Ezequiel Barco scores for Atlanta United in win vs. Nashville


Ezequiel Barco scored for Atlanta United in their 2-1 win vs. Nashville.

The third Argentine player to score in the MLS opening weekend, Ezequiel Barco, like Cristian Pavon and Maxi Urruti, also netted a great goal. Receiving the ball outside of the penalty area, the Argentina U20 man would cut inside and his low driven shot would beat the goalkeeper.

With the Olympics coming up in a few months, Barco will be looking to continue his great form and solidify a spot in the team.


  1. I for one think that Messi should move away from Barca, He looks tired, and not interested due to all the stuffs happening there. It will not happen probably due to his Family who is well settled in Barca.

    But it will be better if he moves on to another and start fresh. Motivated for a new challenge. In Barca he has achieved all…

    a total of 9 teams are in the race!!
    currently velez n lanus are in 3rd n 4th spot

  3. ajax lost 0-2 to AZ
    their season is turning from a fairy tale to almost a disaster
    looked favourites to win ucl group ,got kocked out in the end
    looked UEL title favourites, lost in round of 32
    had a 9 point lead in the league table at one point,now their lead has been cut n AZ are now level on points.

      • [but the good news is that Licha is still looking good]
        i watched the highlights n noticed tat licha is vision is improving every matchday. but the downside is tat he is often caught ball watching when the opponents attack n even though he is short naturally short footballers have a low centre of gravity which enables them to easily turn 360 with the ball n burst into high speed of pace. many times he was easily turned around n found difficulties when dealing with ball over the top n struggles to turn around n keep up with the opposing attacker pace this was highlighted in the second goal.
        his physicality n his slow pace are the biggest threats which will prevent him from reaching the top leagues i hope he improves on these aspects asap

        • agreed… i hv also noticed that he is little bit slow and lazy ( not a destroyer) when he played as a defensive midfielder. But when he played as a defender then he is ok. noe he is still young, hope he will overcome this situation.

          • yes ryan i guess due to his young age he is confused when he plays in different position n complicates himself. but anyways its just his first season so surely he will improve

        • Licha doesn’t have ample pace but he’s not slow either and I can’t agree with you on the physicality because he’s rather athletic and energetic especially when considering the fact that he’s played more minutes than most of the team and one would consider fatigue to set in.
          As for the 2nd goal, well honestly Ajax as a whole were slow and timid and Alkmaar countered very well so I wouldn’t blame the 2nd goal solely on him.
          Licha handles the ball very well and reads the game remarkably well, he’s also surprisingly good with aerials but you gotta remember ani, DM isn’t his natural position and he often plays next to vanderbeek who neglects his defensive duties for the sake of attacking.
          Licha is a ball playing CB and when playing in that position he is almost flawless and I think he is made for teams like Barcelona that like to play out of the back. With the NT, him next to Quarta (another ball playing CB), Argentina can really tick on the counter.
          All in all, I would like to see him given a chance with the NT, he has more than earned it.

  4. The youths looks promising and shine at MLS, a good sign for their career and stepping stone before jumping into Europe. The football competition and atmosphere in MLS is improving a lot

    • true man the stadiums are packed which means americans have embraced football which means definitely more n more money will be invested like chinese league

      • the richest sports leagues in the world are in america so it wont be a surprise to see mls soon competing with the european leagues in terms of money power

  5. And here nobody understand why Vinicious transfer fee is 50 millions, and argentines 10-20 they dont understand…impossible to not see the difference…where is the 19-20 years old argentine talent who can decide an el classico and destroy Barca defense? Where? Overrated brazilian kids LOL

    • Hey blablabla, stop trolling, find a hobby man, good lord! Also, anyone who has any clue about economy knows that Brazil’s financial state is 3x better than Argentina’s, hence why their players go for 3X the amount, it’s just that simple.
      As for Vinicious, well he’s a true talent and I don’t remember anyone saying otherwise

      [where is the 19-20 years old argentine talent who can decide an el classico and destroy Barca defense? ]

      Hahahaha, that happened last year when a 22 yr old Argentine called Lo Celso ripped Barca’s defense open and Betis emerged victorious 4-3, remember that blala? Ofcrouse you don’t because at the time Celso was scoring left and right and you decided to take a leave of absences from this forum after talking s**t about him for not being good enough for PSG.
      He may not be 20yrs old but a 25 yr old Ocampos gave Barca’s defense nightmares at the beginning of this season (even though Sevilla lost 4-0). It was so bad infact that the Madrid based paper MARCA wrote an article about Ocampos and about how he embarrassed Barca’s backline and how he was easily the best signing for Sevilla after their 100 mill + spending spree. Infact the paper even took a shot at Messi after saying that Ocampos was easily the best Argentine on the field that day.

    • This comment is perfect to show why you don’t really watch any games and just look at the score board at the end.

      Vinicius was the exact definition of over-rated the entire game. Completely shut down by Semedo and every time he got open in space and got in the final third made the worse of the worse decision. It was actually hilarious to watch. Vidal and Semedo had him completely pocketed and the only reason he got open was because Setien lost his brain and put martin braithwaite a striker to mark him in right midfield defense taking vidal out and he completely forgot to track him. Even then with all that space he was extremely lucky to get a goal from a shot going wide from a huge deflection in what should probably have been given as a OG.

      If any young south american was a true difference maker in this game and “destroyed barca defense” it was fede valverde.

    • Mr. Troll. You see every single positive about Brazilians and every single fault about Argentines. The fact you are still rare on coming here with bragging about your Brazilians (while looking for every opportunity on that) is good prove there’s not much to think they are better the Argentines.

      BTW Gaich has scored.

    • Throughout the evening the Brazilian seemed clueless other than the deflected goal, even BARCO would have scored a Hattrick with this Barca defence. Apart from speed and moderate ability to dribble he is nothing special or justifies the cost .Even Japanese Messi KUBO is 7 times better than this shit.

    • true foyth is just a scapegoat if he was english he wud hav been selected again .if he was portugese jose mourinho wud hav forgived him n played him everytime . this is y im saying we need more argentine managers in the top european clubs only then our talent pool will be exploited

    • I taped the game, so I’ll watch it and let you know what I think later on. You can go to Rojadirecta.com and download the full match if you wanna see him in action.

        • Ok ani, got to watch a good portion of the match and Palacios was solid if unspectacular, especially when compared to his previous 2 MOTM performances (this includes the german cup game against Hertha).
          Lets not forget that they were playing against a CL competitive team like Leipzig, a much harder opponent than Augsburg or Hertha or Porto.
          Exequiel’s passing was crisp and accurate, he hardly misplaced a ball and he even set up a decent chance early on. He also wasn’t afraid to take a shot at goal, although neither one of his shots hit the target, but it’s clear that he’s not happy to just sit and make passes in the midfield, he wants to score goals as well. His defensive work and positioning also was good.
          There isn’t much negative I can say about his game, simply he was no where near as explosive or ubiquitous as he was in the previous match but again that was due to leipzig being a very good team that controlled the midfield.

          • hmm tnks mamoun its gud to hear tat. at river the team was built around him hence he wud do everthing a complete midfielder does. but in bayer ofc a new club he is restricted n he shud respect the coach tactical decisions n do the best he can in the role

  6. spurs fail to register win against wolves which wud hav put them back into the top 4 race .
    lo celso had a decent game in the ending stages he was sloppy in few moments
    the english media are starting to target him n highlighting the fact tat he has 0 goals n 0 assists in 18 games .
    bayer draw against leipzig
    palacios played 60 mins

    • If Spurs want goals from Lo-Celso, then they will have to play him in a more offensive role , like in Real Betis. If they are expecting him to create numerous chances , assists and score goals from deep midfield then they will get nothing but disappointment!!

    • I disagree lo celso is the only player
      Who tries to make spurs tick
      Blame Mourinho for negative approach.
      Is not fair to expect Argentine players always to Perform better than thier teammates.
      I’m sure if lo celso played under attacking manager would have assisted and scored many goals. Have saying that still he is one of the better players under Mourinho.

      • i guess the english media are targeting him now because he didnt get red against chelsea and is an argentine also hence naturally englishmen hate the argentine people . if he was portugese or brazilian they wud have rated him the best midfielder .i mean if stats were taken into account then iniesta ,zidane wud be declared as average players because they dont have great indvidual stats

        • That is obvious but another things
          This young boy tanganga was disastrous
          Today not one will blame him
          They will look for excuses
          But if that was Juan foyth I’m sure
          They will talk about weeks
          I swear Juan foyth is better footabll than Tanganga and Eric dier.

        • From what I’ve seen Celso is the only player getting any sort of praise from the media so I wouldn’t worry about it. What I am worried about is that without Kane or Son not to mention the influence of a has been like Mourinho, all of Celso’s playmaking efforts are gonna go to waste

          • mamoun but the bright side is tat lo celso now has learnt to play under different tactics n environments which helps him easily adapt to any tactic the NT coach demands of him. like at psg n betis he learnt the art of possession football which improved his passing n vision n goalscoring as psg n betis tend to create many attacking chances. at the premier league he learnt to adapt to the fast,physical n high energy demanding game where he improved his physicality n tackling n can play 120 mins of tireless football i hardly see him pushed out of the ball these days which signifies hw much he has improved his physicality n under jose he has learnt counter attacking football n deal how to absorb pressure. hopefully this willl turn him into the best midfielder in the game

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