CONMEBOL send request to FIFA to suspended World Cup qualifiers


South America’s governing football body CONMEBOL have sent an official request to FIFA in order to get the World Cup qualifiers suspended.

Shortly after Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni announced his list of players for this month’s qualifiers, rumors starter circulating that the matches for this month would be suspended. The corona virus has spread globally and has instilled travel bans across countries.

No confirnation yet by FIFA as to whether they will be suspended or not but all signs point to a delay in the start of the qualifiers.


    • Only 5% of Corona cases are life threatening and the virus has a mortality of less than 1%. 80% of cases experience a mild flu-like symptoms akin to the common cold. The virus does however cause serious danger to the frail elderly or those who are immuno-compromised.
      Most athletes like Dybala, young men who are who are well above the average level fitness should be just fine.

  1. Copa America will propably move to 2021 if UEFA postpones Euro 2020 with 1 year (according to L’Equipe).

  2. All domestic league should be suspended and current crown holder of domestic league should be declared winner.UCL matches should be held behind closed doors and any player showing signs of Corona virus should be isolated.

  3. This is terribly frightening, the virus has almost spreaded across 113 countries as reported by the BBC.
    In our country india, it has also gotten a strong hold with 63 cases and 1casualty reported till now.
    It’s only a matter of few days before it takes a good hold in our state ( West bengal).

    I hope everybody is making their utmost best to protect themselves, be safe .

    It’s spreading almost like zombie apocalyptic.

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