On this day 20 years ago: Gabriel Batistuta scores vs. Manchester United


On this day 20 years ago, Gabriel Batistuta scored that goal for Fiorentina vs. Manchester United.

An Argentine lit up Old Trafford but not just any Argentine, Gabriel Batistuta. “Speed of light strike from Gabriel Batistuta” is the legendary English commentary that’s associated with that goal.

It was March 15, 2000 and it was Match Day 5 of the Champions League at Old Trafford. Fiorentina won their first encounter in Florence 2-0 courtesy of two goals by Argentine duo Gabriel Batistuta and Abel Balbo.

Gabriel Batistuta was on three Champions League goals in four matches that season and would make it four in five. Batistuta would receive the ball, control it with his left and turn around Jaap Stam. A thunder bolt of a shot would beat goalkeeper Mark Bosnich to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead. United would go on to win the match 3-1 but it was Batigol’s strike which is remembered from that match.

Batistuta would go on to finish the tournament with five goals in six matches as Fiorentina were eliminated from the group stages.


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  1. Walter Benitez will be a free agent after current season.Personally i would like to see him in Premier League or La Liga but Inter or Juve is also good choice

  2. Batigol at his peak during his tenure at La Viola. The three superstar Bati for La Viola, Crespo for Parma and Abel Balbo for Roma used to be the headlines on Monday paper for their goals. One of the best Batigoal is vs Barca to put 1-1 in UCL ; running from mid field.

    Simply, Bati is the best #9 Arg ever produced

  3. many highlights in yesterday’s matches
    nahuel bustos scored an absolute BANGER he also almost scored another. 24 yr old tomas pochettino with a brilliant assist for their third goal.

    17 yr old carlos alcaraz with an brilliant header for the winner in the 4-3 racing win

  4. Seemed like he kicked that ball from the bedroom into the neighbors’s two houses down the street.
    They don’t make ’em like that anymore!

  5. Bosnich will never forget that flying shot coming at him. The best days of La Viola and Batigol is the one made me loyal to this great team since the first day I watched him play for Fiorentina in mid 90s till today. Fiorentina ❤

    • Same here mate first ever football match.
      I ve watched was Fiorentina vs inter milanIn 1998 batigol scored since than Fiorentina Was my team till I lost interest in Seria A.
      I switched my loyalty to premier league.
      Maybe its to much hype from British media.But surely it’s most richest and entertain League in the world.

        • it’s bit complicated the only team
          I support proper is Argentina nt.
          In premier league I just like west ham.
          Plus I cheer whichever team has
          Most Argentine players example
          Man city when they had one time
          Tevez aguero zabalata later martin demichelis and nico otamendi
          I suppose to cheer for spurs but
          I don’t like them I still watch them
          mainly lo celso and foyth
          Definitely no lamela cose I don’t have
          No interest in him.
          Having say that I tried to reduce to be
          passionate football support cose
          It’s really stressful I still remember
          How devastating I was when I Arg
          Lost three finals in row that make me think argentina nt is cursed.
          Argentina will never lose normal game against chile.

          • ahh same here man i also follow teams which have argentine players in their teams especially starters as of now in serie a i love inter,udinese and genoa as these treat argentina players really well. in portugal sporting cp seems nice because they also have three argentines starting week in week out.
            in bundesliga i dont have a standout favourite but if i have to choose i wud say hertha bsc cause of ascacibar i might support bayer leverkusen or dortmund depending on whether they make palacios and balerdi starters.
            in ligue 1 similarly no standout favourites but if i were to choose it wud be ofc marseille,nice,montpellier cause of benedetto,benitez n rulli
            in la liga ofc sevilla is my favourite i used to be a die hard barca fan but after the large influx of overpriced and overrated brazilians and frenchies my fondness for barca started to fade and after last year bottling against liverpool i was done with them maybe if they sign lautaro next season i wud return to supoorting them who knws.
            i started to follow premier league this season only because of the many talented young argentines on display ofc i started supporting spurs cause of lo celso but after pochettino left i was hugely disappointed n was fearing lo celso n foyth wud be completely ignored by mourinho but since he came back into the spurs fold im now a huge spurs fan and lo celso is literally my most favourite argentine player because of his quiet,humble, and family loving nature similar to messi and also his determination n hard work like messi he does not have the inborn talent and genius like messi but its his hard work which will surely bring him to the top i was really impressed on how he reacted to jose’s ignorance of him and took the opportunities as a sub to prove jose tat he is a top player and boy did he impress jose immensely n not only jose he is fast becoming a fan favourite of spurs supporters

  6. Put your hands up if you remember
    The goal bastistuta scored against
    Arsenal very tight angel in Wembley
    Which puts Fiorentina next round and
    Knock arsenal out.
    What a legend he was only regret I have
    For him is he should moved big clubs
    When they wanted him so badly likes
    Man utd real Madrid he was way too loyal
    For Fiorentina.

    • Godin, i remember almost everything from Batistuta, i remember his goal with Arsenal too. For me, simply the best 9 i have ever seen, his shooting abilities were second to none. Let me now refresh your memories now amigos, it was back in 1997, Udinese was playing against Fiorentina, was up two goals if i rememer correctly and Batistuta achieved the most insane hat trick i have ever seen! After he scored the first goal, he scored the equaliser by unleashing an almost 40m thunderous free kick strike and then scored the winner in stoppage time with an amazing bicycle kick just outside the penalty area! For those who have not seen that, it surely worth a try!

      What a player, a true phenomenom!

      • without i want the picture of Batigol cry after 2002 game against Sweden have destroy my good memories of him. it is my personal nightmare.

        three games mark my life my friend. all of them is like curse follow me till this days.
        1.the 1990 final against Germany
        2.the game against Bulgaria in 1994
        3.the game of 2002 against Sweden.

        i cry so much after those games. it is shadow my dreams always.

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