Champions League: Sergio Aguero out for Manchester City, Dybala in for Juventus


It’s a unique continuation of the UEFA Champions League as two matches will take place on Friday with Manchester City hosting Real Madrid and Juventus hosting Lyon.

Manchester City will be taking with them a 2-1 lead going into the second leg but have been dealt a blow for some time. Sergio Aguero will miss the match due to injury and is a doubt for City should they even reach the final of the competition. The other Argentine on the team, Nicolas Otamendi is part of the squad.

In the other match taking place on Friday, Lyon take with them a 1-0 lead going into Turin. Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain will try to turn things around for Juventus. Both Argentine players have been included in the match day squad.


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  2. Juventus have sacked sarri . Pochettino is reportedly the favourite to take over as head coach . there are reports that contact has already been made and talks are in progress. Juventus appointing pochettino as head coach would be great for not only dybala but also players like Romero whom Juventus wanted to sell and there are also two Argentine wonderkids in the Juve youth system who could get chances to play in the senior team.

  3. I understand some guys concerns
    Brazil players play elite teams
    Brazilian are more than 200 million
    They will always have top players
    No deny that and tbh I don’t care about them. I’m more exciting arg nt under scaloni and Co.In long time i see Young balance generations arising. Since perkerman left the youth setup Argentina were producing mainly attacking players. Unlucky messi his generation were badly unbalanced I wonder why he wants to give One more shoot.

    • Valid point you made there mate not only is Brazil’s population more larger than argentina it’s population also consists of diverse ethnic groups so it’s a mix of everything so obviously brazil will have a wealth of options at their disposal n I’m sure messi will feature in
      the qatar world cup but the performance in Copa America might influence his decision so let’s hope for the best.

    • Why does he want to give one more shot???
      It’s simple because he has never won the WC and he loves playing for argentina.
      And he perhaps thinks that he has unfinished business with argentina.
      And who knows he might blame himself for not inspiring argentina in semifinal or final of 2014 WC.

    • Hola Mr godin, it’s not about being unbalanced, they were badly mismanaged.

      Today, the team might have a few more midfilers but overall, many still need to prove themselves. You can speculate all day about their potential but let’s wait until we have actual proof that they are doing well for the NT.

      Keeper? Still a cap shoot.
      Obviously more great options than than the past but its not clear right now. Andrada, Benitez, Musso, and Martinez.

      CBs? still a crap shoot.
      I’m liking quarta, romero, and lisandro (too short imo) but they haven’t cemented their roles yet. Its pretty sad when Otamendi is still one of the better options and he’s benched at city and form is tanking. Big pezz doing alright but slow poke leaves a lot to be desired. Balerdi no minutes, Perez ways to prove himself, mammana stuck in abyss, kanneman isn’t catching scalonis eye for some reason.

      RB? Still a crap shoot.
      Montiel, Mr “no minutes” Foyth, or poor form Saravia.

      LB? Tagliafico is our man. Back up Acuna Mr Swiss Army Knife? Lisandro maybe but still not many options.

      Midfield? Probably the healthiest number of new players.
      Lo Celso, De Paul, Dominguez. Guido doing pretty good not sure if Scaloni really likes him. Palacios no minutes, Paredes is stagnant and isn’t proving himself to Tuchel, mac allister newbie trying to prove himself

      Forward? Ocampos is our man one of the best wingers in la liga last season. Alario barely plays, Simeone isn’t that good, and then who Gaich? My top are Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Aguero, Martinez, Ocampos, Gomez, Di Maria, and Icardi, most not newbies.

      The term “balanced” to me doesn’t only mean numerous choices. Numerous choices must go hand in hand with form and minutes played. In other words, it doesn’t matter if we have 30 or 100 midfielders to select from if all are sitting on the bench and have yet to prove themselves.

      Im all for optimism but I dont think were there yet to claim victory that this team is super “balanced”.

      • Greetings Mr choripan
        “they were badly mismanaged”
        From 2011 to 2016 arg had two
        Fantastic managers.
        from period 2016 to 2018.
        Yeah was chaos but here is where
        I defender sampoali he took over
        The aging squad whom doesn’t suit-
        His style of play .

        “Today, the team might have a few more midfilers but overall, many still need to prove themselves. You can speculate all day about their potential but let’s wait until we have actual proof that they are doing well for the NT”
        I attend to agreed this statement however They already showed sings that they are Under right path since quarterfinals from copa to the friendlies in late 2019.

        Cbs I believe Quarta is already
        Scaloni’s first choice cb as stand now
        He will partner pezzella or otamendi
        That is me been realistic but again
        It all depends how leo balerdi
        Perform in Marseille If he plays
        Regular and put good show .
        He will play a long side with Quarta
        He will make lcb his position without doubt. Why I’m picking leo balerdi of all other up coming cbs it’s simple I saw
        Several times that coaching Staff
        Talking about him highly and I Don’t
        Doubt they influence him to move
        And look Regular football so he did.
        Let us hope he success in Marseille.

        “Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Aguero, Martinez, Ocampos, Gomez, Di Maria, and Icardi, most not newbies.” On the paper looks soo good.
        Again I don’t see any manager in the world Picking up all those players in one time Plus aguaro di maria gomez are the other side of 30s I don’t see them going to Qatar maybe just maybe
        Kun aguaro will be there if still playing
        Well and injury free even though personally I will go young up coming forwards.
        I don’t think di maria, icardi and gomez
        Are in the plan’s of the coaching Staff.
        Isn’t me not like those players but
        I’m realistic that is why I mentioned aguaro.

        Next season are big season most of the players .
        Weather is Quarta and montiel moving
        To Europe or de pual and musso moving Big clubs cose they re too good to stay in udenise. Foyth has to move. palacios ,Alexis mac allister dominguez must Cement starting lin up in thier respective Clubs.
        Emi martinez should be arsenal
        N1 keeper or move on cose he looks
        Complete keeper to me but to be a
        Considering as n1 keeper in the nt
        Has to play full season or more.

  4. Since Juventus got knocked out there is good chance that pochettino could be the coach who will replace Sarri as coach of juventus. There is a good chance that juventus will sign de paul and Inter will sign musso in this transfer market. Last but not the least hopefully lautaro joins city instead of barca because currently in barca there is too much uncertainty over coach and board. But in Man city Guardiola is the coach who might be able to improve Lautaro playing style(I am saying this as an Argentina NT & Barca fan since currently barca priorities are midfield and defence not strikers).

  5. I may be wrong, but i dont think Dybala was Serie a’s best player this season. He did’nt deserve to be the MVP. After the lockdown,he has been wonderful. But his performances prelockdown
    does not scream “MVP”. Imo Papu Gomez was the most deserving. He had been absolutely ourstanding,match in match out. He was vry much consistent. And u cant deny that dybala has got a massive help from the factor that most of the opposition’s attention r on HER highness,granting him an advantage. But on the other hand,Papu is Atalanta’s sole creative player,and opposition knows that stopping him will stop the whole team. Its totally my opinion though. Papu has scored important goals,tops assist charts,key passes and chance creation. He has been outstanding in every position he have played ,be it LW,CAM or a second striker

    • Without Dybala Juventus could not have won Sere A so rightly deserved, statistically immobile deserved it but post lockdown changed the favor to Dybala

      • Only post lockdown performances are not enough to land the MVP title.
        Gomez or atleast Lui alberto deserved it better.
        Immobule is overrated,14 goals from penalties

  6. I do not know why Guardiola is not playing Otamendi,Otamendi may be bad against pacey wingers but he is very good against Center Forward player that first goal of Real Madrid could have been stopped If Otamendi was there.Real Madrid looked much better than Man city in first half.

  7. Guys how good is this guy called lautaro gianetti, who is linked with benefica, sporting and real betis.
    But there is no concreate offer for lucas martinez quarta… its bit annoying to see it
    Emmanuel mammana is loaned to another club in russian premiere league., at least he is playing
    Lautaro Valenti linked to bologna too

    • If there is one player i want to see bounce back & realize his potential – its Mammana. He was like Foyth without the recklessness piece. Our biggest bet in defense 3-4 years back. The guy faced so much – bad injuries to personal tragedies. The loan club seems FC Sochi which is not even in top 10 in russian league!! Better wld have been to come back to Argentine league or neighboring MX or even MLS league . He could have done a season here,build his playing level & fitness & then relook at things. He is still only 24 & if his knee hopefully stays strong – i think he can still bounce back as he is surely talented.

  8. It is sad to see lots of brazilian playing in nearly every big club.
    Seeing otamendi benched by fernandinho add to the further insult.
    Plus dybala and Aguero injuries.☹️
    It’s tough to be an argentina NT fan.

    • Let’s see who played today Sandro, Danilo, Marcelo (CB), Fernandinho,Jesus ,Rodrygo… I wouldn’t really trade for any of them. Even Militao is just ok to average so far I think. I think our lads could compare well with all of them. It’s just marketing of our talent to the clubs by agents is just so poor.

      Right now the only player I like that they have is Casemiro besides their goalkeepers. And of course neymar is neymar.

      • I understand your point but I am not talking about quality here. It’s just our players also deserve to get some fame by playing in big clubs.

      • It’s not just about marketing no matter how much we deny it is a fact that brazil is a country which has won 5 World cups many other continental cups like Copa america, confederations cup and also their youth teams have won many continental tournaments so brazilian players are considered bankable and a safe buy by clubs across the world . clubs have the assurance that there is a greater chance of the player contributing well to the team hence the reason why Brazilian talents are valued highly everywhere similar growth is seen in French football tnks to winning the world cup and the youth teams also performing well french players are also considered as bankable prospects for clubs . It all depends on argentina winning trophies both at the senior level and youth level.

    • No surprise on otamendi. Guardiola is not trusting him. He is not the same beast he was few years back. Man City already has already picked nathan ake & trying hard kouilbaly. Two more CBs will make otamendi as substitute also unlikely in big matches. We will end up seeing him in FA Cup. I think he should have taken the cue & pushed for a transfer to a Valencia or a top 5 serie a club. Important he plays regularly as our defense still dependent on him while the youngsters land

      • Agents handling Argentine players seem useless. Also our coach representation in Europe has reduced. This can also increase our player chances due to past associations. Hope burgos gets alaves. High time Heinze , almeyda, Gallardo go to Europe top league. Also folks like sampaoli, Gerardo Martino , berrizo , pellagrino, leo Franco have the calibre to get back to coaching good European clubs. And last but not the least really hoping a big gun like barca goes for pochettino.

        • As you said amit it’s time for coaches like Heinze ,Gallardo .,etc to join respectable clubs in Europe’s top 5 leagues and yes I don’t understand why experienced n proven coached like sampaoli,Martino ,etc are not working in Europe. the more Argentine representation in Europe increases the better chances for argentine talents to play in the big leagues.

      • True otamendi should have left the moment he realised he was not considered as a starter for the club. I hope he pushes for a transfer and join any big club where he has the assurance of getting play time.

    • Tough to be an Albiceleste fan? During the 3 year period between the end of Centanario and the beginning of copa 2019 I would agree but after things clicked in copa 2019 I would say this is the best time for the albicelestes since Sabella took over.
      Messi is still at his best and even when he wasn’t (during most of copa) the rest of the team picked up the slack and played their heart out.
      Ocampos and DePaul have finally reached their potential and both are playing at world class level, heck DePaul has every top team in Italy after him, to the point where Udinese raised his price to start a bidding war (hope it won’t backfire).
      Dybala, Celso and A.Correa had tough times at the beginning of their seasons but all turned things around in a big way.
      Things are also looking good for Argentina’s 23yr and under category; Licha Martinez and C.Romero both had excellent seasons and with Senesi and Perez also performing very well, there is hope for Argentina’s defense for the first time since Garay was outed from the NT (for some odd reason). Mac Allister and Nico Dominguez both got to start in important games against big teams and seem to have started their european adventure on the right foot and ofcourse we can’t forget about Nico Gonzalez and Emi Buendia who were tremendous despite their respective clubs’ troubles. I should also mention Balerdi and his move to Marsaille, which offers hope that he won’t be lost in the shuffle and I saw his 20 + minutes agained Bayern Munich last week (it was a friendly) and the kid looked good.
      Even in the goal keeping department there is Musso and Emi and suddenly things ain’t looking to bad for Argentina between the sticks.
      If all that ain’t enough Icardi, Papu, Banega, J.Correa and Dimaria all kicked ass and took names and they are not even in the NT’s plans.
      The only negatives were Palacio’s and Foyth’s struggles but both of ’em are young and talented enough to turn things around.

      As I said, things started to turn around after the 2nd game in copa19 and since then I’ve seen nothing but progress, hopefully Argentina will continue to make that upward trajectory onto next year’s copa and ofcourse the big prize of 2022.

      • I’m sure palacios will turn it around because he is too talented to be ignored in a club like Leverkusen but he needs to work on his character. For young players it is necessary to have a good character n earn the respect of coaching staff. Foyth definitely needs to leave spurs Mourinho is a stubborn coach he considers dier, toby, Sanchez and tanganga as his top 4 centre back choices foyth is the last in the pecking order n he is a player who needs playing time to get into his rhythm unless he gets regular play time he is prone to commit errors.

        • That’s the thing ani, I don’t understand why Foyth isn’t playing DM, the kid is made for that position, if this was Pep he would’ve done it ages ago but as you said Mourinho is stubborn and out of date. In saying that Mourinho likes fighters, he was unsure about Celso until Gio proved himself and I think if Foyth shows the same attitude Mourinho may give him another chance because non of Spurs’s DMs are lighting the world on fire.

  9. Blow it outta your ass Christina and RM… the songs goes Bye bye byeeeee

    I’ll be fair as always, that was a nice goal by HER highness

    I hope the 100 million was covered by their jersey sales hehehehehe

    • Yeah but it’s a double edged sword for me cause I want to see Dybala succeed and play in CL finals. Honestly I’ve always liked Dybala but this season seeing how he clawed and fought his way back made me like him and respect even more, the kid is way too talented to play second fiddle to Ronaldo at club and to Messi with the NT, he needs a team built around him, teams like Lazio, Milan, Atalanta or Napoli, teams that are on an upward trajectory that can hit the big time with Dybala leading the charge.

    • Once again… Lautaro has already said, multiple times, he will only leave Inter for Barcelona. NOT FOR ANY OTHER CLUB

    • Big Clubs are never finished. Or else they would never been a big club in the first place. As an Argentina Fan I would want Messi and Latauro to play regularly together on a Daily Basis to build chemistry. It will be crucial for Copa and WC. I really dont give a damn how Messi and Latauro does in their clubs anymore. It all comes to my national team. Thatswhy I dont care what Icardi does in PSG. When he start scoring for for Argentina like he scores for club only then i ll care how good he is.

    • Hi romance king my dear son Lautaro will go to Barcelona how many times me and your mother told you that now grow up use your brain

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