lethal. I believe him and Martinez should be up front with Messi trailing behind.
    5. De paul, paredes, la Martinez, Foyth and taglafico should be our main stay and core from here on. They should be ready to start always.

    I am happy with the result, I am happy that scaloni made the proper adjustments and changed even the defensive line mid game. Also to note, I would like to see kanneman in our defense. I would also like to see lamela…. Why hasn’t he started? I understand that when Messi comes back we need to make room.. but lamela should have been subbed in at 85th minute.
    Another good question is how will our lineup adjust once Messi is eligible to play again?

    • So sad to see a player like Dybala cant find a place in this team , the talent is definitely there but for some reason he just doesn’t look like himself when wearing the shirt (don’t misinterpret my words ) I’m not saying he don’t wanna play but I find it weird seeing a player with such potential go to waste
      But I still have hope tho cause I remember Messi not being himself for while When he started playing for us

      • Part of dybalas downfall today was perayra being on his right. He was almost useless today and didn’t allow dybala to get on the ball with comfort. Also, dybala looked tired from the 15th minute. He had a long two weeks.
        Dybala is a great player, but until we find a way to integrate him and Messi on the same field then he will have to wait

  10. Acuna showed that he can play in midfield when lo celso is absent. Also as LW when tagliafico struggles without him. Ocampos > correa any day. No more rojo! We have plenty of options. I don’t know why they didn’t start? Was it to give other players a shot? No more pereyra in midfield

    • Alario hardworker? You always hated him…but we see he is on a different level than Gaich period, you were mad due to his call up instead of Gaich…yes Acuna finally a left back instead of useless Tagliafico…thats the position where he can improve our NT not in midfield with his shaky passing (but good crosser)

      • You stupid liar: show me my comment when I hated him. Just now! I’m waiting:

        Ok? Show me such comment or admit being vicious liar.

        • you know it well what im talking about idiot LOL, my time is more important to search your idiot comments, you are too big nobody in my eyes for it.

          • You have not any:

            CSABALALA = LIAR

            only liar throws accusations without supporting that with evidences. You do that again and again

      • Haha. Acuna Supporter?!!! LOL I may brings your comments about Acuna. 100 times I heard from you he should be nowhere near of NT.

          • Scabalala what happened .you didn’t expect this result .you were waiting for our team to fall you were blaming our whole young sters and coach .and now you are taking credit and you are blaming others who were supporting .we don’t want your support

      • BTW Alario is hardly starter in this season. Being subs for their clubs our players still can do that while you suggested something other.

      • Come on, give me also some comment when I was mad cause Alario was called up instead Gaich. Come on, liar!

      • Also show me my comment when I was mad Alario was called up instead of Gaich this time. Come on, LIAR. Give me, or be liar for the x time.

  11. Without palacios, quarta, lo celso and our experience forwards we cope well…..
    Perreyra always do back passes even after getting time and space…..dybala is not compatible and doesn’t suits us.
    Without both of them we improved.

    We need 2 good centre backs…..

    Ocampos looks like a player we need….a decent modern day winger.

  12. Only scaloni can start out of form pareyra as RW .
    Rojo time is over , Paredes alternative should seen ASAP or he will cost us against fast counter attacking teams.

  13. Don’t forget both Dybala and Lautaro had to play a big match two days ago. And is absurd to say that Alario and Ocampos is better than Martinez. A player can have one bad game. That doesn’t take anything away from him..

  14. Running pressing defending and counter attacking is the key for argentina.. we fought back because of these 4 characters… And the difference maker is obviously acuna ocampos and alario…

  15. Good second half, but Germany played with 50% effort, ARG with 100%, good formation change from Scaloni and good subs…hard to analyze this game…imo bad conclusion that 3CB’s (5 defenders) formation is bult for us, no its not…remember Croatia, Nigeria 2-4 or Venezuela 1:3 game…good conclusions from the game Acuna is better left back than Tagliafico (in NT), forget out of form Rojo, ARG have to play with 2 strikers (centre forwards) to create chances, Paredes is very important, the only one who can play with one touch passes, controll the game, and make good long balls (except Messi), but i dont want to imagine the second half with speed demons Sane, Gnabry, Werner and Kroos behind them and with a motivated german side…and i dont want to be angry with De Paul, but the guy need creative midfielders around him, he will neirly never score or give assist for us its clear :D, Palacios-Paredes-de Paul—Messi—Lautaro/Aguero—Lautaro/Aguero or a winger

  16. in second half we play football finally.

    very happy for that.

    just worry me so much for the future the defense and specific CB positions.
    from 2018 world cup till today there is a big problem in this part and what worry me the most is i don t see any improve in that.

  17. Lucas Alario has a stand out performance,he is way better CF than Lautaro Martinez.
    Acuna is good too if he takes time he delivers best cross,Acuna was alway surrounded by other players after that cross.Auna is good in left wing at least he fights and provides dangerous crosses.If your physicality is small you need to have one skill that can change game like Ac[na but i do not see that skill in Martinez and in Tagliafico.Both small and sometimes shines but not match winner.

  18. 352 with this lineup was good.

    So as per Scaloni next friendly is the last experiment in his cycle. Alario and Ocampos straight to 23 team. Correa still has to improve. No Rojo please..
    Dybala… how many chances he got….I love this guy….but not clicking for NT.

    • next game
      defence line must be new..
      that’s Scaloni is

      ————-E.Martinez ————-
      Saravia Kanneman Foyth Acuna
      DePaul Paredes Dominguez
      Ocampos Alario Dybala

  19. we gotta remember dybla plays in the italian league which is known to be slow!!!! so no surprise when he does not perform on the NT level! I wanna see argentina play England with messi, we neeed these very competitive friendlies!

  20. Alot to take away from this game. Plenty of positives and negatives.

    The 1st half Germany was a monster and we are lucky we did not go down 3-0. Correa is not the guy to play on the left with Tagliafico. In all honesty, all the attacks in the 1st half came from that sector all starting with terrible coverage by Correa. Acuña coming in for him totally changed that sector and allowed Tagliafico to better seal up any runs.

    Alario came un hungry. His height was instrumental at moments and he was a great option over Dybala.

    Rojo is not a CB and this may be his last call. Otamendi is not a CB, just play him on the left as he has been playing with Tagliafico as LB.

    Ocampos was a great option as well which began to open up and bring some life to our Midfield along with the runs that Acuña was doing.

    Our defense has to tighten up alot…Kannemann is my preference as the CB on the right as he is just a hard nosed defender.

    DePaul I believe has cemented his place on this team. He fights for every ball, makes runs, takes shots and has some great switches.

  21. That is a respectable score, GOOD FIGHT back and never give up attitude.

    Still a work in progress as it should be,,,,,,,,,,,keep fighting ARGENTINA

    As everybody noticed, Lautaro is a wanna-be DIVER>>>>>NO GOOD and he should be reprimanded by the coaching staff for that BS.

  22. Remarkable turn around. Germany took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half as they have an important qualifier coming up this Sunday. Without Gnabry they are far less dangerous. Without idiots like Rojo and Correa we improved. Acuna and Alario turned the game around.

  23. We playing very good so far but we still have work to do in the defense as long as our defense and midfield is getting worked on we will def bring result to the table

    • Pereyra is not I repeat not national material at all. At least for Argentina
      Foyth is Argentina future for sure ,been a while since Argentina produce a player like his caliber

    • Have to agree. Dybala has been a staple on the national team recently without the performances to justify it.

      Alario and Ocampos are workhorses. Exactly the type we need.

    • Actually Dybala was a hell of good against Chile in an important game at the Copa America tournament. He is a future great player. This also goes for Martinez: You cannot just put players up front and not design a smart way to constantly feed them the ball, they will not succeed. In addition, the more capable players we have the better. The team is on the way up, no question about it, it’s about time.

  24. Goal!!!!! What did I say?? We have a change. But be careful now. Let do to them what they were doing us, let have a devastating counter.

  25. At least we’re fighting a bit better. Germany is always a difficult team for anyone, you have to play sound football to face them successfully. 2-1 down with now 13 minutes to go we must play intelligently. We are threatening, we will most likely win possession but we cannot take another goal. We can get a good result here. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. Almost equalized. But be very very careful of a counter.

  26. Still lautaro and pereyra playing and both are today’s highly flop player…I don’t know why both are not subbed off with anyone

  27. 2-1 thanks to that nice cross and header by Lucas Alario.

    2-0 lead is the most deceptive lead in football. There is alot of time left. They need to keep pushing fwd.

  28. This is by far the worst generation of Argentina. We will not Win anything anytime soon with useless players like Dybala, parades, tagliafico, otamandi, Di Paul…..etc.

  29. De Paul is doing Paredes job today – running all over the midfield, beautiful long passes, ball distribution, etc.

    Paredes has so much talent, but his output isn’t enough, over and over. Time to try Licha, Ascacibar, or others in the DM role.

    Either paired in a 4-2-3-1

    or alone in the centre with a pair of Lamela, De Paul, Dominguez,Palacios, or others alongside them.
    For example in a 4-3-1-2

    De Paul/Palacios……….Licha/Ascacibar……….Lemala/Dominguez

    • Or at least give Paredes someone other than Pereyra on his right. When Palacios and De Paul were there to cover his poor workrate, he played rather well

    • but mate that is nothing new. In 20 games all of us have always known that leaving paredes alone by himself is a disaster especially if he is dragged side to side. and that was precisely the reason scaloni moved depaul over to right side and locelso on left to protect his shoulders.

      this was known. this was working. but in this game he abandoned this lesson and correa and pereyra were just the wrong people to help in center mid coverage and tracking. this situation was made for a traditional CM like dominguez to assist depaul but scaloni forgot his lessons again.

      why? you have to put players in position to succeed and based on their strength and weakness. everybody cannot be joker in the pack like depaul.

  30. Everyone saying germany is fielding their B team or youth team is out of their mind. At least half the team is part of the best starting XI
    Ter stegen
    Can (maybe)

    • Not true. Havertz, Brandt and Can are not starters when Reus, Kehler, Kroos and Werner are around. Germany debuted several players.

  31. This first half shows we still have a long way to go rebuilding. Germany is basically fielding it’s B team. We can beat Mexico, Nicaragua, etc all we want but when we face stronger opponents we are just not at their level. Something is missing. I don’t know what else needs to be done?

    I’ll be happy if Argentina loses 2-1 , at least it’ll look respectable.

  32. pointless talking about rojo but can anyone explain to me why we went back to playing possession with a high line for the first 20 minutes when we always cut open in transitions playing that and have not had players for that in forever.

    its funny to me that you try to change the identity of your team against germany with your C team.

  33. Tagliafico is having problems because Correa is doing nothing to slow down Gnabry on that side. So Tagliafico is having to try to cover up or quickly defend Correa’s lack of defence. Acuña would be a better option over Correa at the moment as he can contain and defend much better.

    Rojo is a LB and not CB…this may be his last call up. Move Otamendi to CB on left and Kannemann for Rojo as CB right.

    Our midfield has been a bit slow. Bringing in Acuña could aid with this. I would consider taking out Pereyra and bringing in Lamela on the right to work with Foyth, or Ocampos for Pereyra.

  34. Geez , there is definitely a huge gulf in class when we look at what happened in the first half . My observations :

    1. The entire left side is a problem – Correa + tagliafico + rojo. Lack of communication and application . Both goals conceded from that side due to some really poor decision making , lack of coverage during overlap .

    2. Rojo, parades – they really need to cut out the brainless stuff . Can’t stand them trying to be cute and attempting nutmegs , losing possession . Embarrassing stuff.

    3. Why does our defense and midfield attempt so many tackles ? How about staying with your man and buying time or pressuring them to make a mistake ? They are passing through , skipping over us with consummate ease .

    4. Lack of pace in mid and defense is glaring . GnAbry is tearing us a new asshole – just when we were recovering from what mbappe did to us in the WC.

    5. Lautaro and reduced to bystanders- Zero service really for them .

    6. Physically as well we seem easily pushed off /held off the ball.

    7. Opponent note : damn those Zermans are not going away anywhere . Effectively their second team – but full of youngsters with no fear .

    Praying for a better second half , but not expecting much 🙁

  35. Scaloni wants to play defensive football nd then also his team can’t defend.

    We need individual brilliance to unlock germany…..players don’t know what they are doing.

  36. Dont bother blaming Scaloni for bad team selection. He himself doesnt know what is he doing. Let alone Rojo, we will suffer till Scaloni left. He has been playing counter attacking football past 2 years and now he try to ball possession game all of sudden. This team has no speed at all, no movement whatsoever

  37. 1.Foyth as DM …. bench Paredes ( flop)
    2.Kanneman in for Rojo(mystery selection)
    3.Bring in Ocampos (for flop Dybala )
    4.Bring Saravia in place of Foyth


    Ocampos———Lautaro Martinez——–Lamela

    • This clearly shows that Argentina absolutely has to start picking players that:

      A) Start and play every week with their club teams
      B) Are playing on a club that is not in the midst of crisis (Pereyra at Watford is one example)

      If they aren’t starting on their club, why would they start for Argentina?

      If their club team is performing poorly and are having stressful times, then they are likely not in form –
      physically or mentally

  38. do anybody understand what exactly we are playing?

    i see one team without plan without strategy and without patterns.
    this is not matter here for one or two players.
    this is about all team.

    what a humiliation.

  39. Depaul is the only creative force in this team and they wasted four spots in left for correa,right for pereyra,both cb and paredes is BW at paris so is finding difficult. No pace at all in the final third.WTF!😞

  40. I don’t know why Scaloni didn’t start a pure winger in this game. I was expecting him to start ocampos but instead he opted pereyra who in my opinion is not good for second tier. Why playing foyth in Right back position. It would be better to give him a central defensive role along with a pacy defender. This team lacks pace when going forward and that midfield is not creative. Why do Germans get to play freely when Argentina seems locked down with ball by german players. Imagine this side against the likes of top European giants like France.

  41. Pitch is so awesome Copa America should learn from this pitch.Bloody corrupt Organisation.Pitch makes game beautiful

  42. Rojo is good only in left back.Pareya and Correa are worst.Our midfielders do not how to forward the ball with possession so no fault of attackers.De paul’s to the sky was bad he was unmarked should have done better.

  43. Ok, Rojo must go.
    Otamendi is not the future, True.
    But I think he’s not performing that bad. And he is I think the best CB Argentina got even now.. that is really sad though.

  44. Foyth did nothing except alibi passes, Rojo did…mistakes, Tagliafico is useless as always against better teams, 2 goals from his side, what a surprise…zero creativity without Messi, the reality of argentine NT of 2019, Lautaro is sadly lightweight on the highest level Aguero over him any day against strong sides. Dybala misery

  45. Where are the Rojo fanboys now? Are you guys still going to joke about his rabona or the goal he scored v Nigeria? Please, get a clue.

    Far too much mediocrity from this team. I can’t even remember one time we looked like we were threatening. It isn’t our best team out there but maybe this teaches Scaloni a lesson that the players he’s given a chance to have failed. Do not bother using them or calling them up again.

    • Agree. I’m sick of Rojo he has always screwed up. I fee like we’re lacking fight in midfield compared to previous games. We need acuna or lo celso instead of pereyra. Shoot Correa is awful too. We need better subs. We’ve gone with a fairly different line up from previous games. Atleast our midfield was onsistant but I understand the need to try subs.

    • Rojo is good when he plays on left back i never wanted him as CB he is rash sometime and Argentina player looks like not intersted in playing.

  46. Argentina is not going to win anything in next 10 years with these minions, mark my words. There are 11 jokers in the field and the bigesst brainless guy is scaloni.
    Foyth is the most creative players we have,
    Paredes , is he even a footballer player kick that shit out of the team and never call back side and back passing no defending .
    Dybala he was left out of the team for a reason, he is doing almost nothing.
    Why correa is wasted at LW.
    Lautaro is busy in diving.
    Plz God save Argentina , #SCALONI OUT.

  47. Pazella and Kanneman at least could have stayed at back. Anybody seen DM today…? We had no midfield. Just attackers and Defenders. Attackers were crouded. Defenders were outrun by their quick counters. Still O am waiting for a replacement for Romero at GK position.

  48. This is quite shocking. There are no patterns, there seems to be no plan. Everybody works hard, but forgets to think. Brainless football.

    • Everyone has been shit today except de paul
      And till half time its been evident that scaloni has no managerial brain ,our midfield is crying for a modern destroyer ,our back 4 needs chemistry with goalkeeper ,we need pacy players and some of our fans accept mediocrity without thinking about broader prospect

  49. Lautaro is fantastic striker in today’s football but he has to change his diving attitude otherwise he will be pay for this a lot..and ocampos is far better than pereyra

    • I think Acuña for Correa would be a good switch. Correa has barely touched the ball and he had some terrible coverage on the first goal scored by Germany.

      Wish Exequiel Palacios was here for this game. He did excellent in the last friendly.

  50. That was a nice shot by de paul it’s been a while I haven’t see this type of shot in Argentina national squad since maxi Rodriguez and tevez

  51. De Paul is the only one to really cement himself on this team. Every single game gives his all and is the only creative force out there today.

  52. I think the only reason Rojo is starting is to give him this last shot. After this, he is done. That 2nd goal came from a massive mistake from him…he had no reason being on the sideline. Kannemann would be my personal preference for that spot.

    Also, our midfield and forward are totally disconnected. And as I type this, DePaul almost scored.

    We need more movement and connection with the mid and fwds. We have no speed when we attack. Germany has 5-6 touches and they are already at our goal…we pass the ball 20 times and are still in our defensive area.

  53. If Argentina wants to improve then as much as possible to play friendly with European team not with the Latin team… Our ability expose within 20mnts… 30mnts crossed we never created any chance except de Paul shot

  54. Don’t blame paredes for this….. come on. Rojo is completely at fault for the second goal. Why keep calling him why?! I like Scaloni I like the midfield and the attack.

  55. As I already feared we look very bad. Germany 2-0 up in 30 minutes means we will lose big. Expect 6 or 7 goals. This team is not even mediocre but just plain bad. And Germany is missing 13 squad players due to injury including Reus, Kroos, Rudiger, Werner, Kehler and more. So we play Germany B and still look like shit. Hopefully Rojo’s last game.

  56. I’ve said many times before – this Argentina team is just at a similar level as Paraguay, Chile, and Venezuela. So, losing to Germany/Brazil by 2-4 goals are totally normal and will happen every time we play against them in the next 3 – 4 years.

  57. Bad news – we are already down 2-0

    Good mews – only a friendly and now hopefully scaloni finally understands otamendi and rojo are not NT starters. Better to find out now before the qualifiers and copa 2020

  58. center backs at the mid line trying to nutmeg opponents. trying to play possession game with 60% possession after having never done it before and going down 2 goals. mid field shape completely different from what we saw in 20 games. advanced full backs and highest CB line we have ever seen. its like he woke up and decided lets change everthing we have built so far. reminds me of venezuela friendly (1-3) game

  59. I understand bringing Rojo with so many players unavailable today, but why on earth is he starting over Kannemann!!!

  60. Wtf Rojo and Otamendi are demonstrating exactly why they shouldn’t be anywhere near the NT right now. Give younger defenders a chance to test themselves and learn against tough opponents.

  61. I haven’t posted in a while but all I can say is it’s criminal to play Rojo and Otamendi on the NT anymore when we have so many better players. This is one of those WTF were you thinking in life moments. This deadbeat can’t even get 5 minutes a game for his club team and we start him

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