Joaquin Correa goal and assist for Lazio in 2-0 win vs. Brescia


Joaquin Correa had a goal and an assist for Lazio in their 2-0 win vs. Brescia.

Despite not being talked about much, Joaquin Correa had a solid showing for Lazio. He gave them the 1-0 lead through a lovely little play and dribble for his 9th goal of the season. He has played 29 matches for Lazio this season, 21 of them as a starter and has 2 assists in total.

Correa would add an assist with a ball played into Immobile for the second of the match.


  1. What happened to Bustos? He seemed to be a greatbtalent. He was very quick,good dribbler and was a pretty good crosser

    • he’s still regular at independiente. too old for u23 and i think senior DT likes to call bigger right backs than him so we don’t see him called. But now talent is limited on that position maybe he will be called again. Or maybe one of the san lorenzo or velez kid from the u23. or maybe the boca kid

  2. Ajax are targeting Velez LB, 24 year old Braian Cuffre, as Tagliafico replacement. Tagliafico is in talks with Atletico and Sevilla. It’s good news since Licha will be used as a CB and not a LB.
    There are rumours circulating about Barco being monitored by Ajax. This could have from the fact De Boer was Barco’s manager at Atlanta recently.

  3. I think J.Correa can play a vital role in copa 21 for Argentina .He can play as LWF..SS..AMF….I like him a lot….🇦🇷🇮🇳

  4. Yes. Also wld put lisandro instead of balerdi. So lb cover also there . Also at this point he is more ready. I would still want foyth to be given more leniency by scaloni. He is a wonderful talent to be lost in wilderness like mammanna. Some favouritism on foyth by scaloni can help him tide this tough period. Thiago Almada no chance now. If he breaks into u23 that’s a good start & he needs to prove there first

    • > Also wld put lisandro instead of balerdi.

      No clue what Scaloni is waiting for. Maybe someone can rationalize or explain but it’s somewhat absurd. Lisandro fits the bill with ‘gud club / coach, praised by supporters, league playtime, chem with Tagliafico, young, not much NT role competition, can play multiple positions.

  5. Lazio has been a good team to develop for Argentina players since long time; Crespo, Veron, Biglia, Pablo Sorin, Sensini and long listed Arg players which shine and become the stars

    • Crespo, Veron, sensini were all stars before they went to Lazio. Infact, Veron (only season), Simeone, Almeyda and Sensini gave Lazio an unthinkable Scudetto.

      • You are correct, Lazio’s Argentine midfield formed what would be one of Lazio’s finest teams, but if I remember correctly Veron wasn’t what one would call a big star when he was at Lazio, rather it was his performance at Lazio that made him a HUGE star and the most expensive player in the world after Man U signed him.

        • If only Veron, and Almeyda had stayed beyond that season at Lazio. By 2002 world cup, Veron would have been the best player in the world on par with Zidane. How Man Utd move destroyed Veron’s career, sad.

  6. Chelsea should sign Emi Martinez this summer,if they go for Oblak,he is very expensive 120 million,Emi Martinez is around 30 or 40 million.Oblak is much experienced but Emi Martinez is also doing great.Chelsea should spend not misspend.

    • That’s the best logical thing to happen for Argentine fans. With kepa in Chelsea , emilano will get many chances & establish himself as No1. Also champions League exposure. For Chelsea also that will be a great bargain buy considering they have already spent heavily with timo & now havertz. At arsenal all said & done, Leno will come back as No1 & emilano will be like a Romero, cabellaro, gazzaniga back up. But in reality emailano in Chelsea will not happen. Emilano seems to be the fiercely loyal types & also has a great equation with arterta ( from playing days). He may decide to battle out Leno & try to be No1 & that may not be a smart decision in the end.

    • Rather than being in arsenal or going to chelsea maybe Emiliano Martinez might end up joining leeds united due to Bielsa and bielsa wants few argentines at his club according to rumours like Nico gonzalez, Quarta martinez, Foyth, Emiliano Martinez and maybe even emi buendia also if this happens to be true then this would tremendously help NT in long term.

    • According to Dutch media Chelsea are interested in signing Andre Onana from Ajax. Oblak is too expensive.

    • Musso linked with Chelsea, though Oblak and Onana will be the first priority. Musso has the highest clean sheet in Sere A despite playing for mediocre club, 4-5 good matches won’t be enough for bench warmer Emi Martinez to be the number 1 in top club like Chelsea

  7. Adolfo gaich has officially joined cska Moscow although its not the league he deserves to play but we all know how San Lorenzo misused him and gave him very few opportunities to shine but anyways cska Moscow is a champions league club so he can experience the top level football.

      • Bielsa is playing it safe, he wants to make sure they survive in the Premier League since Leeds are back after a long time.
        That’s why he is going after Foyth, who has been in England for over 2 years rather risking on Quarta. He is also looking at signing experienced players like Milner, so we can understand what they are thinking.

  8. Argentina’s 23 squad look like this

    Goal keepers
    2)emi martinez

    5)martinez quarta
    8)juan foyt

    11)de paul
    13)lo celso
    14)emi bundia
    15)thiago almada
    16)papu gomez
    17)nico gonzales or gudo rodriguez

    20)lautaro martines
    21)lucas accumpos
    22)lucas alario
    23) palo dybala

    • Lets consider this
      –Why Juan Foyth. He hasn’t played professional football in nearly 8 months
      –There is no LB cover for injury behind tagliafico.
      –Why Thiago Almada? He is not even in u23 call up yet.
      –Why is the option between guido and gonzalez? When deciding squad manager will first decide whether team will be offensive heavy or defensively heavy based on his philosophy. The choice will be something like for example Gonzalez vs Buendia for attack if he thinks that is missing or something like guido vs some other mid if he feels teams needs midfield depth.

      • 1. Juan foyth is not trusted by mourinho for some reason even though he is much better than aurier in terms of defence but he might not be good as a attacking RB which currently Mourinho prefers and most likely Foyth might joins leeds united this session under Bielsa who can improve his game.
        2. For tagliafico injury cover is there in form of lisandro martinez and facundo medina but they need to played regularly in NT.
        3. Guido can play alongside Paredes in a double pivot for NT in a 4 man midfield in WC qualifiers as we have seen that paredes performs brilliantly with a pure DM by his side like in PSG recent games he was played along side gueye a pure DM.

  9. Icardi is overrated striker chimy avilla and alario are better then him . Like i said several timed . Alario have lots of potential he can drible and runing fast so icardi don’t have any ability

    • That’s why Icardi playing for top club and Alario is the bench warmer for a mediocre club.

      • Khoi bhi player bade club mein khelne sey bada player nahi banta . Diego maradona ka example apke samne hai . Nepoli remeber. Agar alario psg mein khle raha hota toh wo aaj tog scorer hota farmer ligue 1 key

    • He played very good game for 60 minutes. I think midfield is mostly sorted for october right now. Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul and Guido (who had very efficient end of season in la liga ) and Dominguez seem a good mix to call. Probably one more open spot left but none of the other candidates seem to be very certain right now to me.

        • No not sole. Betis generally play in double holding formations. They are not a very possession side right now so not much press testing. He is more traditional type argentinian 5(think more like marcone at boca). Tackler and short distributor with some freedom to drive up. I think he will mostly be paredes sub, maybe pair next to depaul.

        • He has it all for a good defensive mid and loads of playing experience to go with it. Only thing he lacks is a good shout from the argentine media, which will eventually play a role in team selection.

    • yup I watched the match until he was subbed, the kid is way too talented to be playing a mere no.5, his passing, his eye for goal, his runs into the box, the kid is a box to box player with tons of potential and I don’t think his coach knows how to use him to his full potential even though the game against Inter showed that Nico’s best position is a b-2-b in a 3 man midfield.

      I think a midfield list of Celso, DePaul, Paredes, Ascacibar, Dominguez, Buendia and Cervi (highly underrated and often misused in Benfica) is a very good one to have for the near future. MacAllister is another one that should be considered but he still has to prove himself in the EPL, not to mention Palacios who has an uphill battle ahead of him in Germany.

  10. Can you guys please tell me when summer transfer window will be taking place and how many young Argentinian players are coming to Europe. I get really angry when I think that europian clubs always run after shitty clumsy Brazilians. It’s very humiliating for every Argentinian fan when I see players like Pedro de la Vega, Ezequiel barco, fausto vera don’t get any offers from Europe.

  11. Saw batigol’s all 56 goals he scored for argentina, really great confident striker we miss those days. sad he didn’t won world cup.

    • Legend. Between maradona & messi era , he was the biggest motivation for Argentine fans. Tremendous respect for bati who remained in fiornetina for such a long time & sacrificed his trophy cabinet till last years with Roma. He tried doing what maradona did with napoli

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  13. Juan Musso is number one choice to replace Oblak at Atletico. And if this happens, Agustin Rossi is Udinese’ number one choice to replace Musso. It will be perfect, if this goes through.

    Godoy Cruz have rejected a 5 mil (80%) offer for Juan Brunetta from Genk (club record fee). Godoy want 10 mil so the deal has stalled. Genk is a small club but way way better than rotting in Argentina, I think Brunetta should force his way out. He has a bit of De Bruyne in him, may be that’s what caught genk’s attention.

    • Really Musso is going to Atletico??? It will be huge because Atletico reputation to make world class GK Courtious and Oblak.

    • I hope this happens but I find it unlikely. Chelsea already spent €80M on Kepa 2 years ago (€28M valuation today). Now Oblak has a valuation of €80M on Transfermarkt.
      Who spends €160 million on 2 goalkeepers in 2 years??

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