Argentina updated list of players for this month’s World Cup qualifiers, local league added


Argentina have released an updated list of players called-up for this month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Lionel Scaloni has released the updated squad with the local league based players included. The likes of Cristian Pavón, Agustín Marchesín, Germán Pezzella, Leonardo Balerdi, Walter Kannemann and Renzo Saravia have been cut from the team. Here’s the updated list:

Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa, England)
Juan Musso (Udinese, Italy)
Esteban Andrada (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
Franco Armani (River Plate, Argentina)

Juan Foyth (Tottenham Hotspur, England)
Nicolás Otamendi (Manchester City, England)
Nehuén Pérez (Atletico Madrid, Spain)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax, Netherlands)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla, Spain)
Facundo Medina (Lens, France)
Lucas Martínez Quarta (River Plate, Argentina)
Gonzalo Montiel (River Plate, Argentina)

Rodrigo de Paul (Udinese, Italy)
Nicolás Dominguez (Bologna, Italy)
Alejandro Gómez (Atalanta, Italy)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur, England)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton & Hove Albion, England)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany)
Leandro Paredes (PSG, France)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis, Spain)

Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany)
Joaquin Correa (Lazio, Italy)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus, Italy)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter, Italy)
Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla, Spain)
Eduardo Salvio (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
Giovanni Simeone (Cagliari, Italy)


    • i have news to you since you came in earth today.
      the last 8 months exist in earth one pandemic from one virus named covid 19.

      for that reason everybody before games make tests.
      if that tests be positive then the players with positive tests don t have permition to play the games. so in that case SOMEBODY ELSE SHOULD BE AROUND to take the place of those players, if the number of players in squad will not be enough then the danger to lose the game on papers according to FIFA rules will be bigger.

      • Yes, I understand your explanation. Thank you for your explanation. So, 4 goal keepers have been selected for pandemic. Ok, i agree. Could u please tell me how any sane person could select Salvio over Di Maria. Is it also because of some pandemic?

        I appreciate that u r giving in depth answers. That’s admirable.

  1. Why do Stupid Argentina media wants these two farmers player like Armani or Andrada two oldies in the squad forgive guys for telling farmer guys not all of them put I think if we put these two GK keeper we would win nothing only Emi Martinez and Juan Musso will be crucial for the NT

    • What are you talking about?? Armani and andrada are good goal keepers.
      Armani is a leader and incredible shot stopper.
      Andrada is not bad either.
      It’s up to scaloni to decide who he thinks is the best. In my opinion there is not much difference among our 4 goalies. Martinez has the form and momentum in his side but we don’t know yet how he is going to do in the NT shirt.

  2. List is too long to read.
    As long as we have a system in mind for our transition from offense to defense and vice verse, we should be ok.
    I’m still happy that depaul stopped bleaching his hair.
    Also, I have been a critique of dimaria in the past, but I think he should be with the team.

  3. Inside this timing and circumstances Scaloni choose the best possible players in the squad for the next 2 games.

    i am so happy that i will see the team play again after almost one year.
    in same time we should start this qualifyers with 2 wins. it is very important.

    i will support as always the 11 players that will wear the albiceleste jersey whoever they will be.
    if some people don t like if Armani will play then they can support Ecuador.
    it is fine by me.
    if some people don t like if their favorite players will not play insted of some other players
    then they can support Ecuador too again.
    it is fine by me.

    for all the rest like me that we are thirsty to see our beloved team we don t care who will play and who not.
    i will support the 11 bodies that Scaloni will put inside pitch with the albiceleste jersey.


    • Those people have an opinion of their own on why Armani is not the 1st , and those people are bigger supporters than you , so don’t tell them to go support Ecuador .

    • I remember in June he had a horrible injury and broke both legs. I don’t know if he’s still out for that. Unfortunate about him because he was born in Argentina and could have given us some years of service at the end of the Romero era. Oh well.

  4. 1-point-from-relegation Aston Villa 7 – 2 “Unbeatable dream team” EPL Champions Liverpool

    That’s football for you. A reminder to those with BIG TEAM IMPORTANT-mentality.

    Liverpool with 8 shots on target. Emi Martínez saved 6 of them (4 inside the box)

    • Emi made one mistake pass but apart from that good performance. Decent distribution. Happy to see him play in Villa and have his confidence go up with this amazing game. I still remember when Romance King was disrespectful to Martinez and his decision to join Aston Villa, saying they would relegate. Now they beat the champions 7-2. How crazy this sport is.

      • It’s quite a ride he has had. Not even 4 months ago since he stepped up for Arsenal, proving to be exceptional in the league, against big teams and in big games, winning FA Cup and Community Shield. Becoming the highest valued Argentine GK transfer. Called up by NT. Now this.
        He needs and deserves to start at least one of the qualifiers for his form, to keep this confidence roll going.

    • A very shortsighted and dumb comment. Let Liverpool play Aston Villa 10 times and then we will know how many times Aston Villa wins by 7 goals, or even win. You don’t decide on one game.

      A big club has lot of positives over small clubs – training regime, physical conditioning, winning mentality, I can give you a lecture for over days. if joining a small club was more challenging and rewarding for top players, Messi, Ronaldo and many others would be fighting to play for Aston Villa.

      I don’t understand, we call ourseleves (Argentina national team) as a powerhouse, big team, which it is, then why for some members here playing for a small club is more rewarding. Its a grape sour situation with many here.

      Make no mistake, some so called smaller clubs are also great at youth development, competitiveness etc. I am not against any.

      Overall, a dumb comment and lesser of that will be better.

      • Lol. It was nothing but a little wink directed to those who were crying about Emi going to “small relegation team” Aston Villa instead of staying on Arsenal bench and those who act like only big clubs matter in previous posts. For example, someone here is saying that USA NT has a brighter future than Argentina NT because Dest, Pulisic, Konrad and Reyna are chased by or playing for huge clubs and our youngsters are not. Now THAT is a dumb comment.

        I’m not claiming that smaller teams are more rewarding or challenging. Of course it’s a huge plus for us if we have players with regular game time in big clubs. De Paul for example clearly shouldn’t be where he is atm, he belongs in a big CL club because that’s where the level of his abilities lie. But crying over that our youngsters are going to mid-table developing teams in Italy instead of being chased by Real Madrid bench is, actually, shortsighted and dumb.

        If I hurt your feelings by joking about Liverpool’s humiliating loss, sorry, but I found it amusing after all the shit Villa was given here. I’m not a fan of either team, but I was rooting for the underdog in this case because our goalkeeper plays there. If he keeps on delivering like he has done so far and proving himself all season, I promise you that big clubs will be all over him soon 🙂

        • And agreed vikin, that comment about American youngsters was appalling. Ten konrads don’t make up one Lautaro. I also wanted Villa to win because of Martinez.

      • Did I say that Aston Villa will become champions? Obviously not. But because of their performances up until now I highly doubt they will relegate. What exactly are you referring to when you say a “dumb comment”?

      • Everybody knows Villa is better than Liverpool. Banter is a part of Football,why so impulsive man? It was a jibe aimed towards those who disrespected Villa. The purpose of this was u dont know what will happen in football

  5. Looks like Montiel, Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico would be the backline. Which might be gud considering Quarta and Montiel have been playing together till now. There is not much training to build Chemistry so better to play those who r club mates. If Scaloni plays with Armani then we may have an understanding backline with GK. 3 out of the 5 at the back plays in same club. It will work better I guess.

      • Personally speaking I’m one of the strongest supporters for scaloni since the start , but if he starts Armani in either of those 2 matches , my confidence in him will drop somehow .

        • Calling Armani and Andrada stupid is stupid in itself. Although I do think it’s a waste to play Armani over Martinez and Musso. A year ago would have been fine, but now I don’t agree.

  6. Aston Villa 4 – Liverpool 1 at half time.
    Second half will be great test for Emiliano Martinez. With a great lead and less pressure.
    Till now Emiliano Martinez is in great form.

    • Emi made 2-3 good saves & also a howler wrong pass where he was lucky not to concede. Couple of points I noticed :
      1. Villa defense actually looks better than last season’s arsenal. Mings & ngoyo looks a real solid CB pair.
      2.. unlike arsenal which builds from behind with short passing, aston expects keeper to hit long passes. So emi will have a lot of exposure on launching long passes here which will be a good new facet to his game.

      • Last match he had an error and opposition scored but because of foul before it was revoked. We need to see some more matches before making huge decision of Argentine number 1 as some already waiting there.
        His cup games with Arsenal already showed he is good to handle pressure.

  7. Acuña and Ocampos starting against Barcelona. Messi again as CF in 4-2-3-1. Ramos Mingo is the only CB on Barca bench. Let’s see if he gets minutes today

    • This is super exciting indeed. And when it comes to Mingo, it’s very encouraging. Goes to prove that there is no conspiracy theory against against our players. Be a champion and perform.

      Btw, my favorite coach for Argentine players will be Pellegrini

      • The best thing for Mingo’s career would be to get some minutes for Barca this season in order to attract a smaller club and go on loan next season.

      • I have some reports that Mingo still isnt good enough,he was barely good for the B team. He is only there to fill the squad. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  8. Lots of positive in team selection. Though nobody can satisfy every body. So far so good. Hope, result will be positive too. Willing to see some new face in defence. Also exiting to see how those new players can integrate by the coach such as Medina, Perez, MQ with oldies like Otamendi. Other positions are already sorted out though we r not totally satisfied with our DM, GK position. Hope to sort out soon.

  9. Armani, Salvio, Acuna, J correa should not be near NT.
    Mac allister, Perez , Dominguez aren’t ready yet let them devlop first.
    Angel Dimaria, Lamela, A correa, C romero should be in the list.

    • Acuna can be utility player,he can stay
      Correa was good earlier season,CAN be included in the 30 man team
      Perez can stay in the 30 man team,he is very matured for his age
      Not sure Lamela should make it still

  10. Eduardo salvio lol argentina football selectors always surprises fans with these silly selections. Argentina have many local league talents like Thiago almada and Julian Alvarez who could have been selected

  11. How many can be on the list..? Just 5 players dropped..?
    Balerdi also dropped.
    Correa is injured why he’s still there..?
    Just a knock like LoCeleo..?

  12. I don’t know why there are 4 GKs.
    I am still with Juan Musso.
    I am curiously waiting to see how Emiliano Martinez will perform against Liverpool with his new side Aston Villa.
    Third GK currently should be Andrada.
    It’s the time to say goodbye to Armani. Thanks for his valuable services during a difficult period.

  13. 4 Goalkeepers? How funny..
    Again salvio?di marea is far far better than poor salvio..fuking team selection..

    • There is some local quota. I think that’s why Salvio there. You need to select players from Boca and River. The hidden tactics to avoid criticism from Argentina.

      • I believe River has more National Team ready players than Boca, at least now. Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Fernández. Boca’s main player for the national team is Andrada. I wish the Argentinian press would not care so much, it’s not like a large portion of our players haven’t played at Boca or River at some point (Paredes, Ocampos, Balerdi, Medina, Palacios, Alario, Mac Allister, etc).

  14. Apart from injured folks – ( including Pezzella ) Balerdi also dropped. List is pretty long. Must be 2 line ups considering La Paz. But scaloni has already said no one going to La Paz early. Atleast fresh legs for La paz.

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