South American World Cup qualifiers suspended due to COVID-19, updates to come


CONMEBOL has confirmed that this month’s World Cup qualifiers and next week’s Copa Libertadors matches have been suspended.

There were rumors that they would be cancelled and after CONMEBOL had sent FIFA The request, it has now been confirmed. This month’s matches have been suspended.

Argentina play Ecuador at La Bombonera while going to La Paz to play Bolivia and while those two matches won’t change, they won’t be happening this month.

FIFA announced that the matches are postponed and details of those will be discussed and announced soon.


  1. Jérôme Rothen thinks that Thomas Tuchel prevents Leandro Paredes (25 years old) from blossoming in the heart of the Parisian game
    Why does Paredes not let go? We heard him behind closed doors. His trainer does not let go, and that is a problem with Thomas Tuchel. You have the impression that he has Paredes in the back, like with Meunier. The long pass, he masters it, the pass also in the middle, we see it with Argentina. Tuchel often remains focused on players and Paredes is the perfect example of this match, ” said the consultant. RMC waves .

    “Maybe he will drop him after this eighth …”

    And to continue: “Once Paredes is completely relaxed on his quality of long pass, and that his trainer will let him loose the bunch … Maybe he will let go after having freed himself from the weight of this Maybe he’ll relax and talk to his players differently and realize that this Paredes-Gueye doublet can do a lot of service for PSG. “

  2. Irony is there r so many sporting events this year Copa America, Euro(Talks r there already to postpone it, imagine, that event is in June or July) Tokyo Olympics, Cricket WC etc etc…

    Question is how long the world will stand still. Even if all events r post poned for say 1 month. What will happen after that month. There is no vaccine. It will Take months to develop a vaccine too as per sources.

    This is such a catastrophe which has threatened the humans in a long time. Say in my lifetime a global phenomenon like this has never been there that’s like above 30 years. There have been diseases like Ebola and Nipah etc but none of it had spread world wide.

    Dammit Chinese… Because of some idiotic acts of some humans the entire human race is suffering… God dammit…

    Wrong blog to post the above message I guess. But I only writes in this blog. No other social media activities.. 😂

    • as long my friend some illuminate rulers of world will want.
      after they finish with what they want you will start hear from media slowly slowly that
      “the virus die” , “the virus no longer dangerous”, “the virus have medicine” and bla bla bla bla nonsense like that. in end we will arrive back to what you know.

      deseases was always existed and always was spreaded globaly with number of deaths unfortunately.
      the difference now is that exist media. if media wants they can make you go kill yourself before the virus arrive to you (italy) and if they want they don t say anything like virus don t exist (Turkey) and you can die without you understand what happened.

      anyway. sorry for my not sports comment but anyway Argentina national team will not play soon so we can say maybe and something outside sports.

  3. its necessary for every players health and safety that all the competitions be suspended but i seriously wonder if season would be ended as it is. if that happens the table for some of our teams wud be like this:
    serie A – lautaro’s inter will qualify for ucl
    la liga- ocampos’s sevilla will qualify while atletico fall into europa
    premier league-lo celso’s spurs will be placed 8th

    • or another option would be to keep a playoff tournament to decide the standings but that wud do injustice to some top of the table league teams as sometimes if they dont have luck u wud lose in the early stage and all their effort they put in before wud go to waste

  4. Nothing wrong in it. Precaution is a wise decision… not just for the players but for all . World need a join heart payers at this moment. Stay Safe all

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