Individual Highlights: Renzo Saravia debut for Internacional vs. Brasil


Individual Highlights: Renzo Saravia of Internacional de Porto Alegre vs. Brasil

Renzo Saravia made his debut for Inter in their 2-0 win vs. Brasil where he played the assist for the goal.

Saravia, who joined Internacional de Porto Alegre on loan from FC Porto, made his debut for the club and did not disappoint. A menace going forward and solid defensively, Saravia shared the pitch alongside former Argentina man Andres D’Alessandro.

He would play a cross in for the headed goal. Here are his individual highlights from the game.


  1. Amongst all the rb’s called by scaloni ,I find saravia as the most balanced one ,glad that he impressed in his debut ,I think he should join either of flamengo ,Santos ,gremio in next transfer window

    • come on man give it a break he did fine given the amount of time he didnt touch the ball in a professional game. he is a good example as to why argentineans should avoid the portugese league unless it is sporting because the other clubs try to give chances to local talent than argentines

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