Argentina defender Alan Franco of Independiente rumored to join Dinamo Zagreb


Alan Franco could be leaving Independiente and joining Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Independiente have been negotiating with the Croatian club for the 23 year old center back. Independiente have reportedly rejected a $4.3 million offer as they are looking for a fee of $5 million for him.

Franco has already been capped by the Argentina national team.


  1. The best advance stat to rate goalkeepers performances is PSxG (how likely the keeper is to save the shot from very big data, contain only the shots on target, so we can the luck factor, how the strikers finish, rule out. 0 is average in top 5 european leagues.

    In last 3 years leagues PSxG +/-

    Walter Benitez: goal against 139 pSxG +/-: +24,9 the world best goalkeeper of the last 3 seasons, the best goalkeeper in 18/19 with +12,9 and the best in 19/20 with +10,43…

    Rulli goal against 107 PSxG 94,9 he saved much worse than the average.

    Emiliano Martinez this season: goal against 9 PSxG 13,2 great performance this season.

    Musso: goal against in last 2 years since he plays in Serie A: goal against 92 PSxG 95,7 only little bit better than average

    Conclusion Walter Benitez saved like a goalkeeper GOD, avoided neirly +25 goals with his stunts compared to the average top 5 european league’s goalkeeping performance. Musso is average, Rulli is below par.

    • Just look how scary this +24,9 is, in same period Alisson+16,7, Ter Stegen +9,8 Neuer -3,4 (he is finished as a goalkeeper, with feet still really good), Courtois -1,4, De Gea +11,4 Handanovic +14,1 Kepa -8,5 Ederson +4,1 Lloris +19,9 Szczesny +9,3 Leno +5,1, Keylor Navas +3, Buffon +3,7, Donnarumma +9,1…

      • Neuer is top 5 best GK in the world along with oblak, Alison, Courtious, tar stegen. He isn’t same like before 2017-18 when Neuer was number uno GK in the world.

    • Musso was mediocre last season expect one or two matches but this season Musso thrives like World Class GK, 14 clean sheet in sere A playing in Udinese and won Golden glove isn’t cakewalk, Alison won in roma 2 year ago and now become one of the best GK in the world.

    • By this stat Walter Benitez should get a chance to prove his worth?
      But again, if he was that good then why other European clubs are not looking at him.

        • How dumb are you ? Are all teams in Ligue 1 bad ? Look at his performances ? At that rate even PSG players will be “farmers”. It’s imbecilic to believe in this stupid shit. Anyways its an excellent problem we have in NT.

      • Walter Benitez: +24,9 PSxG +/-

        Rulli PSxG: 94,9

        Martinez PSxg: 13,2

        Musso PSxg: 95,7

        search Walter Benitez advanced stats

    • I told you this before you can’t simply rely on stats or what ‘big club’ a player plays for to draw conclusions, one must watch actual football matches and examine all the nuances of the game to pass final judgement.

      Rulli and Benitez play in league 1 where the level is well below those of the top 3 and the bundesliga so their stats are skewed quite a bit. In saying that though, Walter Benitez has been fantastic in the last 2 seasons and I think he should be called up to the NT.
      Rulli has also been excellent this half season but he needs to show more consistency over longer period to be even considered.
      The same thing goes for Emi Martinez, he’s been fantastic in the EPL but only for a relatively short period and needs atleast a whole season to prove his worth and if he stays in Arsenal he may not get that chance.
      Andrade and Armani haven’t played football in quite a while and depending on when the COVID crisis is resolved in Argentina, they may not play for a while longer so they might not be match fit for the October WCQ.

      Based on all that my list of GK would be:
      1. Musso
      2. Benitez
      3. Emi Martinez (if Andrade and Armani are still out of action by Oct, otherwise one of the 2 would be chosen ahead of Emi as 3rd option GK).

      • “Rulli and Benitez play in league 1 where the level is well below those of the top 3 and the bundesliga so their stats are skewed quite a bit.”

        This makes no sense, first learn what PSxG is:

  2. Alan franco this man is not bad but i feel that his play could be more suitable if he could developed as right back not center back,, it feels his body has that natural talent to be finest right back but things depents on his regular play and vision,,,

    The concern is about Argentine defence
    As a holding centre back pezzella is not bad,, but he is little slow he is good in air overall he is not bad,,, but otamendi is in downfall it is risky to expects best performance from him, besides the holding defender there is always need dynamic ball playing defender, otamendi was not bad when he plays for Valencia

    Now the subject is about young defender,
    Balerdi didn’t Improve a lot now he changed the club he needs at least one season full gametime to prove his integrate points to national team

    Cristiano Romero he is not defenceively proven either, not significant display in defence

    Only the positive is nehuan, senesi, quarta
    Neheun and senesi both defenceively good but they lack dynamic attribute,, only positive in this Matter is quarta,,, it would be clear eyes or far better if quarta move to european League
    I See in place of pezella, nehuan and senesi or further good option is garay

    But if the defenceive pair is like
    pezella- nehuan, pezella-senesi, pezella-garay
    How wil it would be? Isn’t it will be odd,, isn’t there will be lack of dynamic Player

    Foyth is also another dynamic Player, both foyth and quarta could be best on the other side of defence on dynamic center back role,,,
    Mourinho prefer aurier over foyth bcs every couch want to great in attack First, then they want to solidify there defenc,,, foyth is not good in cross,, but he has the way of talents to become great centre back,, or as defensive midfielder, is also notice that tagliafico was little slow Against German attack, german attack was not bad they were fast

      • With dynamic attribute i mean someone who has almost attribute of defenceive midfielder, who guard the shields alongside building the play from the back, who is good with ball in his feet promt enough ,,, he is mixed of responsibility both duty of defence also building the
        play with good pass he is hybrid of holding center back and defencive midfielder and he is quick sometimes go upfront and perform as like as need,, senesi and areze more on great on defence rather than as all at once,,,
        Maldini and nesta carter they are both was dynamic layer along side of their great defence skil

        • I think these features are possessed by foyth Quarta Senesi Balerdi and even Perez to a lesser degree but as an excellent defensive capabilities
          Also, there is Medina, but the problem is that in the first round of the qualifiers, foyth and Balerdi will not be ready, and even quarta and Senesi are far from the matches since many months. There is only Pezzella
          In terms of capabilities, I see Vwith, Quarta, Senesi, Balerdi , Perez and Medina as very good options.

          • Pezella is available option as hoding Center back this is why his speed doesn’t matter much or decent,, yes foyth, balerdi, quarta is that dynamic Player but foyth has not established that much, senesi skills better in his defence Beside his ability to perform upfront,, but despite quarta playing in Argentina League, he is currently leading in that dynamic center back position

    • His through balls,vision,work ethic has been unmatched in the spurs squad. Still they focus on His goals nd assists. U play a player out of position as A DM,and u expect him to rack goal and assist? People make unnecessary comparison between Bruno and Celso,Bruno has a free role,Celso has played.mostly as a DM. When he played at his real position,he rained goals. And most of Bruno’s goal has been from penalties(8), so Bruno is Bruno Penandes,not Fernandes

      • Every hyped Portuguese players are referred with the prefix pena…(be it Penaldo or Penandes)
        Penandes is utter shit, he is way too overrated.

    • Ask Jose Mourinho or Spurs fans they will tell how he played.
      Yes, there is a room for improvement, however, you can’t ask for better first season after his injuries, manager sacking and all those stuffs.
      He was the diamond in the rough for Spurs when Harry Kane was injured.
      And i’m sure next season he will have more assists and goals.The guy is just so good.
      And Mourinho also mentioned in his interview that lo celso was playing with an injury after pandemic.

    • One BBC pundit’s opinion does not equal ‘british media’ and certainly means nothing when said opinion is arbitrary and isn’t supported by facts. Celso has been Spurs’ best player in the absence of Son and if this so called pundit bothered to watch any Spurs games (doubtful) he’d realize that Celso was playing mostly as a DMF or a CM and out of the 3 times that he played AM he registered 2 assists.
      Mourinho’s been awful but atleast he realizes how good and important Celso is and hopefully he’ll bother to play Celso in his regular attacking position that set la liga on fire the season before and maybe use Foyth or Nodembele as a DMF like they are meant to.

      • It’s just opinion of pundits
        But statistics suggesting otherwise.
        Plus Mourinho style is so horrible
        Is killing this boys talant
        How you can any player of lo celso caliber shine when your team have 27 % of possession.Lo celso main strength is having the ball
        More that is why up to now hasn’t hit
        The high of the nt yet but he will
        Very soon without doubt.

    • Mourinho has already said that he is going to build his team around Lo celso next season so Lo celso is going to stay at Tootenhm for long

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