Lucas Ocampos scores penalty for Sevilla in 2-1 Super Cup loss to Bayern


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-1 Super Cup loss to Bayern.

Ocampos continued his great form for his club, this time tormenting Bayern Munich. In a match between the UEFA Europa League winners and the UEFA Champions League winners, it was Sevilla which took the lead. A penalty was awarded and Ocampos scored a no look penalty against Germany’s Manuel Neuer to put Sevilla ahead.

He has now scored every penalty he has taken for Sevilla, that is six penalties out of six. Ocampos has also been selected by Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni for next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

The match would go to extra time and Bayern would score to win the trophy.


      • Csabalala
        Let me tell you what is “false” and what is frustrating for you to watch: The two Brazilian so called “wonderkids” Rodrygo and Vinicious who are both warming Real Madrid’s bench against Betis!

      • Stop being a crybaby bro. Better look at the brighter side. Did you notice how he stretched the defense for the 1st goal by moving towards the wider side of the pitch first? Then coming inside and instead of continuing to move inside the box, decided to change direction again towards the wider side of the box resulting in a clueless defender who was marking him all along. Long story short, he knows how to make space for him around the box. His physicality will improve if he moves to EPL. But still, he is quite strong in terms of physicality. But if you want him to be Lukaku, that’s not gonna happen.

    • Great goal, and another lucky goal from a deflection that will count as own goal. Keep it up Martínez!

      @Csabalala do I need to remind you that you are in a forum for Argentina? He scores a golazo+1 in his first game of the season, rated best Inter player of the game on sofascore & whoscored, and your first instinct is to spread negativity about something else. If you care about this national team, ask yourself why you do that, and how you think it benefits the national team or the vibe of this forum.

    • Balerdi’s last match performance was horrible. Coach subed him aftr just 45 minute. AVB use him as a fulback, but he didnt impress the coach.

  1. Mac alister,gonzales, alario,palacios,palamino,Cristiano romero no body got a chance..And i think that although paulo dybala is available for roma..but maybe pirlo will not select his 1st xi..I will fuck pirlo’s game plan…

    • Yeah I hope he does very good season he is a rising youngster just 20 years old, looking forward to see him progress and banging goals/assists as the season moves forward so that he clinches a spot in the argentine NT asap.

  2. Season just started it’s long way
    Before you made judgement likes Alex MacAllister and palacios isn’t that easy come from arg to Europe
    settle quick and hit the height just like that.Was scaloni right to call them?
    My opinion yes first they re so young 21yrs old.As much as it’s football also it’s educational process to those youngsters to know what is like wearing the nt colours
    To be mently, physically and psychologically
    Well prepared in order to be strong able to
    Play with no pressure because pressure
    Was the main problem Argentina players
    Had last 15 to 20 years.
    Secondly it will only help them knowing
    Thier nt manager values them.
    That alone is huge boost for them.

    • Great! 1-year loan with obligation to buy, contracted til 2025. Really hope the Nehuen Perez loan to Parma also goes through and they form a strong CB partnership!

        • If Perez loan-deal goes through he would immediately be a regular starter for Parma.

          Valenti might need some time to settle, coming from Argentina to Italy, but Parma clearly have a plan for him with a 5-year contract. If he settles into the team quickly, and Perez’ leadership skills could help him with that, we can expect them to be the regular CB-pair of Parma sooner rather than later.

  3. It looks like Papu Gomez is going to rock this time in Serie A because he has got the taste of Argentina.Papu will be messive in midfield.De paul,Lo celso,Paredes,Papu Gomez,Nico Dominiguez, the midfield is dynamic, no nation got these kind of players in midfield.Midfield makes the flow of the game and Argentina attack is dynamic too.
    Argentina’s defence is underrated, Argentinian defece is well organised,very good players are there so no need to worry. I just worry injuries.

  4. Barcelona made an unbelievable offer of €15m + add-ons for Lautaro Martinez O_o
    His release clause was €111m.

    Looks like he is sticking with Inter for another season unless Manchester City come with a good offer. If Messi goes to City next summer, I hope Lautaro joins him.

      • I don’t know, but good why Scaloni picked him ?? He can’t be a bench warmer at a low tier club.
        It looks like Argentina’s future need a major miracle, even Senegal and USA team looks more promising.

        • He picked him, I suppose, because of his future potential. However, I do think he should instead be a key player for U23 before the senior squad.

          The squad list that was released was preliminary, not set in stone, and probably includes one squad for acclimation in Bolivia. We can expect a slightly altered one before the games. Also, the WCQ process is long and the squad list will look different in the future as the coaching staff figure out the remaining pieces of the puzzle; the CB pair, RB and substitutes.

          “It looks like Argentina’s future need a major miracle, even Senegal and USA team looks more promising.”
          Are you kidding me? The “soccer” nation of USA has a more promising football team than Argentina? LMAO

          • Yes man I do understand you and your feelings….it’s not that I’m against Argentina nt…I love them and that’s why I am in this forum.
            But u have to look the things in a matured and technical way rather than having soft corner for our players that don’t deserve to be in the playing 11 for their respected clubs.
            Look to Portugal, they were shit before 2-3 years and look them now, they have Felix, Bruno, wolves 11 and even Ruben dias who is just 23 years old and is a hot target by Man City.
            And no need to mention about Brazil, Germany, France etc.
            Look we have got some world class talents in the forward lineup and coach have to sync messi-dybala-lautaro connection and if that works that would be lethal like MSN.

        • Stop trolling! Also how about you wait until the season is alittle more than 2 games old to start predicting doom and gloom. May I remind you that Argentina finished first in their S.A. olympics qualification, but ofcourse you ignore that and start making nonsense statements because a few youngsters aren’t starting for their clubs after a grand total of 2 or 3 games into the season.

    • He played in the mid week league cup match. May be that’s his level according to the coaching staff. It is very unfortunate for us. We do not have too many players who have the merit to get into the first eleven of top teams. Very few are automatic starters for their teams.

    • He does not belong in NT if he is not a regular starter at his club. Likewise Foyth and Palacios. If I was Di Maria I would be angry too. CL finalist and regular starter in French league winning team and a bunch of talented no starters gets a call-up. Grr.

      • Yes that’s the point Argentina always piss me and that’s why have been struggling again and again over the past years.
        Scaloni can’t prefer not even a bench warmer for a bottom placed team to a CL winning team.
        Hate it or not!!!!Di Maria is equivalent to Messi on his given day.

        • Don’t know what’s going wrong!!!but why don’t we have the luxury that our players are guaranteed starters in top notch teams? Even after having a rich footballing history.
          Only one good thing we can hound is that we have got a top class GK who have the potential to be WC.

        • He may not have established himself in seagull playing 11. But I follow EPL fantasy league & they report all weekly injuries to tweak ur team for week to maximize points. He is carrying a groin injury from last carabao match. Already scored 2 goals in carabao. So his chance will surely come soon. Brighton kind of club can’t afford to have separate teams for players they have played close to 10mill USD.

  5. Nicolas Otamendi will be heading to Benfica as a part of a deal involving Ruven Dias. That also means the proposed Quarta-Otamendi Swap deal is pretty dead now

    • Quarta – otamendi swap was always a media buzz. Quarta frankly only had genuine interest from celta, betis & maybe fiornetina now. Leeds also looks a media story .

  6. Messi seems broke his heart at Barca on his last season; his best friend Luis Suares have left the club; management knows very well that Messi needs a harmonize inner circle; wonder how he perform in this upcoming new season; is it will be a truly desperate last season or will he show his true ability and character that Barca will missed him and put his footprints that he is acknowledge as the best and greatest player in Barca history. Anger can create high motivation. Koeman role is important to brings harmony between Messi with Antoine Griezmann, Coutinho and the relationship of young guns need to be more gel and fluid. Ansu Fati, De Jong, Pjanic. Koeman is right, Barca should bring Memphis Depay to replace Suarez. With the unbalance cash flow, it will be hard to brings the new one as every club is in difficulty to offer high prize for their sellable players at this moment

    Hopefully he will enjoy his last season and have more time and focus on N/T rather than the hip hop between the Barca management board. Written only for the concern on Messi conditions and feeling right now.

  7. I am glad Scaloni called Pavon. Argentina NT desperately needs Pavon, Gonzalez, Di Maria type of players. But sadly Argentina didn’t produce another El feido.
    Argentina only produces World Class no 10 and no 9. They can perform well at Club level because They usually put them in a System with hardworking players .
    Sorry to say but we can’t win WC in this way , we need a well balanced team and good to world class players at every position.

    • There is no definite formula to win world cup how can you say Argentina can not win world cup,they have potential to win it,Argentina is doing really well under Scaloni for years,most of people think fast wingers can help but they are most injury prone player and have weak final touch like Demble,Leory Sane etc and they are less creative so it becomes easy to defend against them with proper defenders and sweeper goalkeeper like Manuer it becomes easy

    • old news majd, we knew this like 2 weeks ago. Good move I think, he’s the type of player that can help Lazio alot and considering that Lazio is playing CL I think Escalante will get his chances so I hope he takes them.

  8. And Maxi Romero is yet again out for the rest of the season. He just won his first starting place for PSV and after 11 minutes it was all over. Serious knee problems. He missed more games through injury than he played. Poor guy. He’d better try another career.

    • When injuries ruined Sebastian Deisler’s football career and retired early he said “I wasn’t made for football business”. Hope Maxi won’t take down that path and recover soon. We already lost injury problems to one of our most brilliant and promosing stars, Manuel Lanzini.

      • Lanzini was never a star caliber, one serious injury is not a career-destroyed. 2 or more are. Gago, Lamela, Perotti, Maxi Romero, Salvio, Mammana missed more than 2 or even 3 years. Lanzini should have came back to his best form.

        • “Lanzini was never a star caliber”

          In your eyes, a player to be called a star he must first wear the shirt of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juve, or Bayern. From your endless negative comments I know that is how you define stardom, but things don’t work like that. Yes, Lanzini was the Hammers’ star and helped them to get very good results when he was fully fit. After his long time injury West Ham’s results worsened and were on the verge of relegation.
          If Manu was at the 2018 WC we would’ve seen a diiferent Argentina that is able to create many goalscoring chances and score more.
          Against Italy’s friendly he was the player who run the show brilliantly and the entire Argentina squad was sad when he got injured in the training. I never saw Lanzini playing 3 or 4 consecutive months without picking an injury. Don’t you consider that as a career ruining thing?

          Finally, here are the words of a man, Slaven Bilic, who knows a thing or two about football… “No other player reminds me of Luka Modric as much as Manuel Lanzini”.

        • Lanzini is injury prone, not just 1 injury. He missed 50 days last season, 280 days 18/19, 90 days 17/18, and more in earlier seasons. He’s a fan favorite, there is no question he’s been held back by injuries.

        • Oh I wholeheartedly disagree, Lanzini in his first 2 seasons at West Ham was highly touted by both the critics and the fans but ever since he came back from injury he just doesn’t seem to care anymore, which is a shame really. In any case Argentina doesn’t need him with the likes of Celso, De Paul, the Correas, Buendia and even Papu and Maria (if he is ever recalled) available.

          • @Mamoun, I agree with you that at this point in time the team doesn’t need Lanzini as much as he was needed two years ago because injuries overwhelmed him and I don’t see the element of reselience in him, but the talent is always there and I really hope one day we will see him strong and fully fit.

  9. Joaquin Correa is wanted by Juventus and by Andrea Pirlo. He is not an integral part of our team but if he were to play with Dybala and get champions league he could be used more by us.

    • All Bull****, don’t listen to any transfer news because 99% of them are nonsense, Juve don’t have any money and they still have some dead weight they need to get rid of, otherwise they would’ve gotten De Paul already.

      • I am only repeating transfer news, I never said it was guaranteed. It’s a rumor. Obviously a lot of rumors don’t end up with a result but that does not mean they are false. Do you think I just pulled the information out of my ass without any reason to decide it?

        • Oh I know you don’t but those sites that report the rumors sadly tend to pull them out of their asses.
          There are several reliable transfer journalists on social media that you could follow to get some legit info but avoid the transfer sites because according to those sites Buendia, J.Silva, Quarta, Foyth and Zaracho should all be playing for leeds right now and we all know how that turned out.

          • Yes my mistake for list listening to that article. My intention is never to spread false information but sometimes I don’t do deep digging when I see something. I myself thought it was odd that he would be linked but maybe it is a small consideration of Pirlo’s as a backup option and the site blew it up. I don’t think he would get sufficient minutes at Juventus anyway. But in the future I will definitely look closer at the credibility of something like this.

  10. Ocampus is the best left winger for Argentina,recently Argentina conceded many goals from left flanks so if Ocampus is there he will participate in defence too so with Lo celso Ocampus and Tagliagico we will concede less goals.Right flank is already strong defensively.But Ocampus is slightly injuryvprone so we need to adapt to other formation too.

    • “Joaquin Correa is wanted by Juventus” ha ha ha very funny news…he is just a bellow average player. In last two yrs he was just a bench warmer in Lazio. Idiotic statement

      • Bench warmer? Last two years? Um u might need to go check some stats only times he has been a sub in the last two years has been cause of injury. If u said prior to the last 2 years than yeah I would understand. But the last two years have been this mans best years of his career.

      • Bench warmer? J.Correa? Oh no, not even close, the kid’s been one of Lazio’s most important players even if he’s frustratingly inconsistent. When he is fit he plays, it’s as simple as that.

        • In 2018-2019 season joaquin Correa performed just 15 (38)matches frm the best 11 to start. In 2019-20 season, he perfomed just 16(38) matches for best 11. Last yr he is in little bit form but he is like Gago, Lanzini type of plyer wit made of glass.

          • 16 starts last season hardly equates to bench warmer, especially since a large portion of those absences were due to injuries.
            Look I’m not really that keen on J.Correa to be honest, sure he’s a good, versatile player but there are better players in every position he plays in e.g. at CF position there are lautaro, Dybala and Alario all ahead of him, at LW there are Ocampos, Nico Gonzalez and now Papu Gomez and I really doubt Scaloni will play using an enganché so that’s moot. Simply put he isn’t needed.

  11. Ocampos’s stunning display against bayern from a personal point of view was astounding. He mauled the Germans and left them to eat shit from the very first minute of the match. I did not watch the match last night but, from what I saw from the highlights this morning, I can tell you, boy he was something else. It’s been a huge revelation for Argentina. A perfect player in a perfect position unearthed at the perfect time. What more fantastic is that, acuna joined Sevilla, so the right wing to RB issues have a huge chance to improve, only if lopeteuigi plays him.

    Well, Sevilla are emerging as possible title contender this season, Who knows they may cause too much problems to the top 3 or more surprisingly they may even go for the title. It’s too unpredictable but the signings of argentines so far has exceeded our expectations ( only in defense sector).

    • Yes he was good but nothing Special. He has shown some skills and troubled their defenders to protect the ball but he created nothing from Right flank . He didn’t deliver a single good cross or good pass in the box . Neither he ran directly on the flank to trouble their high line defense. Both Suso and Ocampos was meaningless showboat last match.

      • My friend @mrinal 1235 may be u didn’t follow Sevilla much last season. He had been supported greatly by Banega who was missing yesterday. Ocampos played great yesterday. He was deployed as a left winger and played all positions in the left flank including left back. And most importantly he is a false winger means he will start as a winger but he will cut in sometimes and will play the role of striker and second striker. Genuinely his position is second striker . Last season the ball mainly came from releguin and Banega who left Sevilla this season. If they were on the pitch the result could have been different.

      • I agree with you Mrinal, Ocampos is not special. In fact you hardly finds special players nowadays and that’s why football is beginning to bore me. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a couple of special players of Argentine extraction but nobody is paying them any attention.

      • What you are expecting from Ocampos against Champions league winner…? Somany goals scoring chance to be produced just like Messi..?
        For me, Ocampos is half mid and half striker role for Argentina. An ever fighting, fast, tall, good on scoring goal, good on Penalties…he has everything. Great addition for NT.

    • Ocampos wasn’t that great he had few moments of great trickery and skills but usually it didnt produce a goalscoring chance .he was either winning a foul or losing the ball. He did put in a great cross which the Sevilla left back miscued but other than that it wasn’t the best of his performances.

      • But with that direct play, he can create lot of space for others & width for team. He was like a bull dozer. Also can attract fouls on him which can be golden chances when we have Messi for set pieces. & Add his ability to track back.

  12. Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Udinese will imminently announce the signing of Argentine Roberto Pereyra from Watford. He previously played for them. Bringing him in allows Udinese to cash in on De Paul, as he will be the replacement.

  13. Ocampos has been a revelation for us, So glad that he started to live upto his hype. He can play in various positions upfront, added to that he is young so he can play for the NT for years to come. He can solve some headaches in our Left wing position along with Acuna. Infact a breath of fresh air. Kudos to Scaloni for selecting him during the correct time.

  14. Leandro Parades 🗣

    “I think Di Maria deserves a place in the national team too. But in the end, it’s all a coach’s decision. There are a lot of other people who deserve it, but the coach decides everything. We have to respect that decision.”

    “Over the past year and a half with Scaloni, the team has improved a lot. We have a team with a lot of new young players and experienced players who want to win. We want to start the qualifiers very well.”

    “It is the dream of every Argentine to win a World Cup with Argentina Messi

    “I have no problem playing alone or with someone in the No. 5 position.”


  15. Contrary to Di maria,Ever Banega deserves national team.He would be great sub for Paredes or Lo celso.Ever Banega better than G.Rodriguez.

      • Yes . Even Hakimi who is expected to storm Serie A with Inter Milan this season. But Jesus Navas maybe the most consistently good RB among all. All the new names lets see how long they last. Navas has been performing at a high level for solid time.

  16. Boca winning 1-0 in Medellin today in a game of missed chances for them. Of course as discussed yesterday not a very inspiring line up in terms of la seleccion.

    But Miguel Angel Russo continues to improve on Alfaro’s yawn generating tactics last year. Setting up in double half mid/winger formation in front of a traditional double pivot allowing him to unleash the full impact of Salvio on the wing while maintaining the legacy of Alfaro’s defensive solidness. Youngsters maroni (and obando after sub) try to keep up with the requirements of this demanding role on the other side .
    Victim in this turning out to be Capaldo’s development in the pivot. However encouraging sign is even with experience like marconi on bench russo continuing to count on capaldo’s main asset – his energy – after the half to take over the middle. DT finally rewarded in final minutes with his press from own half to all the way up the pitch ending in a goal for toto.

    For NT lovers long way to go to see if any of the Boca young guys can truly break out. For Boca lovers I would worry who carries them if Salvio breaks down as he usually does.

    • What are your thoughts on Salvio’s NT inclusion? Personally, I like him and thought he should’ve been inducted during Benfica days. Injury though always in his shadow.

      • Yes his benfica days were great. Another player whose prime wasted in the 2018 disaster of a cycle. Being played in nonsensical positions as right back, wing back etc. Never really given the time to integrate between ’16-’18. Now because of his injury history I think it will be difficult to see him healthy for 6 week stretches for Copa or WC.

        But maybe in WCQ where its every two months we can use him occasionally on a case by case basis.
        If we look at boca blueprint it can be useful in NT case. The wide 4-4-2 is probably one of best messi fit. If the correct double 5 is found you can easily see messi in tevez role, lautaro in soldano role, and salvio in his familiar wide right mid. In a losing game in 75th minute it may not be bad gamble by sacrificing one of our main mids.

        • Is Almendra scaling well ? Dont see him recently while there was some solid hype earlier . Is it the Covid recovery or he is below players like Calpado now .

          • I am not very clear. Yes he had Covid but it is before that. He hasn’t touched the ball for almost year now. He was also not involved in Zoom meetings etc with team during quarantine. Some people say he has some personal family issues. He is not in Russo plans and I think they will loan him out. I hope its not to some MLS or MX side.

  17. Lautaro Valenti secures Parma loan move with medicals pending . Mandatory buy out next year. Good move for a rising star.
    Emi Martinez to Villa seems our best move this season till date .While the frustrations of DePaul , Montiel , Martinez Quarta , Foyth , Buendia transfers remain with less than 2 weeks for window closure – some of our next layer of defensive prospects have secured smart & quiet career progression moves in this season – 1) Medina to Lens , 2) Balerdi to OM, 3) Amione to Hellas Verona , 4) Valenti to Parma.
    BTW media buzz in SkySports on MQ getting an offer from Fiorentina in next 48hours.

      • Center back. Big guy.

        Zubeilda’s Lanus last year was very exciting squad. In the beginning of season they looked good for top 4 finish but finished weak. They had a very exciting 4-3-3 with double wide wide wingers and traditional man in the box. Middle was classic 3 man mid – Quignon in holding role, hard working 8 to connect all areas of pitch in Vera, and playmaker in marcelino moreno. Combined with aggressive full backs it was quite attacking.
        All this means there was lot of pressure on their center back duo and Valenti did very well in his first year, in a system set up a little higher up the pitch than typical mid table argentine teams. If he carries on his progress in Europe will be nice.

    • the important thing for players is to get playing minutes in a competitive European league so it’s fine that Rodrigo de paul is staying at Udinese even though it’s not up to his calibre at least he will be playing against teams like Juventus and inter and also Udinese have young Argentine talents like nahuel Molina and Juan musso hence it might benefit Argentina.

      Foyth and buendia are the player’s who definitely need to push for a move to another club .

    • We have been pointing out for a while now that the CB pair and RB are currently the main concerns for the XI. Good to see these low-key transfers to Europe from young up-and-coming defenders! Fingers crossed for Quarta!

      Amione (18, left foot, can play LB/RB, 187cm)
      Valenti (21, left foot, 188 cm)
      Medina (21, left foot, can play LB, 184 cm)
      Balerdi (21, right foot but prefers LCB, 187 cm)

      As we know, Scaloni likes them tall. All of these are competing mainly for LCB spot along with Senesi, Licha, Kannemann etc. It’s a good headache for the coach to have many good options, and now he can see them perform in France and Italy while trying to figure out who is better suited for his system and partner to the eventual RCB.

      Will also be interesting to see Molina (RB) playing for Udinese, although more as a wing-back in a 3-5-2 system, since the RB spot isn’t set yet.

      • Great news about Valenti. I thought previously that Lanús would not give him up as they blocked two transfers but I guess they decided a loan to buy in order to sell him at a higher price. While Perez likely has a future at Atlético I would like him at Parma for a season to improve with minutes and getting to play alongside Valenti.

        • I read Perez’s Parma move is off. He may actually stay back at atletico & compete for some minutes which will also be a great opportunity in company of Gimenez & savic. He can work his way to no3 in short term & will keep getting minutes then at a much higher level.

      • Yes vikin that is a very interesting set of players for the left CB. I am really hopeful on Medina scaling there..has most ingredients of a modern CB including decent pace. Hear valenti is also good on pace & ball play & will be watching Parma this season. Pezzella can give the stability & experience & the aerial support at right while someone with decent pace & good ball playing skills on left will be a good pair. Offcourse Martinez quarta & maybe neuhen Perez can also compete for right side . If Foyth’s club situation changes , he also joins the party.

  18. Good game and tried by Sevilla, Bayern is still unstoppable.

    Lucas Ocampos is a good penalty taker; he will be valuable for n/t and right player to replace Di Maria place

  19. ——————-Lautaro
    ————Lo Celso—–De Paul

    This team could be unstoppable…

      • ‘way better than Lisandro Martinez’ ?

        No, sorry I can’t agree with that, Paredes is a classy player and a superb passer but Licha is far more dynamic and is far better defensively and I personally would take him over Paredes in the no.5 position.

    • I would like to see how Papu Gomez will perform as a playmaker. I think he will shine for us as a playmaker. But, we need to make some changes; we need to put two CDMs behind him, out of Paredes, De Paul, Lo celso, Acuna and Guido, which will make our formation 4-2-1-2-1. I think the quality of front-four of Messi, Ocampos, Gomez and Laturo/Aguero is sufficient to score against any one and at the same time this gives more solidity in the back.

  20. Messi Aguero Ocampus is the best trio.Lautaro Martinez should be tried as substitute. 4 3 1 2 is very narrow 4 3 3 gives proper wideness in attack.
    Sarvia. Pezella. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Aguero. Ocampus
    As Aguero is absent in qualifiers
    Messi Lautaro Ocampus should be the trio.

    • Y on earth would anyone try their best striker as a substitute??? especially for someone who is coming back from like his 100th injury in aguero who is also old and has not played like himself in a long time.

      • Aguero is best striker for Argentina ahead of Lautaro Martinez.In Serie A you can see L.Martinez suffers in some matches especialy in finals against best teams or top teams but Aguero always shines.Without Aguero Man City losses the edge in attack.

      • > Y on earth would anyone try their best striker as a substitute?

        He’s not the best striker and only until recently, did Martinez start to regain form.

        Pre-injury Aguero was in great form, doing much better than Martinez. We’ll see how quickly he snaps back.

        Then La Joya, who is in incredible form, outshined CR7 as Serie A best player.

        Nothing is criminal about starting these over Martinez.

    • “4 3 1 2 is is very narrow 4 3 3 gives proper wideness in attack.”
      @Kavi valid point, but wonder that can apply for argentina. Messi always drifts centrally,leaving the right back exposed. Semedo suffered very much due to that. Montiel,defensively is average. It can backfire.

      • In 4312 Messi is already central.Argentina is defensively good in right half,De paul and Foyth/Sarvia are doing good there.we conceded goals only from left half.It is not good to play Aguero as winger-cum-center forward.But mostly against defensive teams like Uruguay we need 4 3 3 because they overcrowd their own penalty box.Wideness in forward line gives midfielders more choices.

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