Lucas Ocampos out for Argentina vs. Uruguay on Monday


Lucas Ocampos will not play for Argentina vs. Uruguay on Monday.

Ocampos has been ruled out of the game on Monday due to an injury sustained in his left foot. No replacement will be called.



  1. Some people needs to recheck their footballing standards. This is “actual association football” not “fantasy playstation football”. I don’t know which team Csabalala, Mrinal and their kindred spirits support and I can hardly think of any on this planet. Maybe somewhere far away or in another galaxy they might. But not in this world, with their deluded high standards. But they never watch football and have zero understanding of the game, so all of that is irrelevant in the first place. Still talking rubbish about the Superclasico like it’s a “friendly”..!
    I don’t get. Why there is somewhat of an irrational criticism of Paredes. Yes sometimes he needs to show more defensive nous even if it’s not his game. But this constant bashing of his creative contribution is bollocks for me. He’s doing well. You can’t expect hollywood passes and other long or short defense splitting passes every second from him like it’s “fantasy utopian football”. Some needs to get hold of that fact.

    PS: We would be having a different conversation about Paredes if his effort from outside the box on friday had went in! Like all the other spectacular long range missiles that came off his gifted right foot in the previous games. Remember the Copa 2019 semifinal, superclasico?? That was an almighty wonder strike from half way down the mark which went inches above Brasil’s bar. Alisson or any keeper in this world would be saving that if it was couple of inches below!
    Remember the Colombia game in the same Copa America??
    Not only just goal efforts, but his passes, setpiece deliveries,holding off the ball and controlling tempo of team’s play is gone unnoticed. His leadership qualities is also overlooked. He’s one of the leaders in this team undoubtedly for me without the armband!

    • Yes paredes is showing Maschareno type leadership but he not trustworthy unlike Maschareno, a single mistake can cost the whole tournament. We played well in copa seminal too a few maistakes and we were out we created chances and couldnt finish.
      Left side of the attack still looks dead, when will scaloni fix this?
      Why is destroying the confidence of a world class talent like Lo celso similar to Di maria.

    • Everytime ball comes into argentina box it looks like they will score because of argentina’s mistake but when ball goes into other’s box looks we will score with some nice build up not with other’s mistake.

    • I appreciate how vocal he is in the middle- constantly talking sh*t to the other team and to the referee. He does need to be careful though. He would be carded pretty easily if these weren’t friendlies.

      He has really improved his defensive contributions. His tackles are very firm and his timing is generally good. He likes to get a piece of the ball and the man haha.

      Barring his one mistake (big one) for the penalty against us, he continues to play well. Now we just need some of his long balls and vision, which I’m sure they will as he continues to become more comfortable in his role.

    • We all want Paredes to shine in his position, maybe he will at some point, but unfortunately he hasn’t done enough to silence his critics. Every player has his own strengths, but if that particular strengths doesn’t fullfil the responsibilities of the position he plays than we need to look for alternatives. Providing counterfactual scenario to support a player is not useful. Had Brazil scored the penalty or Willan scored a lofted goal or Paredes missed the penalty that Laurato intended to take in the other match, we would have been talking differently about Paredes. He is no leader like Mascherano, who had been a widely admired footballer even by great coaches. But, Paredes doesn’t have to be like Mascherano. All he needs is to shine in his position and show the level of work rate that the rest of the team is showing. Hope he will prove me wrong.

  2. I think that scaloni has his SUBSTITUTES sorted for most positions. For example:
    1. Paredes = Rodriguez
    2. Depaul = Dominguez
    3. Locelso= acuna/palacious
    4. Tagi=acuna
    5. Otamendi= kanneman
    6. Pezzela= any young cb
    7. Foyth= saravia/montiel
    8. Messi= no replacement at most dybala
    9. Aguero = lautaro /alario/icardi(if in squad)
    10. Ocampos= Nicolas Gonzales
    11. Gk not yet sorted

  3. my friend waveride.

    i break my silence to tell you something because i see you get angry with some posts here and really you shouldn t. i stop anymore getting angry if i read nonsense here.
    we take one good win against Brasil and really that happy is very big and the exited huge.
    keep this happy as i am doing too and don t allow the nonsense effect this happy.

    i have to remind you this.
    Do you remember the Argentina- Brasil game in 1990 ?
    i mean do you remember the game from begin till the referee end it?



    are you feel shame my friend for 1990 victory?
    of course NO. just the opposite.

    for all those are young and never saw that game i should inform them that in 1990
    game we play so poor that if the game was suppose to be fair we should have lose 4-0 or 5-0 !!!
    Brasil was far better team they had far more talented players (except MARADONA) and that day they was hitting us so hard that even if we had park the bus we couldn t succeed keep Brasil far from clear goal chances. if i remember well they had at least 2 posts from shoots.

    not only 3 passes we couldn t change but the picture was far than that worse.

    NOBODY CARES how bad we play. everybody speaking and remember the GLORY OF VICTORY.
    nothing more.

    this for the younger people in this forum to learn and for the olders to remember.
    so my friend waveride don t waste your energy and don t get angry.
    enjoy and keep the happy of we win the yellow shits.

    • I hear you my friend and I remember that 1990 game as well, how could anybody forget it after seeing it.

      As far as what goes on on this forum, I said it at least 3 times before and I’ll say it again, “the highs are too high and the lows are too low around here”.
      ARGENTINA played a good game, Messi played great and so did many other players but it wasn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement.
      They have not lost a single game since Copa while playing tough opponents while the opposite is true for the Brazilians.
      THIS team is in the process of gelling together and anybody who doesn’t see the improvement is simply blind.

    • My friend Cox4
      First of all, it is always a joy for me chatting with you! I remember that game my friend and yes they were better than us. I just want to add that this Argentina squad was maybe the worst i have seen in comparison to other squads, barring of course Diego and the amazing Claudio Caniggia who is one of my favourite players ever. All the rest were hard nosed tough as nails players, giving their all for the shirt. They were better but in the end an amazing run from Diego who was running past the Brazilians for fun, even two Brazilians collided each other while trying desperately to stop Diego and his great pass found Caniggia who ran past their goalkeeper and put the ball into the net! It was a huge joy!!

      But what makes me angry my friend is that we were the superior team on Friday not them and still we don’t get any gredit even by our own fans! They even say that Brazil was unlucky when everybody knows that they were way too lucky to escape with just one goal! I can recall numerous games that we were better than them but still we lost and i am sure that you are aware of all those games.

      My point my friend is that mundo is a wonderful place, because there are people from all over the world and all of us have the same addiction, the same love which is Argentina and the same dream which is seeing our beloved team being on the top of the world again. Thetefore, it is very sad seeing some Argentina fans in here not giving us the gredit we deserve but at the same time they spread absurd excuses for the sake of Brazil. It is a shame seeing an Argentina fan trying to find excuses for the sake of Brazil at an extent bigger than even a Brazilian fan would do. So yes it makes me ungry and way too disappointed my friend. But this will never affect my joy of beating the yellow frauds my friend!

  4. Ocampos played very well…If scaloni can play Lo Celso close to would be much better…

    Argentina is still in transition – going in the right direction..but very frustrating not to see river or certain probable players….so not sure on the starting 11 with Copa not far away..

    The spirit of Argentina is better than current Barcelona..the dependency of messi is more in Barcelona than Argentina..

  5. I’ve followed Ocampos since he joined Monaco. There are some players I respect them by their altitude not by their creativity or technique, there was Sorin, Lavezzi, Maxi Rodriguez, Matuidi, Sissoko and now Ocampos. The most important thing on the right is to have someone powerful who can defend and run, in order to free Messi. Messi himself doesn’t need a creator or dribbler on the right, he need a different player than him. In the past, there was Lavezzi in selection, Sergio Roberto and Rakitic with Barca. He seems comfortable with that kind of player. Ocampos is not the only option, De Paul and Buendia can also play in this role, kind of box to box on the right.

  6. I hope he get well soon.
    Now @mrinal1235 you are wrong. How dirty Brazil Played against us in copa ? How many of them you saw was sent off ?
    Arthur Elbow on Otamendi. Should have got red. Even VAR was there and they ignored it.
    So dont embarrass your self by saying games in Main tournament is fair. They do no mistake. Bullshit.

  7. Just finished watching the game and I gotta say I’m proud of the boys, they defended like a unit, fought for every ball and took the game to brazil and outplayed them out of the park.

    It’s interesting how little he had to do in the match (brazil only had 1 shot on goal!), which says alot about this compact argentine set up. What really impressed me about him today is his pin point accurate delivery and his confidence with the ball especially when he asked Otamendi to give him the ball while being pressured and used fancy foot work to get a goal kick. I for one would like to see more of Andrade in the future.

    Pezzella-Otamendi pair did really well, which was a stark contrast to their disastrous first 2 games in copa and it further proves just how far this team has come.
    Nico Tag was solid, the fact that Celso and Depaul were playing on his side meant that he was rarely exposed and did his defensive duties well in addition to venturing forward a few times and he even set up Nico Gonzalez quite nicely. Still reckless with some of his tackles and nowhere near the world class fullback that he is with Ajax.
    At the other end Foyth made his second howler in a raw and unlike the Ecuador game he was made to suffer for it. I do have to say however that after that mistake he didn’t put a foot wrong the entire game and while I don’t want to see him start at the right (Montiel should be given a chance when he’s available) he would make for a solid backup.

    Ocampos was fantastic, his footwork, his speed/physicality, his defensive discipline, the whole thing……I began noticing him 2 seasons ago with Marsailles and I’m glad he’s living him to his potential finally.
    Depaul was his usual warrior self and for those of you who say that he doesn’t make any contributions to the attack I suggest you watch minutes 47 and 75 where he beautifully set up Ocampos and Paredes respectively. The fact I see some people here bitching about him proves that some people here don’t watch football.
    Paredes had 2 great defensive moments in the game and he worked hard but at the same time he nearly made a howler and contributed very little (if anything) to the attack. I would like to see Nico Dominguez or Palacios be tried in his spot sometime in the near future.
    Celso had some nice touches in the 2nd half, he worked very hard and covered Tagliafico very well but he’s not supposed to be playing LM, which explains why Acuna was better when he replaced him since LM is his natural position. If Scaloni wants to see the best of celso he has to try him in a more central attacking role.

    Messi was playing revenge football, which I have never seen him do and should’ve been booked for one needless challenge towards silva (I think). He was clearly still pissed about what happened in copa and he took out his frustration on the yellow team. I was honestly surprised how sharp and fit he looked, running all over the field, hassling and pressing up to and tracking back to help out the defense. It’s plain to see that Messi is beginning to have faith in this new team because he seems to be enjoying his football with Argentina since….well forever now!
    Lautaro is a BEAST! While his finishing eluded him today, his energy, hustle and ball skill is a sight to be hold, the kid reminds me of Suarez in his prime and if he keeps going at this rate he could become the world’s best striker.
    Of the subs, Nico Gonzalez was absolutely fantastic and connected so well with messi. The kid deserves a start against Uruguay as a reward.

    Finally Scaloni, I’m still doubtful about his coaching abilities but I can’t deny the fact that his team is showing serious improvements and all I can say is that I hope he continues to do so and prove me wrong.

    • The current formation is 4411 like Italy 2006. Not so obvious to find a spot for Lo Celso. If we sacrify 1 defensive winger(Acuna or Ocampos) and replace him by a 10, then it will be a 4312 and then yes, Lo Celso can shine. But his real problem is his playing time with Tottenham, we have many good #10 but most of them don’t play with their club: Lanzini, Lamela and Lo Celso. The only playmaker who shine with his club since the start of this season is Di Maria but unfortunately he is not eligible for Scaloni.

      • Agreed, there is no starting spot that suits Celso in the team’s current format unless, like you said, the team switches to a 4-3-1-2 where Gio can play behind Lio and Lautaro.
        Like I said to you before Celso just got back from injury and he played one excellent game in the CL and a solid game in the EPL, just give him a chance to get back up to speed because the kid is world class.
        Lamela and Lanzini are 2 players that I have given up on sadly, can’t stay fit to save their lives and have no place in this new Argentina that plays a very physical game.

  8. Argentina cant win anything playing like this physical game. They couldnt complete even 3 passes . If it a was some meaningful match one of Depaul or Paredes would have been sent off. De paul and Paredes are not the player Argentina need they had given the ball to brazilians 2-3 times in the match . They need to try Palacios, Lo celso, N domniguez/Martinez or may be Fyoth as a midfield, The best position of Foyth is CDM where we can utilize his ball playing ability.
    This match was not different from last year’s friendly against Brazil with messi in attack then we saw what happened in real tournament. Scaloni has still no idea how free flowing and cohesive football is being played.

    • Exactly, EVERY OBJECTIVE people regardless if they support a specific team or not saw “what happened” at the previous “real tournament”, apart from you and some other specific people in here.
      And again, we all saw what happened on Friday: No politics, NO PARTY!!

    • “Couldnt complete 3 passes” ??
      Do you honestly believe what you write? While there were some nervy moments in the first half when the albicelestes were trying to pass out of the back, in the 2nd half they where out passing Brazil left and right, through tight and open spaces, in their own goal area and in Brazil’s.

      “Depaul gave the ball to brazil 2-3 times”??
      Seriously man what match were you watching, the only time the ball left De Paul’s feet was when he passed it forward or when he got fouled. This whole De Paul hatred is getting seriously out of hand, infact it reminds me of the time in 2013 WCQ when lots of people were bitching about Gago despite being one of the best players on the field.

    • True that the team wasn’t perfect in transition but our opponent was Brazil …. It’s not Ecuador or Luxembourg. Their midfielders and defenders are all very powerful and experienced, of course it’s tough. You cannot beat this team by possession and we can’t blame much on our players for that. What I take as positive points is we created much more danger and shot(expecially 2nd half). In my opinion, their best player was their GK Allison, which should reflect that Argentina has dominated the match!

  9. One player who was looking to get a hang of the NT and was looking to have solved some of our wing headaches, That guy is injured. Superb. As always.

  10. It is a kind of relief in Bangladesh when Argentina beat brazil (no matter how).
    This game showed clear progress. Most importantly I have never seen Argentina play with such energy. Within 2-3 years we will be world beater insha-allah.

    BTW, I am a Scaloni supporter from the beginning. Hopefully one Lionel will lead another Lionel to glory.

  11. Would love to see Nico Gonzalez starting…..he can be star for us in the coming years.
    I like his work rate and pace……and in the last match his decisions in the final third were excellent.
    He was there in the box when acuna crossed the ball and he passed the ball to lautaro in the box which deserve to be converted in the goal.
    I think he is better than ocampos going forward.( Ocampos is good too but Gonzalez is something else).

  12. Lucas AKA the forgotten talent for years could very well be an integral part of this team for many years to come. Him and Martinez took advantage of being selected by the scuff of the neck and never let go when many others failed with endless chances.

    Messi told Tite to shut up during last night’s game LOL I love this version of Messi, mean, nasty and eager to pick a fight when pushed.

  13. I also would like to see nico Gonzalez start, really curious to see him with Messi for at least a full 45 min.
    For the few min he played Against Brazil I think he connected really well with Messi. Want to see more.

  14. Scaloni have potential in mid field with parede, palacios, de paul,ocampos, lo celso. All have potential. Now he should concentrate on Central defence. We still don’t some solid center backs.

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