Argentina to start 2020 Copa America on June 12, draw, more


The draw for the 2020 Copa America which will take place in both Argentina and Colombia will be held on December 3 in Cartagena.

A meeting was held with different South American footballing officials and it was announced that the draw for the tournament will be held on December 3 and we also know Argentina’s first match.

Argentina will take part in the opening game of the Copa America which will be on June 12, 2020. The final will be held in Colombia.


  1. My Best possible 2020 Squad



    Lo Celso
    De Paul

    Zaracho or any fast winger

    I wasn’t sure about the GKs and the Cbs need help on that one also it was a toss up between Asciabar or Guido or any other destroyer you nedd minimum 2 destroyers and basicaley of every position which i’ve done and not like Scaloni who picks useless players. Every player can do a job. And he needs to stop playing Paredes DM.

  2. For me it doesn’t matter who Scaloni picks. As long as we give a strong performance in the Copa and World Cup qualifiers then we should have an enjoyable World Cup to look forward to. These two challenges will show us how far we have progressed from the Messi-dependence tactics, which started with Tata and ended with Sampaoli. It’s like people never learn from experience on this platform. Only a few good friendly performances then a lot of fantasy lineups and how we would win this and how we would beat all comers stories begin. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.We’re making a step forward but positions do not matter in reality as much as valued on Mundo. A lot of crickets expert who see themselves as football experts don’t know that successful coach tinker with different formations and tactics within the game.
    Secondly, the lineups do not guarantee victory in football. The modern game is planned on the shapes of the opponent. Meaning that a modern elite coach like Guardiola, Klopp, Simeone, Pocchetino, Zidane will not end the game with the same tactics as he started. They will read the opponents and then adapt their tactics to their opponents tactics.
    Sometimes we might need Alario & Icardi headers over Lautaro and Kun finishing brilliance to win a game. Another time we’ll need a Messi free kick. Another time we’ll need an odd Lo Celso/Paredes/Tagliafico goal to win a game. I don’t expect this team to peak til somewhere in the WCQs in 2021. My humble opinion.

  3. almost 90% of the players have been in Scaloni list pocket and this next year Copa Arg are more well prepared with the chemistry and balance of the team. As a host hopefully we can bring the 1978 glory back and be the champion

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  5. something is look wrong to me.

    3 of December is the draw for 2022 world cup qualifiers for Conmebol
    in the same day it will be the draw and for Copa america 2020?

    i don t know but it look strange to me.

  6. Sergio Romero
    + Strengths
    Shot stopping (Reflexes) Strong
    Saving close range shots Strong
    Penalty saving Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Concentration Weak

    Walter Benítez Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Shot stopping (Reflexes) Very Strong
    Penalty saving Strong
    Saving close range shots Strong
    Saving long shots Strong
    Concentration Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Long passing Weak

    Emiliano Martínez Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Saving close range shots Strong
    Saving long shots Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Concentration Weak

    Juan Musso Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Long passing Strong
    Saving long shots Strong
    – Weaknesses
    (Player has no significant weaknesses)
    Juan Musso’s Style of Play
    Likes to punch the ball

    Agustín Marchesín Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Long passing Strong
    Shot stopping (Reflexes) Strong
    Saving close range shots Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Discipline Weak

    Franco Armani Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Penalty saving Strong
    Saving close range shots Strong
    Shot stopping (Reflexes) Strong
    – Weaknesses
    (Player has no significant weaknesses)

    Who deserve in 23 more

  7. Nehuen Perez, Medina, Senesi, Lisandro Martinez, Novillo, Balerdi, Cristian Romero, Foyth, Mosevich (I would call also 2-3 really promising names from local league like Lautaro Valenti) – that’s tremendous group of U-23 central defenders that, I expect, will situate us as one of favourites in Qatar 2022.

  8. Balerdi need develop more or get more playing time with Dortmund first team, he could be Argentine Matt hummels , virgil van djk, or Gerard pique. His development could be happen both with national team and Dortmund , I think he has the talent but he is lack of hard working spirit like lautaro Martinez.

  9. Man united fans do not care about De gea injury,they say they have Romero, best back up goalkeeper.Top 3 back in the league

  10. If Romero had 6 clean sheet out of 7 matches(in Europa League)in spite of Man United’s shaky defense this season then this is the man who should be called up.Our

  11. Robertone gives the Under 23 team a different shape. He is underrated. Very good player. Works hard. If we can play Ascacibar, Robertone and Lisandro Martinez as our mid in Olympic. We will have a very strong mid. Medina should play on the LB. While Senesi/Romero and Perez should be the CB pair.

  12. De gea is injured so Romero will get chance.But their next game is against mighty Liverpool.Scaloni should give proper attention to Romero,he is best we got.Only problem is CB and LB.For CB Balerdi is best.

    • No matter what, I’ve always said Romero should be in the 23. Even though he may be the 3nf GK he can still transfer his knowledge to other GK. Besides his penalty save can always be helpful if needed.

    • “Scaloni should give proper attention to Romero” It’s been over 10 years that every single NT coach gave “proper attention” to Romero. Time to pay attention to young goalies around different leagues. Musso, Rulli, Gazzaniga, there’s so many out there.

      • Gonzalo ,yes we have some exciting talents in cb positions like Romero ,balerdi ,quarta ,Perez and foyth (he seem to be a bit rush and error prone ATM)
        And el mongol he has always performed well in nt’s youth level baring one game in u20 wc

        • “And el mongol he has always performed well in nt’s youth level baring one game in u20 wc”

          romero, quarta, and perez are playing regularly and on a different tier right now. balerdi and foyth are more about hype and potential right now than actual performance and game time on field. maybe the latter group will become better than former but only time only tell.

  13. What ever happened to Rodrigo battaglia ?
    Haven’t heard anything about him , since the time he got injured last year and withdrew from the squad ?
    Most importantly, after re-analyzing the match against Germany , I think paredes is vulnerable enough , against teams like Germany ,who has a style of playing balls through the middle, more especially against teams like Germany, Spain and Netherlands . The simple thing is that without a destroyer , he is incomplete , I have always shouted about this changes previously, but less seems to happen .
    Battaglia is the player (or ascacibar ) who can take control of the defensive roles that paredes is alloted with , easing the destructor job that he is burdened with , which does not allow him the freedom to play his natural game.
    But, what fascinating about this combo is that both paredes and battaglia can defensively help out Argentina , and at the same time paredes can play his sublime passes to break defenses keeping in mind that battaglia is behind to cover I up , something that scaloni has been doing with foyth , considering he is mainly played as a RB , but can also act as a 3rd CB, when in defensive play.
    Argentina need physically strong fast paced and iron like destroyer , which best describes battaglia.

    • Yes I agreed. Personally I’ve never been fan of regista type player like Paredes, Jorginho and Pjanic because you have to put automatically 2 or 3 defensive box to box next to him. So does it make sense to make so much sacrifice for him?

      I like the 2nd half of the last 2 games when the team started to play more in 343. I don’t see how Paredes can fit in it. If you put Nico Dominguez orGuido with him, both will be too static. If you put Lo Celso you lost the balance. The only guy looks OK with him is Palacios but he s still too young. I prefer Lisandro Martinez to him.

  14. In presence of palacios, depaul, Nico Dominguez, paredes I think Argentina midfield is dynamic & strong. still there is natural instinct Argentina defense is not solid in presence of pazella,kanneman,ottamendi. Martinez quarta, lisandro Martinez are great talent but they are short , long height defender has it own advantages in set pieces specially in defending, like pique,Ramos,Virgil van djk,chiellini, carlos puyol short height defender but he had incredible physics , I think c. Romero has similar talent but he needs to grow little more outside of NT. If there is subject to choose young blood in defense I would definitely choose Leo balerdi over anyone.

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  16. In yesterdays u23 match, each argentine player wore a gadget called playermaker which analysis physical and tehnical data, which is used for first time in international matches.
    Good move!!!

  17. my team copa 2020 :
    GK : Agustin Marchesin, Franco Armani, Emiliano Martinez
    DF :
    1. Juan Fyoith (RB)
    2. Renzo Saravia (RB)
    3. Nicolas Ottamendi
    4. German Pezzela
    5. Walter Kanneman.
    6. Lucas Martinez Quarta
    7. Nicolas Tagliafico.(LB)
    8. Marcos Acuna (LB)
    MDF :
    1. Leandro Paredes.
    2. Rodrigo De paul
    3. Ezequel Palacios.
    4. Guido Rodriguez.
    5. Nicolas Dominguez.
    6. Geovani Lo Celso.
    FW :
    1. Leonel Messi
    2. Sergio Aguero
    3. Luca Ocampos.
    4. Paulo Dybala.
    5. Lucas Alario
    6. Lautaro Martinez.

    • Currently you are correct. As Foyth and Tagliafico can play in CB position, at least when emergency…I think one CB will cut and Scaloni will include a fast player in wing.
      Musso, Montiel, Zaracho, Lisandro, and Buendia etc will push for a place in 23. That’s sure

  18. Mexico – Argentina U-23 1:1. Goal of Tomas Belmonte from Lanus (Robertone assist).

    Facundo Cambeses; Nehuén Pérez, Hernán De La Fuente, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Lucas Vera, Santiago Colombatto, Fernando Valenzuela; Nahuel Bustos, Brian Mansilla y Valentín Castellanos.

    • Ugly foul filled hormonal match. Not a lot of surprises. Team started in 442 with bustos and castellanos up top. Valenzuela had most threat from the right. castellanos had some interesting runs and moments. I was not aware of that player so was nice to watch.

      After we went down batista made some aggressive changes to get the draw at the end.

  19. Who is ready? I am already getting excited.

    My preferred lineup:


    Lo celso
    De Paul


    I’m not too sure about goalkeeper but I would like to see some young ones called up(Benitez, Musso, Gazzaniga, Rossi, Werner, Portau, Rofo etc.)

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