Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni talks team, Lionel Messi, Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martinez, more


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni gave an interview where he discussed the team, Lionel Messi, Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martinez and more.

Now in Saudi Arabia for the game vs. Brazil on Friday, Scaloni gave a press conference where he spoke about his team and players. Here is what he had to say:

“The team is almost decided but there are players which are not fully fit and that is why I will wait to confirm the team.

“The last two games against Germany and Ecuador, we didn’t play the same as we did against Brazil at the Copa America. Surely we will copy a few things in terms of the last game against Brazil but the games are different.

“Our style of play will be very similar to that of the Copa America. with offensive players but also being cautious with the opponent. We hope to be able to have the match we want to keep growing.”

Scaloni also spoke about Lionel Messi:

“Messi is a player which the opposition has to take into account and for us, he’s a plus. For us, it’s a great joy to have Leo. He’s one more in the team, he’s great with his team mates. Messi has marked an entire era in football.”

The coach also spoke about Lautaro Martinez:

“Lautaro is well. He didn’t train the first few days, we will wait for him until the last second to see how he responds.”

On playing against Brazil on Friday:

“Brazil is always strong. We are more unified as a team, there is no doubt. We know what we have to do.”

Regarding striker Mauro Icardi:

“He’s a player that we are taking into consideration. He’s back to playing and back at a rhythm after having not played at the end of last season and it’s important that he’s back to scoring goals. He’s always been in consideration but he’s not here now because there are other players which are doing well. He could be back at any time. The door is always open for the best players.”


  1. My only concern would be to have cristian romero partner otamendi…other than that this team is solid…hope lo celso recovers his form soon….if not, then scaloni should consider playing de paul on the left and lisandro martinez or nico dominguez as holders…MESSI is playing his heart out…if he had passes it to lautaro in the final third this match wouldve been 2-0

  2. Should switch position of Lo Celso and Ocampos. We will get better outcome.
    Also Leandro Paredes is worst player of First half. Need to bring Nico Dominguez for more stability.

    • total stupid players.there is no speed pass like Brazil. parades, DePaul otamandi passes are very bad and slow. what the fuck back line is doing..get sub 17 team wand give it messi they will pay good football. back line players are frightening to pass the ball not like Brazil back line

  3. parades, otamandi, DePaul totally waste. Brazil more superior than Argentina. arg sub17 is better than current team in back line assign from goalkeeper. wow fantastic play by Brazil. arg never win the cup they play like this

  4. Really missing Acuna on the left. Only danger has been from the right so far.

    Lo Celso needs more time to come back, plus to play in the center when he is fully fit.

    • put dominguez next to paredes and push depaul to right and put ocampos on left.
      lucas doing wel on right hopefully it can carry over to left.

      but then again this is third time he is trying depaul/paredes double holders so maybe does not want to disturb it.

  5. on the official AFA Site the line up is like this:


    —-De Paul———–Paredes————Acuna


  6. The names are good it looks good on paper but it is one of the most unbalanced team I have ever seen what is ocompos role.scaloni need to add extra central midfielder

  7. Hi, Essan From India. Fan Since 1990 (1986 iwas kid and no Tv). Any Link towatch today frindly? Pls. Share. வெல்க அர்ஜென்டினா !வாழ்க மெஸ்ஸி !

  8. As Dybla said Scaloni wants him to play as center forward i see it coming into effect.Dybla in his best position.No more excuses.

  9. Ocampus should have played in wimg and Nico Dominiguez deserves the. chance he should be first substitute.Tagliafico should play in this match i think he can neutralize William once again.4312 fullback needs to defend much.

  10. The lineup, formation, and tactics are all secondary or irrelevant when it comes to performing on the pitch. On paper you may beat anybody with GOAT in your team, but when it comes to the real action on the pitch, it doesn’t matter if you have a goat or buffalo in your side if you don’t fight for yourselves and your team on the pitch.
    Just look at the two best club sides in the world right now. They’re prime examples. On paper they’ll beat anybody( one side mainly) but it’s the performance on the pitch that differentiates themselves from the rest of the teams. They fight and give their 100% each and every match!

    This is nothing new and everybody knows it. It’s just that, I felt like posting it now.

    • I will personally stick to the buffalo 🙂

      Tactics dictate how players perform, don’t you think? they all can be lions fighting on the pitch, but without proper tactics they would go nowhere. in other words, they need heart to fight under proper tactics.

  11. First of all…. F*#k Icardi. There is a code for teams, friends, streets and business… He broke all the codes. I don’t care how good he is, he should never be in our locker room
    Second, if we play aguero Messi and dybala..then the rest of the team better be ready for disciplined defense.

    • I agree.

      1. Argentina already have enough troubles.
      2. It will do better without new troubles Icardi brings in where ever he goes.
      3. Argentina has amazing talents already upfront, Best in the World.
      4. Icardi is not an exceptional & irreplaceable talent as far as Argentina forward talent pool is considered.

      • Good points. We already have multiple strike force combinations. What we need is one more good mifielder and two defenders. Sorry Icardi, that girls ass better be worth it lol

  12. @Dolon.biswas, it’s nice to see you again in Mundo and I think everyone on here missed the ENDLESS formations you used to post lol. Hope we will see one or two from you in the upcoming days!

    • Everyday I follow mundo Albiceleste but can’t write any comments..why I don’t know.. May be it was Tacnical problem from my side or other side. Last two day I back my power in that reason you will see my caliber…
      I Love argentina football team since 1990 and my love forever for this team vamos argentina ⚽⚽⚽⚽

  13. Most probable line up
    …………Locelso………..De paul…………………

  14. Some members in this forum just for the sake of talking or giving their idiotic view afterwards wants Argentina to lose the match.Those son of b****h should get a life.No need to shit here.

  15. Scalono on Icardi is just a political answer. Doubt that Icardi will be called by N/T again unless he win the golden boots. N/T have Lautaro and Kun Aquero which is more than enough for becoming the main striker. Scaloni will prefer to bring Ocampos, Correa , Acuna to fill the attacking mid

    • Imo…Kun Aguero will play his last matches with NT in the coming Copa. So Icardi will have a big chance afterwards, if he performs well with his club…!
      Else Gaich…or someone new has to raise to that level… currently can’t see any.

    • I disagree. Scaloni made the sensible and right decision here. Let’s not forget what Icardi did at Inter last season. After that incident, not only did he not play but also “did not train” for weeks! Towards the end of the season he played bit part and looked rusty(surprise surprise!!). Coming to the new season, he didn’t have a proper pre-season! Now he’s doing well at his new club, but it’s too early for his call-up. He has to earn it. He’s still warming up.
      Now tell me, isn’t that the wise decision to make? Scaloni did the right thing, didn’t he?

      PS: Kun is not a reliable player, so we cannot count on him. But atm I would take him over Icardi. And regarding the #9 pool: there’s Benedetto also along with Gauch to be considered. The other one is currently with the NT setup, ie Alario.

  16. Whats the point of calling Semi-Fit Lautaro Martinez? Not trying to justify Icardi inclusion, but in general, it questions the real fitness of a player..

  17. I would include Di Maria and Icardi because they play in same club have good connection to each other would help us a lot. Also, Di Maria has good connection with Messi as well it will improve our squad for Copa America or World Cup Qualifier.

    • Paredes,Dimaria and Icardi in PSG
      foyth Locelso Lamela Gazzaniga in Spur
      Otamendi Aguero in City
      Acuna, Battaglia in sporting
      Merchesin Saravia in porto
      F.Vazquez Ocampos Banega in Sevilla

      such scenarios are good for team chemistry

  18. Brazil already prepared A and B Team and now preparing C team. but Argentina still preparing A team with old age players. there is no young players then how young players will get confidence. even the Europe club never look up ARG youth until unless did not features in national team. today Brazil u17 players could beat current Argentina senior team that kind of confidence they have.
    Argentina never win Brazil and trophies without future plan. you people’s are still commenting something.
    today Brazil will win 3:1. you note it. full of shit players. garbage coach. no playing styles and techniques.

    • ” today Brazil u17 players could beat current Argentina senior team that kind of confidence they have.”
      LOL it would be between 10 and 20-zero…man are really so stupid? Childrens against professionals?

    • Brazil U17 didn’t qualify for WC. Now they are playing because it’s played in Brazil. They are in final…it happens sometime. They lost to Argentina u17 recently. France was up 2-0 in first 15 minutes. They have done same mistakes as Argentina done against Paraguay. They allowed opposition to play in second half. They scored.

    • What ?
      Brazil U17 couldn’t even Qualify for U17 WC they are playing as a host team. They didn’t even go past group stage of SUB 17 sudamericano

  19. De Paul will cost us the match against Brazil because he is not a midfield he is a winger we need a midfield like Lo Celso , Nico Dominguez , and Parades the best midfield trio.

  20. I like scaloni progress expect rotating GK too much, Argentina have to stick with one GK and play as much as possible game before the tournament but no certainty in GK is huge concern for us

  21. Central Cordoba beat Lanus in Copa semi, very easy Copa Argentina for River again, rather i want to see Gallardo win the primera, its a shame he has never won that.

  22. Confidence boost, team of Gran Canaria, not Canary Islands, only one small island from there. Spectatular but rather play Argentina A against Argentina B, if no opponents.

    • It’s the only Canary Islands National Football team. Why are you quibbling? We know it’s a weak team, but forced/coerced into this as replacement for Chile who backes out due to domestic riots there. It was the first match of a quadrangular tournament. Next we’ll play against Brazil.

      • The last 15-20 minutes was uninterpretable, they was so exhausted, we would have scored 6-7 goals only then., keeper saved at least 4-5 one on one against the strikers, and nobody wanted to pass.

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