Renzo Saravia out of Argentina team due to injury


Renzo Saravia is out of the Argentina team due to injury and will miss next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will be without the defender after Saravia suffered an injury playing for Inter in their match against America de Cali. A torn knee ligament in his right leg leaves coach Scaloni having to think of a replacement with the 27 year old right back expected to be out for several months.



  1. Brace for Alvarez heading into the second half. Montiel and Martinez Quarta not tested enough defensively but Montiel had a few good attacking moments. Vamos River!

  2. He is way too injury prone and sucks anyways. Still don’t understand why he was called up in the first place. Did terrible in Copa America, got beat every time by some unknown wingers. With Saravia and Kannemann out….hopefully Scaloni actually calls up some worthy ones. Lisandro Martinez and Marcos Senesi!

  3. It won’t be surprising if mingo gets his debut in recent fixture at barca…looks like he is highly rated by komen and his assistant… Maybe they rate him more thn ronald araujo…. All depends on garcia transfer… I hope this transfer doesn’t happen… If Todibo to everton and umtiti to lyon happens thn he will play 7-8 League games and some cup games…good for us…bt complicated situation

    • Barca wouldnt sell Todibo without buying another defender. I dont think Mingo can be the 4th choice CB,he is too raw. On a realistic note,todibo and araujo are higher in the pecking order. I think he should play as a loan to some Seguna clubs first.

      • Which means he performed well. But then again, I really don’t trust ratings too much because different sites and pundits shows different ratings, which is sometimes altogether confusing for me.

        But if he is rated that, then he must have played well.

      • Yes I saw. It was ok. As I mentioned before he is one of the players with the better sharpness with the ball in that squad but he is deployed in mostly forward areas as like this hybrid wide mid and #10 like player where I don’t think it helps us really for NT purposes.

    • He is not even in the squad for the Premier League games. He is only playing in these useless cup games. His career is not looking good at Brighton.

  4. This is the time Scaloni should consider calling up Senesi/romero- licha pair. The two injuries were unfortunate to us, it was inevitable, but now scaloni should consider calling up this pair. More because of the fact that Senesi had another strong start to the season and licha, as usual has been performing well.

    But it all comes down to what Scaloni does with these injuries. Let’s hope the deserved players get called up.

  5. papu gomes with brace,he is performing consistently and best serie a player so far….i.think he is undoubted starter for national team

  6. Papu Gomez,Lo celso and Ocampus for Left Midfield and Left wing.Attack and midfield is completely secured.Foyth and Montiel shpuld step up now.

  7. Papu Gomez on fire he is going to be better than Dybla and Cristiano in Serie A in terms of goals scored and assist may be because Atalanta plays high pressing

  8. Did u imagine if in WC 2010 Maradona would have selected the following formation ?
    Caballero,Samuel,Zanetti,Heinze,Ansaldi,Mascerano,Combiasso,Riquelmeh,Banega,Messi and Tevez as starters with Romero
    Garây,Otamendi,Zabaletta,Biglia,Di Maria , Milito , Higuain ,Aguero ,Pastore ,Véron …. what would have happened with this dream team ?.. certainly the trophy…….hard luck

    • With Maradona would have changed nothing, with a coach maybe. That Masche-Cambiasso-Banega and Riquelme midfield is way too static, one runner (Di maria) instead of Banega, who could have been Riquelme sub rather.

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