Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez start for Argentina


Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez start for Argentina with Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero on the bench.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has decided to start Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez up front. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. Great team defense. Missed some clear chances that could have iced the game. Brazil had possession but didn’t threaten much with it. It seems Arg will be try to win the ball back and counter through the middle.

    My Ratings (out of 10):

    Andrada: 7; Really good in the air. Played well enough in the back. Mix up in the first half almost led to a goal.

    Foyth: 6; still shows his youth. His height cant be denied though and he defended on the ball well. Recovered well. But he still gives up the ball a lot and in bad areas. Just needs to keep playing.

    Pezzella: 7; stout in defense and in the air.

    Otamendi: 7.5; resisted his urge to foul. Did well in the air. Defended well.

    Tagliafico: 7. Defended well. Still not the best on attack. But certainly good enough.

    Paredes: 6.5; won a good bit of challenges. Still over pursues in bad areas leaving the defense to chase and get exposed. Wicked shot in the second half.

    Lo Celso: 6; Anonymous in first half. The ball didn’t seem to go to the left side in the first half. Had more to do in the second half.

    De Paul: 8; box to box midfielder. All over the place. Won a lot of challenges and played well with Messi and the midfielders.

    Ocampos: 8; absolute headache for Brazil. Great dribbling, played very well with Messi. May be solidifying a starting role.

    Messi: 8; played very hard. always a problem. Won the PK and scored. Could have slotted home his first half chance, but such is futbol.

    Lautaro: 7.5; all that was missing was the goal. Brazil had problems with him and you can tell they were concerned with him from the first minute on

    Nothing special from the subs so no rating. Acuna had some bad decisions in the box where a simple pass could have lead to a goal.

  2. Wow! what a performance, specially in 2nd half!
    yes, Jesus missed penalty, but we also missed 3 clear chance, messi should have score at least 2 more, missed easy chances.
    And those who are telling Brazil shitty team!
    Open eyes bro!

    Brazil played with Casemiro, Fabinho,Arthur Midfield, arguably best midfield in World currently.still we created more chances.
    Brazil had firmino, Jesus in front, Just for your knowledge, they are both World class.
    with in form Coutinho- still there was not much chance Brazil created, and our defense was great.

  3. -First of all. Congratulations on a gritty and tactical football win and if it was not for Allison we could have won this 3-0 or even more.

    – I see leadership in Messi (the team is finally playing better with him)

    – Our Midfield was superior and won the game

    – Scaloni is adopting to more European style of play. Which is not bad. And he is bringing result. Thats all i care. I saw beautiful football before which did not give us shit.

    – Stop talking about this change and that change. The more these players play together the better they get. No one is perfect and let the players learn from mistakes and correct it. We are set now. Just keep playing the same team more. Trust me.

    – Our Attack has always been good. On another day we would score more have to give credit to Allison for saving shitty Brazil. Midfield has gotten better. Defence is getting better need to work more on Defence. I like Andrada though there was not enough threat from Brazil. Our midfield neutralised Brazil attack there were no penetration at all from Brazil.

    – Proved Brazil robbed the copa cos they are mediocre when not in Brazil. They are lucky it was jus a 1-0.

    – We are getting better as a team. Scaloni is different and getting better.

    – Brazil is the same. We are on the rise again after the transition period. Copa was an inside job.

    – Vamos Albiceleste.

  4. Few weeks ago I thought about Nico Gonzalez as starter out of this group. Now, after this game I would like to see him starting for us.

    • The next Lautaro Martinez? Earlier you only bitched him under U23 matches, and didnt even understand why he plays at all. (vs Columbia U23 match etc.) he scored a goal, but you were still critical, “everybody played good except Nico” the essence, and now you want to see him in the starting 11. OK your football blindness will never change. He was your persona non grata

      • You have nothing against me on Nico Gonzalez theme. He was simply weak during his first games on PanAmerican Games and you may see this tone also in others comments. His very first games were simply disappointing.

  5. —— some of my analysis of paredes ——-

    Some of the things that I have noted and observed about Leandro paredes , from the time he debuted in the Argentine national team are traits which are really different from what people’s ,fans or we Mundo followers demands from him. There is an article , I have read recently about how Leo Messi ,has found someone , who would act as the Marshall man of the midfield area to dominate each and every aspects of the middle , from disrupting , counter- attacks to controlling the tempo and rythm of the game .

    Some of things which paredes almost follows religiously in his games are certain timely observations .
    1. The first thing that I have and had almost noticed about paredes , while playing NT matches is that, for the first 10 – 15bmins of the game , he is unreliable or victimly vulnerable , conceding possessions , mispasses , losing the ball quite often , actually people or fans often mistakes this vulnerability as his lazy and lackness of concentration in the game . But there is a whole new thing to it , this 10- 15 minutes for Leandro paredes is the time interval for the quick assessment of the opposition’s game ,which in simple language is reading the moves and motives of the attacking players , this is where he often loosens himself to experience and absorb the opposition’s multiple tactical threats , thus quickly making judgements to , how to counter those threats .This is actually the most difficult thing to do for any player , making oneself open , always carry the risks of conceding 1or 2 , but paredes seems to be master of this trade . This is what I call a tactical midfielder , he reads out every opposition’s placements and positionings to create a frame to where he can make out those intelligent and calculated moves to destroy the opponent’s bulid – up .
    The only player , who reminds me of having the same trait is Fernando Redondo, he was not fast , but not too psychical , but has that exceptional ability to read opposition’s moves .
    Generally this kind of players may take , at least 20-25 mins to adjust themselves according to the rythm of the play. That’s why you see , paredes is always sloppy and ugly in the first 25- 30 mins , giving out balls and mispassing to say the least, all kinds of errors at once .
    The best performances of paredes always emerges or comes out in the 2nd half , that’s why you see , whenever he plays in the 2nd half , he is altogether a different player, perfect positioning, well-organised defence setup , calculated passes and an almost supernatural ability to block off the opponent’s play , it’s always the paredes of 2nd half , where Argentina , always look more dangerous and more controlled and a sense of security in the midfield region .

    2. The other thing is the re-adjustment of his game and playing style , scaloni ,often always play him as a CDM to hold the midfield rigidly and supply balls from the deep ( the work of regista), but at the same time the coach also expects him to do the job of #no .5 , which is equally difficult, considering he started out as a offensive player.
    The mind blowing aspects that fascinates me about him , is his verstality, to adapt different roles in different situations according to the need . It’s almost mesmerizing ,but inexplicably complex , that he performs both the job of regista and no .5 , and to more surprise , he does that with ease and inch – perfect accuracy. This all credits to his adaptibility and re configuration of his game and his moves , becoz of the crucial 25-30 mins sluggishness and openess. He manages to cancel out any threats and potential goal – scoring chances fro the opposition.

    Such an intelligent player , both tactically, technically and intuitively , making the correct judgements and accurate moves , it’s a pleasure to have a player like him . And I am not at all surprised , why Messi acknowledges him and find that sense of reliability in him to control the deeper positions of the game .

    Vamos Leo paredes vamos argentino .

    • I feel your assessment but it seems like the worst excuse one can make to defend a player who plays badly for almost 15-25 minutes of a game that is only 90 minutes. How many goals do you think a calculated opposition can score in Paredes’ “Masterful error filled 25-30” minute ritual in reading the opposition? How on earth it is sensible to give a player almost half an hour to read the opposition? Isn’t it better to start someone else in the first half and then introduce him in the second half if “It is about him reading the opposition”? For goodness sake, Paredes is just not skilful with the ball, he can’t “hold” it if the opposition is pressing high, that is all there is.

    • I agree with your analysis and its very accurate…he created a chance for messi at the end of the first half by blocking a pass…and that’s commendable
      But to absorb the pressure for the first 15 mins like you said we need someone solid at the back like ramos or van dijk and for this team pezella deosnt make the cut…My suggestion would be kannemann or cristian romero and Lisandro martinez can replace lo celso in the middle along with parades to help him till he settles in to his game while de paul plays on the left wing helping out taglifico
      Foyth and Ocampos are perfect for the right side 🙂

  6. People who are saying Argentina won with Ugly football,in my opinion didn’t watch the game. It was perfect football by the team. There’s no better way for us with a bad Defense line like this. Midfield defended us like anything. Brazil tried their best but failed miserably even to make 2 good moves in second half when they were chasing.

    And now saying Brazil didn’t win previous games is a shitty and lazy excuse, it’s Brazil after all, with all available good players trying their best. Coming back to winning form was the only priority Tite Should have, logically. Also Brazil like any other team will try to give their best in Derbies like this level. So, saying Argentina beat the shit out of an out of form Brazil is pointless.
    You were the same people who predicted, Lose against Mexico, decimation by Germany.. and this is the only excuse your negative brain can come up with.

    For me it was a joy to watch us performing like this. Shutting down every threat by Brazil thanks to the hardworking midfielders & backline. Was joy to see great many balls from our Goal Keeper.
    Was really joyful to watch your “Amateur” Scaloni beating Tite in Text book tactics.

    Was a great joy to watch Argentina’s back to back Blitzkrieging attack against clueless yellows in the last quarter. We should have been more clinical. Overall a fantastic game.
    I hope this confidence & Hardwork go on.
    Next match is really important.

  7. Brazila have best defensive unit with world’s best GK. To score or creating chances against them are not easy. They are one of the best in attack as well. If you think Argentina was not good enough today…or no proper tactics….you can’t understand how football is played.

  8. I am happy with this team performance hopefully we would do the same for upcoming match. Let’s go Argentina!!!!!!!!!

  9. Guys it has a good win but the thing is we need to play better in Copa America tournament against best team like Brazil ,Uruguay , and Colombia because when these team plays in tournament they play better than us and they win against us. My point is we need to play like this in big tournament otherwise everyone would thing Lionel Scaloni is not a good manger or clueless.

  10. Guys it has a good win but the thing is we need to play better in Copa America tournament against best team like Brazil ,Uruguay , and Colombia because when these team plays in tournament they play better than us and they win against us. My point is we need to play like this in big tournament otherwise everyone would thing Lionel Scaloni is not a good manger or clueless. I am happy with this team performance hopefully we would do the same for upcoming match. Let’s go Argentina!!!!!!!!!

    • We’re getting there. We made some sloppy mistakes but we dominated Brazil in the second half and deserved that 2-0. Moving acuna next to paredes made a big difference. Good to see that Ocampos can play both mid and LW

  11. Uruguay wins against Hungary 2-1
    Cavani and B.Rodriguez scored
    with assist from M.vina & Suarez

    —————- Muslera—————-
    m.vina– -goldin –coates– g.gonzalez
    ———–valverde——- bentacur——
    —–Lozano —————B.rodriguez——
    ————Cavani —-Suarez ————-

    subs —laxalt vecino stuani g.pereiro
    Torreira m.gomez

  12. I Dont know why everyone on here is happy with this performance, most of you on here are sad to think this game is a sign of improvements. There was no fluidity in attack, we are very fragile in Defense. True Argentina might have created a little bit more chances but nothing more…Icardi would have put those chances away….Ansaldi is a proper left back better than the current one..Lo Celso very overrated…

  13. Lo Celso cant show his true abilities in this LCM role, he would be better instead of De Paul…Palacios definitely our LCM. Palacios-Paredes-Lo Celso or De Paul

  14. Europeans teams, this and that! Saying it again, some of you need to watch football and have an understanding of the game before commenting rubbish. On paper, some teams have finest squads. ie, France, Spain etc. Maybe can even add Belgium and Portugal to that. But even they are not perfect on the pitch and have several flaws. Nederland are good, but they some times look toothless in attack when Memphis misfires.

    So stop with the nonsense that Europeans are like invincibles or perfect. They’re not! Or show me a single national team in this world that looks perfect and invincibles right now?

  15. Everyone of bragging we beat this Brazil side because jesus missed the penalty lol . Brazil has not won any single match in last 5 games and got defeated by peru . We are far away from a good team clueless in attack and cluless in Defence.
    Scaloni should have tried Dybala to replace Lautaro in 2nd half.

      • And we wasted all the chances by blind shooting, we had created more chances in copa semi final too.
        Our players loose their head once they were reaching near the the penalty box. We would have easily scored 4-5 goals against this Brazil team with proper tactics in attack. Players were playing on their own no game plan from coach.
        Scaloni is destroying the confidence of a talanted player like Lo celso by playing him at wrong position.

    • Bro.. Its not just the last 5 games Brazil is playing bad. This generation Brazil team is pretty Shitty. They Bullied their way in Copa the proof is the last 5 games. This is how Brazil is now when they are not playing in Brazil. Argentina was shitty but better than Brazil. We were robbed in Copa. And Now this Argentina team is improving and probably the best team in South America. We will getter better and tougher. And we yes if we play like this we can become World Beater again as we approach. Remember Sabella Team. Its not about beautiful football anymore its tactical football. MOM for this game should have been Allison who saved Brazil from humiliarion today. 3-0 or 4-0 was on the cards.

    • Brazil played with Casemiro, Fabinho,Arthur Midfield, arguably best midfield in World currently.still we created more chances.
      Brazil had firmino, Jesus in front, Just for your knowledge, they are both World class.
      with in form Coutinho- still there was not much chance Brazil created, and our defense was great.

  16. Great Game overall with positives..going in the right direction since the WC.

    1. Need to be clinical – The penalty was very average…even messi knows it..
    2. Defense – need to tighten..all over the place..
    3. Midfield and Defense – If Scaloni brings in the river players – hopefully will solve the issue..
    4. Cannot blame Andrada – but he is no Gazzaniga..
    5. From the outset – It looked Brazil had more fluent football, but argentina had the last laugh..
    6. Not the best game for Lautaro – but he tried..

  17. 1. Brasil who arguably have one of the strongest first 11 and squad overall in the whole world
    Argentina who have one or two worldclass players mainly forwards and don’t have the luxury of teams like Brasil in all areas of the pitch!

    2.Experienced DT with a great reputation/tactical genius
    A rookie who many of their own fans describe as tactically clueless!

    3. A team that have been playing the same 11 almost in every game over the last two and a half years


    A new inexperienced team with lesser chemistry than their superior opponents!
    Let that sink in!

    PS: Brasil’s attacking spark and fluidity have gone backwards since Tite’s honeymoon period, I agree but their defence is still strong. They don’t concede many chances and usually Alisson is underworked. But oh no! Today that mean defence got battered and Alisson got overworked! Show me a single team that did what Scaloni’s Argentina did to them? Add to that, Tite has been playing the almost same strongest side in each and very friendlies for a very long time. Where are the “chemistry police” now?

    I’m not rubbing salt into anyone’s wounds, but it’s just that that usual miserable trolls who have zero understanding of the game throwing rubbish at our team and are reluctant to give credit where credit is due.

  18. Foyth and parcedes are huge liabilities on defense! Their immature mentality of playing with the ball in our own box (foyth) and losing it is childish as well parcedes lackluster defense, where he gets beat easily and then gives up a stupid penalty on a back heel tackle is amateur! And happen too often between the two of them!!

    We look at results but diagnosing the game, especially the 1st half, I worry about our negatives and look to how they can improve … Foyth needs more time to develop and parcedes (as attractive a name as he is, playing with a top club and having a great shot… is NOT a #5 to start for la Selección! The best defensive #5 I have seen since Mascherano is ascicabar.

    • Brasil are a superior team and have quality players throughout. Any team would suffer defensively one time or another. I agree in the 1st half we had some bad moments , but the team improved and got stronger thereafter. That shows the mentality and character of this team. So give some credit.

      Foyth is a 21 year old kid, okay. And didn’t he improve and got stronger from there on(after that early wobble)?

      You won’t to start with your “experienced” man Otamendi, eh? Where do you think Foyth and Paredes learns this reckless stuff, eh?
      I didn’t want to lambast Otamendi in anyway after today’s match, but you had to bring it up with your usual irrational criticism against a 21 year old kid!

    • Paredes didn’t HV a good first 20 mins but after that he was flawless….
      Admit it man paredes is the best DM we have…..his passing is what we need and I know he has weaknesses in his defensive game but still I think he is the best what from what we have …
      Ascascibar is not even in scaloni’s plan that means scaloni doesn’t think he is NT material ATM.

    • I wouldn’t say Foyth is a liability but true, Argentina surely need someone better than Paredes in his position. Paredes is sure a fighter with a spirited attitude but he is too clumsy with the ball when the opposition presses high. This Argentina team deserves someone really skilful with the ball in the holding position. Paredes is good in interceptions and tackles but who knows how many penalties he may give away in his fight to win the ball but yes again I repeat, Argentina need someone in his position who ‘holds’ the ball and don’t give it so cheaply to win it back with ‘fighting attitude’.

    • Are you kidding…

      Foyth despite that one mistake is probably our best defender..
      Watch the game again man… great positioning and tackling…
      Stop bringing always Ascacibar is in the 2nd division in Germany forget about him…

      Over all great performance by the whole team

  19. Argentina played high pressing game.. And currect man marking.. I really like this match.. What a improvement.. No such a mistakes in defence.. each one playing like a warriors.. Woow iam so happy and well deserved win

  20. Nicolas Gonzalez, was superb off the bench , such a fantastic cameo , he took the yellow shit defenders out of their position to open up spaces. Tremendous dribbling and ball retention ability , almost laid an assist for Messi ,who was fouled by this jackasses ( their’s only tactics ).

    Other notable mention , goes to ocampos , started out poor , but as the game progressed , he grew more and more dangerous , taking out those full-backs with his bull body and ferocious speed, overally fantastic game for him , I think he has proved enough to be acknowledged as a NT material , has capability and mentality to play big matches.

    No separate adulation for Lautaro , he is a gem and glad he is a Argentinean. Unlucky to not to get a goal , but what monsterous strength and holding off ablility from him , dismantled and physically tickled the asses of the bananas , exceptional dribbling to pass of 2-3 defenders as if like grazing ur ass in the butter.
    I am tired of mentioning everyone , it’s just unbelievable, such a collective and United performance from albiceleste.

    Vamos vamos argentino.

    • If Argentina beat Uruguay in next game then you can say quality of South American team declined that’s why Europe dominating in the World Cup

  21. Otamendi was on fire today never seen such defending.If he rest well he going to be best defender.Tagliafico impressed me a lot.He is damn good by the way bearded Tagliafico looks damn sexy.Foyth was great too today.Only disappointment were Lo celso Ocampus and Lautaro.Rest of the player played well.Defence and midfield was good.Aguero or Alario should have started.Lautaro is good but our other Center forward are more lethal.

    • only disappointment were lautaro lo celso and ocampos…where you even watching the game…even the commentators were on full praise for lautaro and ocampos

      Just cause he missed a clear chance doenst make him bad…ocampos and lautaro worked their socks off for the team…havent you seen how liverpool plays…henderson and milner does all the work for the team without scoring…that doesnt make them bad players or disappointments…they are there for the team

  22. What a superb performance. I haven’t seen that spirit in the NT for long long time. It’s the first time that I felt during the game that the opponent won’t have any chance to come back in this narrow score. Well done, I’m absolutely proud of this team. Scalloni, he deserves to be NT coach better than anyone else. He has built the unity and consistency in the team. All players played well even the subs. Now we can say that the team, whether with or without Messi, can represents Argentina football in its best way. Copa2020 will be ours for sure if we maintain this spirit. Let’s wait for Uruguay’s game and hopefully we can see Aguero and dybala playing this game

  23. Leo , paredes , ocampos , tagliafico, ota , foyth, lo celso , de Paul , Lautaro , Nico Gonzalez , Guido , acuna ….a collective and devastating performance to put the Brazilians into their own sword . Super , marvellous , exceptional , impeccable performance from all arg players , 2000% energy level , lol lol I wonder at one time that the 7-0 was coming , but unlucky Argentina .

    Now waiting for csabalala to produce his innumerable , permutations and combinations to support the Brazil filthy asses , lol 😂😂.

  24. Argentina played brilliantly but not clinical, Had icardi played Argentina could have won by 4-0. I love you Wanda ❤😘

  25. We could have won for 3 or 4 goals…Brazil was lucky today.

    Team have done very well…✌️

    Stats after Copa ;

    Argentina 0 Vs Chile 0
    Argentina 4 vs Mexico 0
    Germany 2 vs Argentina 2 (great comeback)
    Argentina 6 vs Ecuador 1
    Argentina 1 vs Brazil 0

    3 win 2 draws, scoring 13 and conceding 3…in 5 matches.

    Scaloni has big improvement..👍

  26. Kannemann for pezella, gio simeone as a sub for lautaro, pavon as a sub for ocampos

    Happy to see this team playing like Sabella’s team…SEBELLA TACTICS REBORN…VAMOSSSSSS

  27. Even street boys play better football than this one , what an irritating match . Both teams were playing like an idiot although we ceated many chances but there was not cohesion in the attack and the whole midfield was chaos . If this is our plan for big tournaments then God save argentina.
    i Havent seen a weaker Brazil team than this.

  28. Why lo celso, de paul, acuna are playing in cm positio. Why do we play a proper central midfielde. Palacios is a good option for me
    .I want to see palacios in place of lo celso.
    And play acuna in left back not as cm.
    Lastly now coach shouldconcentrateon defenc. It is very weak.

  29. I love arg midfielders parades &de paul
    My lord they fought and they play too.
    This is how you play against Brazil
    Not facy touchs . Moves possession
    Sake and end up losing 3 nothing
    Not scaloni team his team can adapt
    Any information to attack pressing
    Defending. Keeping the ball when it have to Today wasn’t all about play pretty football
    Arg had to win against Brazil and did
    It well.

  30. A massive, massive win in the derby. I can’t remember a Superclasico where we created this many chances(absolutely battered them!) and fought this tenaciously. The only downside is that we didn’t score more! Leo should have had a hattrick! But apart from that, what a performance! Leo, Lautaro, De Paul, Tagliafico, Paredes, Ocampos, Foyth and the subs Gonzalez, Guido, Acuña…Everybody put a shift in..gave their heart and soul for La Albiceleste! Kudos to the team and Scaloni and Co! They deserve respect and more.

    Who would have thought Andrada would be much of a spectator in this match compared to Alisson??!!

  31. We should play Lucas Alario in left wing,at the last moment he showed very good piece of skill in Left midfield area

    • Dude I would love to see Gio simeone for alario…Alasrio is not starting for lervekuesen while simeone is a consistent performer for cagliari who sits at the top with inter and juve at the moment

  32. Argentine players fight with their full energy and 200% ..

    deservedly won..

    messi should have scored 2 more
    Lautaro has missed a great chance
    all played no they played excellent against Brazil..

    Scaloni kills Brazil with Brazilian tactics that is pressing and pressing..

    messi gives 2× than Barcelona
    Lautaro fires in second half..
    Brazil can’t even maintain pressure..
    we should have scored more..that’s only area to improve with our terrific attacking line..
    Andrada 8
    Otamendi 8.5
    Pezzela 8
    Tagliafico 8.5
    Foyth 8.5
    DePaul 9.5
    Paredes 8.5
    Locelso 8
    Messi 9
    Lautaro 9
    Ocampos 9

    • No dude I wouldnt give pezella an 8….his clearing is poor…did you see the final minutes…his header to clear the ball was bad and he also cleared the ball to an opponent at the final stages which wesley couldnt convert…he is so error prone…he is just an RB converted to CB at fiorentina…He used to play with betis as an RB

      Stand outs were ofcourse MESSI, LAUTARO, ANDRADA, FOYTH, TAGLIFICO, OCAMPOS and DE PAUL…would love to see lisandro martinez play in the middle for parades and pavon come in as a sub for nicolas dominguez and gio simeone as a sub for lautaro

      • Otamendi is more error prone and hot headed but still he manages fair defence against Brazil.. Pezzela too gets immense experience and confidence from this game..

        in such high profile game some mistakes may happen..
        dont blame Pezzela even Leo missed penalty ..

        but we never lose the fighting spirit

  33. A gutsy win against the Brazillians. They tried everything but couldn’t penetrate the midfield. A good progress. Need a back up of Paredes. That’s all. Lautaro was brilliant… He hates Brazil… 🙂

  34. Where is that “U-17 Brazil will beat us” – dude. ? 😂
    We should have converted some chances. Especially in the later second half when Brazil was clueless against Scaloni’s Armada.
    Vamos Argentina.

  35. Lucky match, but we were better…i said Brazil is super bad atm, and dont give a shit about friendlies, this is the football Scaloni knows and likes, ugly, warlike, lot of faults, defend defend defend then start the counters (individual talent upfront). I dont think this can win Copa.

    • Ugly football won for Italy and Brazil. We also won 78 world cup by playing not the beautiful football. Holland was best always with total football, never won anything…

    • Same with sabella but that team reached finals of the world cup man…Even maradona’s 86 and 92 team were the same…the best generation of argentina team was when riquelme, saviola, tevez, crespo , sorin , veron, zanetti, ayala, heinze, julio cruz, messi, cambiasso, mascherano were playing…but that team failed to win anything..I really like the way this team is playing now
      As for this brasil team…they had all the lpool starters and coutinho and even rodrygo but still found it hard to get past this wekest defense we have right now…if pezella steps up or gets replaced by kannemann or romero we are all set to win the copa next year…VAMOSSSSSS

    • Yeah if Jesus had scored from penalty it would have been totally different from this….I still don’t have much optimism in our defence.
      Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that we were much much better than Brazil today…
      Hopefully we can perform like this in competitive matches.

    • no no Brazil is not bad…

      Argentina just played what Brazil did to others..
      and they were suffocated in their own trap of pressing and pressing with tough football..


      feeling like winning everything

  36. I how scaloni starts kannemann against uruguay…cristian romero or kannemann should start instead of pezella….pezella is the only weak spot in this Argentina team….VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEE

    scaloni could use pavon instead of nicolas dominguez…I wish parades and acuna were starters for their respective teams 🙁 Other than that this team is spot on…This team reminds me of sabella’s team…VAMOSS

      • No meza for sure…but pavon has not had a decent chance after the WC…Nico gonzalez is playing for 2nd tier german team (stuttgart) While pavon is playing with zlatan…I know MLS is bad but playing with zlantan in a top tier US league should be enough for him to be considered…and he has pace like di maria to get around the defenders in the later stages

    • Yes. It was pretty evident during the Copa America and now it’s even more Messi-independencia with the genius himself playing well and the whole team!(In the Copa, he played well ironically in the Superclasico only).

  37. Is it only me or anyone else also thinks Nico Gonzalez had a very impressive cameo?……good performance from a young lad.

    And leo Messi is the best of this era.

    • Could have added 2 more goals…and MESSi’s freekick man….he’s becoming a master in free kicks…wouldnt be surprised to see him surpass juninho…VAMOSSSSSS

  38. we had some tough guys in this team…

    most tough is messi .. he is a lion
    DePaul Ocampos are very tough guys

    Acuna is coming in 2nd half.. acuna is the face of toughness

  39. Should switch position of Lo Celso and Ocampos. We will get better outcome.
    Also Leandro Paredes is worst player of First half. Need to bring Nico Dominguez for more stability.

  40. My oh my…what a terrible first half. So many mistakes at the back! This is what you get when a player like Foyth is starting…he is such a risky player….what he did before Brazils penalty was just insane. A player I really like is Tagliafico, but I have to ask…what has he ever done for our NT? He is great for Ajax, but he just doesn’t do anything for us. This is so frustrating. Poor penalty by Messi, yet another missed spot kick from him. Lo Celso on the left…a big mistake….he has done nothing.
    We are very lucky that Messi and Paredes didn’t get booked. Even if this is a friendly we could see a couple of red cards here.

    • I think we should play lo celso in middle and should put acuna for de Paul( de Paul has been given yellow card and I think now he won’t be able to press like before).
      Lo celso shouldn’t play in wings especially left wing.
      After Messi ……de Paul was stand out performer for me …look at that guy energy he is everywhere…..if somehow he can bring some assist or goals in him then for me he will be more important than Messi.

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