Eduardo Salvio tests negative for COVID, will stay with Argentina


Eduardo Salvio has tested negative and will remain with the Argentina national team.

As we reported earlier, the Argentine tested a few times for COVID and per new reports, Salvio tested negative with the player himself confirming it. He had previously tested positive while with the squad and missed Tuesday afternoon’s training.


  1. I am not getting this playing acuna in the midfield three he is not a midfielder this tactic cost us against Brazil at copa. And remove this old CBs and put Romero senesi Martinez quarta and licha Martinez they are the one who disserve it maybe facundo Medina .my squad will be
    goalkeepers midfield
    musso l.paredes
    martinez r.depaul
    armani g.rodriguez
    defence p.gomez
    montiel e.palacios
    bustos domingez
    martinez quarta m.zaracho
    romero a.dimaria
    licha martinez attack
    senesi messi
    tagliafico aguero

  2. Some media reports are coming scolani picks salvio over papu gomez and palacios, here are the tyc sports starting lineup against Ecuador…,

    Goal keeper
    Armani or EMI martinez


    De Paul


  3. Why no TV channels will be broadcasting south american world cup qualifiers in India. Such a shame. All of us have been waiting for a long time to watch our players into action after wearing Argentina national football team jerseys. Some meaningless friendlies will be shown. Let’s hope for the best. Hopefully by the grace of God everything will be in favor of us. Please guys keep us updated about Argentina team selection.

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  5. Seems like Emiliano Martinez is gonna start in our Goal as per the latest reports. Lets do it…Hopefully off to a good start…

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      • I felt disheartened when world class player ignored and mediocre picked. It doesn’t change my love towards Argentina but I won’t fear to criticize Zenetti omission in 2010 and Tevez in 2014. Higuain is scapegoat, the chances came from kroos mistake but Palacios actually cost the 2014 world cup after that Gotze scored. I have fear if mediocre Alario selected ahead of icardi history will repeat again. You might love all Argentina players but I love world class Argentine players and criticise when favoritism/political reasons world class players ignored and farmers selected.

  7. Rumored line up: Emi Martinez – Montiel Quarta Otamendi Tagliafico – De Paul Paredes Acuna – Messi Lautaro Ocumpos

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  9. All samples are negetive.
    Now Scaloni confused about Emi or Andrada at GK position..! Acuna or Palacios..!

    My preference was Musso and LoCeleo. But both are out.
    I would like Emi and Palacios now.

    • I think Armani is ahead of Andrada for Scaloni. Emi Martinez has to start for Argentina who is not only the best GK for Argentina but also the top5 GK in premier league and won’t take further time to be in the top3. No matter how much Palacios is talented, current form against him where Acuna had good game against barca.

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