South American World Cup qualifiers to be suspended due to corona virus


South American World Cup qualifiers will reportedly be suspended due to the corona virus.

The global epidemic has hit the football world. With leagues being suspended and with matches being played behind closed doors, TyC Sports has reported that the 2022 South American World Cup qualifiers will be suspended with confirmation expected later today.


  1. enjoying all the commentary this morning complaining liverpool had 30 shots, 40 shots whatever.
    Take a thousand shots but if you can’t send it in, it means nothing. as if goalkeepers are not part of the squad.
    To imagine van dijk was in same contention as messi last year and they let in goals to a converted DM and morata.
    Simeone’s record against top level teams is truly incredible.

    • Diego simeone is incredibly talented
      Manager yes he set up his team defensively
      Well against big European clubs
      Especially away games but people
      Don’t see when his team have the ball The passes very well and make good use of it there is no other way he could Beat unbelievable liverpool team.Diego simeone recorded English teams.In knockout European matches is unbelievable he knock out Chelsea Arsenal and now overwhelmingly favourites Liverpool.
      No manager in the world wants to face Diego simeone’s Atletico team
      Note Mourinho and simeone are
      Completely different managers
      Yes they both set up thier teams
      Defensively but the difference is this
      If simeone’s team go behind and
      Need to score plays completely different They attack very well I mean simeone Can adapt to be attacking high pressing
      Manager if he needs to do it.
      Personally I love attacking football
      Big fan of bielse school love poch
      Gallardo hienze pep Guardiola klopp
      Or any other manager who plays
      Attacking attractive football.
      However i have massive respect
      For simeone and hope he wins
      UEFA champions league this year.
      I’m rooting Atletico Madrid mainly
      Of simeone.

  2. There are many people in world football who are praising Simione as he knocked out Liverpool but they are the same people who blantly criticised him for losing two goal lead against Juventus in Champion League

  3. Amazing display by Atl.Madrid. They defeated Liverpool at Anfield where Barca could not. This was nothing but el Cholo’s amazing tactics. He truly is a master tactician and knows how to get the best out of his players. He is a hard taskmaster and definitely knows how to beat the opponents by taking the games to them.

  4. Personally I think simeone should get icardi to atletico Madrid, he could make a real gem out of him. We already know how hard tactically simeone is, he turns ordinary players into world class, as evident by the likes of griezmann, koke and Saul niguez.
    If atletico somehow manages to activate icardi’s clause, simeone could really make him a hard working player, as he will have to work upon his physicality, which as a blessing will make him more active and an all round player nlike the type he is right now where he literally involves least in team play and wait in the penalty area to get balls .

    Plus it might help improve his chances to regularly get called up in the national team, considering scaloni pick players who are mobile and flexible rather than rigid one-positioned players like icardi.

  5. This could be a blessing in disguise as many of our players lack form or warm the bench.

    In June it will be 6 months without a NT game…

    • only balerdi is the bench warmer saravia will play regularly tnks to joining inter but for players like paredes,otamendi,guido,pereyra,palacios,dominguez,macallister,alario n dybala though they arent playing regularly they often get minutes off the bench n also occasionally get to start matches like once in every 3 games due to fixture congestion where coaches will be forced to rotate more often than not. regarding the form of the group i tnk only the defenders n a few forwards like lautaro,messi n aguero are out of form

      • @ Richard
        I don’t think the situation is as bad as you make it out to be, of the potential starters only Lautaro is out of form while Paredes continues to struggle for playing time. Lio hasn’t been at his kryptonian best but he’s still miles better than anyone else. Kun’s been abit up and down but he’s still scoring those important goals. Dybala, Celso and Ocampos are all in hot form.
        Montiel, Quarta, De Paul, Tagliafico and Andrada have all been in their regular good form while Palacios is getting playing time at Bayern.

        I would say that Dybala and Otamendi do play regularly but they aren’t starters, mind you la joya is a star in Juve while Otamendi is more of a liability.
        Palacios has played 2 out of the 3 league games that he was available for, so for now atleast he seems to be getting regular football, now whether he becomes a starter or not remains to be seen.
        Allister and Nico have just begun their european careers and like you said they’re getting minutes even if they’re not starting……..yet.
        Guido and Pereyra hold little value whether they play regularly or not and I think they will be weeded out of the team eventually, similar to what Sabella did with the likes of Brana, Despato, Sosa, Guinazo etc….

        Sadly the likes of Licha Martinez, A.Correa, Papu. Ascacibar and Buendia aren’t getting a look in despite being in form.

        • mamoun bro i tnk u misread about nico i didnt mention him in the list of irreguars he is a starter for stuttgart he was recently hampered by injury which explains his presence on the bench in recent tiimes but in the last game which was the top of the table clash he started which explains his regularity in playtime n hw important he is for stuttgart .

          dybala aint considered a star by juventus even though he is by the fans that is because of ronaldo’s influence which i have stated before in mundo ‘he or his agent influences the club decisions to bench important argentina players n eventualy sell them so that whenever the argentine gets called up for NT duty he wudnt have the regular play time in his belt. he did it in real madrid with di maria and higuain and got them sold when they were in their prime especially di maria when he literaly was the star man of the final and he was really young they tried to bench him in the world cup final warning him of the consequences if he played but he rejected their demand and tried his best to be available for the final but wasnt ready in time tats y they got him sold the very next week n now at juventus he is doing it again he got higuain loaned out last season when higuain was still representing argentina and benched dybala , this season higuain started matches only after his international retirement and they tried to sell dybala but due to his image rights it didnt work n he returned to being benched so his talent is immense tat every time he came on he changed the game single handedly while ronaldo was terrible so sarri was forced start him again n soon tnks to dybala ronaldo got back to his goalscoring best and again dybala was might tell im speculating too much but the patterns are there to be seen at madrid n juventus

          come on bro guido does hold good value he joined betis only this january so he obviosly must have difficulty to fully integrate with the team tactics tats y he isnt a regular n also he is only 25 he can be an important player for betis and argentina so give him time

          i feel licha martinez n ascacibar do need a bit more time at the top level before being integrated into the senior team ofc we cant doubt their potential im sure after playing in the olympics they will be promoted. but i do feel for papu and correa especially papu who are doing amazing work in their clubs.

          about buendia scaloni definitely isnt understanding the consequence of ignoring him buendia is a former spain u20 player and spain dont have quality wingers in their team so there is always the possiblity of spain snapping him up. i hope scaloni realises this and atleast includes him for the u23

          • [mamoun bro i tnk u misread about nico i ……..]

            Oh no I gotta ya Ani, I wasn’t actually referring to Nico at all and you’re right, he’s integral for his team and I like the fact that he’s called up.

            [dybala aint considered a star by juventus even though……….]

            Dybala isn’t THE star for Juve but he is definitely A star in the team and I love his progress and how far he’s come this season, whether be it his work rate, his creativity or versatility.

            [come on bro guido does hold good value………]

            Honestly Ani, I’m just not impressed with the guy at all and I think Ascacibar is light years ahead of him in every aspect even though he’s 3 years younger. In my mind there is ZERO reason why Guido is ahead of Santi. With that being said I do wish Guido all the best at Betis and I hope he proves me wrong.

            [i feel licha martinez n ascacibar do need a bit more time at the top level before…….]

            see, you and I disagree there, I think those 2 are totally ready to be integrated into the team.

            I agree with you on Buendia and I am also hoping that he’d be included in the u23 squad (if the olympics don’t get canceled that is) atleast.

  6. Good Decision.Nothing is important that safety of People. By the way Glad that Liverpool is crashed out…Awwww…Poor English Foolish Commentators they were praising Liverpool out of the Roof(Like always England think they r superior, which they r not. God when r they gonna learn)… If His Highness Cristina also knocked out then this Champions league looks brilliant. Apart from Liverpool and Juventus if any other team wins its not a problem.

    Off the topic, The Epidemic is spreading like wild fire globally. Cant do much about it. Usually the diseases and Viruses are reserved for middle class and poor people, But this one is spreading to Celebrities and Higher Class peoples too, Actor Tom Hanks is infected, looks like cant do much about it. Hope for the best. Hope.

    • Atletico Madrid won because they can play in same tempo for whole match either it is 90 minute or extra time but other teams get less concentrated or fatigued as time goes.

  7. CONCACAF Champions league Quater finals first leg:

    5 argentines starting in this match

    Club america vs Atlanta united
    leo suarez-23 yrs ezequiel barco-20 yrs
    santi caseres-23yrs pity martinez-26 yrs
    eric remedi-24 yrs

    scoreline =3-0 leo suarez scored

  8. At one moment in the match Correa clashed with van djik and went for a butt fight to him ….but more funny was that how the commentators agitated and went to say that he took a risk and a regret to clash up with van “DICK” .
    Who the hell cares if it’s van dick or not, English commentators are real time pussies they always pump up players like gas balloons. I wonder what the hell will happen to van dick if he clashes up with someone like ramos , otamendi or boateng, might get a death roll just like the alligators does it to it’s prey.

    Just another one season wonder.

  9. Simeone’s tactical intelligence just shoved van djik, Salah and Robertson up klopp’s arse.

    He did it , what a fucking brain he has, he knew really well who to put out on the field and timed his substitution like a legendary coach.
    One of the most awkward moment I felt was when he took off deigo Costa but the most stylish moment which actually describes why he is a profoundly tactical genius is when he fielded morata in extra time, he knew that gutterpool players will eventually run out of batteries in few moments and he used morata’s pace to blast the defence wide open.

    And as it happened 3-2 nothing more than that…..😂😂😂😂😂.

  10. Inter’s midfield is a pure trash, no creativity, no chance creation, no real ball winner or destroyer except brozovic and candreva.
    I do not fucking understand how eriksen is not playing in the first team, he could well turn out to be a precise and consistent passer of the ball, can supply balls to the strikers as well.

    Some people, in some of the previous posts were blaming lautaro for having lost his form and fire-power since the start of the year, but my real question is how many assists have came to his goals through the midfield??, Maybe 1or 2, if you go back and see, half of his goals have came either through the passes of wingbacks or wingers or through lukaku.
    The same goes for lukaku as well .

    Inter need a solid ball winner like battaglia or ascacibar or even paredes would be better if he manages to leave that cowshed. As we saw that inter were unable to win the ball at all against Juventus in the 2nd half, they were completely emasculated and torn to pieces by juve’s technical intelligence and even more when dybala stepped in. Midfielders like de paul, paredes would definitely do the work along with brozo and eriksen.

    • there is no doubting el toro’s abilities on and off the ball but he definitely has faded a bit as you said lautaro’s goals largely came through the wings or lukaku but one thing i also noticed was lautaro’s ability to be dangerous whenever he receives the ball from midfield or in the edge of the box he is always creating something special whenever he is on the ball he is not speed like werner or physically strong like halaand but he makes it up with his immense technical ability tats y the goals inter scored last year came largely through his involvment on the ball or off the ball.but after the ucl exit those movements have defnitiely faded he often loses the ball when played in to the edge of the box because of mostly bad decision making making the wrong pass or doing a poor dribble also his finishing aint clinical .his finishing also has deteriorated a bit ofc that wud be due to the lack of supply he receives but you know what’s the difference between world class player and a good player. world class players can score from just the 1 or 2 clear cut chances he receives or even score through a 2-3 half chances thats wat is lacking from lautaro of this year and the previous year. but given his tough nature and his huge talent im sure he will bounce back n not to forget he is only 22

  11. Olympic can be postponed as they can not be played behind closed doors but Euro and Copa can be played behind closed doors.

  12. I hope the players still get a chance to come together – perhaps for a short ‘team-building’ camp just to build good rapport and test out some plays … it would be a shame if they dont get to meet at all for the next few months. Hurts our chances at Copa (if happens) and beyond.

  13. i think the most likely scenario for all of international football would be to hold the international competitions in the winter break i personally would like all the continental club competitions and the local league cup competitions to be annul. which would help the local leagues to finish their league matches early so that the situation will subside n the next season can be started early to accomodate the international winter fixtures

  14. I dont think european leagues, european cups will end in this year, high chances even Copa America, Euro 20 and Olympics will be postponed or deleted.

  15. If thats the case, its good for the players and not so for us – fans 🙁

    But having said that, safety is of topmost importance. This would mean Scaloni would get a chance to work with the players only before Copa America and hope there is enough time for practice and bonding between the players.

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