A look back from 2012 as Argentina win 4-0, Lionel Messi torments Ecuador


Argentina are set to begin their road to the 2022 World Cup against Ecuador on Thursday as we look back on a magical night in Buenos Aires on June 2, 2012 where Alejandro Sabella’s attack was too much for Ecuador.

It was Argentina’s first competitive match of 2012, having previously gotten a victory against Switzerland earlier in the year thanks to Lionel Messi’s first hattrick for his country. Alejandro Sabella’s team were still riding high from their come from behind win in Barranquilla against Colombia and were looking to get all three points on home soil.

Alejandro Sabella set up the attacking quartet or the fantastic four of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria and Gonzalo Higuain all from the start. Here was his starting eleven:

Sergio Romero
Pablo Zabaleta
Ezequiel Garay
Federico Fernandez
Clemente Rodriguez
Javier Mascherano
Fernando Gago
Angel Di Maria
Sergio Aguero
Lionel Messi
Gonzalo Higuain

In a match where Argentina came out 4-0 victors, it was the fantastic four which did the scoring. Di Maria would receive the ball and play a one-two with Messi which would see Di Maria dink the ball over the entire Ecuador back line and Aguero with a clinical finish would give Argentina the lead 20 minutes into the match.

The second goal was a counter attack for the ages. Lionel Messi would run towards the Ecuadorian back line and play a ball into Higuain and the number 9 would make it look easy and double the lead.

It was Messi’s turn to score and Higuain would play provider. Arguably Argentina’s best attacking goal in a long time as Messi would receive the ball in his own half and run full speed towards Ecuador. He would play a pass to Higuain and Higuain would return it as Messi’s touch would place the ball in the top corner of the net.

Di Maria would also join the party. Messi would once more torment Ecuador as his shot would be blocked and land to Jose Sosa as Sosa would cross it to Di Maria and Di Maria with a volley into the bottom corner of the net would close out a memorable night.

Ezequiel Lavezzi would come in for Gonzalo Higuain, Jose Sosa for Sergio Aguero and Maxi Rodriguez for Angel Di Maria as Alejandro Sabella went with more attack minded changes.


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  3. This is pretty funny. Otamendi posted video of Gomez cutting De Pauls hair. Not only is Papu world class player, but hes world class dancer (baila como el papu) and now we learn he’s a world class hairdresser.


  4. Transfer round up for Argentina Set Up players:
    Quarta- decent for him to join in Europe with Florentina, could have been better if Inter buys him. Anyway good season surely draws eyes to big clubs specially Inter Milan.
    Montiel: bad for him, almost nearing join to EPL clubs to staying in South America. Bielsa hates Argentina players to be honest otherwise leeds easily buy him.
    Tagliafico: Hugely disappointed for him. All of his ajax team mates moved to bigger club and he had to stay in his prime.
    Baledri: Good window for him joining marselle where he will get playing time for developement.
    Foyth: Best move for him, joining villareal under emery can be the first step becoming world class midfielder.
    De Paul: Disappointment window for him, if there isn’t COVID crisis, easily join the big club playing in Europe.
    Musso: Transfer window also not good for him, despite excellent whole season in Sere A won’t get recognition which he deserves, may be Italian media neither hyped nor bashed players.
    Emi Martinez: Best transfer window for him, draws attention to Pundits and English media after leno injury and 2 month good performance made him World Class, if not transferred to Villa the hyped could have buried but now his joining to Villa not only fixed his spot as no1 for Argentina but also on the verge of making top3 GK in Premier league.
    Lautaro: Disappointed after whole 6 month saga and Covid crisis made him to stay in defensive Inter for another year. I really hoped for him joining Man City this summer.

  5. Can taglafico play as right back? Or does he only have experience on the left?
    Ocampos in the mid left seems weird, but maybe he has some defensive transition skills.

  6. Netherland national team is totally rubbish..just so call club star nothing else..
    On the other hand Portugal struggling so much with spain B team

    • 100% for Netherlands .

      As for Portugal they’ve always been like this , look at the 2016 euro, if we had 10% of Portugal’s luck , we would of had a World Cup And one copa America if not more .

  7. Many questions on viewing options. In the US normally I use fanatiz regularly for argentina league viewing for small price.I have been able to use it internationally also. It looks like I have to pay extra this time to get CONMEBOL qualifiers. They have really increased the price this time maybe for the pandemic. If you have a VPN in your home country maybe you can try to access it through a country that it is available on.

    Of course economic situations can be different and price might not be good for many. Ronaldo7 sometimes contains free streams but that can be unreliable and have to wait and see if someone puts it up.

  8. Sabella made a mistake in his selection to WC2014 … he took injured strikers like Aguero and Higuain … Whereas he should have picked a very fit Tevez ….. Tevez would have helped to bring the trophy … coz the final was lost in attack we wasted clear chances …!!!!!! Hard luck

    • Sabella was a great coach, sure he had a few mishaps like his 3-5-2 formation against Bosnia and taking Lavezzi off early against Germany but that didn’t lose Argentina the game, what lost them the game is Higuain, Messi and then palacio all missed their “handed on silver platter” chances.
      Aguero and Higuain were not injured, Kun was just fine and pipita had a slight knock but otherwise came in as a sub and assisted messi’s Bosnia goal. On the other hand Tevez was the eternal flop who scored a record 13 goals in 65 games…..read it again 13 in 65!! And lets not forget Argentina’s disastrous copa 11 because Batista gave in to media pressure and started Tevez, which screwed up the whole team dynamic and to top it all off it was Tevez who missed the last penalty against Uruguay that got the team knocked out in Argentina!!
      Lastly omitting Banega and Pastore was the correct decision, Banega was marred with inconsistency that plagued his career until 2018 and Sabella did call him up as part of the 30 man squad but determined that he wasn’t in the necessary physical shape.
      As for Pastore well he was a bench warmer at PSG at that point after being that first “galactio” signing and having a great first season with them.
      Despite of all that the midfield did not lack creativity, Enzo Perez was making some fine passes when he came on in the QF, he send Higuain through to goal against Belguim but Pipita hit the post, Gago in the same game put Messi right in front of Cortois but for some inexplicable reason Messi missed a one on one. In the final Biglia (of all people) gave a through ball to Messi that put him right infront of goal and Messi fluffed it and Enzo made a wonder pass to Higuain in the first half but Higuain mistimed his run and the goal was ruled off side.
      To conclude, Sabella was fantastic coach that took over an Argentina team in disarray, turned them into a counter-attacking machine and finally got the best out of messi. And during the world cup he adapted quickly to injuries to Kun (3rd game) and Maria (QF) and got the team to the final but there is only so much you can do if your strikers don’t hit their mark.

  9. Guys, does anyone here have any knowledge about how the game is goona broadcasted in India?
    Who’s goona broadcast the match in India? Which channel or app or tv or anything?

    We here are unable to get any news on the live airing of the match. It seems that Sony TV, which used to air south American qualifiers in the past won’t do it this time. It may be because of economical reason or has to do something with deals or rights, I don’t know what. Seriously, it’s been long time since I had watched any of the games live. Either or most of the time , I had to watch highlights in YouTube or had to wait for like months for someone to upload it, which is totally uncertain. So if you guys know anything, any channels or site or even VPNs, please send it here or inform us about it. I don’t want to lose the chance to see it live, cause I’m super excited about this new generation and so are we, all Mundo members too.


  10. MY FRIENDS. i read today your posts that have to do about me and i really couldn t believe my eyes. honestly i didn t expect so much support and really i feel to say one HUGE Thank you for your support. i am saying THANK YOU to all of you by feeling inside me that it is so little to express exactly how i feel inside me. really THANK YOU.

    i will continue be around here time to time because it worth to be together with you guys.

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    THANK YOU and all the friends TOO for their support.

    tomorrow our beloved team have game finally after so long time.
    i am so happy.


    • Happy that you’re back. We will walk our own path. We are not giving into the antics and tantrums of psuedo-supporters. Vamos Vamos…

    • My friend look at how much love you got here, I am jealous 🙂
      I have much respect for many many members here, and I see too how much respect you have for others,too.
      I understand my friend and know how passionate you and the people of Argentina are not just about football, but all other aspects,too. I know that even if I am not from Argentina, I always support Argentina not just in football. I have a saying which is :

      The clouds are not bothered by the barking dogs
      The caravan keeps moving while the dogs keep barking

  11. TYC Sports latest speculation:

    Ocampos – Martínez
    Acuna or Palacios – Paredes – De Paul
    Tagliafico – Otamendi – MQ – Montiel

    I can see Messi masterclass pass to Ocampos bombing down the flanks, kinda like Banega to Messi in WC. Hope to see Messi finesse outside the box, Ocampos speedy run, and Otamendi’s big head smashing it in. 3-0

  12. Alfaro knows the bombonera really well after spending last year there. And he is very good at setting up defense first. I assume he will go for a draw first and a chance goal if he can. Without crowds we lose one advantage of the strange shape of stadium. We would have to go offensive to get full 3 points.

  13. Armani is from the same place of Scaloni. Local media already pushing for Andrada and Armani.
    We will see who is going to start as GK. Emi, Armani or Andrada.

  14. I like attacking line up. For me
    4-3-1-2 formation
    E Martinez
    Foyth quarta Medina. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Ocampos
    Dybala. Lautaro

  15. I respect sabella a lot for taking the argentina team to the finals of the world cup…but I dint like his selection….he should have played otamendi instead of fedrico fernandez riquelme instead of enzo perez and carlos tevez for palacios
    riquelme along with mascherano and biglia woulve been a nightmare for germany in the finals with otamendi rojo and garay at the back

    • Don’t agree with riquelme point because after 2010 he past his best just like mashe in 2018. Sabela should have used Benega in midfield and Tevez exclusion is political instead of football. I can tell you with 100%, Tevez could have scored which shitter missed by palacios but we targeted higuain as scapegoat which came from Kross mistake and Neuer might saved it even higuain hit in target.

  16. I agree with Romance king. Real Fans should support the coach when he make good decision and they also should criticise when things are not going right. Everyone here want argentina to win major trophy. We cant allow coach to select underperforming players like OTAMENDI. And i support the decision of not selecting Di mariya. He had his chance. Even in last copa amarica he was a big flop. We need more consistent, reliable and injury free players in our current team.

    • Support me against those who claiming ban of my ID. They are afraid of Freedom of speech. I heard they send tweets, emails against me. Support my ID if needed and send positive feedback for my ID to the admins so that my haters only can burn in hell.

  17. Sabella was a great tactician. I respect him. We almost done it.
    At the same time he made a mistake just like Pekerman. No idea still, why Lavezzi was dropped..!
    Also, he didn’t have any good backup players for his formations. He used defense first tactics and rely on individual talents of our great forwards. Once they injured…he lost it.

  18. Yes Raj he got crazy in the final but still I believe in the recent past Sabella was the best coach for Argentina. It is sad that he didn’t continue. I think afa should have been more cordial to Sabella.

    • Same goes to Pakerman, if he continued post 2006 then Argentina could have won 2010 WC, maradona destroyed one tournament and Sampaoli did similar in 2018. If mistake costs tournament then both Pekerman and Sabela did mistake against same opposition Germany. Though I was Germany supporter back then, still watched the match as neutral but Lavezzi substitution cost final, in 2006 requlme substitution and messi stayed on bench whole match cost 2006 quarter final. In terms of balance, 2006 Argentina squad is best by a distance. If Pekarman used 19 year old messi just like Deschamps did with Mbappe in 2018, Messi could have won world cup at the age of 19. Without any argument 19 year old messi >>>> 19 year old mbappe.

  19. Excitement in the AIR and as always LETS GO ARGENTINA…………….so many memories from WC qualifiers off the top of my head.

    Maradona diving belly first after the win Vs Peru.
    Messi scoring twice Vs Uruguay, one on a freekick that went under the wall when they seemed invincible to beat.
    Messi jumping on Kun and hugging him and not letting go after scoring vs Colombia in Barranquilla in a must win.
    Boss of Bosses taking matters into his own hands and putting up 3 Vs Ecuador.
    Messi and El Pipita bitch-slapping Chile in their first qualifier and and again on their 2nd, F YOU Chile.

  20. Argentina golden generation to be honest, present Argentina team is no where that. Only few mistake and bad selection failed the team to win silverware. Cabelaro was his peak should have used as GK, Benega and Pastore should have given midfield duty instead of masche-biglia zero creativity. Argentina defense was monster back then and Fav4 was twice stronger compare to present. Someone on mundo said Argentina have not beaten Brazil in competive matches since 15 year, the answer is Brazil is lucky to escape 2014 WCQ matches in 2015 copa Brazil eliminated by Paraguay and Argentina beat them 6-0. Argentina 2012-2016 at their best on other hand Brazil was worst, just Brazil was lucky not to face Argentina in competive matches.

    • Only one Argentinean player in your golden generation would play in a very good Argentina team: Messi. I grew op watching Zanetti, Redondo, Batistuta, Samuel, Gallardo, G. Milito, Ayala, Simeone, Riquelme, Almeyda, Caniggia, Roa. I really don’t know what you mean by “Golden Generation”. Please…. go back watch Zanetti and Redondo….BTW Redondo is the best DM I have ever seen…..

      • Golden Generation: Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Mascherano, Zabaleta, Garay, and Higuain.

        “In sport, a golden generation or golden team is an exceptionally gifted group of players of similar age, whose achievements reach or are expected to reach a level of success beyond that which their team had previously achieved”

        “Gifted” is no debate. Especially the first 4. Top attackers, top DM, all were top of world for nearly decade, always favorites to win ANY tournament (see expectations). Btw, there can be multiple Golden Generations, the title is not reserved to a single player or squad.

      • Half of these players were not even world class, except Copa 91 93 with only Batistuta, Redondo, Simeone without a strong Brazil (B/C team) biggest underperformers of argentine NT history. Their best are Copa quarters and WC quarters really? Laughable. WC2002 was a complete disaster with these so called world class superstars. Only world class players were from this generation Batistuta, Redondo, Simeone so-so maybe maybe, Zanetti, Samuel, Crespo in a short period, Veron in his iitalian days, Riquelme had world class abilities, bit failed on the highest level, only a cult hero.

        • Caniggia failed even in Roma, Roa cmon he was a bad goalkeeper, Ayala cost us very much, WC98, Copa99, Copa2007 etc etc etc., Gallardo a good player nothing more, Almeyda OMG, he instead of Redondo was a disastrous choice, Aimar carreer was destroyed by injuries just ike Pastore’s, Riquelme was way too lazy to be a world class midfielder in a Barcelona caliber team, this generation had no holey position, but we overrate most of them, results show it clearly.

    • Mere bhai mera English tora weak hai but. Scolani ney abhi tak parades or de paul ka replacement nahi dhoonda hai , agar in mein sey koi bhi ek crucial match mein unfit hua toh scolani kiya kare ga ? In dono la replacement acacibar hai us larke ko team mein kiya nahi jata hai pata nahi kyo ?

      • @king messi Guido will replace paredes, I will put him ahead of paredes against strong oppositions. Lo Celso or Palacios easily replace De Paul.

  21. We started against Ecuador the 18WCQ too, 0:2 without Messi. Against them i bet on an ultra offensive lineup with Messi, Lautaro, Dybala or Gomez and Ocampos, Alfaro will def park the bus, against Bolivia a younger, hardworker one maybe in 3-5-2 a la Sabella in his La Paz match, with Acuna, Guido, De Paul, Dominguez, Salvio—–Ocampos, Lautaro, flashy lineups have never worked in La Paz.

  22. Such an attacking yet so much balancing team it was. After taking the change from Sergio Batista , Sabella made an immediate impact on the team. Such a great coach he was for Argentina. If he had not left I still believe we would have won both copas and 2018 world cup.

      • Subbing Levezzi was a mistake for sure. But lets remember Higuain had a golden chance against Germany and flubbed it. Messi had a chance in the 2nd half that he scores 99% of the time. At the end of the day, Argentina had chances and Sabella put them in that place to begin with.

        We also cant forget Arg did not have Di Maria for the final. He played brilliantly (along with classic Di Maria head scratchers) that whole cup. Was MOTM that same summer in CL. That is quite a player not have in the final.

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