Lionel Messi suspension lifted, available for Argentina


Lionel Messi, who was set to serve a one game suspension for Argentina, is no longer suspended and will be available for both of Argentina’s matches next month.

AFA president Claudio Tapia met with CONMEBOL executives and Messi’s sanction has been lifted as it expired. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will be able to count on the captain for both games against Ecuador and Bolivia.


  1. I really don’t understand this. Why on earth Banega is leaving Sevilla if his he is so sad about leaving. I m sure Sevilla and the Coach didn’t wanna sell such a great player. He will earn substantial money at Sevilla along with fame and may be a chance to represent Argentina again. Still he chooses to play at a middle eastern club, why? Money?. Don’t say that. How much money does one want?

    I don’t understand some humans. I really don’t. Do what u love and makes u happy. Damnnn

    • Banega is a world class talent that didn’t earn world class wages.

      Im not suggesting hes not rich compared to the average Mundoer, but he doesn’t have much compared to his compatriots. I’m sure the heart wants to see him play at the high level, incl playing for the NT, but his brain is prioritizing future, family, and wealth. There was a contract dangling in front of him and he took it, think carpe diem.

  2. Actually it shows how South American football r running. It proves what Messi said is 100 percent right and they just put ban on Messi to hide their face from truth. Same on Brazil and Copa.

  3. Argentina defence is quite good in last 5 matches Argentina scored 15 goals and conceded only 5 goals and matches were against mighties like Brazil,Uruguay,Germany,Mexico,Ecuador and Argentina had shaky goalkeepers especially in shot stopping.

  4. Another Brazilian CB unfolded in Arsenal, gabriel. While we do not have good back up CB. We have a few but they are not as brilliant as Gabriel or Upamecano. We wont win Trophies until our defense get sorted. In 2014 our defence was brilliant, Zabaleta, Demichellis, Garay and Rojo with destroyer Mascherano covering them, we went to final. There is a saying defense win trophies, and we are poor in defense, unfortunately.

    • Exactly!!! Spain won 2010 world cup scoring only 8 goals in the tournament which is a record. We need defence overhaul. Give some chance to young lads like beisila gave chance to mascherano at the age of 17 when he didnt even debuted for his club. Mark my words the our defence has some quality players we would be world champion forget about copa. Belardi was promising but bvb sent him out. Nehun Perez of athletico Madrid same story. Last promising name arise in the defence of argentina was mascherano. I don’t remember when was last time we defended like a champions. To become champions we need to have champions attitude. As now we are lacking that chemistry. That puts pressure on our mid and attack bcoz we know that we can’t rely on our defence so we have to score. Last thing amigo can locelso play at paredes position? Bcoz we need someone who thrive at that role and paredes is good player but still not a world class

  5. Guys any updates on musso, de Paul? It would be curse to start next season with udinese. We have coa in 2021 and world cup 2022. It’s high time for them to get into elite club. Also how is belardi performing in france?

    • Musso might forced to stay another season in Udinese because of pandemic, Inter Milan would go for next summer when Handanoviz contract expired. De Paul has to move this year, hopefully ends up in Juventus or AC Millan.

    • Should go to Brighton or Leeds, if he ends up to Auston Villa then don’t think Emi Martinez call up again for Argentina.

  6. Jab Pyaar mein Pyaar nah ho, Jab dard mein yaar nah ho Jab aasoun mein muskaan na ho, Jab Laafzo mein zubaan nah ho Jab saasein bas yunhi chale, Jab har din mein raat dhale Jab intezaar sirf waqt ka ho, Jab yaad uss kambat ka ho Kyun hun mein rahi jab kisi aur ki manzil, Dhadkano ne saath chhod diya Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

  7. Bold words which is true without fanatic or emotional, according to scaloni GK picking order Andreda=Musso > Armani > Marchesin=Emi Martinez > Rulli > Gazza > Romero.

    • I have always know he was a bright talent at River, but he has not played too much last season, and that alone was months ago. Why the sudden hype about him in recent days?

      • Milton Casco has been detected covid positive. The River bubble was working pretty well till now ompared to Boca . Hope there isnt more names & all recover fast without any issues.

    • ARGENTINA, the kid stated not so long ago in an interview that he is an Argentine and that his dream is to play for ARG and how his dad used to show him videos of Maradona and Messi and how proud he was and is to be an ARGENTINE.
      Spain can go to HELL.

  8. Emi Martinez should stay in Arsenal and fight for his place or go to Leeds United. If he choose Auston Villa then it will be his biggest mistake, Villa will fight to avoid relegation next season and his performance will be dropped. As Emi Martinez is Arsenal fan favorite even Leno starts ahead of him, pressure will be on Leno as Martinez set the bar high.

    • I agree. Going to a bottom tier EPL is great for younger players looking to impress. Not players in their prime or above. Losing is never a good look, no matter how well you play. Look at Buendia (and he’s actually young)

      • Any midtable club in top 4 league will be good for him. Rulli performed exceptional last season but unnoticed because of farmer league. This season Rulli got dream move to Villarreal where they will fight for la liga top 4 and Rulli performance will be evaluated and sudden hype of Emi Martinez shift towards Rulli. Nevertheless Auston Villa will be the worst move where they fight to avoid relegation. Brighton will be the best move even Leeds United too despite newly promoted club.

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    • ugh. this bums me out. He’s still great enough for Spain or Italy but i understand his need to cash out. La Liga / sevilla will certainly lose out on him next year.

      Here’s the touching farewell interview where he broke down in tears. Best of luck to him.

  10. Leno vs Emi Martinez
    Shot stopping: Leno(9) Martinez(8)
    Agile: Leno(9) Martinez(8)
    Positioning: Martinez (8) Leno(7.5)
    Commanding: Martinez(9) Leno(7)
    In set pieces: Martinez(9) Leno(7)
    Handling: Martinez(9) Leno (7)
    Playing out from back: Martinez(9) Leno(7)
    Corners: Martinez(8) Leno(7)
    Coming off line: Martinez(8.5) Leno(7.5)
    Game reading: Martinez(9) Leno(7.5)
    One on one counter: Martinez(8) Leno(7)
    Reaction save: Martinez(9) Leno(8)

  11. A lot of our Gks did well last year. Emi, Musso are obvious. Rulli did very good in France. One name is not mentioned is Marchesin. He was excellent for Porto and if I am not mistaken he kept most clean sheet in Liga Nos last season and he will be playing in Champions league this season. He was very good against Germany, specially in second half.

    • i will add Walter Benitez to the list. He deserves a look in after 2 years of consistent performance. To me its Musso, Emiliano , Benitez & Andrada as shortlist & i am betting on Emilano to be the main starter in long term. Based on form in coming season one of them should go to Tokyo Olympics & top 3 for Copa .

  12. An Argentina fan should enjoy Bielsa from far and wish good luck. We are better off without him. Anyone following football after 2000 will understand why.

    • Yep. For that reason I am excited for Leeds vs. Liverpool. Although the game would be more exciting with Buendia, De Paul confirmed, Martinez and Foyth.

  13. In 2010, we were talking at argentinaworldcup blog about a certain 17 years old Goalkeeper who joined Arsenal. He was Emiliano Damian Martinez. I have been following him since then.

    When guys like RomanceKing demean him, I laugh. This immature troll was just 9 years old at 2010, given he admitted that he is 19+ years old in a previous post.

    There is a reason guys like Johnn, Seba, Pablo no longer posts here. Nonsenses are too much nowadays.

    Anyway, Emi’s move to Aston Villa is imminent. It is a better move than staying at Arsenal. Except for Chelsea, no significant team has done any significant purchasing. Getting offer in post covid market is not easy. Clubs don’t have money. Aston Villa historically is a good PL team and already doing significant investment to improve from their last season. He will be no 1 for them.

    Leno has advantage over Emi in that sense that leno’s performance can be evaluated from bigger sample space. Leno did good before injury and played more matches than Emi. It is not about quality. Anyone who does not get this does not have real world experience.

    • Wow! I remember that discussion. As a matter of fact, in his early days he was known as Damian Martinez, in team sheets, TV lineups etc.

      Worldcupblog, that was something. I was there since 2006. Then certain Maxi Lopez went crazy and alone shut down the blog..haha!!!

      Thanks for the reminder of old days!!

      • @ddr1123, Maxi Lopez indeed gone crazy. He said that if football destroys Pastore, he will stop watching football. Football did not destroy Pastore, pastore did it himself. It was not injury but moving to PSG destroyed career of Pastore.

        It was a good forum. There was many good members. Maxi destroyed it.

        • @mafioso
          Yeah, it became a Javier Pastore blog. He had a thing for players in France also. Like Cavenaghi. I had a different user name there. I do remember you and many others.

    • My argument is simple, Playing for Boca and River considered bigger than Villa. Every pundits in ESPN FC predicted Auston Villa will be relegated, last season Villa finished at 17. Hope Emi Martinez going to Leeds United, Musso is ahead of Emi Martinez unless he plays for Arsenal.

      • @RomanceKing, it is ok to have different viewpoint. Presenting them in respectful manner is a skill you will need in coming years. If you can’t do it behind image of Shah Rukh Khan, you won’t be able to do it in real life. Practice it here, most of us will be helpful.

        Being cultured even in a football blog matters. Once I applied for a job that required excellent writing skill in English, they wanted a demo. I gave them the link of my writing at mundoalbicelste. The recruiter and I became buddies as we both love football. I was invited for an interview.

        Trolling habit can cause you harm, even if you feel that you are safe behind Shah Rukh Khan’s image. Give it up!

          • @Choripan, Thanks man! Due to hectic job life, I can rarely post here for past 2 years. But I read every comment, even comments from RomanceKing. You are one of the few remaining sensible members, please keep writing. I can not fathom why Roy stopped moderating and participating in comments. Surely he has time for continuous new posts, so why not moderating? Leaderless forums become magnet for trolls.

        • well said. voices like yours missing here.
          i have lost my desire to post here anymore.
          that is why i have almost stop doing that. you understand well the reasons. But when voices like yours show up here then come the desire back and i enjoy to be here.

          my regards.

          • @cox4, Thank you my friend. This place still can be saved, all it needs is a user guideline and moderator. No forum can go on without these two. Back then, there were Seba, Roy and ZiggY who were posting and El Principe was a moderator. There were disagreements in comments, sometimes heated…but never trolling.

            You are one of the few members who are actually from Argentina. Through you I understood how intense and passionate Argentines are. Stay safe and healthy!

          • It is very important that COX4, MAFIOSO, CHORIPAN, ddr1234 post their sensible comment here. Because there are many silent logical readers like me. Regards

        • Thanks for the suggestions but I’m student currently and I’m pretty good in English though not the level of Physics.

      • While I’ll be thrilled to see Emi Martinez and De Paul under Bielsa at LUFC, it’s a bit of a gamble. The track record of Bielsa is concerning when it comes to his departure. Most of the time, he departed on pretty bad terms and in an abrupt manner. LUFC could be hit or miss in the coming EPL season. If they don’t perform expectedly or get relegated, Bielsa might leave the club. The last thing I want for an Arg player is to be playing in a relegated club under an immensely genius yet crazy coach. LUFC has a great history. But that’s in the past now. They have to adjust themselves with the pressure of EPL first. The only good thing about LUFC is Bielsa at the moment, which can be turned into a nightmare in no time.
        And regarding your comment about “Musso is ahead of Emi Martinez unless he plays for Arsenal”, I completely disagree with your opinion. It depends on many attributes such as playing time, attitude, competition etc. not just the name of the club. Some goalkeepers thrive if given proper playing time while others thrive under competition. Also, there’s no good in warming the bench at Arsenal. I would prefer Emi to move to a mid-level club like Aston Villa rather than warming the bench at Arsenal. Moreover, Aston Villa has been relegated from the EPL only once in 2016. So, the odds of Aston Villa getting relegated from EPL are pretty similar to LUFC if not greater.

        • You don’t get my point, Emi Martinez will be picking behind Andrada, Armani and Marchesin if played for Auston Villa. Maximum chance Villa will relegate and it will reflect on Emi performance. If Emi Martinez fight for no1 in Arsenal and he achieve it then He will be undisputed no1 for Argentina and musso can’t even challenge him. But as of now Musso ahead of everyone expect Andrada who is 50-50. Rulli was great last season but ignored because of farmer league now rulli moved to Villireal who is going to challenge top4 in la liga and Rulli performance under Emery will be evaluated. If Emi Martinez go to Villa, Rulli will be selected ahead of him

    • Great to hear. We want a real jam of a goalie in the form of Emi, Andrada, Benitez whatever name it is. We need to win Copa and WC. Finally do not have to give attention to people who are writing against our player.

    • @Mafioso, Maxi Lopez was always say that both Messi & pastore were born to play together. As u said, pastore did himself destroyed his own career. I was a silent reader @ worldcup blog bzs of my poor english. I hv sent many msg to Roy about moderating comments. Bro Mafioso, plz post frequently, as i said earlier u r one of frvt here & hoping all d missing people will be back once d qualifiers starts.
      Once again sorry for my poor english. Vamos Argentina.

      • @VasuAimar, Hope you are doing well 🙂
        Your English is very good and it’s a language after all, no need to be sorry 🙂

        Pastore and Lamela, both destroyed their career themselves. People says its the injury, but that’s not the case. Lamela has the ability to dribble past 2/3 players and an excellent freekick taker from his riverplate days. But he does not have thday mental strength thus having an average career. Same goes for Pastore.

  14. 23 or less aged Argentine NT players potential in fifa 21.

    Lautaro Martinez 91
    Exequiel Palacios 88
    Nicolas Dominguez 88
    Gonzalo Montiel 84
    Nehuen Perez 84

  15. And we are back to club football discussions again ! All these clubs can just go to hell. I don’t a sh*t about Barca or RM or whatever someones club is. If you are an Argentine football fan you are a fan of the talent the style the grit and all those things.
    If you are saying Argentina does not have good enough talent you can fk right off this group.Clearly you do not belong here.
    You know whom I am speaking too. Maybe this just is not your place. maybe you are just a fan of a few players. This site is and always will remain a Argentina Football discussion forum.
    Please stick to that. If at all clubs please please stick to Argentine football clubs.
    Getting tired of this preachy farmer this farmer that bullshit now !
    Ignorant twats !

  16. Looks like Bruno Amione, one of the Argentine jewels and a definite NT prospect in the future is now moving to Hellas Verona of Italy. The deal is confirmed.

  17. Great news, atleast something good is happening to Messi. While he is all alone facing towards the wall. One thing which may or may not happen with Messi is. This may ignite a fire inside him. Which may can destroy the opponents. Or he may choose to shut off himself by not performing elitely. Which version will we see?Only time will tell. This coming year is gonna be crutial for Messi.

    Now, I don’t care if he plays badly for Barca. But whatever haver happening at Barca shouldn’t effect his Argentina form he is our captain. While it’s always difficult to hide our emotions even when we playing. A Happy mind gives better results. I hope Messi becomes happy again. Soon.

    Meanwhile Emiliano Martinez to Aston villa is a gud move. Added to that Gazzaniga may be moving to Fulham too. Gazzaniga too should be playing consistently, he is a natural GK who is also great with his feet. Who knows he along with Emiliano, Musso and Andrada looks like we have some great competition for the Argentina No 1 shirt.

    One thing which EPL is really good is the Goalkeeping development. They become more complete by playing better with feet and much better in the Ariel game. That’s why Emiliano and Gazzaniga should both be playing more consistently. Which in turn will help Argentina.

    • Moving to bottom table club in EPL with maximum chances getting relegated isn’t good move at all. Emi Martinez should fight for his place in Arsenal or move to midtable club in Spain or Italy will be the best choice. Auston Villa GK never going to be the number 1 for Argentina, Boca or River players ahead of villa.

  18. After watching the FIFA ratings of Argentine players in fifa21 I don’t feel like playing it anymore. This is pure disgrace to argentines.

    Lo celso, buendia, tagi, senesi, licha, dybala and lautaro weren’t even given deserved rating for the stellar season they had. And it’s Same for bundesliga too. Even serieA young players had not seen growth in their ratings.

    The league which is bustling now is premier league and french league. Even the fans and community of gamers are at foul mouth with this year’s ratings.
    Fuck off football world.

  19. Romance Take in Argentina Squad-
    GK: Juan Musso, Esteban Andrada, Emiliano Martínez
    Defender: Gonzalo Montiel, Juan Foyth, Quarta, Pezzella, Otamendi, Leonardo Balerdi, Tagliafico, Acuña
    Midfielder: Rodrigo De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Guido Rodríguez, Nicolás Domínguez, Ocampos, Alexis Mac Allister, Ezequiel Palacios
    Forwards: Messi, Lautaro, Dybala, Agüero, Icardi.

  20. Does anyone know how F. Medina performs against PSG? Against all the odds, I believe that he will be a solid defender. He may not be flashy like Foyth, L.Martinez, or Belerdi but he has the grit and the combativity to represent the NT….

  21. Santiago Mingo has been released by Barcelona. The kid signed for Barca B in February, but due to the lock down, he did not play a single minute, but now they have told him he can leave.
    What a shattering experience, wonder now if Boca will take him back.

    Club Brugge is targeting Thiago Almada.

    • Europe’s bias towards argentines have now come to light. It’s not like it wasn’t there but now it is becoming even more clear. A prospect like him who was signed with big dreams and ambition has just been thrown out of the door like a used rag doll.
      And this is the club that signs Brazilians, French and Dutch after Dutch. Fantastic this is what is Barca.
      Well I’m actually not surprised about the treatment cause history shows how Barca have actually treated argentines in the past. So it’s all clear.
      Right now, I’m beginning to trust the Italians more and more. Italy is a true home to argentines than Spain except Sevilla, Valencia and atletico Madrid.
      This is shame.

      Barca you’re ” La concha de tu Madre”

    • cosechas lo que siembras.
      you reap what you sow.

      this kid was supposed to join boca senior team but his parent met with agents silently on the side and with barcelona and refused to extend youth contract to adult contract with boca and left for free even after boca spent all the time training him from young. and now barcelona have abandoned him in turn. easy come, easy go.
      two posts back i write same thing … you must advance career slowly, try to get greedy and you can possibly end up hurting yourself.

      by the way this is also why its annoying when people are praising here too much about barca, real madrid etc because these clubs are always going behind back and buying our youth talent by breaking rules and illegal means, doing everything to pay our clubs less. and also hurting our talents in the end by use and throw.

      • I didn’t know about the story that he refused a contract with Boca and silently plotted the move to barca. So it’s surprising for me.
        But, about the last part you are damn correct. These guys take our talents for granted. I hope all the young argentines are watching this, so next time an offer comes they better think about it twice before packing their bags for big clubs like Barca or real.

        • Don’t think Barcelona treated good Brazilian either, we all know how barca treated their legend Ronaldinho even Coutinho, Malcom etc aren’t get good treatment either. Yes barca loved Neymar, buying Brazilian doesn’t make barca are keen towards them. It’s all about agent, barca desperately want lautaro but they don’t have money even trying to break the bank. It’s unfair to called barca are for Brazilian, even Real Madrid brought Rodrigo ans Vinicious. Argentina doesn’t have talent at youth level or they don’t have good agent reason big club aren’t going for them expect strikers.

          • Barca had always been a Brazilian and Dutch ass licker. You can check its history, you will get a lot of info about that. About the current Barca board, they are nothing but a troll desk, they have killed and played games with most of the player’s career so whether he’s a Brazilian or French it doesn’t matter. But I can say that, yes, Brazilians have better agent and know the business better and that’s why they get their deals done so quickly. Which is something that Argentina had lacked for decades.

            The reasons can be enormous in certain aspects. It might be because of sporting reasons or it can be of both economic and political reasons. But the disaster is true, can’t deny it.

      • So true! And you’d think children that play the sport all their life would know these things and not sign for these clubs. Given Barca’s relationship with La Masía, where does Santiago think he’s going from there? Into the Barca first team? Nope. He should stay at boca until he reaches the senior team and then seal a move to an Italian side. Many Argentines are Italian by blood and name. It’s nice to see Italy respects this.

      • Don’t be sad bro, it is how it is. I have said it multiple times in previous posts and I will say it again, Europe has too much bias and ugly approach towards argentines except Italy. And also I will say it again, these guys take our talents for granted; they target our talents, then they build up the rumors and give us a false sense of excitement but after a week or so when you actually check to see any progress you see nothing. Literally nothing at all, it’s all black and dead.
        Even I’m disappointed by the quality of clubs that are showing keen interests on Almada. It just shows that our talents are just like, okay, not so good, just okay.

        It’s just sad.

    • Where did you get this from?
      Brugge has been following a lot of Argentines over the past recent years.

      From what I know they have been following / were interested in Argentine players like: Pity Martinez, Kranevitter, Martin Benitez, Senesi, Rigoni, and a few more in the past.

      And more recently higher rated youngsters like Gaich, Vera so Almada could be in that line.
      But imo Almada might be a bit out of their league.
      But the type of player they lack.

      They are a great club in further development of talent.
      Champions League could be a major plus to convince Almada in that case.

  22. Justice is served, it was a BULLSHIT CALL, against a BULLSHIT team and player, and it doesn’t negate the fact that ARG was blatantly CHEATED against BananaRama Yellow.

  23. Emi Martinez to Aston Villa best move while i would have loved to see him in Leeds United.Aston Villa is a good move,they were very desperate to sign Emi Martinez,next season his price is going to be 60 million.Aston Villa is repairing itself from scratches looks good.Best of luck Aston Villa for next season

    • ESPN FC predicted Austun Villa will be relegated next season. Agree Leeds United will be the best move for Emi Martinez. Now you should realise why I was so vocal when you put ability wise Emi Martinez ahead of Courtious, Neuer, Tar Stegen. All of them playing for Big club plus champion league as no1 at the age of 21 while Emi Martinez has to wait until 28 to play first team matches after that moving to bottom table club. No matter how much Emi Martinez good but he must not to be compared with world class goalkeeper. On other hand musso is 26 and played first team football since 24 and shows improvement in each year. Big club like Inter, Napoli or Lazio surely gonna buy him even rumored to move in Chelsea too. In next 1-2 year, Musso surely become world class like Allison who was similar to musso in Roma.

  24. Luka Romero had possibly snubbed Spain for Argentina, as he clearly stated both the AFA and Pablo Aimar of his intentions and long term dream of representing the La Albiceleste. The news was confirmed by Bernardo Romeo.

    That’s what i was expecting from him; a true Argentine indeed. These jackals thought that they would pull a similar move on Romero just like they did with Messi in the past. But you know, argentines are always Argentine at heart.
    I hope the kid keeps his head down and work his way up to both his club success and NT career.

    Great decision and maturity shown by the kid. Vamos 🇦🇷🇦🇷

      • And now recent reports are suggesting that Spain FA are not giving up on him. This looks a bit awkward to me. Like when the kid has actually presented his final decision of nationality then why go after him again. Looks like Spain are serious about snatching him to them.
        I hope the kid remains stiff to his dream, he is Argentine and he will always be.

    • Now I would like Luka romero to play for Real and bang Barca hard , coz what they did to Messi after all the years loyalty it’s what I want for Barcelona. Comparatively Madrid treated Argentine Diamonds well evident from de Stefano to Redondo although I am a Barca fan I have to say this.

      • Although being a Barca fan myself I true that. Actually argentines had fared well and have been treated respectfully by real more than than Barca. And obviously history has its evidence.
        So being a ardent Barca fan I won’t be surprised or hate them, if real buy them and treats them well, not as much as I do to barca for how they have treated argentines in past as well as present.
        But the matter of concern is that the interests on argentines had faded. They don’t show keens on argentines anymore. All they do is buying Brazilian pimps.

  25. After World Cup, CONMEBOL qualifiers are my favorite tournament, so many team rivalries, player rivalries, fans… and the last few rounds are just wild.

  26. Aston Villa are reportedly very close to signing Emi Martinez. He is set for a 4 year deal. I like this move because he will have minutes, and because Villa are look my to repair the errors they made last season. For one, the squad has had time to develop chemistry which was their main problem last season. Two they kept Grealish. Three they signed Ollie Watkins and now if they have Martinez, they have an undisputed number one and they won’t be playing 4 goalkeepers. Martinez should be instrumental in their season.

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