Argentina earn 2-2 draw vs. Germany, Lucas Alario, Lucas Ocampos score


Argentina came back from behind to draw 2-2 against Germany with Lucas Alario and Lucas Ocampos scoring the goals.

Defensive mistakes cost Argentina two goals in the first half. Both center back defenders, Marcos Rojo and Nicolas Otamendi went for the same ball but it was Germany’s Serge Gnabry who got to the ball and score the first goal of the match.

Poor marking lead to the second goal as a ball played into the penalty area rolled to Kai Havertz who converted from close range.

There were two changes made at half time as Lucas Ocampos came on for Angel Correa and Marcos Acuna in for Marcos Rojo. A third one would follow as Lucas Alario would be substituted in for Paulo Dybala.

Agustin Marchesin would make a big save in the second half to keep the German’s at bay.

Marcos Acuna would send a lovely ball in to Lucas Alario and the Argentina would score to cut the lead in half.

Lucas Ocampos would make it 2-2 after Lucas Alario dribbled in between the German back line and Ocampos would score the last goal.


  1. I’ve noticed under Scaloni the players are making a concerted effort to play the ball through the middle, which has led to more dangerous opportunities. The modern game of overlapping fullbacks and crosses in the middle doesnt work all the time.

    My ratings (out of 10):

    Marchesin – 6.5: couldnt really be faulted on the goals. Perhaps he could have came out faster on the first. Did well in the air and has some good blocks away from danger. Clearances out of the back always found Arg players.

    Foyth – 6: some good tackles and good defense with the ball in front of him. Head scratcher on second goal when he watched Havertz make a run in the box for easy opening for the second goal. A couple bad giveaways in the first half too. Locked things down in second half.

    Otamendi – 5: typical rash challenges at times that if it weren’t a friendly he’d be in trouble. Made some questionable commitments leaving the back exposed especially on 2nd goal. Play well distributing out of the back.

    Rojo – 4: good tackles without fouling was the only bright spot, and I say this b/c he usually does foul. Gave up the ball way too easy. The second goal was a result of him inexplicably playing with the ball around the sideline. Brutal game. Arg needs to develop another CB, or move Foyth over and pick a RB out of a hat.

    Taglifico – 6.5: typical high work rate and fearless in tackling. Had trouble with the physicality of the germans. Didn’t do much in attack.

    Peredes – 6: Linked up with players well enough. Really wasn’t the enforcer he has been in recent games. A brutal late challenge could have resulted in worse consequences if it weren’t a friendly.

    De Paul – 8: High work rate again. Made some great passes through the middle causing a lot of stress on the Germans. Was one of the bright spots in the first half. Hitting the post was unlucky but the shot was a rocket. Arg may have a player that actually plays better for the NT than club.

    Pereyra – 7: Higher rating b/c he was Arg’s best player in the first half. Caused headaches with his dribbling and link in the first half. Some chances in the first half were created because of him.

    Dybala – 6: a typical every other game anonymous affair for Dybala. Cant forget the other team does pay more attention to him than others players. Good with the ball and some nice passes out of danger. Could have been more dangerous with Germany defense tiring but was subbed out.

    Correa – 5: didn’t make a case for NT future at a loaded position for Arg. Squandered some chances in the first half and straight up lost the ball while dribbling a few times. Germans seemed quite relaxed to let him roam.

    Martinez – 6.5: was marked well by the Germans. Couldn’t get a decent shot off. Was fouled a lot even if the fouls werent called. Movement could have been better. Still a dangerous player the Germans knew they had to pay attention to.


    Alario – 8: Wicked and clinical header; hit like a world class striker. He set up the second goal and was involved in other chances that could have led to more goals. Certainly played his way to more chances with the NT.

    Acuna – 8: Caused absolute fits to Klosterman and especially Can. There was a moment Can’s face looked like he was ready to call it quits. He actually saw Alario raise his hand and perfectly placed the cross for the first goal. Great game.

    Ocampos – 7: Gets a higher rating for the goal. The goal was a deflection and was headed straight to the keeper if not deflected. But it was a goal nonetheless. Lost the ball a few times in areas were solid chances could be had.

    Saravia – 7: Played well in attack. Germans were tired and on their heels so he was lucky not to deal with them in the first half.

    Guido – n/a

  2. It is very clear that Argentina is getting better, well organized & more passionate with Scaloni, just need time!
    Go ahead! Vamos! 💙🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

  3. I guess we all can agreez Scaloni is making improvements, Faster movements with the ball, better passing transitions and player positioning
    But, our central defense pair is a real problem!!Otamendi and Rojo should never have been included.Rojo is not even a bench warmer at a shit team like United.Otamendi has just lost himself, Why does he go down and slide all over the pitch?I don’t get it.Tagliafico is a hard worker on NT also at club. But, I have noticed his technical and creative abilities are worn off at NT, he looks afraid for some reason.Foyth was good he could have marked that guy who scored 2nd goal, anyways he’ll improve.
    Ocampos,Alario were always waiting for the chance, it should have come earlier, I think we lack that Masche role someone like Battaglia or Ascacaibar cut off the passing lines better than Paredes.But, nonetheless It was a classic match with youngsters , a chance to see the future of both teams.

    I remark it as, Positive signs overall, better defensive selection please ,Me.Scaloni

  4. * Happy with the draw. But still long way to go anyhow hope for the best.
    * Sad to see the downfall of Otamendi. His main problems is aggression. Demichilis is a bad defender when compared to Otamendi but he balanced that with his cool head and also he is a good reader of the game. Otamendi is a poor reader of the game. Summed up with his kick at the player in the dying moemnts of the game against France. Also Otamendi always miss the basic rule of a defender..see the ball and not the player..
    * Paredes won’t be our regista..ever..better we ask him commit more for defense and he won’t be developing as a Pirlo..we need to accept the fact and make alternatives..either in tactics or in player..
    * Tagliafico always play with some fear in our shirt. That totally kills his creativity and contribution to the team at least offensively. But he is a hard worker.
    * Dybala never going to try 100%. When chance comes he uses that but he is never trying to create chances..big fan of him but his play is entirely depends on his day click n other day fail..
    * We are developing..that’s sure..we can take that as a positive chord..
    * vamos..

  5. For team in transition, I am satisfied with the result. WHat i like best are the fearles attacking and quick movement of the ball with typical argentine flair and disdain. 🙂 Also Alario seems to move like defenders dont exist..players with such attitude and calmness are good assets

    What i didnt like is our backline is shaky like an ECG. It is not holding against counter attacks especially ANY team with 20-somethings in the attacking line can run circles around Ota and Rojo.. Foyth is cool as cucumber and Tag is..well, Tag.

    Contrary to popular opinion, i liked how Dybala played for MOST of his time… we need him to keep the opposition defense on their backfoot..

    Overall, PROMISING.

  6. good:
    Fighting spirit and over all team performance..
    Foyth, De Paul, Acuña, Ocampos and Marchesin

    2 goals
    Rojo, Tagliafico, Pereyra, Correa and Dybala

    really impressed with Foyth great game and he is really fast fir a CB

    We need a midfield with Lo Celso Palacios De Paul and a good DFM
    out midfield was horrible today…

    please cut Ota, Rojo, Pereyra and Correa but i still believe in Tagliafico and Dybala

  7. There’s always need for hardworkers that play form their heart, no matter who will do that: Alario, Acuna, Ocampos, De Paul.

    I imagine Ascacibar, being such hardworker, would do much better for us today instead of Pereyra as Paredes partner (if Palacios or Lo Celso were out).

    • Our defending should improve ,multiple players try to tackle opponent player at the same time,marking has been horrible ,cb pair should be finalised and lastly these new generation may not be world class like previous ones but they have the zeal ,heart ,desire and determination to fight back which was missing in previous generation

      • “Our defending should improve ,multiple players try to tackle opponent player at the same time,marking has been horrible ,cb pair should be finalised”

        Whose fault is that apart from Scaloni’s?
        Hint: Specifically two players, playing club football in England, for top 6 clubs;Well experienced; Playing European football;reckless and brainless; brainfucks to be precise!; and Loved by 10 year old playstation football managers and fantasy football advocates

        • My god these guys always tries to find out negativity ,everyone know that rojo barely gets chance in awful united team and otanendi has been out of form so what was the need of calling them even ? And what I pointed must be improved not overlooked because we conceded goals like this in copa too

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