Lionel Messi comments on Argentina win, talks about team


Argentina captain Lionel Messi spoke about his team’s 1-0 win vs. Brazil on Friday.

Lionel Messi scored the only goal of the match and commented on the team. Talking about the win, here’s what he had to say:

“At first, we tried to play. We weren’t very sharp and they generated some chances. But in the second half, we improved a lot. I believe that this system, defensively, gives us a lot. It’s good to be able to play many ways.

“When you win, you’re able to work calmly. It’s very positive for what is coming up. I finished the game well, we all ran a lot. It’s what we had to do. If the coach wants me to, I’ll play Monday. It’s always good to win against Brazil and against anyone in this process.”



  1. I did not really like how Argentina played in the first half with miss placed balls and confusion at the back, but they came out much better in the second half and played well for most of the remaining time and lost few chances to score. It shows that Scaloni is learning to adjust tactics as match progresses. no matter how you look at it. it is a deserved win. Argentina was the better team. we should be happy beating Brazil, any how and anytime 🙂

    • To be honest – i didn’t like d mentality of the coach to not use substitutes. It was just a friendly. Brazil coach use every subs for this game to utilize n test every player but our coach wanted this win very badly. He kept using most of d players till 90s minutes. Dybala not given chance i dont kno why. In friendlies more than win/loss issue the coach ultimate objective always to test all the players to use diff formation- he must hav use dybala in 2nd half in place of messi for testing purpose. M utterly disappointed. The game could hv been won by anyone. In d end victory to Arg but still so many loop holes . The coach need to be creative n more dynamic in his approach but i think he was obsess with brazil to get d result to prove himself . Its not bad either . But friendly match objective has been lost n opportunity has been missed.why not test one half n 2nd half with diff approach n formation for future needs

  2. After the win against the yellow frauds, i expected excuses from specific people and here we go! Brazil is out of form, Brazil was unlucky and many othet bollocks!!
    As a mattet of fact, Brazil was lucky for not being thrushed by 3 or 4 goals and escaped with just one! I don’t care who had possession, 8 shots on goal vs just a single one from Brazil says it all! If possession football does not produce chances for goals but just meaningless passes, doesn’t mean shit! We used to be masters of possession football which was producing tons of chances for goals in the past so i may can recognise just meaningless possession football like Brazil’s bullshit possession yesterday! Moreover, just to reply to the same people who claim that Brazil is out of form, Argentina was miles behind it’s good condition but still the yellow frauds used their politics to beat us. However, i don’t remember those people being that objective and rational regarding Argentina like the way they usually are when they are talking about Brazil.

    Therefore, like it or not, we were superior to Brazil, we should have won by a bigger margin and i will tell you something that everyone knows: There are no any “friendlies” between Argentina and Brazil, never was and never will be, Brazil would have liked to beat us but they couldn’t simple because we were better!

    • You’re absolutely right, this was a good win against Brazil. When you face Mexico, Germany and Brazil and you load up 7 points, score 7 goals while taking 2, a whooping 5 goals difference, you are doing very good. And if your name is Argentina, just coming off some of the most difficult of times, then you can feel very good and very hopeful. The team is trending upward, has a good mix of talented young players and very reliable veterans including the best player to ever play the game. It feels good and negative minded people get the fuck outta here. On to facing Uruguay and here looking forward to a W. Vamos Argentina!!!

  3. Regarding juan foyth, yes its undeniable that he is good for at least one mistake per game right now. That is just a fact we are seeing right now till his decision making improves. But let’s look at a tactical bigger picture.

    Scaloni plays with a dense, organized midfield. That is his DNA. To beat it opponents have to basically go around it. Wing play, directly overhead, cross field switches etc – remember the fantastic 50m cross field ball james rodriguez hit to catch saravia off guard for colombia’s opening goal at copa? Earlier in my match report I noted this was one consistent tactic for brazil too, having casemiro (and also coutinho) hit willian with long diagonal switches while our compact shape is leaning to the other side. To combat diagonal and linear attacks like that you have to basically have strong aerial full backs and also someone who does not let the winger get behind you with the ball on the ground easily(miguel almiron a la paraguay). Defensively foyth is good in the air and on the ground will not let his man easily get beyond him. That is the foremost requirement for scaloni system. Honestly what he just needs is a senior player to grab his ear and say ‘stuff the fancy footwork there is no shame in booting it out of the ground into the car park when in trouble’.

    Now we can bring in the offensive input. Yes, again as the critics have correctly noted he is not the best at overlapping or hitting crosses. But then again in 20 matches we have seen that is not what scaloni requires. What is the most important requirement offensively in scaloni system for full backs is to bring the back up press. when the forwards/mids lose the ball in advanced positions the full backs are available in transition to intercept and reset early without necessarily playing a traditional high line (example is how tagliafico creates the second goal against germany). Again this is a strong element of foyth game and was on display yesterday.

    he is not perfect obviously but if we look at the system requirements and his replacements we have tried montiel, saravia, and secondary options bustos and casco i think he might be better suited. judged purely as a full back, player v player montiel is obviously better but i am starting to think maybe foyth can beat him out on the basis of fit.
    Yes it is a work in progress but the goal is to not create some utopia playstation team or to mimic liverpool but to find players suited to scaloni style.

      • While Foyth made a few mistakes, he was solid otherwise. Over time, he will only get better. It is worth to invest on him given his age and growth trajectories.

        Pererdes is the person that worries me. If he is a regista, he is not that good at this job either. How many defense splitting long pass we saw from him in this or in the previous match? But, he almost let us concede two goals yesterday; that foul in the penalty box is just stupid. He is not press registrant as some has suggested. I am okay to give him time to up his game, but I am afraid that he will cost us big time, question is when? I wonder how Palacios will play in this position, although it may not be his usual position. And, as other suggested to put a destroyer alongside Pererdes seems just redundant. If Paredes was a world class regista then it would have make sense to keep him while reinforcing defensive midfield with a destroyer, but I doubt he is that good. Hope Scaloni recognize and fix this sooner than later

  4. I think that best test for our cb duo will be provided by Uruguay coz they have world class proper cf in Suarez and cavani. Excited to see that how will they contain that duo upfront and Uruguay team is more physical than brazil.

      • May not be the “best” test but Uruguay is capable of beating any team. I welcome and look forward to any friendly against Brazil, Uruguay, France, England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Chile, etc.

      • Oh, of course Csabalala. You are so predictable. Every team that is going to play against us is out of form and weak. There’s no decent opponent for us on this planet. Maybe on Mars are some.

      • Then which is biggest test for argentina ,Mr csabalala . please make it clear . when will u give argentina good certificate.everyone in Argentina and coach and staff is waiting for Mr scabalalas certificate .get lost u two faced ….

  5. A win against Brazil is ALWAYS A BIG DEAL and a huge confidence builder!!!

    OCampos was surprising an advantage on the right wing in a 4-4-2 system, should play more.

    Otamendi/pezella were solid in defense and kept Jesus and firmino quiet other than the Blatant give aways by Foyth and parcedes.

    Andrada’s positioning and distribution were class

    I think locelso is a bit lost in the midfield and think Palacios should be in his position

    Lautaro worked hard holding up the ball but should have had a better finish from 7 yards out against Allison

    Tagliafico, which I am not a big fan of is extraordinarily ordinary!! Lol solid/average and a player whom never fulfilled his name sake, yet.

    Foyth and parcedes: their positives are far too much of a risk defensively in my opinion. Brazil could have scored 2/3 easily on parcedes/Foyth mistakes … penalty, william could have shot that from outside the box on the give away of parcedes and Foyth playing with the ball in our box give away.. we were lucky to have a clean sheet.

    Still, I’m in Miami talking shyt to ever Brazilian and Colombian (who always have something to say 5-0) I see!! SiempreArgentina

  6. Paredes,LoCelso,Depaul and Palacios will be Scaloni’s first choice midfield.
    Dominguez and Zaracho will be his first subs.

    Acuna, Ocampos, Pereyra, Lamela …..etc etc may be used in the mix..depends upon the opponent.

    • pereyra is useless…without him watford is doing fine…I would say use robertone for pereyra and ocampos for lo celso…since lo celso is not tracking back like ocampos

      • Actually Lo Celso is better than Ocampos in defensive as well.
        Ocampos has more energy and ready to compete from start to end.
        They are totally different players.

  7. i think this was our best eleven except Lo celso.Lo celso should be replaced by Nico Dominiguez.Pezzela was good too..Tagliafico Foyth were great too.I think this is our best back four line.Only Pezela can be replaced with Lucas Martinez.This way we are playing like Guardiola’s Man City.Only LM RM and and Central midfielder will go for attack and fullbacks will take place of midfielders in Attacking mode.Most important Messi is happy and giving his view about Team.Uruguay gonna lose too.But they have best duo in back and in front too.

  8. “Lo Celso, Otamendi and Foyth still struggling but as I said previously, if those players don’t play with their club, don’t expect any miracle.”

    Canadienroyal @canadienroyal

    I don’t know what game you watched the other day or I thought you watched football. How can you say Foyth still struggling?? Maybe coz of his age and inexperience he makes little mistakes now an then, that’s normal but nobody can say that he didnt play well last night and been doing well in national colours since the Copa America. Showing plenty of promise and potential.

    In Lo Celso’s case I explained it in other comment. Last night, he sacrificed himself for the team and did a good job. Some may not notice it, but rational viewers wouldn’t miss that work Lo celso did yesterday.

    Regarding club well appearances( I’ve said it before), you do know that Foyth was injured during preseason and Lo Celso during a previous international break? And Lo Celso is at a new club and a new league and a new land. He needs time to adapt. And fyi, Lo Celso started the last two games for Spurs and Foyth started one and came on as a sub. Keep in mind that both are 21 and 23 respectively.

    Regarding Otamendi, there’s no need for discussion. He’s a seasoned veteran and everyone knows why he ain’t playing regularly at club level, no brainer.

    PS: If only inform players and players playing regulary at club level should be considered for NT, we wouldn’t be able to put a first eleven some time or another. That’s not realistically possible and what about the “team chemistry” some are craving for?
    However,of goalkeepers, I agree. Only those who play regularly at club level should be considered. That’s an uncompromising position.

  9. Andrada looks better than Armani he does not get scared by pressing unlike Armani.Andrada is good with foot too.He has good attitude and ball distribution.

  10. Possession stats are not the best indication, I prefer looking at shots on target where we overwhelmingly dominated, 8 shots on target to Brazil’s only 1, even though Brazil had 66 % of possession vs ours 34%.

    In the end scoreline matter much more.

  11. Love it when we best Brazil! Argentina looked solid in Defense; And they played with really sharp pressing off the ball. They also looked decisive at moments in attack. I’ve liked the progress I’ve seen, to be honest, and I know the DT will continue to work to address the issues that weren’t so positive.

    But I also worry what the team will do if Messi at 34 no longer has the ability to move as quickly. He’s already slowed down a little and 2 years from now is a long time. Someone tell me the worry is unfounded please. I’m all ears.

    • “But I also worry what the team will do if Messi at 34 no longer has the ability to move as quickly. He’s already slowed down a little and 2 years from now is a long time. Someone tell me the worry is unfounded please. I’m all ears”.

      Why this worry you actually? We showed again this team is no more Messi dependent. No more. And we are as much competitive to best teams in the world as it was during Messi’s best times with Argentina.
      When you look on goalscorer of this game you could think this is still Messi job only. This is so much misleading. In fact Messi had not even best game, yet we won. I like this new embodiment of Messi as captain. He is aware of aging and that he can’t win such friendly anymore by himself scoring 3 goals or so (remember our 4:3 against Brazil, thanks to his genius). I see how he is more prudent on taking driblings, without overusing that. I see how he let to take the burden other players, let to play them. This is finally balanced team. I like it.

      • Finally we have countless resources of young talented blood, still injecting new ones, leaving some important River names in home or for Batista’s U-23 team. No time for pessimism.

      • Messi won’t play the way he played against Brazil in competitive games. He is aware of his age and will not risk himself for another injury by forcing defenders to foul him. He still has the ability to dribble past players but he won’t do that in friendly games. He knows how to maintain his fitness level.

      • “And we are as much competitive to best teams in the world as it was during Messi’s best times with Argentina.”

        WTF? Come back after a WC-final, friendlies mean nothing. Ofc without Messi even this would be an easy loss.

      • ” This is finally balanced team. I like it.” Balenced team? Where? Individual brillance upfront Messi and Lautaro, wing backs unable to contribute in attack, De paul zero in attack, Ocampos good, but a lose the ball machine, 2 men can score in crucial moments, far from a balanced team. (not in useless friendlies with million of spaces.)

        • This is enough in a friendly, but never will be in competitive matches against big european teams and south american powerhouses, never…till wing backs not start to contribute in attack to give width, midfielders not start to be dangerous and productive…Messi will be always alone in big matches.

        • Csabalala, your comment before the game:

          “Brazil-Columbia 2:2 Brazil-Peru 0:1, Brazil-Nigeria 1:1, Brazil-Senegal 1:1 guys dont be their bitches, lose is unacceptable, this match will show is Scaloni the right man or not. Atm Brazil are shit, but they will fight against us as always, but still a must win match for us, it will mean something even for me. The development. If we couldnt win in friendlies against Brazil or Uruguay we wont in Copa neither”.

          And now the win means nothing for you. Yes, we know the play very well. Create another standards. Raise the bar higher again, cause this means nothing.

          • Yes cause it was all individual brilliance with a dozen of luck against and out of form team, midfielders still cant contribute, wingbacks dead trees, De Paul?, Lo Celso diappointment again. No changes, Messi-dependencia, in competitive matches will be much less spaces.

      • ” I see how he is more prudent on taking driblings, without overusing that.” Messi has never had so much succesfull dribblings per match than in this season.

  12. While Icardi might have scored the chance Lautaro had in the second half, I don’t think Icardi can hold up the ball and bring others into the play the way Lautaro does, on Messi’s goal it was El Toro’s flick that Messi capitalized on by bursting into the box.

    • Lautaro was sensational last night. Only lacked finishing(I’m not complaining, it does happen sometimes and he’s only 22). He was a pain in the ass for the Brasilian defence throughout the game. Eder Militao in particular. Didn’t give him any breathing space. Chased every lost causes and made some his, which he had no right to in the first place! Phenomenal from El Toro! You couldn’t ask much more from your player.

      PS: The Mexico match really was a turning point in Lautaro’s career. That hattrick has given him a boost and we all can see in his performaces both club and international level. That’s what showing faith in a youth can do. You never know unless you give them a chance! Credit to Scaloni and Co.

  13. I dont understand why people name De Paul a box to box midfielder, he is not, only a hardworker midfielder. Real box to box run into the box in most of the times (or at least close to the box), but ive never seen De Paul in the box, not even close to it on counter-attacks or on possession-based attacks. Look at Vidal in Barcelona. Test pilot into the box. Nicolas Dominguez, Palacios (he mostly plays in regista-type role nowadays) Zaracho or even Lo Celso are more box to box who follow attacks and run into open spaces.

    • I hope one day you will change your mind against de paul…
      He play a disciplined defensive role, breaking up attacks, his first touch is awesome no shaky in ball control..
      Messi combine with him good in attack..
      Brazil & uruguay match is an example..
      I hope you would have watched it..

      In simple words,
      Chile got vidal
      France got kante
      We got de paul

  14. The highlight of the match was when Messi told Tite, the Brazilian coach will be to shutup.
    I am very happy that Messi is showing personality and grit on the field. This is one of the main aspects he has been missing as the Argentina leader.

  15. If you don’t celebrate this win against your biggest rivals( who’s superior to you atm) in the biggest of all derbies in international football, you never will! It’s the biggest effing game in the whole world and you won as the underdogs and the superior rivals were hanging on for their lives in the most parts of second half!!! The meanest defence in international football right now, hanging on, holding on…!!!

    In the last Copa America too, they were hanging on but the difference was we were chasing the game back then.

  16. This was a good team performance, Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel give us a solid and organized team.

    Andrada looks calm and composed, we need that kind of confidence from out goalie, plus his long passing is very good.

    Also, I am a huge Lo Celso fan but in the current system (4-4-2) I am not sure Lo Celso fits in. I don’t see him doing a better job than De Paul in the middle of the park, next to Paredes (in terms of workhorse, box-to-box role) but he also seems to be wasted on the left. Isn’t it better just to use a player that is more suited for that, e.g. Acuña?

    • Maybe Scaloni wanted a ball player who could hold on to the ball better, more calm and composed. But I do agree that Lo Celso is wasted as a LM the other day in a 442 and as an LCM in a 3 man midfield. Although for me ,he did a good job last game. Though not able to showcase his full talent, sacrificied himself for the team which he did it without making a fuss. He seems to be better in an advanced role close to the goal or as a deep lying midfielder in a more possession based slow build up teams. At the moment, Scaloni’s fast-direct-high intensity approach doesn’t suit him in a deep midfield role. But that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He’s a quality young player with huge potential and a real joy to watch for the football purists!

  17. This team has beaten Chile,Brazil,Mexico dream with Germany and will for sure beat Uruguay
    I think we are now ready to win COPA MAERICA 2020.
    ADVANTAGE- Its being played in Argentina

  18. It’s really great and I’m very happy to see the team is getting back the grit and toughness Argentina is known for. Without exception, the entire team gave their best and made us happy once again. Scaloni and his coaching staff are doing what they are supposed to do in the best manner and I hope soon we will win some silverware.

    The team played highly organized football in the second half which really made the Brazilians frustrated for the entirety of the second half. As @Gonzalo mentioned, Scaloni is great at changing the attitude of the team between the two halves which is something we needed from our past coaches but never happened. Yesterday’s game and the ones against Germany and Venezuela in the last Copa are good examples of this.

    Vamos Argentina Carajo!

  19. This team is not the best team in the world, yet.
    We are rebuilding the right way and soon we will become if not the best, one of the best.
    This team makes me proud.
    No bullshit politics, it’s strictly football.
    The only problem is Icardi, I fought for his inclusion in here but he got his chance and he talked shit instead of playing and earning his place so is rightfully omitted from the squad.
    I don’t mind Otamendi, Di Maria and demand this version of Aguero.
    Messi won my respect back and for me he is becoming even better.
    How can you not be proud of him last night?
    Respect to him.

    I am a supporter that we must play 4-4-2. We are Ateltico Madrid based on the personal we posses.
    We have this toughness, we are running, we have these versatile midfielders coming up like: Palacios, Dominguez, Macallister, Zaracho, De Paul, Lo Celso, Robertone.
    We also have finally become faster, we run, we fight, we are tough, we shoot, we look for the fastest way to the goal.
    …and we finally defend like a unit with 9-10 men.

    – Andrada in my opinion should be considered for no1, he fits our team better than Armani.
    – Foyth when he gets wiser will be a monster.
    – I love Pezzella and Otamendi played a great game, but we probably have to get a little bit faster in central defense. Especially if we continue to play with Paredes and De Paul in front of them.
    – Lo Celso is a great player but he is being played out of position, I hope Scaloni continues to support him.
    – As Paredes no1 supporter I don’t want to talk about him because I could sound biased the same with Tagliafico.
    – As Ocampos supporter I will though. Some 1-2 years ago I suggested in here playing Ocampos as a left midfielder and was laughed at. I said that every coach and every fan is making a mistake: seeing him as winger, he is not a winger he is a side midfielder.
    – Dominguez is such a great player who should play more.
    – Gonzalez should be used as sub when the other team is tired to cause havoc.
    – I hope Ascacibar finds his way to the team soon.

    I really like the spirit of this team. In 2026 we will be competitive if we continue to work like this.

    • Only one point i don’t agree, Icardi was dropped because of his Club issues and Non playing time in his Club, Scaloni didn’t drop him because of anything else like attitude or something. The same goes for the likes for the legendary GK Romero, He too didn’t play for his Club. He likes being in bench, Which is not Scaloni’s cup of tea. Which is logical and correct decision as per me.

      Icardi will be back, Soon, he has to, he is too good of a player to be left out of 23 men. Its not like we miss him or something, But he is damn good of a striker, A true goalscorer, A true pocher, We may need him too. Moving forward.

  20. Another thing we need to notice is thatanother game Scaloni is doing good work in half time. He clearly can improve his team during the 15 minutes. So was against Germany and some other matches.

  21. Csabalala, how do you think why was the game full of “bitching” and wrong passing if two big teams face each other? Perfect analogy to your critic of River – Boca games. How is that the teams have normally high passing accuracy but not when play against each other. The reason is Holy War that drives the game. Something that is beyond reach of your ‘pure statistic’ mind.

    BTW your criterion of chasing posession football is irrelevant once again: again we won, being less on the ball than opponent.

  22. The NT is well ready for the QC qualifiers and Copa2020. Argentina has proven again that it is a superpower team. Also this win will let Argentina jump few ranks up on FIFA world Ranking. Playing Uruguay is gonna be vital to reinforce the self confidence in the team players and management.
    Otamendi has surprised me today with his performance, Lautaro is our fighter and he is outstanding as always. I like De Paul, he gives balance to the team with his consistent good performance. Ocampos with his pace & ball control has put the Brazilian players in a deep shit, as for GK I trust Andrada more than Armani. Foyth needs to be more solid in controlling & anchoring his ball and don’t give a fuck about the press coming from the opponent as he got the physique but I think he needs more minutes to play with Spurs. Now Scaloni has to work on a good bench in case of any of the key players is injured especially Parades & De Paul. These two players have almost played every game with Scaloni and he should have a Plan B in case those players are unavailable in his squad.

    • Would like to see Kanemann , Alario ,Dybala ( maybe Messi can do a supersub this time if match not going well ) getting starter chance against Uruguay .
      Foyth, Pezella , Tagliafico, DePaul,Parades , Ocampos , Acuna , Andrada should join them as starters. more playing time together is more chemistry.

      Nico Dominguez , Aguero , Nico Gonzales , Macallister come in as subs. Maybe LoCelso should rest for now.

  23. I do not know why some are saying Otamendi played bad.He was on fire.Otamendi did really well.He was always there to counter any danger.That is why world class attack of Brazil consisting Firmino Willium and Gabriel Jesus supportef by the likes of Firmino Arthur Casemiro.Otamendi was great on the match.Quarta and Otamendi best pair right now for Argentina.

  24. Good early start for Argentina before wc qualifiers, the team was perfectly blended in all sectors plus it did & had formed a cohesive unit ,which can work well ,when off the ball.
    This is the kind of performance that can win you matches, and I hope that scaloni maintain this unity and the flow of the team , while injecting and incorporating new bloods to the team.
    Another match against Uruguay, hope to see a solid performance just like today’s game, whereas Uruguay , who are more physical than Brazil. Will be an entertaining encounter , let’s see how scaloni churns out tactics to counter the bulls.

  25. Scaloni is out and out Spanish pragmatist why?
    If we notice proceedings till now you will find the answer,moreover he completed his coaching degree from Spain which I think is a valuable asset for us, One thing I would like to add is introduction of a neuroscientist or sports phychologist to the team.

    The passings in second half were really sharp,in that phase tagliafico and lo Celso
    Combined well.

  26. The only flaw I thought yesterday was Lo Celso and its okay because his natural position is more of no 10 player and the LM position seemed sloppy and wasted. Overall Great performance Huge Confidence Boost
    I have been saying De Paul is a gem from last year because I watched him at Udinese. He is a fighter like Arturo Vidal and more creative too. Paredes is improving. I wont criticize Foyth because he is good for his age.
    Wanna See the same team vs Uruguay just Dybala and Aguero instead of Messi and Lautaro. (Just a front change and if it works well we have 2 good front 2 connections)

  27. Is ocampos similar to lavezzi (2013-14). His playing style and positionis similar. Same speed strength. Sabella used lavezzi like scaloni is using ocampos

    • Ocampos probably will be a revelation for us, He is tall and fast can defend well even clear Ariel balls while defending, Will probably solve a lot of our head aches (We have been searching for a replacement for Lavezzi for long time, Salvio, Pavon, Angel Correa, Di Maria, etc etc none of them clicked for us. In Ocampos we seems to have found a solution give us an Answer) I hope.Added to that we seems to have found an excellent left Wing player in Acuna. These guys are of excellent age group too. Acuna-Paredes-De Paul-Ocampos looks like a solid Midfield in a 4-4-2 Formation.

  28. lionel scaloni continues to solidify his idea of a sturdy midfield being the base of an effective defense and quick offense. His idea was well in play during 2018 and copa ’19 but was satisfying to see his captain reaffirm that he had bought into the message whole heartedly in as important a friendly as you can get leading by example.

    scaloni stepped out with his variation of the popular south american 442 – double holders, double wide mids and double forwards – against the 433 that Tite has been trying to implement for brazil to replace the lack of cutting edge his 4231 has shown at times in the past. Scaloni’s twist to use a winger(lucas) in one of the wide mid role to assist the GOAT in creating threats on his flank with a b2b holder(depaul) sweeping up behind them. The result of being slightly over-committed numerically on the right being that he has to continue to sacrifice penetration on the left to avoid being caught out. And thus preferring a safety first approach in locelso to lock up vast middle and wide areas on that side pretty much all by himself which he accomplished quietly.

    The first 15 minute press has been an effective part of the Brazilian game plan for a while (evident in the copa semi’s as well). And this time it caught out juan foyth before he had enough time to understand the game. After trading penalties scaloni’s vision took hold with the center circle being a complete dead end for the brazilians to achieve any creativity with paredes and depaul rotating interceptions, step up presses, and tactical fouls to push the brazilians outside. Besides using willian to attack foyth with and the occasional advancement from sandro when ocampos over committed early the brazilian threat was reduced to cross field diagonals mostly by casemiro.

    such was the effectiveness of it that Tite had to come out in the second half with an interesting tactical switch – bringing in coutinho as a wide right mid to pull the argentine back line and combining it with withdrawing his defensive line to give argentina more control by sucking in gio and nico on the left and trying to set up more space for the counter through coutinho. This resulted in the first ten minutes of the second half showing the most possession and control for us. but at the same time our defensive line moved up to cut out this very counter threat brazil was trying to create. any time you try this with pezella/otamendi your heart jumps in your mouth but this time they were up for the challenge. after that initial period it was good for me to see that scaloni did not fall into the trap and just took what the opposition offered.

    As the game went on tite increasingly gave up on the midfield due to the double holders and (and also the forwards defensive contribution in middle) and eventually went into nearly a 424 kind of look with casemiro and fabinho and just trying to overload our back four with their four. the game ended with the brazilians essentially just searching for long outlets to their giants richarlison and wesley but such direct play was easy for the defense to cut out. A satisfying tactical win for scaloni as shown by his excited fist pumping in the end.

    Just one word on individual performance, my motm the one man wrecking machine lautaro martinez showing all the qualities a solo 9 needs to show outside the box, holding up against double CB’s, leading the press, dropping deep (which included a wonderful little receive and flick that invited messi to run and create the penal), and winning aerials against bigger defenders that the ultra accurate andrada provided.

  29. Slowly I’m liking what Scaloni is doing, this team looks good, Something like the Sabella era, Its flexible with different formations. He doesn’t stick to one formation only.

    Andrada is much better in the Air and his distribution skill also looks good.

    Even though he committed the Penalty Foyth has solved a big head ache for us, the RB spot. He is good defensively and brilliant in Ariel game. He on the Right and Tagliafico on the Left has cemented their places. For years to come. Skeptical about the Central defense pairing.

    And Acuna looks a better suited player in the Left than Lo Celso. Paredes and De Paul looks set for years. Ocampos finally someone who can make the Right wing his own. Looks good.

    Overall this looks like a good team to beat. Copa 2019 we were not a team, it was a work in progress, Now it looks better. Let’s see what we can bring for the upcoming Copa and WCQ.

      • Ohh i forgot of him, Yup Palacios should be automatically a starter once he returns, its just the River Plate players r constantly missing a lot of matches due to their Club commitments, Which is not good for the NT. Armani is definitely part of Scaloni’s plan, (Even if we don’t want him to continue, which doesn’t matter)Palacios is missing a chunk of matches too, Montiel in the RB.So these guys will probably be playing for us straight in the World Cup Qualifiers.

        Which in turn will effect team chemistry.

  30. A win against Brazil is always a pride thing. Who the fuck cares if its ugly or whatever!!! Win is win!! Young players showed their character in a classico

  31. BTW when is the Argentina U23 vs Brazil U23 . tomorrow ? hoping to see this also online. India fans are real sad that there is no telecast for Argentina NT friendlies & even last Copa. We are dependent on unreliable live streaming options & watching youtube videos after matches

  32. People can always blame on our playing style but the truth is we went from so far. I see a very efficient football last night with a lot of combativity, lot of shot and low possession. True that Messi defend more than usual. Glad that he played in his position. Not used in a too deep position. Lo Celso, Otamendi and Foyth still struggling but as I said previously, if those players don’t play with their club, don’t expect any miracle. Acuna added something when he came in. I didn’t have any high expectation on Ocampos so I am quite OK with this performance. I still prefer to see De Paul and Acuna on each side or Buendia on the right and De Paul on the left, and a real CM in the middle like Nico Dominguez, Zaracho or Palacios. 4411 like Italy 2006 is definitely the way to go.

    • C royal
      Are you blaming foyth for one mistake
      The boy did so well except that one mistake.
      Tell me please who doesn’t make
      mistake during Thier cereer.
      Sometimes us Argentina fans
      go over the top I mean we demanding 100 % perfection which is impossible .Lo celso play out of position. I feel sorry for him. even when acuna came in he didn’t do any better to be honest.
      Ocompus was so good .even messi
      surprised how good ocompus is.
      Please stop mention Buendia
      Argentina don’t need Buendia.
      I gree zaracho and Dominguez both
      Are in scaloni plans I’m sure they will have thier chance but first let scaloni continue to build the solid Foundation that they re doing now.
      Scaloni did what other Argentina ex managers. Couldn’t do which is convert players Different positions great example is de paul .
      Plus messi have said we can play several ways which shows the coaching staff doing good things.

      • Godin, don’t get me wrong mate, actually I think the 442 formation that Scaloni used is the best for Argentina, as I said in my post. This makes Messi more comfortable.

        Ocampos could be a good defensive winger, but currently I think there are few who also deserve his chance like Acuna, Cervi and Buendia. Zaracho and Mac Allister can also play on both side. This position is far from locked, unlike Paredes and De Paul. Ocampos’s upside is his experience of striker and winger, also his work rate. But as I said, his crossing, ball control is not his expertise, you cannot expect sexy football from him. If you want a fighter, then yes.

        In a good day, Lo Celso is the kind of player who can win a match by himself, even at a position not his own. Now without much playing time, nobody can be good all of a sudden. That’s why I said players without playing time at club do not deserve NT. Nothing against the players, but more fair for those who play very well at club.

    • “Please stop mention Buendia
      Argentina don’t need Buendia.”

      Don’t make this type of comments. Buendia is a very good player. Plays for the team and always help defensively. We need to test those types of players.

      • Where will you play him?
        Yes I insist no need Buendia
        I believe scaloni has his midfielders locked .
        Or you just want him because he had few good games .

        • “Palacios and zaracho even alexis MacAllister ahead of him.”
          Come on man…they are not his competitors..!

          His position is still open in this team. He or Dimaria should be called up for that post. Sooner or later it will happen.

          • Yes I agree, left midfielder is totally open. Cervi, Acuna, Max Allister are all great. The middle CM one as well, we should be glad that we have so many options. Look at Palacios, this guy can bench anyone if he is at the top. The future belongs to him. Right now I think the best are Nico Dominguez and Zaracho. Instead of CM that could also be a 10 and we also have players for that.

  33. —— some of my analysis of paredes ——-

    Some of the things that I have noted and observed about Leandro paredes , from the time he debuted in the Argentine national team are traits which are really different from what people’s ,fans or we Mundo followers demands from him. There is an article , I have read recently about how Leo Messi ,has found someone , who would act as the Marshall man of the midfield area to dominate each and every aspects of the middle , from disrupting , counter- attacks to controlling the tempo and rythm of the game .

    Some of things which paredes almost follows religiously in his games are certain timely observations .
    1. The first thing that I have and had almost noticed about paredes , while playing NT matches is that, for the first 10 – 15bmins of the game , he is unreliable or victimly vulnerable , conceding possessions , mispasses , losing the ball quite often , actually people or fans often mistakes this vulnerability as his lazy and lackness of concentration in the game . But there is a whole new thing to it , this 10- 15 minutes for Leandro paredes is the time interval for the quick assessment of the opposition’s game ,which in simple language is reading the moves and motives of the attacking players , this is where he often loosens himself to experience and absorb the opposition’s multiple tactical threats , thus quickly making judgements to , how to counter those threats .This is actually the most difficult thing to do for any player , making oneself open , always carry the risks of conceding 1or 2 , but paredes seems to be master of this trade . This is what I call a tactical midfielder , he reads out every opposition’s placements and positionings to create a frame to where he can make out those intelligent and calculated moves to destroy the opponent’s bulid – up .
    The only player , who reminds me of having the same trait is Fernando Redondo, he was not fast , but not too psychical , but has that exceptional ability to read opposition’s moves .
    Generally this kind of players may take , at least 20-25 mins to adjust themselves according to the rythm of the play. That’s why you see , paredes is always sloppy and ugly in the first 25- 30 mins , giving out balls and mispassing to say the least, all kinds of errors at once .
    The best performances of paredes always emerges or comes out in the 2nd half , that’s why you see , whenever he plays in the 2nd half , he is altogether a different player, perfect positioning, well-organised defence setup , calculated passes and an almost supernatural ability to block off the opponent’s play , it’s always the paredes of 2nd half , where Argentina , always look more dangerous and more controlled and a sense of security in the midfield region .

    2. The other thing is the re-adjustment of his game and playing style , scaloni ,often always play him as a CDM to hold the midfield rigidly and supply balls from the deep ( the work of regista), but at the same time the coach also expects him to do the job of #no .5 , which is equally difficult, considering he started out as a offensive player.
    The mind blowing aspects that fascinates me about him , is his verstality, to adapt different roles in different situations according to the need . It’s almost mesmerizing ,but inexplicably complex , that he performs both the job of regista and no .5 , and to more surprise , he does that with ease and inch – perfect accuracy. This all credits to his adaptibility and re configuration of his game and his moves , becoz of the crucial 25-30 mins sluggishness and openess. He manages to cancel out any threats and potential goal – scoring chances fro the opposition.

    Such an intelligent player , both tactically, technically and intuitively , making the correct judgements and accurate moves , it’s a pleasure to have a player like him . And I am not at all surprised , why Messi acknowledges him and find that sense of reliability in him to control the deeper positions of the game .

    Vamos Leo paredes vamos argentino .

    • I enjoy reading your analysis of Paredes. You’re an astute observer!
      I love the way Messi and our guys play today, so much heart and desire to win. Messi is being more expressive verbally and with his gestures, I love that. He’s becoming a better leader! This win and our guys neutralizing Brazil’s attacking talents proves what Messi said about corruption to help Brazil win. We way outshot them. The ratio difference is embarrassing to Brazil! If we improve our passing/possession, we have a great chance to win the upcoming Copa. We have to win something before La Pulga retires. We need to keep on playing with these same guys. We’ll be tough to beat in no time!

      • Surely , Argentina is just getting better , there’s no looking back. But as I said and mentioned in my analysis , that Argentina need a pure no.5 , someone who is a pure destroyer . I have always shouted out for this , bit just never seems to happen, paredes alone cannot play both the roles of 5 and regista , he is not natural 5 .
        And lastly , thank you for going through my analysis …’s my pleasure.

    • True though out Messi career, he always has a regista behind him, Gago, Busquets and now Paredes. But I don’t think any coach in the world will let his player observe others during 20-25 minutes and do nothing else. And I don’t think Paredes is comparable to Redondo. He definitely need to change club during the winter window. Inter will be the best destination

      • I have never said that paredes is Redondo , I only shared that , both have the same traits ,to read the opponent’s .
        And to read the game for about 20-25 mins , I insisted that it not always necessary or regular In every matches . It depends on the opposition, if it’s Germany , Brazil Spain or any other top teams it’s going to take time ,but specially he takes10-15 mins to readjust his game .
        The other thing is that , I have always stressed on the fact that he never was a no.5 , never ever, Argentina always needed a no .5 like asca or battaglia , but it just never seems to happen.
        You may notice that paredes is always shaky in the 1 St half but always astute in every aspects in 2nd half.

        • I don’t think it’ll be either Paredes or a DM otherwise you will have 2 midfielders in the same zone. And I don’t think Scaloni will change Paredes for another in short term. The current setup with 2 defensive wingers and 1 CM is good enough to compensate that.

  34. Memorable win . Very well deserved & kudos to scaloni for the constant improvement. We were not perfect but clearly on the ascending trajectory . Peaking by next Copa is very realistic .
    Positives – 1) Leo showed a lot of leadership on field
    2) the team played as one & fantastic high press ( Sampa tried this with an old team ) . Full marks to Scaloni. The guy has silenced his critics
    3) Ocampos , DePaul, Lautaro have more than sealed starting spots . Once Palacios is back – the midfield & offense looks set to compete with the best
    4) Parades & Foyth – inspite of early hiccups ,played well. Parades’s spirit is key in midfield
    5) Neat defensive show by Otamendi , Tagliafico , Pezella
    6) Good long ball distribution by Andrada .
    7) impact cameo by Nico Gonazales ( surprise entrant for 23 squad)
    8) Reassuring to see bench has Aguero & Dybala.
    Areas to fix –
    1) Lo Celso fading out . Other than CAM role , he dosent seem to fit in .
    2) Both RB & LB unable to contribute in attack
    3) the first 15mins we regularly play very scrappy . Maybe we shld go slow at start
    4) Andrada wasn’t checked defensively. On GK position I think No 1 is still a mystery ( Marchesin , Armani , andrada )

  35. Scaloni should tinker some aspects of his game strategy, like giving the key players (lo Celso , de Paul ) opportunity to play in their natural position this will further the improve fluidity .

    I think Messi was impressed by team that’s why provided such an effort pressing an taking defensive responsibilities.

    During the halfway of second half the passing reminded of pick Spain of 2010.

    Came a long way from first copa match.

  36. I watched the first half live then I had to leave the house and just got done watching the 2nd moments ago and here is my take:

    1) ARGENTINA WON THE GAME and that is never easy playing against their arch-nemesis.
    2) Messi played great BUT his nonchalant attitude while taking PKs always irritates me.
    3) They ran their socks off, always great to see.
    4) 14 shots 8 on goal vs 6 and only one on goal, gotta love that.
    5) ARGENTINA could have easily scored more if it wasn’t for becker, allison or whatever the hell he calls himself.
    6) This win gives them great confidence.
    7) They played as a team and Messi was part of it and NOT IT.
    8) ARGENTINA was the aggressor, they dished it out and played tough which often wasn’t the case.

    Good win and confidence booster and hopefully they make it 2 on Monday.

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