Argentina right back Renzo Saravia joins Internacional from FC Porto


Renzo Saravia has joined Brazilian club Internacional on loan from FC Porto.

The Argentina right back has left Portugal to join fellow Argentine Andres D’Alessandro in Brazil. Still only 26 years of age, he joined Porto in June of last year on a four year deal. He will play with Inter until the end of the year.


  1. Time to keep him far far away from the national team! I really didn’t want him to be one game wonder but alas..!!! When you are parking the bus any defender can look like Zanetti or Ayala !!

    • bruv first understand the situation of his at porto he was totally discarded frm the team i dunno wat the reason was but he was only used as a sub for the cup games against second or third division teams . surely he cant be entirely at fault in these type of issues. he had the potential but unfortunately he chose the wrong club in fc porto he cud have gone fr sporting where they treat argentine players wel

        • [He cost for Porto the UCL qualification]

          Agreed, because porto was the greatest club in history at that point, won 5 CL in a row (2014-18) and their squad was so good that Messi and Rolando were rejected by them……..and then in came Renzo Saravia, that damn Argie player and he single handedly destroyed the greatest club in the world football *insert eye roll*.

          • Last season UCL quarter-final, in 17/18 UCL last 16, in 16/17 UCL last 16 so on…missing from this competition is a disaster for them,50-100 mill. euros minus, and like it or not Saravia was the scapegoat.

          • No he wasn’t the scapegoat, might’ve been to you but not to anyone else and I dare you to find any articles that states simply that “porto missed out on the CL due to Saravia”. You know how I know he wasn’t the scapegoat is because he was subbed just after the half hour mark due to injury, but ofccourse you wouldn’t know that if you just looked at whoscored and not bothered to watch the match. Also it was FC Krasnodar for the love of god! Even if Saravia was terrible that doesn’t excuse a reputable club like porto to lose to a club from Russia I’ve never even heard of.

    • u cant blame him poor lad was sidelined by the fc porto management n not sure for wat gud reason but sad to see his career go in a downward trajectory he had potential to become a good player i still remember the match when he silenced neymar

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