Leeds United interested in Rodrigo de Paul of Udinese


Leeds United are repotedly intersted in Rodrigo de Paul of Udinese.

Marcelo Bielsa’s first season in the Premier League could see him bring in an Argentine. Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, the newly promoted team are looking to bring in the 26 year old.

With a price tag of around โ‚ฌ30-35 million, de Paul has been with Udinese since 2016 and this would be his first Premier League team.


  1. European nations are on their 2nd day of preparations for nations league and look at our governing body( conmobel) these guys are busy smoking marijuana. Not even a little care about what’s goona happen to international matches.

    Can’t they organize a similar friendly tournament and invite teams to play and win cups? After all it will be a friendly tournament isn’t it?

    At least our players won’t have to sit and wait for FIFA dates. Things will be lot better as a whole for the continent.

  2. Messi is out of Barcelona, that’s for sure. There’s ain’t anything to look back, it’s all over.
    Now where he goes is totally uncertain and yet to be decided. I think, probably its going to be city but I feel absolutely bored watching PL. People always says PL is the biggest league from both money and players point of view. But to be honest, in my whole 22 years of existence in this planet I have never liked PL , not even if some of the best Argentines had played there. PL has never fascinated me but la Liga, serie a and to some sort Dutch league had.
    I guess the taste might be different for you people.

    • Just to respond to your replay to my post, “i really don’t know, I hope the issue is resolved now better than later”

      Now to respond to this post, EPL is only interesting to many and myself included because of all the foreigners playing there and nothing else. I really want to see Messi and Kun playing together and maybe that will trigger something special affecting the NT positively for once.
      I never gave a damn about Barcelona or any other club in the world, In fact I ONLY started watching club football like 11 years ago when it was ONLY world cups, wc qualifiers, international play and of course Copa America before.
      I want Messi happy and content to help ARGENTINA WIN…..that’s all i ever cared about.

      • ” I never gave a damn about Barcelona or any other club in this world.”
        DAMN is what I all thought when I saw the biases certain clubs carry towards Argentines. And just like you I’m also young in watching club football but only for argentines and nothing else. Argentina is all that matters to me and it always will until I breathe my last breath.
        But nowadays the scenario has degraded a lot. With even a slightest opportunity a certain “national favouritism” has gained force in commercial football. You could see clubs and their heads and managers are busy bringing a bunch of national players in the club.
        Like FCB, real Madrid and many more, I don’t have to count all. You can guess it by yourself but this is true that nowadays football has become bland. The purity seems to exist only in SA countries otherwise it’s all mixed. Nothing enjoying.

  3. I totally agree with ddr1123 on De Paul’s transfer to Leeds. I couldn’t have said it any better as he expressed through his points exactly my thoughts.

    Just to add, how irritating and absurd is the fact that Leeds seems to be the team that is interesting more for a player of such potential, as other teams may seem to value the prize of getting De Paul as high, while we see quite often teams spending money for nobodies and especially Brazilian nobodies whom either they are trying to get rid of after some period of time or put them on the bench.

    The management of Argentine talents may is if not the worst, one of the worst.

    • seriously. Arsenal signed an uncapped 22 year Brazilian ( Gabriel ) from a normal club like Lille for Euro30 Mill… Here a standout PL player like Emi Buendia still doesn’t have a good offer & maybe staring at 2nd div football. PLayers who impressed in our senior NT like Depaul , Tagliafico, Lucas Martinez , Foyth yet to get the right deal. We are counting MLS transfers & consoling!! Some serious marketing failure at our player agents & local club sides

  4. Rodrigo De Paul should not go to Leeds. First of all it is not an upgrade. The only positive thing is Bielsa, that too is a perception, not a guarantee. Secondly, I doubt Bielsa will last long. He has already spent 2 years at Leeds, its about time for the circus to start. He will be gone half way through.

  5. Lazio signed Escalante from Eibar. If he breaks into starting Xi at Lazio, which a much better club than Eibar, he could be an option for a DM. Let’s see.

          • Good for Escalante. But i doubt he will make it close to NT for DM. Parades, Licha, both Guidos , Ascacibar , maybe Battaglia comeback & new talents like Fausto Vera , Almendra, Colambatto…. thats a long line
            I would want fullbacks to get some decent Europe transfers – Montiel ( West Ham seems to have faded
            ) Bustos , Claudio Bravo, Milton Valenzuela , Jonthan Silva who is currently getting relegated, Saravia ( go back to Porto & start matches )
            One promising news today is Napoli seriously considering Marcos Senesi as Koulibaly is on verge of a big move.

  6. I don’t know if the following was mentioned already but the news state that Messi agreed to a 5 year contract with ManCity that will pay him 700million Euros providing he leaves Barcelona as he should.

  7. Off course DePaul deserves champions league.but if he goes to Juventas or any big team he fears that he may not get enough playing time.off course he is very talented and hardworking, however he chose what’s best for him. I’m pretty confident that he will grow along under biesla as he has lot of potential. He will be our main man in the midfield in upcoming games for NT.

  8. It will be a good move for De Paul as premier league is much more competitive than any other league in the world. Secondly he will get guidence from one of the best coach in the world. Thirdly before Copa it is better to play some less game than usual which keeps our player fresh before Copa and WCQ though CL is different level competition. It’s solely my opinion.

  9. Famalicao had already signed Carlos Valenzuela on loan, and now have signed Joaquin Pereyra on loan from Central.

    Both very good players and good moves for both.

    Damian Battalini has signed for Haytiaspor in Turkey on loan.

    Demichelis scouting youngsters in Argentina for Bayern.

  10. Boca’s Emanuel reynoso clinches MLS deal with Minnesota. Seems a well rounded player who will do well in MLS. Anyone noticing Cristian pavon who is consistently doing well at LA Galaxy. Hope Europe clubs take notice & he gets a break in this year. He is still only 24 & can be useful for NT with much needed pace.

      • no way. One of the best midfielders in Serie A at age 26 should not go to newly promoted team, whether they have Bielsa or not. I really hope this does not happen

      • DePaul deserves champions league action. Juventus or inter Milan is the right place for him. Players under bielsa will surely develop well as long as they have high work rate. Just see how kalvin philips has now even got a call to England national team( without even premier experience). Considering Leeds priorities & budgets ,they are looking at a creative midfielder, 1 more center back & maybe a goalie ( kiko casilla is a flop & meslier is too young & raw to be No1). The best case for argentine players is emi buendia( Pablo Hernandez replacement), Juan foyth ( imo this will be the best move of transfer season from an Argentine pov )& Emiliano Martinez. If emiliano can seal starting spot in arsenal then he should stay. In that case I would wish that ruilli is picked up atleast on loan.While there is no leeds interest on him & it’s more of a wishlist , he can come cheap,definitely a good keeper & badly deserving a good break( Betis deal is gone & only Valencia seems chance now & that’s also a shitty management now like barca) . Technically also he is well suited for a high defensive line which bielsa plays. Musso transfer fees cannot be afforded by leeds. Btw Germany has called Leno for league nations matches this week & good chance he will get one game atleast.

        • Juventus,Intermilan or any CL team is best…yes everyone knows.
          No clubs are behind him currently….or they are not willing to pay what Udinese asking…!
          Let him play in Leeds. Better than Udiense anyway. I want him to get regular playing time until WC atleast.

          • Inter Milan , Juventus are already evaluating him . A couple of weeks of no activity does not mean that he is no more in their plans.Point here is Serie A window formally opened yesterday & runs till Oct first week. He has a good chance in cracking in a top Serie A club & should be willing to take the risk. Going to Leeds or staying in Udinese is anyway regular playing time. Just that he will need to settle into Leeds / England & the playing style & may go thru initial tough times. DePaul at this stage , i would weigh more for him playing for a top club in the biggest stage vs an association with Bielsa . For a younger player Bielsa association will be the best choice. & u never know – few bad results in PL , some new controversy – Bielsa has a history of just dropping the hat & leave.



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      • i told you dozens of times.
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  12. Tomorrow could be crucial for a Messi deal. His father and agent will meet Barca president Barto to negotiate a friendly exit while delusional Barto is wants to extend his contract. Man City negotiators will also arrive in Barcelona tomorrow.

  13. Romance take on Argentina 23 Squad: Musso/Emi Maritinez – Montiel/Saravia Foyth/romero Baledri/Sensi Tagliafico/LB – Lo Celso/Palacios Paredes/Ascaliber De Paul/Ocumpos – Messi(c) – Icardi/Lautaro Dybala/Aguero
    3rd GK should be Armani/Andrada. A pacey winger like Barco or Nico Gonzalez must be given more and more opportunity. Tagliafico back up needed, farmer Acuna shouldn’t be considered.

  14. Musso saved Udinese last season from relegation, if they lose De Paul then Musso should leave also this season hope Zenetti brings him to Inter as Handanovic doesn’t have legs anymore and musso could learn from one of the best GK.

    • Whole I would like to see Musso in Inter shirt, you have to remember that Handanovic is the captain of Inter and still has 2 years left on his contract. Musso would be his backup, which is something we don’t want.

      • At present ability wise Musso is greater than Handanovic who isn’t world class anymore and won’t be reliable for whole season. When Cortious came to Chelsea, Peter Chez was one of the chelsea legend and won UCL a year ago but Cortious become no1. Similar situation is for Musso, if he goes to Inter will become no1, Inter might gamble Handanovic for another season if not buy Musso this summer.

          • If Inter identified Meret as Handanovic successor then no chance for Musso to Inter. Maybe Conte keen towards Italian, certainly Musso is better GK and won Golden Glove last season. Meret was bench warmer at Napoli last season in case Zeneti failed to bring Musso, Gatuso might go for Musso as Napoli no1.

          • There we go!! A somewhat constructive football discussion only regarding football without mentioning Icardi’s bimbo wife or demeaning any Argentine players. This way you won’t be hated by everyone here. Keep it up!

          • Icardi is the best striker in the world after lewandoshki and deserve to be called up ahead of farmer Alario.

  15. De Paul to Leeds is complete steel, any Sere A fan aware of this. Inter Milan Juventus or AC Milan should have brought De Paul. Beilsa isn’t doing any favor bringing De Paul to Leeds, if he really care about Argentina then bring Montiel or Foyth to Leeds United. I don’t rate farmer Quarta at all.

  16. Guys any updates on when the full squad will be out for world cup qualifiers? Is quatra has some real offers from Europe or all are just rumors? I am just concern with our defence bcoz I believe that in attack and upto some extent in mid we have some quality players who have proved them at top level. In modern football any team who wants to become world champion needs to have great full backs. Taglifico is good for us but he needs to play and improve some attacking attributes to become world class and starter in top elite clubs. For right back we have montiel, fyoth and sarava but none are world class. For GK I am now relieved with the imargence of Martinez and musso but both needs to play at champions league to have good exposure to level of difficulties. In the and I wish we all albiceleste fans are safe and healthy.๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  17. Moving from Udinese to Leeds is an upgrade.
    Moving from Italian League to Premier League is an upgrade.
    Moving from a defensive team to an attacking team is best for him.
    Moving to a BIELSA team is a dream for most of the players.
    Depaul will get regular playing time in Leeds. Playing against big clubs in fast paced league is a plus.
    I believe Leeds will stun premier league this season. And Depaul can be their star.

    • C’mon!! May be, bielsa is going to make him better professional but again de Paul deserves better than Leeds. He should go to atleast Europa league club in Italy or England.
      But going to Leeds is definitely better than staying in udinese.
      However, We don’t know how Leeds would perform in the premier league and no matter how good season they will have they won’t be able to play in Europe.
      De Paul teammates would be Rodrigo, Harrison, helder Costa, bamford ….they all are average.
      The only good thing about Leeds are that they look ambitious. That’s it.

    • You put it nicely. I was hoping for De Paul to play for a top team in CL/EL and get the recognition and appreciation he deserves.. But there are far worse options than Leeds under Bielsa. Let’s see how this develops.. Either way, I’m excited about Leeds in the Premier League

    • It’s a bad move IMO. I love Bielsa like the next guy, but lets not forget his history of abruptly leaving coaching jobs. Leeds could very well finish in the bottom half of the table and Bielsa takes off.

      As great as the EPL is, being the best player on a bad team in that league does not have its advantages. Look at Buendia, one of the better midfielders in that league but transfer market completely bare for him (at least no reports).

      Hopefully this is complete smoke and Juve/Milan/Napoli etc pull the trigger. It’s beyond me players like Vidal, well past his prime, is getting more looks than De Paul

  18. Going to Leeds is the same as going to Mexico or MLS…

    I just don’t understand why mediocre players just love being mediocre forever.

    He should definitely go to UCL teams and compete!

    • Ok, let’s not get carried away here, although a move to Leeds would be far from ideal, it is still not at all the same as playing in MLS or Mexican League. EPL is a very difficult and competitive league.

      • > Ok, letโ€™s not get carried away here

        lol. you crack me up man. i reacted the same when i read his comment – “come on now..chill dude, it aint that bad”

        @karlliu aka Kavi, agree with Enganche here…playing for leeds is nothing like joining an MLS. you’re right in your last sentence though. A club in the UCL is ideal.

  19. De Paul should not approve a sale to Leeds. At 26 and in his prime, he should not go to any team not playing in CL. I love Bielsa, but that team will not compete for top 6

    • Best for him to train under Bielsa, Playing for a big club is one thing and playing under a big coach is another thing. We need players to be trained and ready for the Argentina national team and not always for UCL or Europa. So that players will be fresh for national duty.
      He is going to play in a highly competitive and demanding league.
      It is a win-win situation for depaul and national team.

    • Well, Maradona joined Napoli and they finished 8th that season. Does that mean he’s not Diego just because he didnt finish in top 5 that season?

      Great player is great player regardless where he plays. Well its not like he’s playing in Russian league like Gaich… EPL is most competitive league in Europe so no matter in which team he’d play, it will gives him a better challange.

  20. Hi guys. I have been following Argentine national team since 2002 world cup.i used to post comments on arg world cup blog and I have never posted a comment on mundo,how ever I have been following mundo for years since the very begining of this blog, eventhough I have never posted a comment on this one.this is my first comment on this blog and I expect warm welcom from my arg fans.i am from Maldives and I was pretty sure that I was the first person to talk about Messi and Aguero in my country.it was back in 2003 as I love to search about Argentine wonder kids. I used to read most of the comments on this blog and mm ost of the people are always worried about our mid field and our back line.however I strongly believe that arg NT always have talents for all the departments. We all have been waiting for silver for our beloved arg but, I would say our players have not been ustilised properly as arg is a footballing nation and they produce dozens of talents every year.we are desperate for a silver ware but our national team is always an underdog due to mismanagement or bad coaching.we have plenty of talents for each and every department as we speak.we just need to dump useless ageing players Otamendi,Romero ect.We need fresh blood and gel the team by using current talents available. Scolani must call Emi Martinez, Quarta , Papu Gomez. To be honest I have not seen the play of these boys, le ceslo,parades,palacios,de paul.but I have heard enough from media and from this blog these players are very talented midfielders.as per this blog our weakest department is backline I believe we have enough defenders for each and every post.our forward line is the most efficient in the world. And as per this blog we have bunch of talents in the midfield.Di Maria,Papu Gomez,le ceslo,parades,de Paul ,palacios,Mac allister.our midfield is much more effiecnt and talented than most of the big footballing powerhouses including brzail, France,Spain,germany.we just need to find team chemistry.

    Thanks guys

  21. In case u dont know,
    Pirlo is known to be a huge admirer of Lo Celso. He wanted him badly for Juventus and took a step forward as Juventus inquired Spurs about a transfer fee. Tottenham slammed the door of Lo Celso’s exit and told Juve a hard NO.
    Things i loved in this saga:
    i) Lo Celso is admired by one of the most legendary midfielder of all times.
    ii) Tottenham’s dependency and admiration on Lo Celso

  22. Best sub GK in the world…Romero…became third choice in ManU.
    He want to move to another club…another club for warming the bench or he really wants to play..? Lazy…

  23. I think De Paul deserves better than Leeds. I could see him play well in Napoli (would have to displace Zielinski, Fabian Ruiz or Elmas) and AC Milan (Bennacer, Kessie, Tonali, Calhanoglu). I think he is better than at least one of those midfielders and can potentially win a spot there. Also Juventus, way better than Rabiot and Ramsey.

    • Couldn’t agree more. De Pauls transfer saga turning into a real head-scratcher. I get supporters can overrate their players but is Leeds seriously the best team to make an offer??? What the heck. He is talented enough for Napoli and Juve.

    • It’s baffling indeed. Top teams should have been all over him even last summer. He is an absolute steal for ~โ‚ฌ35m… Still dreaming of Juventus signing both De Paul and Paredes.

    • Milan, Juve, Napoli and Fiorentina are all legitimately interested in him (not just rumors) but you have to understand that thanks to Covid, 35-40 million is alot to pay for any club that’s not in England, heck even Liverpool are struggling to pay 30 mill for Thiago.
      All those clubs I mentioned, especially Juve, have to get rid of some players to be able to aford De Paul, so this may take alittle while.
      Playing for Bielsa must be attractive for many players, especially Argentines but I suspect that De Paul would hold out for Juv or another time that plays CL. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • You’re right, ~โ‚ฌ35m would have been really cheap for his quality pre-covid but now perhaps it’s a fair price. At least he is really set to leave this summer, so let’s hope for the best!

        • Inter (and Fiorentina) made a legit offer of 33 mill euro for him last season but Udinese refused to sell him for less than 40 million because he (and Musso) was the only reason why Udinese is still in top flight. Sevilla made a 16-20 million offer and were apparently laughed off by Udinese and rightfully so.
          Now all the clubs I mentioned are legit interested in him, which tells me that his exploits haven’t gone unnoticed and I hope he’d end up with the likes of Juve, Inter, Sevilla etc…..a good club that has CL aspirations.

    • Chile goalkeeper Claudio bravo has been confirmed by real Betis. Is Banfield lb claudio bravo ( u23 lb) also really in transfer contention? I was reading a Crespo article where they said Agustin urzi is whom Banfield is worried they will lose in transfer. Apart from Claudio bravo, Milton vazenzula can also be a lb option. I saw lisandro in an Ajax friendly as lb & am not convinced of him as lb.

      • They haven’t signed yet, but are looking to.
        Inter have signed hugely talented youngster Valentin Carboni from Catania. He was signed from Lanus. But Italy have lured him to play for their U16. His father Ezequiel Carboni played in Italy for long time.

        • I don’t remember exactly but I know he signed some argentines in Spain for Villarreal and malaga.
          But the most important part is under him players like Higuain, Riquelme, Aguero, otamendi, demichellis had flourished.

        • At Malaga he had solid success with cabellero. Even now at Betis he wants to go with players like Martinez quarta..but can’t afford the release clause of river plate

        • hehe . they owe us one back bcos Bielsa & Sampoali only got them success at international level . Even the 2016 coach Pizzi is actually Argentine born while nationality is Spanish

  24. Man City may or may not get Messi but they are now interested in Dario Sarmiento.

    Nico Capaldo is linked with Fiorentina.

    Both Senesi and Cristian Romero are targetted by Atalanta.

    Sevilla and Roma are targeting Bustos.

    • Man City, seems to be a hype for Argentine young guns. They seem to be interested in Thiago Almada but that never came up. So not sure if they would be able to get Dario Sarmiento, though.

  25. Papu Gomez deserves to be in substitute list of Argentina.Lo celso,Paredes,De Paul,Guido Rodriguez,Nico Dominiguez and Papu Gomez should be in midfield squad.Papu Gomez is very consistent player really deserves chance in Copa America

  26. Emi Martinez should stay in Arsenal and fight for no1 because he is fan favorite and pressure is on Leno who has 2 year left in contract

    • He has to leave, he ain’t in his early 20’s though goalies could play till late 30s or even 40s. I don’t see playing second fiddle to Leno will benefit his chance to Argentina team. Leo is a good goalie too n purchased at ard 20 million. He will be first choice unless he does blunder consistently.

      Arsenal has offered Emi may leave Ard 10 million which is a attractive price for a goalie for his caliber. Arsenal wants him to succeed elsewhere. He should leave n prove on day in day out basis of his quality rather then waiting for Leno to get injured or for blunders

      • Emi Martinez better than Leno, just ask any Arsenal fan. He set the bar so high that it won’t be easy for leno to bench him. If Emi can’t able to bench Germany 4th choice GK then certainly not enough to be no1 in Argentina, Musso already Sere A best Goalkeeper and Inter Milan will replace old Handanovic with musso.

  27. Lautaro does not want to go to Barcelona if Messi leaves(Same for Van de beek).
    Now Barcelona targeting Jesus or Depay.
    If Barcelona reach in top4 in Laliga and qualifying for next CL would be great for them in next season. Messi-less Barcelona woul be behind Real,Atletico,and Sevilla.

    • Forget real, atletico and sevilla, Getafe in itself is enough to scoop their arses. Remember the last match of the 2018/19 season where Barca was pumped with 5 goals even after having Suarez, dembele and coutinho in their lineup. They were going to make history that season going unbeaten and winning the league like arsenal of 2004/05 but got their faces scarred without Messi.
      So it’s was quite clear what Barca was to become once Messi left and for god’s sake it’s happening now. And I think it is better, Messi should go.

  28. โ€œIf they can do it to their Greatest ever Piooner – #Cruyff, Their Greatest ever Manager -#Guardiola, then they can do it to their Greatest ever Player..#Messiโ€œ

    Barcelona worst club in the world in managing their legends.

    • Wait what actually Barca did with cryuff? Did they treated him similar to how they’re treating Messi now?
      About the guardiola case, I know that there was huge fiasco between the board and the managerial stuff before the season where he eventually left. But I did not know that something similar had also happened or existed with cryuff too.

    • Almost most of the clubs did like that at one point in time, Madrid did that to Casillas. I am not supporting Barca in this. This is what happens when a power-hungry businessman or politicians interfere with the football.
      Barca or any other club fans never disrespect their legends.

    • In 1988-1989 cruff became the coach of Barca but before that season the president at that time was Nunez and he was elected second time without opposition but after that FCB players led rebellion against him that cost 14 players as they were discarded from the club(Known as Hesperia Mutiny ). After that he appointed cruff as the coach and it was 1988-89 season cruff started to build “Dream team which eventually led first champions league for FCB in 1922. After that in 1996 FCB goes trophy less and lost to milan in final with 4-0. Then cruff and board had some dispute which eventually led the exit of cruff from the club.

      • Hmmm….. understandable. So one thing is very clear from these situations that if you go one season trophy less in Barca, you’re sure to be sacked and beaten to death, no Matter how much or what you’ve done for the club. You will have to pack your bags and get out.
        I see that, but I’m little happy about how Messi is trying to use his legacy to force himself out of Barcelona. Barca can never do a cryuff or Maradona esque move on Messi, cause Barca knows what Messi is to barca. But what surprises me more is that Barca aren’t actually helping Messi to get out instead they’re putting shackles around his legs to stop him, which isn’t good considering his contributions for the last 16 years. This is more humiliation than loyalty. He should go wherever he wants to, it’s his life and Barca should respect that.

  29. Hola amigos, I used to distance my stand from romance king but we have to agree that some of his points are I feel quite good like our players needs to compete at highest level like champions league and europa. They need to be started at their respective club so that their game evolves. But that doesn’t mean that other league players are not good we can’t ignore them. Overall I feel that team needs to be one cohesive unit rather than pieces of individual skills and talent. Last point that we need papu Gomez. Remember dani Alvar was best player of coa at 35 years. Just coz of age we can’t ignore such players.

  30. Uff fed up with leeds rumors argentina managers need to support their young guns i am very disappointed after leeds dont want thiago almada after all the hype.. all news related to leeds and argentina players were fake only messi to leeds is missing๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. I’m a bit hesitant about de Paul’s potential transfer to Leeds. He isn’t the player right now to go to teams who had made promotion and show his skills there, infact he is now 26 years old and has entered his prime. And by his performances over the last 2-3 seasons he should move to a CL contending team. A team which can provide him class training and also be surrounded by other star players who are only goona improve his game, both for him and his team. Even Atalanta is better placed right now to challenge the bigs in Italy; they have already reached an agreement with Romero and if de Paul move there it’s only going to make them even more stronger. But it all depends upon who he chooses.

  32. Emi Martinez should stay in Arsenal and fight for no1 because he is fan favorite and pressure is on Leno who has 2 year left in contract.

  33. Guys, i just realized that Gaich is the only “Adolf” who made it to Moscow ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ..i hope you understood my point

      • Don’t think Lautaro staying in long term in Inter, if not this year then next season 100% lautaro gone but I would prefer De Paul to AC Milan more because of less pressure and confirmed playing 11.

        • True. I hope Lautaro stops with his devotion for โ€œonly playing with Barcelonaโ€ because it could probably ruin his career or slow it down. Playing with Pep would make him world class regardless of Messi. And if Messi goes there along with Lautaro I might lose my mind.

  34. Bielsa is in command of Leeds now, he has the authority and power to brings new players, everyone are looking forwards of his ‘out of box thinking’, sometime ‘weird’, unique style at EPL, hopefully it will colour the EPL; however his players selection and bringing the potential Arg is questionable. As a master he ought to find, train and create a master class player and he knows it very well that the talents are abundance in his country.

    Leeds needs the creative mid field and a lethal striker. But De Paul will prefer and deseved to play at CL club as he is at his peak at this moment

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