Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero in Argentina training line-up


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni went with Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero up front in training.

Lionel Scaloni put out an eleven in training which is rumored to be the one which will start against Brazil on Friday. It was Marcos Acuna on the left instead of Nicolas Tagliafico with Juan Foyth on the right, German Pezzella in the middle with Nicolas Otamendi. Standing behind them was Esteban Andrada.

In midfield, Lucas Ocampos with Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo De Paul while the front three spearheaded the attack. Lautaro Martinez trained away from the group due to a knock he received on his head while playing with Inter. Here was the eleven in training:

Andrada; Foyth, Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuna; Ocampos, Paredes, De Paul; Messi, Dybala, Aguero


  1. ” I can also account for players like gaich , palacios , velasco , godoy , Orozco , zeballos , Amione aren’t they done enough to get a call up in NT?”

    Joke, enough is enough, close this forum…Velasco, Godoy, Orozco, Zeballos, Amione…first at least play one single fucking game in PD, but even the squad is far from them. Kids. Ofc argentine NT…

  2. Csabalala
    Rising wonderkid?? I remember not a long time ago that you were talking about another Brazilian wonderkid, Vinicious. The very few times he played, because most of the times he was warming the bench, i watched him and he was mediocre at best. Not to say that most of the times he was irritating as he was wasting most of Real Madrid’s attacks with his unnecessary dribbling. But you were right though, he made wonders, playing or not it made any difference anyway, he managed to be invisible!

    Now i suppose you talk about Rodrigo. One tap in and a good performance against Galatasa Ray and he became a wonderkid too. Man please stop with your so called Brazilian wonderkids. There are some people who don’t believe in fake wonders!

    Besides, name to me just one 22 year old Brazilian who can match Lautaro! Just one! Yes the same Lautaro when he was banging goals in Argentina for fun, you were saying that the opposition was weak and that one world class performance doesn’t make him world class player. But his world class performances became many, 3 goals in 4 cl matches and you couldn’t justify this statement anymore.

    • wonderkids , Peter pan , Tinker bell , Brasil , fary tails bla bla bla

      what you remind me now my friend ha ha ha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • As far as our youngsters are not connected with multi-billion transfers and big clubs that Csabalala loves so much he takes the other, famous and luxury, side. Now he wish to see Brazil winning at Friday

      • “Now he wish to see Brazil winning at Friday”
        LIAR as always. Stop lying coward rat, you are like Lewandowski the most overrated striker of this generation, a fraud, always good against small teams and half-amateurs and fop on UCL final stages and on big international tournaments. Man these brazilans couldnt beat Columbia, lost against Peru, couldnt beat Nigeria and Senegal, mission impossible to lose against them, if yes sack Scaloni ASAP…we would be their bitches, even a draw would be a big dissapointment.

      • A team that cant win against Senegal, Nigeria and Columbia, lose against Peru beat Argentina? Really? That would be a real shame, Scaloni’s last chance to beat a strong team. If not its clear he will never ever beat strong opponents on a big tournament. Never. Friendlies are much more easier.

  3. Mein akhain band karta hu tho tumhe dekhta hu Wanda, akhain kholta hoon tho sirf tumhe dekhta chahata hu Wanda

  4. Adolfo gaich performing like a monster , he is making San Lorenzo fire . It’s becoming irresistible to not to call him up in NT , another striker in the making is u-17 star Matias godoy, if am not wrong inter are already following him , plotting moves to bring a similar situation like Lautaro Martinez.
    De la Vega went quiet from the start of the season , but again sprung to life , in the last few matches.
    It’s time we call up these players in senior NT , and why not ? , If Brazil are calling 17-18 years old in senior in NT , while we, here in Argentina , still trying to contemplate ,whether to incorporate a 22 years old Matias vargas , who has been the solo star for espanyol in their poor start to the season.

      • Dont be a blind , vinicius , Gabi Jesus and other Brazilian youngsters were called up , when they were teen . And considering the performance , I can also account for players like gaich , palacios , velasco , godoy , Orozco , zeballos , amione , balerdi , barco , f.medina and countless young sensations , who has tremendously performed for the sub junior NT levels , aren’t they done enough to get a call up in NT? , Whareas , your shit Brazilians knows how to pile up viwers in social media to gain attraction in Europe , where they would shellout money for them , as if like a sick ATM.
        Plz don’t post biased comments , use some brain cells before commenting .

      • You may know about Lucas Silva , of cruzeiro , remember him , he was bought from Brazil by real Madrid for some 20-22million in 2015 , had high hopes of him , was also called the one who would replace xabi alonso, but where he is today ?, No sign of him. Another example is , rafinha in Barcelona , always hatching eggs in barca’s bench , knowing that going elsewhere will only lowers his bank balance , while also observing a decrement in his social media followers.
        There are loads of cases like this , I can just basically write a book on this , but wanted to make a statement , that always landing in multi – million dollars clubs won’t carve a bright path for the teenage sensations , as according to you.

  5. De Paul lose the ball all the time he won’t be a Milner or matudi lo celso is the player we should start to win the game De Paul is from farmer league player who is not suited for NT or Club.

  6. I think this Scaloni line uo is good he is giving Dybla chances to shine brighter.He is just getting his player flexible so they can play in any type of situation.Players must be flexible to different formation or situation.

  7. I am quite sure Ocampos is better as midfielder than winger or striker. He is versatile, powerful and can defend and score, which can compensate easily his lack of technique and creativity. De Paul and him could be our Matuidi and Milner. I think that’s what Scaloni wants to try. But I believe that in next session he will put a midfielder instead of Dybala. Either Lo Celso/Mac Allister for more creativity or Nico Dominguez for more balance and control. I still prefer a 442 to 4312 because less pressure on Paredes.

  8. Without a proper DM it will going to be a tough match for back 4.It is clearly makes a big gap in middle against a tough opponent like brazil. I think Nico partnering with paredes can fill the gap in middle..occampus and depaul must be in team.Both r good fighters in wings .They can play well in wings and can bring threat to brazil..

  9. It’s laughable when some criticize Scaloni for probable lineup. May be their favorite not in the team. Scaloni have done good job until now. Brazil and Uruguay game will show us where we are now…and where Scaloni is…! Criticize him after the match….by pointing the mistakes. We will wait until then…!

  10. Bruh y do people keep asking for battaglia and ascacibar when battagla was never that good just avarage on a average team in a average league plus he has been injured for a year come back to health and still does not play and ascacibar barely plays cause he is always injured or suspended for dumb shit on a div 2 german team. And he does not even play as a 5 more of a mide beside the 5 and barely plays well only people I would try at 5 instead of paredes is lisandro Martinez or capaldo in the future thats it.

  11. This looks like a make or break Eleven, it’s too attacking I guess against a team like Brazil, Anyway Dybala must click now, It’s a long due. He should bring his club form to the NT. Not sure how he is gonna click with Messi (If he starts). lets see. Its a fancy attacking line up which somewhere craving over here. What was it AMD. Aguero-Messi-Dybala isn’t it?

    A player like Battaglia was needed in the middle to ruffle some tough physical Midfield play. Ocampos is strong by the way but predominantly attacking minded player.

  12. I like this….our strength is attacking so we must use it.
    Instead of thinking all the time about our average defence we should make good use of our world class talent upfront.
    The only thing I doubt is dybala’s off ball work rate.
    Messi and aguero showed that they can work off the ball in the copa America.
    With this lineup everyone has to work hard and defend like a team and I think this suits us.

    • We should strengthen our midfield. We need physicality , hardworking ball recovering plus creative players in midfield against a opponent like braz.
      Putting more attacking or forwards doesn’t mean we score more goals or we are a great attacking unit. See for Germany , they attack and defend as a unit.

      • See man other than lo celso we don’t have any other midfielder who likes to get into the box frequently.
        So yeah I won’t mind lo celso in place of dybala.

        I personally think no matter how many we play in the midfield or in defence we will concede….
        I don’t have confidence in our defence.
        So why not play extra striker and press the opposition defenders and make life difficult for opposition team by working in tandem and creating as many chances of scoring as we can.

  13. Tagliafico Needs to start if he does not Argentina will lose also lo celso needs to start and nico midfield if they don’t Argentina will lose to Brazil for sure

  14. We do a need a replacement for Tagliafico but that replacement is not Acuna.Acuna is best in LM role as a substitute.Tagliafico should never start for Argentina we need to search more Left backs.Tagliafico should be used as substitute because he is average player for NT.Traditional left backs can not flourish in modern football.

  15. This kind of looks like a PlayStation fifa lineup.
    It could be genius, or it could easily be catastrophic. The entire midfield and defense better stay disciplined throughout the entire match

  16. Playing with 4 attacking players is very risky. I mean aguero, messi, dybala, ocampos all are attacking players who can not defend. And de paul is also not playing in his natural position. Then who will defend with paredes! This is crazy line up. Remove dybala from this line up and and bring a proper cm who can defend.

    • No need to remove dybala , the front three doesn’t affect the midfield, the problem is with the selection of players in that midfield area. Scaloni ( I don’t know why) still considers or at least expect paredes to be that ideal no 5 and also at the same time wants him to wind up passes for attacking threats ( which he is actually not ), paredes is deep-lying playmaker , he started out as a CAM in Boca , but after playing in Italy and Russia ,he has learned the trade of defensive midfield.
      What scaloni should have done,was to ,take a pure destroyer in the squad , someone like battaglia , ascacibar, robertone ……or players who are experts in breaking off opponents build-up plays . Had there been one of these players,then paredes could have played his natural game , a destroyer ,+ a hybrid regista + a pure attacking midfielder ( could be de Paul, lo celso , ocampos or anyone ). But I just don’t why scaloni doesn’t look into these sectors ? , Why he still didn’t shed any light ,here ?.
      Another thing , ocampos is all round player , remember that he played under bielsa in Marseille , which is high intensity – pressuring football, I would recommend you to watch some of his old highlights in his Marseille days , and you will surely get a glimpse of his both attacking + defensive plays .Right now , under the current manager in Seville, he is being deployed more as a attacking man , but he is defensive as well.

    • tagliafico is more better than Aruna that is why he is playing in ajax not like Aruna who is playing in shitty club.
      Eric ten heg know which player will be suitable in which position but scaloni still observing he doesn’t know and fix the lineup since take over. you see tite this time he is playing young players but scaloni still playing with old guards otamandi, Armani, aguero, kanneman, acuna, Pereira… you just write on your own this team never win the cup if scaloni is there.

      Herman Desio is the skillfull technical manager. Sub u17 team is getting improvement under aimar because of Herman Desio. who is using to give like Barcelona type of ability to the team. please watch his videos

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