Rumored Argentina line-up vs. Brazil, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Aguero to start


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni reportedly has most of his eleven confirmed with two doubts as Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero are expected to start.

With the front three all but confirmed as Paulo Dybala replaces Lautaro Martinez, there remains two doubts in the team. It will be between Nicolas Tagliafico and Marcos Acuna fighting for one spot while Lucas Ocampos and Gio Lo Celso fight for the other.

Here is the rumored eleven vs. Brazil on Friday:

Andrada; Foyth, Pazzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico or Acuna; Ocampos or Lo Celso, Paredes, De Paul; Messi, Dybala, Aguero



  1. I’m so glad with this starting line up, we will see clearly whether Lio and Paulo can play together on the same field or not, especially our opponents is Brazil not another weak teams, so you guys can judge correctly with this experiment which we were fighting on mundo before, still remember that?

  2. Lautaro won’t start, is that confirmed?
    So Aguero might move to more of a No 9 role.
    If that’s the case I’m worried Dybala will be wasted in left side and deeper role again.. he really deserves a chance to play his natural game, with Messi by his side.

    I don’t know why many people thinks DePaul is a bad choice in 3 men mid. Some are even predicting we will lose Because of him, even before kickoff.. I don’t have that much knowledge about football!
    But, I believe it’s worth a try. I’m more sceptical about Ocampos playing over Lo Celso. I think Lo Celso-Depaul is good enough. We don’t need Ocampos in middle when we have Aguero, Messi & Dybala upfront.. we need more balance.. A Palacio type player is the ideal choice. Lo celso is just back from injury but she didn’t show any signs of decline from his Pre-Injury form.

    In my opinion, though I don’t trust Peredes, I think Midfield & Attack is balanced and is more than capable of goals. If defence won’t fuck us I see a very good game in Hand.
    Looking forward to another awesome International break for Argentina.

    • I don’t think De paul as a midfielder will work against elite teams. He is a winger. Better to play his on left wing spot. De paul is a hardworking player so when we don’t have ball, we don’t have to worry about pressing from his side. Argentina needs pure central midfielders before the next copa and world cup qualifier games. I don’t understand why you guys still prefer him as a midfielder. I do hope de paul proves me wrong. I also want Argentina to take advantage of a great player like de paul in the most effective way.

  3. My team aginest Brazil like that

    ———- Musso ————



    We need right player right place that make more chemistry and balance to make sure win against any team in the world..


  4. Can anyone please tell me what is going on with the game of our u23? Are they playing well, what is the score? I can’t watch the match. Thanks in advance.

  5. I am happy that Acuna is getting a chance to start as LB with all the regular starters. I am not saying Tag is a bad player but Acuna from a performance standpoint, can’t do any worse. Defensively, they are about the same to me (slight edge maybe to Tag since that’s his natural position). In terms of speed, Acuna got plenty to speed to burn and can probably keep up with most wingers… Offensively, Tag is not even in the same ball-park.

  6. I want Alario to be given his chance based on recent performances..atleast in second half..

    dont concede and play a defensive game..
    is Acuna is ok ??
    want to see a unexpected good performance from Otamendi..
    try to score in counter attack..
    Lautaro is there.. Messi is there .. let score ..

    vamos Argentinos

    beat Brazil….

    please Messi do this … beat Brazil
    I will forget 2018 world cup
    vamos Argentinos

  7. Recently all the coaching panel of argentina is medicore . Batista was disaster in U20 WC , Aimar was disaster in U17 , Scaloni was in copa 2019.
    This line up neither looks good in attacking or defensively, again same story we will be predictable and wont have width in the attack and it will make opposition easy to defend.
    Without Angel Dimaria or other player of same profile it will be difficult win a trophy for argentina , he provided much needed width , pace and unpredictability in the attack.
    Hope this time De paul will try to create something when he gets the ball rather than some side and back passing and loosing the possesion ,IMO lo celso should be in the midfield he is the most creative midfielder we have.

  8. This formation 4 3 1 2 is best if our full backs are defensively good.I am sure about Foyrh but Acuna or Tagliafico may face trouble.Ocampus is better positioned in this formation,he is quite fast and can retain the possession.De paul is very good defensively he is always their to support team.By this match we will decide who is going to be paired with Quarta Martinez.Otamendi has bigger chance.

  9. You guys don’t want Scaloni to experiment.
    Also want your Favourite players yo start.
    I mean why don’t you just take a deep breath and decide what you want.

  10. It’s good to see Scaloni doesn’t give up the idea of playing Messi and Dybala in the same time. This 4312 will be similar to Juve’s formation, 1 deep-lying playmaker with 2 box to box on each side and a “central” winger behind 2 strikers who play as “false” wingers that cut inside. Let’s see if Ocampos can play as box to box. I think it worth to try because this guy is quite powerful and strong defensively. He can also score. His only problem is his technical skill which makes him quite limited as winger. Maybe a position change can make him a better player.

    Personally, I may be wrong but don’t think 4312 is the formation that suits Argentina the most. First, it gives too much pressure to Paredes. Secondly, Messi is better as half 9 right forward. Putting him in the central and deep position cannot make use of his main qualities. The best player for this supporting role is Di Maria but he is non eligible for the NT. I would rather go for an old school 442 with a player like Nico Dominguez.

    • Really great to see Scaloni go with Dybala – Messi combo again. Warms my soul 🙂

      The thing with 4312 is that it maximizes and leverages the strength of our best attacking players – we have the best 9’s with Aguero, Dyabla, Martinez, Icardi, Messi (Alario good but not elite) and 10’s with Messi, Di Maria, Lo Celso, and Dybala (better as 9 but he can play there).

      If anything, we need to find a midfield solution that enables this formation so Scaloni should expand options where Paredes plays.

  11. ddr1123 @ddr1123,

    You’re right about our record against Brasil since the turn of the century. We’ve discussed it plenty of times here. As you pointed out, Brasil always enjoying playing against Argentina. Argentina are their favourite opponents. Why? You’ve answered it. We play into their hands. Play open possession football going nowhere which is what Brasilians exactly want and love. Usual naive tactics by our stubborn( and imbecile) coaches!

    The only time we frustrated the Brasilians during this time apart from that WCQ under Pekerman was the last friendly match under Scaloni. We gave what Brasilians didn’t want. Like Jose Mourinho said about a recent premier league fixture: “They ordered meat, but got fish instead..”. Defended deep, midfield pressed and fought, didn’t allow the game to be flowing, made constant fouls here and there and some tactical fouling…frustrated the Brasilians as much as they can. At the end of the day, Brasil won via a a stoppage time goal which Romero and Otamendi could have avoided. But boy did they have to suffer for that. Normally, they always cruise past us but not that time.

    Unfortunately, some fans(probably new) didn’t like the way we played and went berserk. They wanted us to go gung-ho play station style football, 90% possession and going nowhere and get thumped by Brasilians on the counter!!!

    • “We play into their hands”

      It is the most frustrating bit, in what will be 35 years of waiting for me by the time of Qatar. That football has to be ‘nuestra manera o nada’. It is so silly. Like a infected virus in our psyche that there is only one way to play. That it is embarrassing to be pragmatic in approach. Like there is honor in losing grandly but dishonor in being the antagonist.No country has a style anymore. Everything is democratized. People might hate it but even the banana nation realized the foolishness of such romantic concepts long ago. When they realized jogo bonito was not enough and change was needed they were able to win a world cup with bloody dunga of all people. But lets see. Scaloni generally seems more level headed and not as naive.

  12. De Paul has been undoubtedly our best player in the Copa America and ever since. It’s really cringing to state the obvious fact. If you watch football and have a slight understanding of the game, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
    Lautaro and Paredes the 2nd best after Rodrigo. Besides, the latter was in the Copa America team of the tournament and deservedly so(which we cannot say most of the time).

    • There are 7 players that Scaloni will include in his 11 no matter what: Marchesin, Foyth, Pezzella, Paredes, De Paul, Messi and Lautaro. The other 4 places will depend on tactics against the opponents and players form.

    • DePaul is the best player so far performance wise in midfield.. paredes is not up to the mark ..but he is no 5 as there is less competition behind with Ascacibar, Guido and Battaglia

    • “De Paul has been undoubtedly our best player in the Copa America and ever since”.

      No doubt. Some poeple lost their mind to claim exactly opposite things.

  13. Expected Brazil line up
    Danilo. Thiago. Marquinos. Alex sandro
    Casemiro. Arthur
    William. Countinho. Firmino
    Gabriel Jesus

    Danilo. Silva. Marquinos. Alex sandro
    Fabino. Casemiro. Arthur
    Richarlison. Firmino. Countinho

    Both line up are very strong.

    • Brazilian team is always a very very hard working and pressing group of players …they also got players playing in top league’s top team..

      we the Argentine team had a interesting last two international games.. 2-2draw against Germany and 6-1 triumph over Ecuador..without LeoMessi

      we are in a process with Scaloni where we are forming a chemistry though lots of changes are done and we had ups and downs through..

      now we had Aguero Messi in team back with us ..but that doesn’t mean we are more stronger..
      sometimes in past we underachieved with them ..
      but they are the best duo..

      we have Lautaro Martinez- one of the biggest promising surprise we are visualising in Inter..

      So far we seen promising glimpses from Locelso Paredes DePaul Acuna Ocampos and Alario too..

      we had Foyth who had a few games at club but he looks cemented as a RB

      we had Otamendi Pezzela Kanneman N.Perez as CB ( area of concern )

      LB position- Tagliafico was great for Ajax last season but he frequently underperforms in national Jersey..
      Acuna is great ..he is a fighter..versatile player for Scaloni..

      I want Scaloni to use both Acuna and Ocampos in starting XI ..

      in midfield we had DePaul who is more effective than Paredes now a days ..

      my 11 is a 4-4-2


      or 3-4-2-1


      ——— Paredes———Depaul——–

      Messi ————————————–Ocampos

  14. hey friends… i was passing through a bunch of football skills videos when i saw a video of a 8year old argentine wonderkid claudio gabriel nancufil which was uploaded 5 years ago….
    his skills where similar to that of lionel messi
    when i googled him i didnt find any information….
    where is he now playing…. at which club and how old is he now….

  15. Hi guys,

    I wont be able to watch/stream the game live this time, but would be interested to see the whole match the next day? Do you know any website where I could watch the recording of the game afterwards??

    Thanks for the help

  16. What kind of coach will opt a midfield of paredes, Ocampos and De paul. Paredes is the only true midfielder among these three. De paul is a natural winger or CAM. Ocampos is also a winger who has the ability to play on both sides. Argentina needs to start playing actual midfielders. If we want to play 4-2-3-1, then we need a hardworking Defensive midfielder to help paredes. I think a front three of Messi, Aguero/lautaro and Ocampos/De paul will work really well. I do hope to see pavon again.

    • I think scaloni will opt 3-4-1-2( 3 central defenders , acuna and ocampos will play in wings with 2 midfielders, Leo Messi will help out midfield time after time and dybala and Sergio will play as forwards.)

  17. Argentina-U23 probable line up for the match today at 16:30(argentine tim) :– Facundo Cambeses; Hernán de la Fuente, Leonardo Balerdi, Cristian Romero and Claudio Bravo; Fausto Vera and Matías Zaracho; Matías Vargas, Ezequiel Barco, Agustín Urzi; Adolfo Gaich

    An exciting line-up indeed although the opponent is weak. As far as I know the broadcasting is only on Public TV(hearing the name first time)

    • Super line up indeed. But if Vargas is starting on the left, I’d go for Valenzuela on the right rather than Urzi. Vera and Zaracho in the middle – wow, now you can’t cry for a better pairing than that! It seems that Batista relies on his 4-5-1. With someone like Robertone at your disposal I’d think of starting Gaich and Valenzuela as forwards, Barco pulling the threads with his right foot from the middle or at times he can drift towards left to combine with Ortega/Bravo, so that a trio of Robertone-Vera-Zaracho can be entrusted with entire B2B midfield activity. No complaints about the back 4 though.

  18. Would rather start Ocampos instead of Lo Celso at this point(Lo Celso is a better player i believe, But due to the circumstances against Brazil we definitely need someone strong physically in the Middle)

    Isn’t it the similar post as yesterday?

  19. anyone guess Brazil’s squad and formation?



    Aguero – Dybala


    Ocampos – Paredes – De Paul

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Foyth


  20. Scaloni is the only man who can lead Argentina to success. He has proper vision, proper mindset and willing to working hard.
    Finally Argentina is going to something in near future.

  21. Line up is good.De paul is one of the top 5 player of national team.
    Messi Aguero De paul Paredes and Foyth are back bone of this Argentina.They always gonna start.Then Ocampus ,Alario Acuna,Lautaro,Nico Dominiguez Armani Palacios Tagliafico are second best.Match gonna be intersting.I still think Brazil gonna attack on our left side of the pitch if nothing attacking comes from our left side.Tagliafico wake up or leave up

    • Do you think Brazil will continue their testing… against Argentina..? No chance…they will play with best available team…with full intensity. It will be tough match as always. Argentina-Brazil match is always like can’t be a boring game.

  22. ARGENTINA should go into the game pissed off because they were CHEATED in COPA, mind I remind all of you, ARG was the better team in that game while playing away and inches away from falling into oblivion……team was in total disarray, no shape or form when the tournament started and barely making into that game.

    They have come quite a way since the summer and common senses dictates that they should continue and move forward.

  23. Rodrigo de pual may play udinese
    But he is already becoming fan favourites
    In the nt and I believe he will move
    Bigger club this January or definitely
    In the summer .

    • If De Paul is one the pillars of this NT than there is a clear talent problem. He is below average player at best who does nothing for his team. He definitely is not a starting material for NT.

      • Unacceptable statement..

        De paul is an excellent midfielder, he can play no.10 role, left flank, right flank, deep lying midfield, moreover he got pace, good first touch, accurate aerial passes…

        Please judge by his quality, not by his club where he plays

      • Remember Miroslav Klose of germany???..He was never a club guy and he never performed for his club…But when he played for the germans, he was the best striker ever seen on world cup history..So performing for the club and country is totally different thing…De paul can be of the same breed although his perormance for the club is not that bad either…You always need unsong heroes in the team who constantly give their hundred percent and fight for the ball…De paul can be that hero…He can do better also…So please dont bring that stupid idea

  24. I am an Argentine fan. I hate Brazil. And I also hate Germany. Please do not judge my loyalty. However, now lets get objective

    1. When was the last time Argentina beat Brazil in a meaningful competitive game?
    I remember 3-1 win at 2006 WC qualifiers – Crespo double and Riquelme. A certain Javier Mascherano had Kaka and Ronaldinho in his back pocket. Roberto Carlos made it 3-1, after went up 3-0. I remember that game. Am I right? Or my memories are getting all blurred?

    2. If Argentina plays Brazil 10 times in meaningful games, what is distribution?
    I think we may win 2. Brazil wins 6. Couple of draws. May be 1-2 here and there. Don’t say what you want. What do you think would realistically happen?

    Whether I like it or not, we need to come out of this cycle. We need to play this yellow team in a meaningful game with a 50-50 outcome. Where I can confidently say that, if they beat us on one, we will beat them the next one. We have not been in such a situation for a long long time. Does anyone have stats on what happened since 1990? Only competitive meaningful games.

    Finally, I have always felt that we have a type of game that suits Brazil. Its not that we are less talented. Often we are better on paper. But I have always felt, that we have the style of game that Brazil would love. We are perfect for them to beat. Whereas they often struggle against others. This is where it needs to change. The way this line up is set up, we might just get killed on counter attack. And there could be yards of gap between our midfield and attack.

    When will we play a game that Brazil does not like?

  25. Good line up but not sure about De Paul because he is not ready for NT also not sure about Pazzela as well instead of him he should be replaced by someone else

  26. Brazil-Columbia 2:2 Brazil-Peru 0:1, Brazil-Nigeria 1:1, Brazil-Senegal 1:1 guys dont be their bitches, lose is unacceptable, this match will show is Scaloni the right man or not. Atm Brazil are shit, but they will fight against us as always, but still a must win match for us, it will mean something even for me. The development. If we couldnt win in friendlies against Brazil or Uruguay we wont in Copa neither.

    • You know Brazil will play 100%
      Whenever they face Argentina
      Regardless thier form or situations
      Bring those statistics are irrelevant
      When it’s Brazil vs Argentina
      Brazil will turn up but I still i’m very convince Arg will give them hell of game This time around .

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