Lionel Messi interview: Talks Argentina national team, World Cup, Copa America, U20 World Cup, more


Lionel Messi gave an interview where he spoke about the Argentina national team, not winning the World Cup, the Copa America and much more.

Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, Messi has had a change of opinion regarding winning football’s ultimate prize. The captain of the Argentina national team, Messi had this to say about his career and the World Cup:

“I would have loved to have won the World Cup but I wouldn’t change anything. What happened is that I’ve lived many things with the Argentina national team and I’ve had to live many things which weren’t fair but in the end, I tried and I will keep trying.

“Winning the youth World Cup with Argentina was a great achievement for me.

“We reached a final of the World Cup and Copa America but not everything happens to win as we made people happy about the Argentina national team, the World Cup Qualifiers, the World Cup and Copa America. We came so close to win.

“The 2014 World Cup was one of the best times for the national team, when you win, it’s totally different. We had a spectacular group and we have Alejandro (Sabella) who was impressive.

Lionel Messi celebrates with Pablo Zabaleta and Martin Demichelis with the Argentina national team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Messi also spoke about the team itself and the upcoming Copa America:

“Now we have one more chance, we have a strong national team after many changes, with many new kids and it’s not easy to adapt. After the Copa America, we have seen a better national team.

“At the last Copa America in Brazil, I grew a lot during the competition and now we have the friendly matches and many new kids are being called up and they are preparing well for the upcoming Copa America. For the 2020 Copa America, we have to take advantage of the fact that it’s being played in Argentina.”

At getting sent off with Gary Medel at the Copa America:

“Medel is like that, he’s always like that, it was the limit. I spoke Arturo (Vidal) and we always reach the conclusion that on the pitch he lives it like that but after that, he’s a totally different person. I don’t think it was a red card, a yellow would have taken care of everything.

Years ago, Messi claimed that he would change it all to be World Cup.

“It’s difficult, I would have loved to have been world champion, it’s one of my dreams, but I wouldn’t change anything. It’s what God gave me and for that, I can’t complain about what football has given me or personally with my children and friends. It’s what God wanted and that’s it.”

The Argentina and Barcelona captain also spoke about his favorite goals and how he seems himself:

“My favorite goals in my career are the one’s against Manchester United in the Champions League final, Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League and my goals against Neuer in the 2015 Champions League.

“Now, I feel like a midfielder. Someone who builds attacks and creates goals rather than scoring them. I like to come more from the back, to have the ball and to create but also to get there and to score goals. I’ve learned to control myself in the match and to pick my moments. That’s why there are times where I don’t have to be involved in the play and I have to wait for it and I think it helps with the physical wear on you.

Lionel Messi scores for FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in the 2011 Champions League.

On supporting Newell’s Old Boys and football in Argentina:

“I’ve always been a Newell’s fan and I remain a Newell’s fan. It was said that I was a River Plate fan but I am a Newell’s fan.

“In general, I would have liked to have played in the Argentina league. I would always go to the pitch with my dad, it was impressive. Also, playing in one of those clasico’s must be terrible! It’s more or less the same but the people live it differently. On a sporting level, it’s the same but for people in Argentina, it’s crazier. Not winning a clasico means a lot. Here (in Barcelona), people want to win but if you lose, nothing happens. There (in Argentina), if you lose a clasico, you can’t leave your house.

“All the clasico’s are the same. That of Rosario, of Cordoba, River and Boca, Independiente and Racing, in general, people live it the same way. The crazyness of the day to day football is insane. We would live it during the World Cup Qualifiers, if it’s good, it’s another matter. We had to go all over South America nad be brave about it too. They don’t let you sleep, they spend the night throwing things onto the hotel. The Libertadores matches must be much worse.

“I have always said that I don’t want to leave here, I don’t have the idea of moving. I have the dream of playing for Newell’s in Argentina but I don’t know if realistically it will happen because I have a family and that’s more important than my dream.

“It’s the reality. I’ve dreamed about it since I was young but I have a family, I have three children, I live in a place that gave me everything and where I am calm and can give my kids a great future. I think about that a lot more than my dream of playing football in Argentina. I will try to convince the family because today I have to convince the kids too. Thiago is already older, he has his friends and he throws a fit when we go somewhere he doesn’t like anything. When we spend a month in Argentina, he already wants to go back with his friends and everything is getting harder and harder.”

The introduction of VAR:

“It was introduced to clear any doubts but it’s still not doing it.. I think it’s good but it’s not yet used properly.”

On the treatment as a child:

“It wasn’t easy but I was always very responsible. It was a little box with a pen in it which always had to be in the refrigerator. I would sleep at a friend’s house and I would take it with me. They already knew that I would have to inject myself and they would let me know so I wouldn’t forget. It ended up being normal and it didn’t affect me at all.”


  1. Perhaps once Messi retires, We may have to again wait for a long time to see an Argentine player winning Top honors in the World Stage. Right now there is no one who is distantly close to be considered as elite talent. Not saying we don’t have talents but to be the Best Player in the World is another ball game.

    But we may perhaps benefit from the current crop of Young players coming under the likes of Aimar/Placente and Batista. They looks like a team, a unit.That may can bring our NT a trophy. I Would rather like to see Argentina NT winning the WC or Copa that an Argentine player winning the Best player Award. Another point is if we Win the WC or even Copa at least one of our player will and should be the best anyway. So that’s an added bonus. Win Tournaments we will automatically have world class players. Without good/great players no team can win any Tournament.

  2. Cristian Ansaldi and Montiel should start as fullbacks for Argentina.Foyth needs to be changed into Central defender with Quarta Martinez.Ascacibar is also looking good but i would prefer ParedesAcuna should start at Left midfield and Lo celso should be his substitute.Alario should be starter.Ocampus is also looking good.
    For goalkeeper Armani is not good in handling pressure.Sometime he is very wide of his position in long shots and charging forward scares him most he is only good in taking care of corners and sometime in going forward.We want three dimensional player

      • Have you seen Ansaldi how good is he.Ocampus plays in left wing that does not clash with Messi’s right wing.Aguero and Alario are best center forward for Argentina right now.Acuna is not good in defending he should play in midfield.Tagliafico does not shine with Argentina as we have seen against Germany( Europian quality team).Cristian Ansaldi is must for Argentina,Scaloni are you hearing

  3. I am a fan of Barcelona only due to two players like Ronaldinho and Messi but I am always against this club because this club sign basically from Brazil Colombia Ecuador but they never signed a Argentinian player from our league… They always monitoring Brazilian or any latin football talent but except Argentina..And I always against of this treatment of Barcelona towards our player… In last 5years we produce far better talented players than from any latin footballing nations..but Barcelona never monitored or sign any Argentine player from our league or from European league..

    • Can you please name any current Argentine player who can succeed at barca? Messi is the GOAT and he was born to play football. That’s why barca signed him. I don’t see any current Argentine player who is in barca level apart from lautaro martinez. Lo celso is also a good one but we had puig. I don’t follow Argentine league so I don’t have much information about their talent pool.

      • It’s hard to predict who can succeed in club like Barca. Some big talents, predicted to big things may disappoint even in smaller clubs while others seemingly of not the highest row of talent may succeed there. If you ask about material from local league: I’m strongly convinced of distinguished talent Crtistian Ferreira from River. Palacios is another possible Barcelona material. Quarta, MacAllister, Almada. It’s hard to say. Let’s see Mascherano case: he didn’t go to Barcelona straight from local league but was able to succedd there after some years of preparation in Europe. Same thing may refer to players like Nico Dominguez, Almendra, Robertone, Barco, Medina, Lucas Romero, Foyth, Dybala, Lo Celso, Paredes, Lautaro (no doubt), Ascacibar, Lisandro, Tagliafico, Senesi, De Paul – you never know which of them will represent the level of Barcelona but I’m sure there’s Barcelona material among few of the names (don’t know definitely which ones though).

      • @sofsofvan2000 first I will tell u that dybala is perfect for Barcelona instead of griezmann… I watch Clement lenglet regularly and I think Martinez quarta or Christian Romero would be better and I would say Ajax Argentine CB lisandro Martinez is perfect for Barcelona and easily replace Clement lenglet..they signed Cameroonian player but not Argentine players.. they sign senegalis and Ecuadorian players but not argentinian players..and I think ascacibar will be perfect for Barcelona and he will be developed in Barcelona very well,and in regards to Barcelona defence their defence is just vulnerable and fragile so Ascacibar is the best for them to protect back four..exequel palacio is very good option for Barcelona..

    • There isn’t a conspiracy against Argentine players. Transfers to Europe are a complicated process of talent development, networking, and promotion.

      a) Brazil is much richer and can afford to throw more money for development – GDP is like 4 times bigger. This one will really fuck us in the future because it has a lagging effect.

      b) Brazil may not have better talent but they are superior in business and have connections all throughout Europe. Simply put, they know how to promote players better. That may explain why Brazilians sell for more than Argentines.

      c) If raw talent is there, A and B become less of an issue

      I would say the only possibilities right now are Martinez, Lo Celso, Tagliafico, and Dybala. Icardi is also good enough but needs to get involved more to fit Barca. If the rumors were true about Palacios, if hes good enough for Real, hes good enough for Barca.

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