Lionel Messi mazy dribble goal wins it for Barcelona in Champions League


Lionel Messi scored a mazy dribble of a goal for Barcelona in their 3-1 win vs. Napoli.

Messi continues to score for Barcelona and this one is among his very best. With Barcelona leading 1-0, Messi received the ball, dribbled past a few Napoli players, went down, kept control of the ball, got back up, shot and scored as he was falling.

He had scored another goal which looked to be wrongly disallowed by VAR due to a handball while it looked as if Messi had controlled it with his chest.


  1. Barcelona’s have to go on this squad against bayern ,

    Fati suarez messi

    Pieug rakitich vidal

    Firpo semado
    Lenglet pique

    Ter stegen

    • Coward Setian Line Up: Tar Stegen – Semedo Pique Langlet Alba – Roberto Busquets Vidal – Griezmaan Suarez Messi

    • The Best XI

      ————-Ter Stegen————
      —————-De Jong————

      With this they have a chance

  2. The following players of the Argentine league have tested positive for COVID-19:

    Fabricio Bustos (Independiente)
    Thiago Almada, Ricky Álvarez (Vélez Sarsfield)
    Federico Torres, Franco Quinteros, Nicolás Linares (Banfield)
    Iván Bolaño, Diego Morales (Tigre)
    Agustín Almendra (Boca Juniors)
    Ezequiel Centurión (River Plate)

  3. Bayern vs Barca is single leg so Barca has more chances to qualify.Just one or two flashes of magic from Messi and Barca in Semi final.Whole team is looking good and more importantly Barca has won nothing this season so they must be desperate to win Champion League

    • Barca won nothing in 2014 also, this barca is worsen than that. I don’t know how single leg tie favors underdog, by this logic Croatia could have won world cup or peru copa America, Barca can’t beat getafe almost concede 2nd goal against Napoli, football is a team game messi alone can’t do it otherwise Argentina won trophy between 2010-2018.

      • Barca getting thrashed will get sieten out. He dosent deserve to be coaching barca. Keep getting reminded of time period when bauza was coaching argentina. Messi was so fortunate in his initial time with Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta, busquest. 2nd stage of club life has been so unlucky to get such a bad baggage. Hope some good luck comes to his national stint & we win something finally

  4. Lot of COVID positives news coming from Argentine league – Fabrico Bustos, Agustin Almendra, Thiago Almada, Ricky Alvarez. Hope everyone recovers fast & well . Seems a very wrong timing to restart trainings

    • It’s possible. You could say the formations tried against Chile (before the red cards) or Uruguay recently are variants of that since Messi and Aguero played so centrally in it.
      Weakness is fairly evident as width is lacking so could make for tight lines therefore forwards would have to use lot of individual skill to create and generate overall space.
      Normally you might use a adventurous wide mid (maybe like depaul) or a full back to hit the wide areas occasionally or maybe create some overloads centrally by pushing someone like locelso forward from deeper. But probably not advisable to do it as long as messi and paredes are in XI making it difficult to defend resulting gaps and hence back to point about relying on forwards for creativity.
      I guess I would not mind it so much as long as the solidity in middle not sacrificed for offence like mentioned above. So have to be patient as would make for tight close games.

    • Barca’s defence is much better now.Messi and De jong are looking like a fire.Jordi Alba was also good,Semedo was good Rakitic was good.Griezaman and Suarez was average.Quite satisfied with Barca performance.

    • Hahaha 😂🤣 remember 2013, this barca is much worsen than that. Napoli could have scored 3 goals if clinicial, at one point when Milik scored then ruled out offside everyone thought glimpse of barca vs roma UCL

    • I dont think Barca Can destroy Bayern. But yes Messi can on his day. Messi can outscore Bayern and I believe that cos its not a 2 legged format. If Messi can destroy Liverpool he can destroy Bayern too. This format wont allow Bayern to bounce back in the 2nd leg. Anything can happen when there is Messi. The fact is Bayern is too strong for Barca but Messi factor is always there.

      • Barca was on the verge of bottling 3-0 lead at the end of first half against Napoli after Ingisine scored penalty and the way Napoli started in 2nd half. Messi is alone fighter for barca just like Argentina in 2018 world cup. Bayern Munich will destroy this barca, Aguero was there in 2018 for Argentina where Suarez is completely inactive and Griezmann playing out of position makes barca shambles. And mashallah barca defense, 7-1 loading

  5. B.Leno is injured again this time shoulder injury.Arsenal medical staff was wrong about his injury.Now Emi Martinez going to start as starting goalkeeper and Arsenal is in market to seek a back up keeper for Emi Martinez.WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS.Few months ago Emi was back up keeper now Arsenal seeking back up for Emi.

    • Leno was bench warmer to Peter cheez until retirement and Germany 4th choice goalkeeper behind Nubel(23)

    • While an injury is always sad , this is good news for all argentine fans bcos Emilano gets a great headstart for next season. Hope he will capitalize this opportunity

    • Sad for Leno but fantastic news for us! Just recently he sent an exit warning to Arsenal but now his long-awaited starting spot has been secured. Sometimes things just work themselves out 🙂

      Martinez told Argentine radio station Continental: ‘I have shown the club that I can play for them and when I return next season I need to have more games. That is the only way I will stay at Arsenal.

      ‘My target is to consolidate my place with Arsenal and to reach the Argentinian national team as No 1.

      ‘I won’t stop until I get that and if I don’t play for Arsenal, then clearly I would move on.’

      Let’s hope he keeps impressing next season as No.1 and even more so with Albiceleste in WCQs and Copa America.

    • good run by Gaich for that attempt. Hope he sets the russian league on fire. Atleast encouraging to see that he is getting a chance pretty early

  6. This is more like a WC now…!
    All teams going to Lisbon…and from QF….there is just one game…no home and away..!
    Messi has great opportunity now. Hope he wins it.

    • I dont know why….but i think Man City or PSG will win it.
      Realistically looking at format, all the big clubs ( Barca , Bayern, Man City, PSG , Atletico ) & even Atalanta has an equal chance. Its just 3 games.
      Whoever wins I just want Icardi, Aguero , Messi, Parades ( hope he starts ) , Papu Gomez, A Correa , Palomino have great games.

  7. Setian is coward, started finished Raketic ahead of Puig who played brilliantly at the end of la liga, Raketic was worst player on the pitch. Next game against Bayern setian will start finished Vidal along with declining Busquets and finished Suarez at no9 with Griezmann out of position, Bayern will destroy slow barca. Ansu Fati was best player after messi post lockdown won’t be used either, Lewandowski Ganabry and muller gangbang barca 7-0

    • But Neuer is finished, Lewandowski only a statspadder, he has never ever won UCL, not even a final, Bayern did it with mediocre strikers like Mandzukic and Mario Gomez cause they are not chokers like Lewandowski, you will see it. Bayern is sky high the better team, but laughable Neuer, choker Lewandowski plus Messi magic can make the difference for Barca

      • Neuer never bottled 3-0 lead twice, don’t worry neuer prove his worth again why he is number 1 for Germany not Tar Stegen. See you after Bayern Munich destroy barca.

      • Lewandowski played UCL final with mediocre Dortmund side at the beginning of his career, now Lewandowski at his peak is going to win. Bayern Munich won pervious UCL due to peak Riberry.

      • Yes if expecting this worst barca team beat Bayern Munich then I am happy with my poor knowledge regarding football. Apart from messi no player selected in Bayern Munich first 11.

      • Nothing against messi, barca is finished. If Pochettino joins next year and barca brought younger players like Eric Garcia and lautaro and get rid of Suarez, raketic then barca will be back

  8. Capo dei Capi…………….Barcelona without La Pulga is just a plain stick, you can hurt and hit others with it.

    Barcelona with Messi is a spear ………..he’s the sharp end of the stick where you can kill others with.

    One is nicknamed Penaldo for a reason and the other gives away PKs as if its Halloween.

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  10. Messi was phenomenal vs Napoli.I am not sure about that handball.Messi could habve a hat trick.Messi is now only concerned about only his duty in pitch,sometime he can be seen only relaxing in the pitch.Sentien has done good work to keep Messi in final third as much as possible.First half was great for Barca

  11. Pochettino is being linked to coach As roma and in other news de paul is heavily lined to join either inter or juventus and musso is being heavily linked to joins inter.

  12. No doubt, Messi magical brings Barca to QF ; not easy to win against hard working and compact Napoli; Barca 1st half is awesome and Napoli were much better on 2nd half; However the Messi maggical penetration and exploration as usual and given the PK to Suarez lift the team spirit and shown the true sportsmanship. G.O.A.T

    Next game against Bayern is a like a final…

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