World Cup qualifiers confirmed for October, players to be released


It has been confirmed FIFA that the South American World Cup qualifiers will be starting in October.

After having been delayed from March to September and once more from September to October, there were doubts as to if the qualifiers would begin on time or not. FIFA confirmed that the South American World Cup qualifiers would be starting at the expected date next month.

Clubs would also have to release their players for the matches as well. Meaning they cannot hold players and have to release them to their national teams.

Argentina open their qualification against the same opponent they faced in their last qualifying match, Ecuador. Lionel Scaloni’s team will play against Ecuador on October 8 at La Bombonera. Their second match will come a few days later on October 13 in La Paz against Bolivia.

Lionel Messi, who was initially suspended for the first game against Ecuador, has since had his suspension lifted and will be available for both games.


  1. I assume both games will be played in empty stadiums with 5 substitutions allowed.
    If there are no crowd imitating sound tapes, we will be able to hear the insttuctions from the coach and also who really captains the team on the pitch. Messi will wear the captain’s armband but on the pitch he is not the one shouting instructions to others. My guess is that Otamendi will instruct other players (“move forward”, “hold defensive line” etc.) But I could be wrong and our keeper or someone like Tagliafico is the one managing the team. In previous years it was Mascherano. And Ayala before him.

  2. Otamendi to inter or lazio would be great move for him and nt!! Still premature rumour though!! But he get a move to Inter!! If godin moves then they will officially make an approach…
    As for our other defenders hope they will get enough play time… What about n perez?? Is he still with Atletico?? I don’t think he will get any play time there… And foyth still with not even in bench…this Mourinho made dier a cb who is not even mediocre… Don’t understand why he doesn’t like foyth or let him make a move in other club.. …..atleast he deserves some time from the bench…. This fucking Mourinho is just wasting him…

  3. Our last Copa team was the best Argentina team in last two to three years. Scalony should stick with that team with little changes in defense and in goal keeping part. Hope Argentina will rock this year by winning Copa and good start in WCQ.

    • I think we r best with 4-3-1-2 formation which scolani accidentally discovered in last copa…. I think it is the best use of our fantastic frontline….

      Messi in the hole is world’s best playmaker!! Lautaro is the best striker to drag markers aside and hold up play!! That gives chance to kun to score!! Kun can do the same for lautaro!! Both can create space for messi in the middle!!!the Problem with this formation is that it will only work if lautaro or alario plays and take some defensive duty!! Dybala is super sub for aguero or messi!! In this firmation he can also play with messi without any problem!! When he plays lautaro have to be target man,with kun we won’t have any or one target man….but dybala and messi can inter change their position and create problem for messi’s marker.also dybala is very good playmaker..if he plays messi wont have to drop very deep bt when kun plays he have to drop deep to collect the ball..if kun plays we have to use celso so messi doesn’t hv to drop deep …Ocompas has to be sacrificed or one of the mid like celso…

  4. “If he’s really that good we might see him with the U17s next year. At this level, we have a few good players to work with; Romero, Axel Encinas, Valentin Barco, Thomas Kummer, Leonel Coira and Juan Gauto.”

    These are only names, U15 tournaments and talent’s pool are overrated and premature, in 2013 our biggest stars in U15 Sudamericano were Matias Roskopf, Federico Vietto and Tomas Conechny all were described wonderkids as these names you mentioned…in 15 the “magical”attacking trio were Colidio, Gonzalo Cordoba and Benjamin Garre plus Obando and Almendra, in 17 Matias Palacios, Sforza,Zeballos, Godoy etc. not many NT player played in that U15 category before.

    • True. But, I still I strongly believe there is more to it than just lack of talent on the part of the players. Luka Romero didn’t look a class apart from some of the kids in that team but while he’s getting minutes in Spain the other kids are still in juveniles in Local teams.

  5. Good decision hope Conembol also supports it and let the games be started. Like how the CL and the Leagues had played. Ideal solution is let all the players and the team crew take PCR test 2 days before the match(Say around 30 people per team including all the players and the team crew take PCR test which gives result in the next day itself. No need for all to be put in 14 day quarantine. Something like how the WWE is doing)

    This virus is not gonna stop spreading till a cure is found. Which will take sometime, atleast till next year mid or even end to reach in common man’s hand. So there is no point in postponing the match again and again. Otherwise the qualifying process had to be shorten like make into 3 groups which is not an ideal scenario. In Europe there r so many teams so there we can carry on the group system. where as in South America only 10 teams r there if we separate into 2 groups chances are more that one of the best teams don’t even qualify because all the South American teams r now at greater level.

    I hope the matches carry on. Where as we all need to be careful till we get a cure. All humans.

  6. N gonzales P Dybala L ocampos

    Lo celso Matias palacios

    Fuasto vera

    N tagliafico F medina M senesi L vera


    Sub : Leo messi, lautaro, de paul, n perez, pezzella,musso, E palacios, T almada, lisandro martinez, juan foyth, C ferrira, Santiagoascersiber

  7. Enough of experiment, now it’s time to take tough call. I hope scaloni won’t make Sampaoli kind of mistake rotating and testing many players in all position. Team have to fixed 8 certain spot in playing 11 most importantly GK. Before the beginning of 2022 world cup Argentina hardly play 25 matches, GK department must be fixed be it Emi Martinez or Musso or Andrada and make him adjust with defense. Romero always delivered for Argentina because he had good understanding, prior to 2018 world cup unsettled GK costed a lot. Just like Brazil sticked with Alison even before moving to Europe, Argentina have to stick with one GK in every matches. 51-49% between Andrada vs Musso starting as no1 upcoming matches, even Emi Martinez also has possibility whoever might be but have to continue with one without experimenting further, Core team 8/11 has to be shot out unlike mad scientists Sampaoli who indeed the best Argentina coach after Bielsa 2002 in terms of tactical genius.

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