Adolfo Gaich comments on his future with the Argentina national team


Adolfo Gaich is the latest Argentine striker to make the jump to Europe as his deal with CSKA Moscow is all but official and the 21 year old is confident he will still be called to the Argentina national team.

Despite many big name strikers being called to the Argentina national team, Gaich has already been capped once. A star for the U20 team at the World Cup, he made his senior national team debut at the end of last year. Despite not joining one of the top 5 European leagues, Gaich is confidence he’ll still be in the Argentina national team radar. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“I never thought I’d be far from the Argentina national team. I know it’s a great opportunity to gain experience in European football and I know that I will continue to be called to the national team.

“I always try to enjoy every match, every training camp, these are things that make you very happy.

“I’ve been in contact with the coaching staff. That doesn’t confirm me anything but I trust in myself and I know that I could be at a good level.”

Gaich also spoke about his time with San Lorenzo:

“There were times where I had more desire to play and it didn’t happen. Where I didn’t get an opportunity. There were times where I had that confidence and I was able to show it on the pitch, which were during my last few months.

“Those are things I carry deep in my heart because they were beautiful moments which I lived, scoring goals and that’s what I’ll keep with me from all of this.”


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  4. Gaich is a fine footballer. He has the potential to be a star. I’m at a loss why some people can’t appreciate his talent.

        • Icardi >>> Alario/Gaich
          I Agree. I have been a great fan of Icardi since Sampdoria and i dreamt of him being the next batistuta for Argentina. But for national team environment and play style Alario has been more effective. I dont care what club he plays for, if he scores goal for us and win us games then he is good.

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