New Argentina 2020-2021 goalkeeper kit, shorts leaked


With the new Argentina home shirt being leaked, the shorts for the home shirt and the goalkeeper kit has been leaked as well.

Per website Todo Sobre Camisetas, the shorts for the home kit will be black. And the goalkeeper kit will be red.

Argentina shorts for the home shirt


Argentina shorts for the home shirt


Argentina goalkeeper kit leaked


Argentina goalkeeper kit leaked


  1. So this year we will have the quafiers only. There will be ample matches for us to finalize who’s our starting GK for Copa. Armani will be 34 by Copa. It’s not a bad age for GK. But I think it has to be between Andrada and Musso. Either of them will have to grab the No 1 spot in Copa.

    I like Musso but Andrada looks better suited all in all.

  2. Opta have used their Expected Goals on Target data to provide the top five goalkeepers in Europe for Goals Prevented.
    guess who is no.5 in the top 5 list

    • Can’t wait to see him shut up the doubters on here after he goes to a better club and league in the summer. “bUt hE iS pLaYInG iN fArMeRs lEAgUe” won’t fit the narrative then.

      Don’t understand why nobody picked him up after his incredible 18/19 season. Best shot stopper in Europe ffs. Either way he will be a free agent in the summer so Mino Raiola must find him a good team where he will start.

      I think our future GKs going forward ought to be Andrada/Benitez/Musso

      • Rulli performed better than Benetez in farmer league this season even featured whoscored team of the first half. Farmer league isn’t criteria only Musso is the best GK and bright future with a good season in Udinese and big club like Chelsea and Inter knocking the door.

  3. I want to request my fellow Indian members to follow jantacurfew as said by our prime minister mr. Narendra modi on sunday 22nd this week. This virus has entered stage 3 in india and will now spread like wildfire as evident in italy and china and iran. Be safe and do not panic🙏🏻

  4. There is only 100+ cases of Corona virus in Argentina and Colombia which will be far less in upcoming days.China has already controled cases of Corona virus and only Europe is affected worst now.So i think Copa America can be organised in Argentina and in Colombia.Players going to be cured till then.So Copa America should be on cards.Fifa should organise Copa America.Euro Cup should be postponed.

      • true kavi like munawar said especially considering argentina and colombia have many loopholes in their system its best to take the utmost precaution and cancel all public gathering events for the year

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