Ezequiel Chimy Avila starts training for Osasuna after injury


Chimy Avila is back training following his knee injury.

Some good news coming out of Spain as Osasuna striker Chimy Avila is back training. The Argentine suffered a cruciate ligament injury to his right knee back in January. The news was that it would keep him out for the rest of the season.

Avila, who scored 9 goals and had 2 assists for Osasuna prior to getting injured, is bsck running with the ball. Osasuna posted the following on their Twitter page.


  1. German Bundesliga is back 16th of May!

    Here are the Argentine players in the league to keep an eye out for:

    Bayer Leverkusen:
    Exequiel Palacios
    Lucas Alario

    Hertha Berlin:
    Santiago Ascacibar

    Borussia Dortmund:
    Leonardo Balerdi

    VfB Stuttgart:
    Nicolas Gonzalez
    Mateo Klimowicz

    Eintracht Frankfurt:
    David Abraham

    And here is the schedule for the upcoming games:

    Meanwhile, as you might already know, French Ligue 1 has been cancelled due to coronavirus and PSG has been crowned champions. The 20/21 season will possibly start in August, meaning the following Argentine players will not play until then (unless transferred to a different league):

    Leandro Paredes
    Angel Di Maria
    Mauro Icardi
    Walter Benitez
    Dario Benedetto
    Geronimo Rulli
    Nico Gaitan

  2. “Marcos Acuña, previously inquired about by Juventus, has allegedly been targeted by Inter Milan, Napoli, and AS Roma.

    Lautaro Martinez, who might end up leaving Inter Milan, after two seasons in, on the whole 111 million euros exit clause set upon him, has been targeted by Paris Saint-Germain. El Toro, who might still end up staying put, is also tracked by Barcelona, Manchester City and Real Madrid.

    Thrilled with the performance he was providing Sevilla FC, just before the break, Real Madrid management, according to OK Diario, are planning to pursue Argentinian international winger Lucas Ocampos, as a somewhat low-cost market target. Purchased by Rojiblancos last summer, from Olympique Marseille, on a 15 million euros trade fee, former AC Milan and AS Monaco player might be even traded out of a swap deal: to this end, Merengues are meant to offer one out of Arsenal loanee Dani Ceballos and Bayern Munich one Alvaro Odriozola, unless Sergio Reguilon’s permanent move into Sevilla capacities grows into an item of negotiation.”

    • In my humble opinion, Real Madrid is a bad idea for any of our players. As far as i can remember, the only Argentines that they respected were Di Stefano and Redondo so stay away from them. Ocampos should stay in Sevilla as he has already become one of the fans favourites while if Lautaro lives Inter eventually, i would prefer him going to Barcelona.

  3. Dybla and Pezella are now fully recovered from Covid 19.Are there amy other Argentine effected by Covid 19 player or staff

  4. Very good news! I am very happy that Chimy is getting slowly back in business! I have said it mamy times, this guy is an exceptional player, great skills, technique, dribbling, pace, explosiveness, stamina, shoot and finish and top of all, a fighting spirit, he even managed to slowly come back in no time after such a serious imjury!

    I wonder, is it only me that thinks that this player has something special and could be a tremendous addition to our beloved team??

    Seriously, if i didn’t know him i would have been almost sure that he is an Argentine!

    Welcome back Chimy!

  5. German Bundesliga starting mid-May it seems!

    Also, AC Milan now faces competition from Dortmund in signing Matias Zaracho from Racing, in case Sancho leaves Dortmund. Hope this happens as Dortmund is a great club to develop in! And fingers crossed for Balerdi who needs to get minutes in Dortmund to show his potential!

    • Not sure if those 2 transfer can be related coz to me, they don’t really play in the same position, Zaracho is much more a midfielder and can play as left or right midfielder. Sancho is a modern winger who can score a lot. Dortmund is one of the few clubs which plays in 343, I guess Zaracho most likely will play as a central midfielder. I agree Dortmund is a great club which plays sexy football. If you have playing time there, you should progress a lot there.

  6. I always liked Gago he was a great player.If he were not injury prone he could have already replaced Maschetano in defensive midfield.Maschetano should have been in CB position in Argentina.Gago Banega and Agusto Fernandez should have been midfield trio.

    • wow . whats wrong with masche. Except 2018 WC ( where at 34 yrs Sampoali shld have used him as a sub & not a starter ) – he was brilliant & selfless as a DM from 2006 to 16 for NT.
      I agree Augusto was a loss with the ACL injury just when he established himself in NT. Augusto- Masche – Banega would have been a good combination

      • Mascherano was not creative he could be a ball playing center back in Argentina just like in Barcelona.Mascherano is a very good player but his position is in center back pair.If we have forward players like Messi,Higuain,Tevez,Aguero,Lavezzi you need to have creative midfield even if it is little leaky in defence work.Pastore was a very big hope but he screwed his career at PSG.

        • I liked Gago too. He just couldn’t stay healthy. Ultimate definition of made of glass. I would even say, made of water, if you touch it will fall apart.

          However, he was no Mascherano. Mascherano for his position or role is same as Messi for me. Just have to listen to what Xabi Alonso have to say about Jefecito.

          Gago was also a different kind of player. He always found himself in empty space, one reason he worked well with Messi. And Gago was amazing at vertical passes. Great at crossing the lines.

        • > Mascherano was not creative he could be a ball playing center back in Argentina just like in Barcelona

          Nagh. Mascherano was immense in the midfield. I actually think you’re wrong here…Masches long balls were something we have not seen from Paredes yet. I also recall his drive to push the ball forward with verticall passes..again, haven’t seen much from Paredes either. Overall, hes easily amongst the biggest impact players during his tenure.

          Our mids today are creative but at the cost of defensive solidarity.

          If Mascherano were prime today, he would still be starting 100% as he’s head and shoulders above Paredes or any other defensive mid. After Masche left, he left a gaping hole in our team and we haven’t filled his spot yet. I would kill to have prime Masache play again. dearly missed!

          • Masche for me is 200% . I feel Parades will improve here with time. The team & his partners are stabilizing . With time he will start bettering his attack contribution
            Like Gago – another potential we lost to chronic injuries is Lanzini. Just before WC18 he looked like the perfect partner to Messi.

          • Yeah Mascherano not only good on the pitch but also a leader, he helped the coach to place his team-mates in their best position, his value add is immense. He reminds me of Deschamps.

            @amit, I totally agree that Lanzini was the real missing piece in 2018. He is the best midfielder for holding the ball and for transition, can play on both side or in a central position, very creative but also hard-working. I really miss this player a lot.

          • Amit, yeah, paredes had a slow start but he’s really improving.

            CanadianRoyal, totally agreed with leadership on and off the pitch. Incredible person and player. I think we’ll see him coaching the NT some day.

  7. I just watched a 2007 classico on tv during this weekend, Gago what a player! During the match, he completely dominated the legendary pair Xavi-Iniesta. And sometimes he played in a very advanced position as a 10. Seems to me that it’s started from this year his recurrent injuries problem started.

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