Nicolas Gonzalez set to leave Stuttgart as Inter, AC Milan, Atalanta show interest


Nicolas Gonzalez looks set to leave Stuttgart with a few Serie A clubs reportedly interested in signing him.

Despite the club securing promotion into the Bundesliga, the Argentina man reportedly wants out of the club. Per a report by Kicker, four Serie A teams are keen on signing the striker. Inter, AC Milan, Atalanta and Sampdoria are the four clubs in the running.

Scoring 14 goals in the league this season and being capped by the Argentina national team, Gonzalez was signed by Stuttgart for €8.5 from Argentinos Juniors in 2018 and would look to get €20 million for him.


  1. Argentina NT need fast and peacy wenger in a big satge like world cup and copa america . Thiago almada is one of them .

    • I agree with you completely king messi. Also check out Ricardo Centurion. For us to succeed we should not just rely on players who can pass the ball, we really need players who can pull a rabbit out of a hat, so to speak.
      We are ignoring Ricardo Centurion at our own peril.

    • I like this player too Thiago Almada let’s see how he performances one of my favorite player.

  2. Juan musso would be no 1 Gk WCQ and Copa I don’t want old GK from Argentina league second would be Martinez. Third one is young GK that can learn from Juan musso and Martinez for the future GK.

  3. Hopefully Musso is made starting GK for NT in WCQ because he is performing very well and in no of clean sheets he is no1 along with donnaruma in Serie A this should be more than enough for Musso to be starter compared to Armani and Andrada who are still in Argentine League. Hopefully Musso,Emiliano Martinez and some young GK Like Pourtau or Cambiesse are taken as three GKs for NT atleast for WCQ and in copa maybe either of the Armani or Andrada could be taken but not in WCQ. Otamendi and aguero need to be in copa but not in WCQ they are enough replacements for Aguero and Otamendi for WCQ. Messi is not replaceable though.

    • Armani didn’t put a foot wrong in the Copa America last year specially in the knockout stages.
      Who is better than otamendi ATM? We have a trash defensive personnel, accept the reality.
      With Messi the whole team has to compromise, everyone has to change his game or position and the irony is Messi still doesn’t deliver goals or assists against the big teams on the knockouts.
      Still some fools think he is better than Maradona who has delivered for us on the knockouts.
      That penaldo and Messi are great players but they are still overrated.

      • Well subham, I think C.Romero can replace otamendi gradually, he should be tried in otamebdi’s position for some games and then performances of the 2 players are assessed. We have to find a replacement.

        • Yes, we have to.
          Apparently, scaloni thinks balerdi is good enough for us but C. Romero isn’t.
          We have to trust scaloni, he is doing a great job with whatever he has in defence.

          • C Romero & licha will get a good shot in Olympics. I wld see Lucas quarta, Romero competing with pezzella on right side. Also foyth & later Perez. Scaloni must be looking at balerdi for the left CB side ..but long way to go. Hopefully he starts from scratch with Marseille move. Licha shld also be given a chance at some stage.

      • I never said armani , otamendi and aguero should be avoided for Copa in my comment i only mentioned that these 3 players may not be able to last till WC 22 so it would be better to try younger alternatives in WCQ while aguero, otamendi and armani can play in next copa.

      • @Shubham_V well said bro Messi is overrated. How many times Messi carried Argentina on his back. Even in Russia world cup qualification last match he had to score hat-rick for qualification. Except Messi and mascherano whole team was trash. Higuine missed 3 chances in three final. If finals were won the scenario would have been totally different. In maradona’s era team was totally different.

      • Argentina has trash defence what are you saying do not smoke weed bro.Argentina has one of the best defence right now.Messi does not score in knockout for that you need providers in midfield like Iniesta,Xavi,KDB,Ozil etc.There never been any provider in Argentina,Mascherano,Biglia,Di maria Rodriguez were never a provider.But right now we have some provider like Lo celso,Mac Allister,Tagliafico.

      • Maradona showed nothing in UCL’s predecessor on the highest level in club football, even CSKA beat him, he was a flop in Barcelona too, yes Messi assisted only 13 times in knock out stages LOL (world record) plus 2 times in Olympics knock out stages. Sorry but I never will admit that cocaine addict cheater. (overrated, 1 phenomenal world cup his only legacy).

      • Maradona would have done nothing when his teams conceeded 4 like Argentina in 10 vs Germany or in 18 vs France, Maradona teams had never scored 4 in knock out stages not to mention 5. His Copa results 3th, 4th, 7th quasi nothing. Except that World Cup which was the best ever from one player, the remaining is not even in the TOP10 ever, some results with the 80’s Chelsea, PSG or Manchester City with the Napoli, no real performance in Copas or top european cups , or other World Cups, WC90 was a luckfest.

  4. Hi guys..hope all are fine and safe..soo happy with Leeds and last he deserve that ever eluding success..he will be forever a legend at least in the hearts of Leeds fans..sad that we wasted so many talents like Bielsa, Aimar, Papu..if you watch any world cup matches of our team since 1998 to least you will see a comment that “Argentina deserve to win that world cup but they didn’t select few or many crucial players without any proper reason”. It seems to be a curse.

    But why don’t make a try like people like Bielsa just in the world cup instead of long run from all the qualifiers..with all respect to Scaloni, coaches like Simeone, Poch, Bielsa..all are experienced and especially Simeone who can go all the way to get success like Mourinho..why not we just make him a coach only during that World cup time (maybe two or three months before). Bielsa deserve a second least just during the World cup time..but it’s kinda clash of egos..if our federation is really honest and thrive for success, Bielsa may work for free..sad to see another wasted talent..but at the moment let us enjoy high pressing Leeds vs Gegenpressing Liverpool..MOT..

    • Bielsa don t deserve anything from AFA.
      don t compare one b class English team with our national team.
      it is offending.

      the history wrote that we had the biggest humiliation in our world cup history with him as head. it is enough.
      we have Scaloni as coach now. in corona virus era we have the bad luck already to have to build one new team because it happened that pandemic arrive in the change of generations in our team.
      how much more to bring one new coach now. it is idiotic and suicide from timing point of view.

      • It’s not comparison pal. Also Leeds is a Premier League team now. History is our biggest problem. In Gandhi’s words “blessed are those Nations that don’t have any history.”

        Our football past is always filled with pain and future is filled with hope, like life. 2002 is not an exception. Bielsa is obviously eccentric and undeniably adamant. Especially with denying playing time together for Crespo n Batigol. But just with one tournament even if it’s a world cup, we can’t just exclude him just like that forever. We just eased past in the qualifiers. So so close in Copa America. It was Bielsa who gave Chile an undeniable golden era even though Sampaoli should get his credit though.

        My whole point of the argument is, Batista, Maradona, Bauza..if these people are considered for our team then why not Bielsa ? Who knows how Messi might have shaped for our National team under Bielsa ?

  5. Excellent young footballer Nico is, I’ll be honest and say that he didn’t impress me much when I watched him in the primera but he’s grown alot during this year and I could see him deputizing for Ocampos on the left hand side sometime in the near future.
    As for where he should go, I think Atalanta or the ever improving AC milan could be good destinations if the rumors are to be believed.

    • True I think ac milan is the best option given Atalanta have papu gomez and inter Milan style of play actually dosnt suit an offensive minded winger like Gonzalez. Ac milan are growing so most probably Gonzalez should choose milan.

  6. LEEDS UNITED finally secure promotion to the top flight of premier league I hope bielsa stays and signs Argentines to his team like buendia ,foyth or quarta to his team.
    Alexis macallister’s Brighton also have ensured they are safe from relegation .
    West ham also have saved themselves from relegation so most probably they might secure the signing of Montiel finally.

  7. Rumors of Tagliafico to Man City. He is also linked with PSG but i hope that doesnt happen. No one goes to PSG to get better – i mean look at their league opponents.

  8. 18 year old Alan Franco wanted by Lyon and Monaco.
    Alexander Barboza is targeted by Fiorentina and Bologna.
    Marseille interested in Balerdi and nico capaldo.
    16 year old Leonel Coira is looked at by the likes of Inter, Atletico and Monaco.
    AC Milan interested in Juan Brunetta.
    Bielsa looking at Argentine market? Newell’s Julian Fernández and defender David Martin ez mentioned as possible names.

    • Alan Franco should get a good club . He is very speedy . He can be our right back solution. And if Bielsa get more stars like Hector David mertinez and Julian Fernandez it will be awesome.

      • Franco constantly plays as a CB . On what basis can he be a RB overnight. He should atleast prove himself as RB in club in secondary position.If speed is only consideration , his teammate Bustos is there for RB. Its going to be one of Montiel or Saravia & Foyth will their backup .We dont have good RB talent & its between these 3 till some new talent is unearthed.

        • I know my friend reyan and Amit he played as CB in indipendiente but as his speed concern and pls watch is matches . I am not giving my opinion without nothing. Pls watch his speed as per my football knowledge he can be deployed as rb . Don’t forget foyth was cb too as well as pavard. And Alan as I know he plays in right CB position. So what is the big deal what we need is good attacking rb . Many players we have tried Montiel Is a bit slow not so fast Saravia Is not good at offensive approach and foyth is good in defensive approach not offensive . Pls watch Alan ‘ s offensive distribution and defensive distribution as CB then tell here my friend. I am Argentina fans for some long years and I follow Argentina domestic league as well. So pls go watch and tell.

        • Alan franco is central defender, his physicality his appearance in Play feels like he could better suited for right back, it is coach eye need to see how could develop player, his attribute of physicallity defence great to be right back, he need to be develop in that postion Specially the run in offence, there is many player who rotate their playing position for further development i think alan franco should developed as right
          back, his appearance and physicality something that appealing to be right back

      • Alan velasco is a real deal, this guy is very talented, we have forgotten talking about him lately, he is one of argentina’s prodigies.

    • I thought he would be the Messi of Real Madrid what happened to him I saw his videos looks like he is good but I wonder which current club he is playing

  9. Lionel Scaloni got inspired by two players in training,one was Nico Dominiguez and other was Nico Gonzalez.Both are good.Nico Gonzalez should join Atalanta because Atlanta’s style would suit him more.I think Argentina has many good players in the team right now preety good headache for Scaloni. I wish Barca could have those embrashment of riches like Argentina

  10. I hope Nicolas Gonzalez joins Inter rather than the AC Milan who are in decline and might not be able to compete for European completions for foreseeable future and at Inter he could be trained well by Conte and hopefully Musso and De Paul are also recruited by Inter then Inter would have 4 Argentine players i.e. Lautaro, De Paul, Musso, and Gonzalez . This in turn is good for NT if most of its players play in one single European club.

    • Inter has recently renewed the contract of handanovic so that he is with the team until 2022, hence the signing of musso looks more difficult to happen.

      • Musso shld not go to Inter. Handanovic is a legend there & Musso will be a backup atleast for next year. He shld only move to a bigger club where he is the No1 keeper. We already have enough back up keepers

    • Nico Gonzales is a promising talent. Serie A move will help him blossom. He did a nice cameo with NT in the Brazil Riyadh match last year. But i think its still early for a NT role. He can be a key star for us in Olympics & can continue to impress with a Serie A move .
      We already have Messi, Aguero, Lautaro, Dybala, Ocampos & 1 remaining spot shld ideally goto Papu. Anyway papu & Icardi will not be selected for non footballing reasons . So the last spot will be between Alario & Nico Gonz . I think Scaloni likes him for his pace & hence he may get the nod over Alario.

    • Little bit since he works hard like lavezzi and always wants to be in the penalty box.
      But I think he has more pace and more directness than lavezzi.
      And I think he is already ready for our NT.

  11. On current form and playing style Atlanta FC Italy will be a club that every player wants to play. I think if he chooses Atlanta it would be great for him. Also Atlanta will be playing CL too next season.

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