Lionel Messi scores free kick in Barcelona loss to Osasuna


Lionel Messi scored another free kick for Barcelona as they lost 2-1 vs. Osasuna.

It’s not the season Messi and Barcelona were expecting. With Osasuna leading 1-0, Barcelona were awarded a free kick and it was Lionel Messi who was taking it. Messi’s shot went around the wall and in to draw Barcelona level.

Osasuna would go on to score a late winner as Barcelona would go on to lose the league title.


  1. Emiliano Martinez with a Jaw dropping save vs Liverpool, probably the save of the season in EPL. I thought Musso is incredible against long range shots. But Martinez is making me prove wrong.

    I would start Martinez if the October Qualifiers go on. He is in incredible form, even better than Musso at the moment. If we look for an overall GK Martinez looks better, his passing is better, his Ariel game is better(EPL generally have more Ariel threat than Serie A) Technically good too.

    If Scaloni don’t choose him with this form then it will be a mistake. It has to be Martinez vs Musso for now. But will Scaloni drop his favorites Andrada or Armani, I like both of them but they will be rusty for sure.

    Talking about current form.

    • Martinez has been excellent no doubt, but a good run of form extending a total of 5 or 6 games doesn’t mean a person becomes a starting goalie for the Argentine national team. I know people say Argentina is desperate for goal keepers but that’s not true, Musso is superb and Andrade is not half bad either, not to mention poor Walter Benitez who isn’t even getting a look in.
      Martinez is getting alot of buzz and if he continues this for the remaining games he will have alot of clubs interested in him and if that’s the case then he shouldn’t be happy being second fiddle at Arsenal and actually go out there and seize the opportunity to become Argentina’s no.1 and a world beater.

      • Andrada and Armani are good GKs but they r not playing any football matches till October. Where as Musso and Emiliano are regularly playing. As per Scaloni logic by which he always selects player who is consistently playing for club is the ones mostly preferred.

        So by that criteria Emiliano deserves the No 1 spot for October friendlies so as Musso. But Emiliano look better for now.

        Unlike Offence and Midfield we don’t have any World Class GK or even Defence. It’s a fact, that’s why Scaloni has tested 7 different GKs this past year or so. So let’s try Emiliano too. If he or Musso becomes World Class in time, then it would be great.

        Right now none of our GKs r in Top 10 in World. To be considered as World class.

  2. Lets not pretend we’re shocked, this has been in the making for years and was just a matter of time. Messi has always been the sharp edge of the stick for Barcelona, especially for the past 4-5 years when he’s on the pitch and just a plain piece of wood without him.

  3. Barcelona have done beyond their best to ruin 3 peak years of Messi’ playing days. What he could have achieved in these last 3 years could have been monumental. Just the AFA have done to his entire career. Both boards have continually hired incompetent coaches. Barca board should be sued for denying us fans 3 years magic from Messi. Anyway, Barca. Have always been an anti argentine club, if not for Messi I would never have bothered with this club.

  4. Barcelona post Messi will go back to its old days. They were not a power team year after year. Deportivo La Coruna and Valencia were better in early 2000s. Its only after Ronaldinho, they started winning something and then Messi took them to historic heights, which was never before. Mind you, I am talking about consistently for 10+ years. They were always a big club, but never like Messi’s time.

    Bartomeu is a basketball guy. And Abidal is busy hiring French players. No wonder its a shit show there. And people complain about Messi trying to control the board and who plays. One thing for sure, this guy Messi has a loyalty issue (in a positive way). The way he is treated by a section of Argentina (at least in the past) and how Barcelona is at his final years, he sticks and does not quit, even when he has options.

  5. As a barca and Argentina NT fan I hope Barca hire some good coach like Pochetino or Gallardo or maybe even Allegri who could do better job than Setien and I hope Argentines like Ocampos, Foyth, and Lautaro etc join after new board is appointed in Barca and under a new manager can join barca hopefully and more argentines at a good European club could also help in building team chemistry for NT.

  6. I really want Messi to join Barca. Its hella frustrating!! He cannot afford to lose his final prime years. Barca have been so so clueless. Barca without messi amd terstegen would have been relegated for sure. Setien is a clueless manager. As a barca and argentina fan,i really want marcelo gallardo to replace setien and Dybala to replace Messi.

  7. Unless the club makes some drastic changes in management and squad, they could follow the path of AC Milan after their glory years.

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  9. Well it is what it is. He had warned before that this will happen.

    I can’t see Barca go through energetic Napoli in CL.One way it may be good rather than being humiliated by Bayern in Quarter.

    Sad to see Messi who is generally a shy character explodes with such frustration.

  10. Barca should sign Pochetino,he is their only salvation.I am tired of these average La Liga coaches they look like they are tired of their own life there is no liveness in them looking like a dead meat,there is no energy in them they look like bullied child either Valverade or Sentien.

      • I think Barca management can look beyond that. Valverde was also a Espanyol player & coach. Mega club coaches need to be able to manage the spotlight. Low profile coaches like Setien are likely to find that tough. Pochettino has handled the scrutiny at Spurs & will be a great selection. High press team can make a difference . Player revamp also needed. & for sure Pochettino will get a few Argentines in.

  11. Wonder Barca mentaly drop; can’t blame on Setien , Barca dopped 17 points under Valverde and 14 under Setien. A total self reflection is needed. Valvede’s Barca looked like a dead team and Setien’s team looks it’s been buried.

    A very slight chance to make the CL quarter final

    Bartomeu and his right hand Eric Abadal really makes Messi unhappy. New board and appointed Xavi as a coach maybe will help Messi to stay longer at Barca

    • Check out Messi’s reaction to the free kick goal. lol he’s like “la concha de tu madre, fuck this season”

      • stage is set for Setien sacking . Napoli will also beat them in CL. Barcelona management has really screwed Messi’s last years. It also reflects the same problems Argentina NT was going through before this rebuilding phase. 5 coaches since Pep & an ageing squad.
        Maybe one cleansing to be done & then keep things consistent for 2-3 years minimum . Pochettino should have a strong chance as Xavi maybe still to early for a Barca coaching role. I dont think his Espanyol background will be held against him. Even Valverde was a Espanyol player & coach.

  12. A good coach is also important, talent is not enough for everything. If Aguero coached by Pep in his beginning career or peak 2012-2016 easily won balloon dor. Aguero game improved a lot in after 29. Both Messi and Ronaldo are from different planet but forgot they had Pep and Sir Alex Ferguson in initial career. Neymar is also talented but a good coach can make him into messi/ronaldo lebel sadly he still unable to get in his peak. Look at Griezmann at barca and under simeone, if Griezmann played for barca then France could not win World Cup 2018. Klopp made Trent world class and average Firmino looked one of the best striker in the world. Look at lautaro development with in one year, conte made him an unknown footballer to hottest in transfer market though his form declined still a top coach has impact in a player. Barcelona always brought average coaches since Pep, wining titles doesn’t make any coach better Luis Enrique won UCL due to MSN where Valverde won la liga due to peak messi. Lack of world class coach in barca, no young players thrive their. Pochetinno made Hary Kane into beast, he was no where before 2014. A young player need good coach, Setian or any la liga experienced Spanish coach won’t be good enough to develop young players in barca. I heard lautaro father interview once that he would like his son to be coached by Pep, under conte lautaro developed a lot under pep he will improve a lot but will get destroyed in barca.

  13. Man City will snatch Lautaro from Barca, It will good for him. Argentina fans don’t be seduced by messi lautaro playing together help Argentina, Suarez and Griezmann prefer central role and lautaro have to play out of his natural position and Fati, Dembele is also there. Lautaro is still raw, Pep can make him into beast and could become best striker ever in Football. Man City squad >>>>> any team in Europe, KDB will feed lautaro 40 goals next season

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