Lucas Alario injured, will miss Argentina World Cup qualifying matches


Lucas Alario has suffered an injury and will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches this month.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni announced his list of players for this month’s World Cup qualifiers and Lucas Alario was included. However, the Bayer Leverkusen man suffered a dislocated shoulder and will be out for one month.

Alario will miss both games vs. Ecuador and Bolivia and it remains to be seen if Scaloni will call a replacement.


  1. Icardi must be called up, can’t wait to see my crush Wanda during Argentina match, Her cute smile kills me 😘

  2. Mac Allister deserves to start the match in starting line up.I think talent is oozing out from this Argentina team.Most of the players needs to be starter.Battaglia could have been better than G.Rodriguez but Rodriguez is in La liga and is starter so let’s see what he brings

  3. lucas martinez quarta linked to real betis recently
    it would be the perfect place to hone his skills.
    matias zaracho also continues to be linked to ac milan
    no new developments in agustin almendra’s move seems like its just a damp squib
    no new developments on west ham’s pursuit of gonzalo montiel
    it seems west ham have found a new teenager who has done the right back role well recently so the montiel move to west ham might be unlikely

    • Hehe that’s a good one.

      I will say it, its an unpopular opinion, and have no proof. But i think its because of Messi and Aguero. Hard to think otherwise. Its clearly not because of footballing reason, But it is what it is.

      Its okey, But lets hope Higuain is not called back from retirement.

      • i don’t have any proof either but its fun to speculate. i’ve read Messi openly say that it’s all good between them. On the hand, i have heard Maradona and old timers talk a lot of shit. Im guessing its the older generation that didn’t approve of the Wanda thing coupled with the Inter issues. Assuming Zanetti doesn’t have positive things to say either.

        For Higuain, even Higuain doesn’t want to be back 🙂

    • At this rate, Higuain will make the call before Icardi“.

      – 😂😂😂shit, this actually wouldn’t surprise…
      I’m gonna say it till the end, ICARDI IS A MUST on the team!

  4. I get Aguero, Martinez, and Dybala over Icardi. I would never go with Alario over Icardi but there is some rationale behind it (just a little). If anyone is picked over him as 5th in the pecking order, then it must be personal between coach, players, and/or AFA.

    Icardi – Martinez – Dybala could lead the attack for years after Messi and Aguero. Really stupid to exclude Icardi without a really good justification

  5. If Alario is injured then it should be either Icardi or Bendetto to be called up.Bendetto is good in prividing space to teammates and has better understanding of game but Icardi is good in penalty box skills

  6. now that foyth has returned to training i hope jose gives chances to the boy like how he is trusting that joker tanganga in defence despite him failing to make any impact .

    • I swear is beyond believe how all those
      Spurs defender given chance time after
      Time they all chokers including Sanchez
      Last night aurier tanganga were joke
      Last Saturday ssnchez was horrible
      If has been given half chance for foyth
      He would have shine but I doubt
      Mourinho will ever give chance this
      Poor boy btw spurs fans are calling
      Are calling his head they want pochettino bk.

    • Mourinho is a has-been, honestly he should either retire or coach national teams.
      If José was smart he’d realize that a physical, fast, defensive minded player like Foyth who happens to be surprisingly skilled and comfortable with the ball is MADE FOR MIDFIELD! I am still waiting for some1 to come to the realization that Foyth is the next great defensive midfielder.

      • if foyth fails to get any minutes by the end of the season its better he leave the club n better join a mid table club where he can first get the regular play time and learn how to be less prone to errors

      • You know what mate the lad has all the
        Tributes to be great holding midfielder
        Or sweeper either way Mourinho
        Deny him. I’m sure if poch was still
        There he will be playing regularly
        Either rb or cb.
        Poch had big plans for foyth.
        Come to Mourinho I believe he is
        Way outdated now Danny Levi
        He is very much regretting sucking poch.

      • you know, that is really exciting to think about it. Foyth does have the profile/style for a great defensive midfielder.

        Foyth desperately needs to drink whatever magic kool-aid (*cachaca) Casemiro is having. That fucker received 1st and only red last year.

  7. Even if Scaloni calls for a replacement it doesn’t seem like it will be Icardi! It looks like Icardi has some issues with AFA or he doesn’t get along with his team mates!! He is too good of a striker to be not selected based on form and skills! As per some reports he is already having issues with Neymar and Mbappe at PSG, not sure how true it is !

  8. So basically there is no Lautaro, No Alario and No Messi for 1st match. Only Dybala and Aguero is there. Let me guess Icardi will still not be called.May be Scaloni will call Beneditto or Pratto.

    Damnn… Man Icardi why did u marry Wanda.It’s costing u dearly, its either NT game time or Wanda. Well being with Wanda too is not bad either I guess.

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